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100 SONGS as released and support

the RTDNOW All Citizens Movement! 


Thank You.

This is a free movement to all 300 million citizens. Adrian has paid for everything to date from his retirement fund, and now everyone that wants this to happen needs to help please. It's only $1.00/month so everyone in America of all ages can easily afford it, and so we are all in this solution together. Your annual subscription is to Redeem The Dream Now, Inc., a registered A68, 501 C3, non profit, with donations going to support the RTDNOW Movement, seeking immediate improvements in the American dream in an all citizens petition (RTDNOW), with the goal of ending hunger and homelessness all across America with RTDNOW policies. Nobody's coming to save us all, we have to save ourselves. That should be obvious about now. Please participate and have fun doing it. Thank you.


Nobody's Saving Us

Except All of Us.

Take Action With Me:

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