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Adrian began working on RTDNOW in 2010 writing an eBook and making podcasts to inform, and making the Rock Opera to Save America to rally all in America to participate. Born in Queens NY in 1958, Adrian got tired of seeing the American people made poorer each year and decade. He got tired of seeing the American dream systematically taken away, and bankrupted. He decided a new approach was needed. That we all needed to ditch politics, what killed it, and create a PROBLEM - SOLUTION new focus for America: RTDNOW. What we EXCEL in.


PROBLEM: Americans are 2/3 poorer than they were 30 years ago. 78% had no savings in 2019 living on credit.

PROBLEM: Pandemic's taking 30 million jobs. Technology's taking another 50 million over 12-48 months.

PROBLEM: 1/3 of small businesses collapse fast, 50% over 2 years as nobody's buying. See above.

PROBLEM: If we don't act swiftly with a 300 million citizens solution plan, its a great 15 year depression.

PROBLEM: System racism oppresses generations of Americans, half, 165 million. It needs to go away fast.

PROBLEM: Inept paid off politicians do the same things...collapsing America. They lack the Rtdnow plan.

SOLUTION X 5: THE RTDNOW (Redeem the Dream Now) All Citizens Plan, and RTDNOW Recovery Plan.


Knee jerk, half baked, government solutions just reach the top 10%, they always leave behind all the citizens or small businesses. All the money keeps getting channeled to the top, to their donors who lose money. That's been the theft of our treasury, about $12 trillion of it. It's why we have TOTAL inequality with 10% controlling 80% of the wealth in America. Based upon the above problems, the jigs up, we can't do this anymore, we won't survive. 200 million in poverty, up from 100 million in 2019 after 10 years of a 'Great Economy' (for the top 10%) is unacceptable. That's why I made RTDNOW: 300 MILLION AS 1 WE ALL HAVE TO REPRESENT OURSELVES. ADD YOUR NAME AND SHARE RTDNOW.COM DAILY!


Adrian made this movement to be lightening fast on your phone so we can all participate, easily, daily, for free, and yes have some fun with all the music, so we can all save America together, as we restore our own full American dreams, by enacting THE RTDNOW ALL CITIZENS PLAN. So please, add your name, enjoy a daily song or podcast and share it and the free poster everywhere online every day. It's free access for all. Adrian's hobby is music, he's spent a lifetime, 40 years creating American dreams by helping plan and fund small businesses. 



We live under fake wealth class capitalism where the top 10% set the rules and agenda by donating to politicians, so they retain 80% of all wealth in America: leaving 80% of all citizens poor at the poverty level endlessly. Real American capitalism is where millions and millions and millions of thriving small businesses grow and compete, and ALL have EQUAL access to low cost 1% fixed rate capital and streamlined operating rules. Monopolies that take out all competition, then raise your prices in a closed system will be ending. Real capitalism is being restored overnight by Adrian's RTDNOW All Citizens Plan. What we all have suffered under for 40 years causing the gutting of our wealth, and setting us all up for collapse after collapse, is a 2 class capital system: big political donors get the big money, most of it for free, and the 300 million rest of us get crumbs if we're lucky, poverty, most get zip. It's a lot like medieval England these days in America: Corporate Kings, Political Knights, and mostly Citizen Paupers. And when America feels like old England again...we all get together again to fix it. Today, online.




Told In 100+ Songs, Podcasts, and eBook, all free access at RTDNOW.COM

Our amazing American story is told in depth, in song, in podcasts, and eBook, to inform and inspire all citizens to sign the RTDNOW petition to restore everyone's full American dream overnight. All the songs were made from 2010-2015 before to the present government was known. Adrian's work is about rallying all of us to save America from money in politics, inequality, and economic apartheid, (all the money channelled back to the top 10%, note ongoing billionaire tax cuts, note we get $1,200 they get MILLIONS) which collapse our spirit, society and economy. As you add your name you are supporting the RTDNOW PLAN for passage to restore a FULL and ROBUST American dream for EVERY American, OVERNIGHT. 


