ABOUT the PLAN you'll see below.

'To restore a much better American Dream overnight and save America from collapse'  


"Hello, my name's Adrian, it's on my birth certificate. I was born in New York State 61 years ago. I created The RTDNOW Plan over 10 years of research, after 30 years of being a small business expert. That's 50% of our economy, of our $22 Trillion GDP: America's gross income each year. That's how important small business is, but is ignored by government.


The RTDNOW Plan is a non political solution for 300 million ordinary citizens and all businesses. I wrote it to save the collapse of the whole economy in 2030 when technology takes away HALF of all jobs: imagine all your bills, but with half your income. Unfortunately, Covid accelerated that once in a 100 year paradigm shift, a radical change all across our society affecting everyone, to now. It's total collapse. The simplicity of the RTDNOW plan is as we all demand it, about 100 million names added at rtdnow.com, we adjust to this new reality overnight, and we will do it simply by doing what our elected officials failed to do: regulate the Banking system to work for the American people. All of us, everyday, to provide for all of our personal, and national, financial security. And the RTDNOW Plan does it overnight. That's why I'm asking 300 million citizens to add their names to support its immediate passage, in an online stampede.


My simple all citizen policy change recommendations below mostly pay for themselves to DOUBLE every citizens income, which makes all businesses, Cities, and States, thrive, which saves every citizen, every family, and our nation, from collapse. At the moment over half of all businesses are facing bankruptcy. Given that, without the comprehensive RTDNOW Plan below, we will all slip into a 15 year great depression in fits and starts, and within 12 months 200 million, 2 of every 3 Americans will be in poverty. And that's before we lose HALF, of ALL JOBS, to technology. If we just print money, endless bailouts, like the last 20 years, America will collapse under $40 trillion of debt. We are truly all in this together, and have to act that way right about now, to save ourselves. I estimate we have 12 months to all rally each other, to all sign up to pass this plan. Over half the recommendations below go into affect day 1. If you want me to implement it, draft me: write in Adrian 2020.

Please review the RTDNOW all citizens plan below. There's a very short summary followed by the full plan. Please add your name, and tell everyone daily rtdnow.com, because with RTDNOW, everyone greatly benefits (and we save America from collapse) and we all win. It's about time we all win and prosper. Please enjoy all the free access music to inspire you daily, and podcasts to inform you. Thank you so much!"



This is How You Protect Your Family.

Today, And for All Your Tomorrows. 

SUMMARY What We All Get




And Save America from Full Collapse.

It has a 12 month Rent and Mortgage Standstill

It DOUBLES Your Pay and Pays for Itself


About 100 Million Names Launches It. E-Z ... SHARE!

Nobody will significantly improve the American Dream

for all of us. That's why we all have to do it ourselves now.



  • 1% FIXED non-profit home loans for ALL 

  • PUTS up to $1,000 per month in your pocket

  • MAKES housing very affordable for ALL

  • DOUBLES the minimum wage

  • HELPS 100 million out of poverty fast

  • KEEPS 100 million out of poverty

  • CANCELS student debt - education free 

  • REDUCES Medical and Rx costs 75% 

  • ENDS poverty and homelessness fast 

  • ENDS federal personal taxation

  • CREATES 30 million businesses: 1% loans

  • TO CREATE 80 million new jobs, 30 mil. yr. 1

  • ALL SMALL BUSINESSES: 1% expansion loans





By ADRIAN "If you like it, 300 million as 1, Add Your Name to pass it."

To Equality Fast

As 300 Million Americans add their names to take their seat in  THE RTDNOW ALL CITIZENS’ CONTINENTAL CONGRESS we evolve to 100% participation.


  • Every voice is equally heard

  • Every vote matters equally

  • Replaces electoral college​

  • Establishes a Citizen 1st America

  • Places access to and ongoing ability to control government in  the hands (smart phones) of 300 Million citizens 24/7-365

  • Makes elections free, fair, and transparent so candidates don’t need any corporate donations

  • 100% voting becomes normal

Our Democracy Now 

300 Million Americans will all review passage of THE RTDNOW CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT getting money out of politics and ending it's bankrupting lobbying.


  • Ends runaway government

  • Removes money in politics

  • Restores 1 person 1 vote

  • Removes corporate donations

  • Restoring citizen rule

  • Restores a functional Republic 

  • Reestablishes a fair and fully inclusive Democratic process

  • Presidential King Like power limited. 

  • Fairness in Broadcasting Doctrine  Restored and updated.

  • Fraud penalties for Fake News

  • Jail time for inciting Hate Crimes

Economic Freedom Overnight  

Cost of living will be reduced up to 50% overnight to make housing very affordable for all, so all of us thrive, in an economic bill of rights. It's like a 50-100% net pay increase: forever.


  • 1% fixed rate home loans for all cut the cost of living almost 50% permanently for most.

Households save up to $1,000 every month: Housing will be affordable for all.

50 million renters get zero down loans.

