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100 million in poverty. 40 million on food stamps. 30 million shelter insecure. With the next recession, we could reach 200 million living in poverty in America. Enough. This is ridiculous. It's time for every citizen to act with Adrian by adding their name to the RTDNOW citizen-first plan to restore everyone's American dream overnight.


What was the American Dream we all lost? The promise of social, political and economic equality for all. When present, these 3 prongs create upward mobility for all, with variance based upon a person’s level of pursuit. Our founders left the implementation of that vision to us. And so far, we have failed. Since nobody has written a citizen-first implementation plan to deliver the American Dream of social, political and economic equality, I did. It’s called "Redeem The Dream Now", or "The RTDNOW Plan" for short.​


The RTDNOW Plan solves the biggest problems every American is facing: runaway government, a lack of affordable housing, poverty, titanic inequality at the breaking point, homelessness, and jobs soon to be lost to advanced technology. The RTDNOW Plan makes an immediate impact on the lives of all American citizens by doubling their net take home pay overnight, with economic policy changes such as 1% fixed rate non-profit home loans.


It's time to restore everyone's American dream fast. Please add your name, subscribe for just $1.00 per month, and keep telling everyone RTDNOW.COM daily.

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