Telling the story of the American dream. From its inception, how it got taken on joy rides for decades by the elite wealth class with money in politics to change law and policy to favor the few, so the full American dream only reached small parts of our citizenry. And how after World War 2 the American dream expanded for 35 years, and then contracted for 35 years to the point the original American dream of Freedom (social, political and economic) and the upward mobility that it brings based upon your pursuit, is almost totally dead for 300 million out of 335 million total citizens. 300 million citizens today are virtual economic slaves to debt, walking the razors edge daily, mired in growing debt, with little if any savings, without growing personal or national income, to inevitable and total collapse. And the pandemic burst that 40 year debt bubble. Soon Technology's taking 50-80 million jobs. BUSINESS AS USUAL for the last 40 years IS OVER. Now, that should be obvious to all. 

CLARIFICATION: What 'Rock Opera to Save America' Means

The music is the story of the American dream lost and reborn anew. Please read the STORYLINE. The rock opera Redeem The Dream is called 'The Rock Opera to Save America' because it is saving the American dream, of equality, prosperity, and democracy for all by all signing the RTDNOW petition to implement the RTDNOW all citizens plan to restore the American dream, and save all of American from total economic collapse with said plan 'before' we lose 80 million jobs, HALF, to technology soon.


In short, 50% of America's earning power, large factories, we're taken overseas over 50 years. And our so called leaders, did not replace that loss of earning capacity. They masked the hollowing out of American life (lower wage jobs, less career jobs, lower benefits, strapped monthly household budgets) and decreases in real industrial production, with endless personal and national debt, which only leads to total and inevitable economic collapse. The evidence of 50 years of failed elite wealth class policies that only make 300 million citizens poorer each year? 100 million we're in poverty in America, 'the richest nation on earth' before the pandemic collapse, on our way to 200 million in poverty under poverty making policies for 50 years that all remain in place taking us to total collapse.



The opera and its materials are the rallying call to every citizen to enlighten and inform each citizen so they join the RTDNOW All Citizens movement to save ourselves by signing Adrian's RTDNOW petition 300 million as 1 to restore the American dream in full. Adrian's RTDNOW plan does this quickly by doing what all our politicians failed to do for 50 years: immediately replace the 50% citizen earning power OVERNIGHT for ALL CITIZENS, and create 80 million new jobs, about 30 million per year, to replace our national earning power lost: by creating 15 new small businesses a year with 1% fixed rate American Dream business loans. Adrian has spent 40 years as a small business expert, directly distributing $1 Billion to create and expand successful businesses. This is the how Adrian and his RTDNOW Plan WILL REBUILD AMERICA almost overnight. Music is Adrian's hobby.


Adrian, a career business lending officer, a student of finance and history, brings all three elements of American life together (social, political and economic) in the story of your life, and the overnight renewal of the American dream. The song messages turned into writings (song bonus materials/ the book) that became chapters in his book for every citizen to read: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW. It tells our American story with examples of American dream turning points, and details of how his RTDNOW plan improves every citizen's life 100% overnight.



Are the song bonus material chapters discussed. The format is: radio theater introduction, discussion of the song bonus materials, question and answer, and playing of the song at the end of the podcast. They discuss how the RTDNOW works for your family and all the turning points in the American dream that brought us to from 100 million in poverty in 2019 to 300 million staring it in the eyes. Except for the first 2 podcasts made in March 2020, 46 we're made from 2017-2019. You will find those podcasts chillingly accurate in describing the situation we all now face.

The pandemic collapse however, is the small collapse, before the total bigger collapse. America, and citizens ability to pay for their lives, severely crippled by loss of our manufacturing base, is not about to endure the loss of 80-100 million jobs, there are only 160 million 'jobs/workers' in America, which will collapse the household budget with the loss of HALF of household earning power, AGAIN. Now in 2020, we are about to lose up to 100 million jobs to technology. Instead of that happening over 10-15 years as you will hear in my earlier podcasts and writings, the unexpected pandemic collapse driving the whole country online overnight accelerated that timeline to lose 80 million jobs to only 12-48 months. That is the bigger total collapse Adrian's writings foretell and by all adding our names to implement the RTDNOW All Citizens Plan, avert the next great depression looming. This big collapse is not being addressed at all by our leaders nor mentioned in the media controlled by the elite wealth class: 6 media companies control 90% of what we see today. To rally us all to save ourselves from the total end of the American dream, and perhaps America itself, see the old USSR collapse for an example, is what motivated Adrian to work on this project for 10 years all on his own to bring it to every citizen in America.