All will have a secure American dream.

  • Fund 30 million new small businesses

        creating 80 million jobs 2x min. wage

  • 1% fixed small biz reset rates, and expansion loans for new businesses

Adrian's Policies create new upward mobility for all. These policies DOUBLE most's pay, to PERMANENTLY End All American Poverty fast: 

  • Takes 100 million out poverty fast

  • Saves 100 million more from poverty

Citizens now become a millionaire in work life, unburdened with most education costs and healthcare costs, to retire with dignity, and end a bankrupting national welfare state.

  • College & trade school made free 

  • Healthcare costs reduced 75%: please hear the Lend a Hand podcast

Adrian's policies self fund to:

  • End Federal Personal Taxation

  • Make Cities and States thrive

  • Double the Minimum Wage!

  • Make Housing Very Affordable

Adrian's plan charts a robust American future:​

  • America 2050 Economic Plan


Adrian began his 10 year project to make 100 songs to rally 100 percent of the people, all 300 million, to restore the American dream. Everyone along the way said 'Rally? RESTORE IT!" So Adrian carefully crafted his Plan you see above to restore the real true original American dream of equality and self rule, in ACT's 1 and 2. Adrian designed it to happen almost OVERNIGHT using smartphones and simple policy changes. It fixes all our major problems: inequality, corruption, economic security for all.


It doubles citizens income, which enable all businesses, Cities and States, to all flourish. It is a significantly improved American dream reborn, this time, formatted as an American Dream Implementation Plan so it actually reaches every single citizen. As everyone has twice as much to spend, the stock market will quadruple, and it will fund a sustainable long term low inflation economic boom because we are not printing new fake dollars to do it. With the stock market soaring based upon real earnings and future earnings in an RTDNOW America, a transaction tax will pay for free education and wiping away student debt.


In Act 3, Adrian fixes our total national epic economic inequality, with new policies delivering the land of opportunity that is our heritage, and original promise. Act 3 policies CREATE economic freedom for all, for every citizen, with new direct (cash in pockets monthly) upward economic mobility: what has been so missing for so long, as today most suffer in poverty all wondering how we will pay bills. Adrian's RTDNOW polices doubling citizen cash flow monthly and creating 80 million new jobs at 2 times the current minimum wage, quickly ends poverty, hunger and homelessness which should have happened years ago.


And Together, with the RTDNOW Plan, and as we all add our names participating at RTDNOW.COM, for the first time in 240 years, the American people will restore our democracy and create our first true government of, by, and really for, all the people. And do it in deed, not just words, what got us in this mess. The RTDNOW protects our citizen rights of a free democracy by finally getting corporate money out of all our politics. So all the people's American dream can be restored, not just the mega global corporations, and stay that way. As all add their names and subscribe, RTDNOW will transition over time to become a public transparent non-profit online forum where every citizens voice will actively be heard. Together, we are ending runaway government and its inequality policies with the RTDNOW Plan. This citizen forum is the NEW watchdog, and immediate mechanism, what's been missing, to hold all politicians ACTIVELY accountable for what they do, and don't do.



Covid accelerated the autonomous revolution's taking 50 million more jobs from a 5-15 year horizon into the next 48 months. Over 10 years of research I came to my own conclusions from seeing how business by business, technology was already eliminating 50% of jobs. If you take half the wages out of every home in America, lose one out of two jobs that supports it, all the household budgets in America fully collapse. Then America fully collapses. You see, we all need the RTDNOW PLAN to survive. If you're still a denier, hesitant to take action with me online supporting RTDNOW to save yourself and everyone else, watch this video I found while Covid sheltering. It's a detailed reporting on all the jobs going away and not returning. It will make your jaw drop and you will really understand why RTDNOW is timely, and 300 million as 1, we should all be screaming (online) for RTDNOW to be enacted asap: www.pbs.org/video/in-the-age-of-ai-zwfwzb/


This is the ONLY such plan ever written to restore EVERYONE'S American Dream Overnight with clear cut policies to do it, that pay for themselves. And Adrian's plan saves America from a DEEP 15-30 year structural collapse caused by no production, letting mega corporations wipe out most competition, and making up for lack of any American dream plan for 40 years other than quadrupling all national, business, and personal debt. Such a structural collapse is called a great depression: and 300 million citizens are now staring it in the eyes. Last time we had a 1 page plan for a new American dream? Our start: 1776. Now we're all doing it, again, online. Enacting the above plan takes about 100 million names added, and voices demanding it.

"Hello, my name's Adrian. What I'm proposing is simple. We all just become independents for a while like 1776, to end tyranny and oppression, restore 300 million American dreams overnight, and save America from collapse! It's free. Please join me!"                                         

So Easy Now All on Your Phone

300 Million As 1 Add Your Name! REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!

And if you want me to implement my whole plan, fast, WRITE IN ADRIAN 2020

It's time to have a 'Main Street' President for all the people, whose an expert in small business, 50% of our Economy.