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Adrian Endorses RFK JR. for President

Kennedy echoes many views of this opera: corporate America took control of our way of life about 40 years ago, and ran it into the ground. Oligarchs in America control all media, 90% through 6 major companies, ending free speech, thought, flow of ideas and information until we now live in a fully corrupt country of 300 million poor, or on that doorstep with inflation they caused taking 50% of your wealth away. And with AI about to take half our jobs soon, it will financially devastate and nearly bankrupt EVERY household in America, 9 out of 10 Americans, you, all of us, without a new course soon. All courtesy of 10,000 super rich American oligarchs and their paid off henchmen controlling the Federal Reserve and a war machine that takes HALF our annual budget. And now 'THEY' want to reduce social security payments by 25% for 100 million seniors? Are you F'ing kidding me? Please understand, the financial rape of ALL American citizens, all of us, slowly over decades, one segment at a time, defund clean water 20 years ago, never raising wages over 30 years, defund social security today, etc., won't stop unless we all, 300 million of us affected, see the big picture that 'we're next' and decide to all change course and get off the Oligarch's crazy financial ruin train. Which as it gets worse, breaks up our society, and brings back the evil sickness of Fascism. Where you will lose about 50% of your remaining rights. This is no joke, we all need to take action. We all see this, try to ignore it, turn on the game, because its  shock . Oligarch first government (left and right) for 40 years is also how we got the opioid epidemic, school shootings weekly, and all the horrors of modern life of their controlled media 'making' a divided country so they can control it, control us, into fighting each other, rather easily. And we keep doing it, the same option left or right, which is about the same: its madness. It's also why there's been a media blackout covering Kennedy, a centrist, so far. It's also why you never hear about any solutions that benefit all, like the Redeem The Dream economic renewal plan for all I am suggesting and asking 300 million citizens to scream for and vote it in to lower all housing cost 50% and double pay, by properly regulating the banking system, to make it work for we the people, not just make more oligarchs. I'm a former banker for 35 years, music's my hobby, cutting your mortgage or rent payment by 50% is not pie in the sky, its just a 'reset', so we can do this, if we want a new way forward other than bankruptcy for all. But it takes a whole nation to scream to make it happen. I believe Kennedy is the only candidate able to bring the nation together to end the Oligarchs crazy train we're all on, and set America on a course where all its citizens matter. Matter means we get things not have them taken away. We've ALL been ignored for 40 years, a lifetime, and we're all angry and upset and ready to do 'something'. Kennedy gets it. Kennedy gets America. Kennedy knows its about every citizen being put first, not every corporation. Everyone else running is some oligarch's puppet and you'll only get more of the same. I urge you to Vote for your brighter future, the one you dream of. VOTE KENNEDY 24 and spread the word! BE THE SOLUTION and sign up free AT WWW.KENNEDY24.COM
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