After reading the above, you now know why the music is called the rock opera to save America: because it is. On this website RTDNOW.COM you will find 100 songs that is the music for Adrian's RTDNOW American Spirit Tour. It brings his message and purpose his work to life quickly to all citizens directly: to rally 300 million to add their name to support the REDEEM THE DREAM NOW Plan. The songs are to bring 300 million American spirits back to life in the new era of 100% citizen participation at to save America, so we all thrive and not just subsist, simply by just ALL adding our names. 



Of 100 songs (to create 100% participation) and podcasts was to tell the REAL story of the American dream, how it was purposefully dismantled, and how 300 million citizens awaken over time to all add their names to plan to restore it overnight. In a good economy without a Pandemic collapse, that would take America 3-10 years to wake up 300 million people. So you will hear that message in the older podcasts which all more importantly tell the listener the REAL story of the American dream you need to hear, and trying to tell you the BIG collapse is coming if we don't all act 300 million as 1.  

The song lyrics, you will also find prescient. Such as the song and podcast called, Ghost Towns. Because given 40 years of financial analysis training (music is Adrian's hobby) he could clearly see this all coming in vivid detail, which is how he could write a plan for it, and it seems be the only one actually well prepared to handle economic Armageddon we ALL now can see clearly and ALL have to face. The music and lyrics are to inspire you daily to share RTDNOW.COM. They are the short 'spark notes' on our story of redemption. 


This website, all the podcasts, all the music, we're all written, paid for, (by working overtime over 10 years), and performed by Adrian. "It's time our country took care of our citizens first with PERMANENT policies that reflect that. You see, our politicians don't really represent us, they represent their donors, corporate America. That's how the richest nation on earth came to total bankruptcy and is facing the loss of 100 million jobs with no plan and no warning from government. Please support RTDNOW. Get a T Shirt too! We have to all represent ourselves, that's what the RTDNOW Movement is for 300 million citizens adding their names. It's like 1776, but this time its simple, polite, civil, and very fast because its all online. AND IT'S WHAT HAS BEEN MISSING FOR 250 YEARS: AN AMERICAN DREAM IMPLEMENTATION PLAN (that's what the Full RTDNOW Plan is) so the full American dream of equality, (social, political and economic) actually reaches every single citizen fast and equally. Please, add you name, share and subscribe for $1.00 per month to support RTDNOW. Why? Nobody's coming to save us but all of us. That should start to be obvious now." Thank you! Adrian.

P.S. So there's no confusion whatsoever when you hear my song Fight for Your Future or lyrics urging you to action or to 'fight'. RTDNOW is a peaceful polite civil movement seeking policy changes by signing a petition (add your name) 300 million as 1. No name calling, no broken windows, no insults, no spray paint, no sit ins, no violence whatsoever, and while I endorse peaceful protests, they are ineffective because they are not for what you want. Example, 'Stop Pollution!", versus, here's a draft of a plan I want passed to stop pollution and enable business to still thrive, and by the way 100 million people won't buy your product until you stop poisoning us and making us all pay for the clean up costs 20 years later your company dumped on the public.


At RTDNOW WE are how WE Fight, using only our voices by spreading RTDNOW.COM everywhere online, and in person wearing our RTDNOW T-Shirts, making sure the RTDNOW message reaches every single person in America. And as we all sign up, 100 million or more will use their purchasing and voting power to enact RTDNOW LONG OVERDUE structural reforms to restore everyone's American Dream. Don't waste much time trying to convince anyone, they have to go through their own awakening. Just get them to RTDNOW.COM. That's what 100 songs and podcasts are for. Some will awaken in 10 minutes, some 10 days, some 10 months, because its inescapable, nobody gives you freedom, you have to demand it, and nobody is coming to save us but all of us. We all have to demand policy changes together to all survive and thrive in A NEW AMERICAN DREAM.




In Certainty and Trust, my name's Adrian. Now Add Yours!

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