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THE NEW BIG IDEA: We All Can Make the Difference

300 Million As 1: Add Your Name at RTDNOW to Restore Everyone's American Dream Fast

Hello, I'm Adrian. I had a crazy idea that everyone would need their American dream restored (cancel rent, double the minimum wage, create 80 million jobs, cut the cost of housing by 50%, and real equality) real fast when the American economy collapsed, which was inevitable running on debt for 25 years. That was 10 years ago as I began writing a rock opera to wake up all of America to the peril ahead: we were about to lose 80 million jobs to the Autonomous revolution. Robots will replace half of us soon, which FULLY collapses every household's finances, and America itself. Two out of control political parties were too busy passing billionaire tax cuts and ignoring it, as 300 million of us depending on them to make wise decisions, all grew poorer.


In 2019 there were 100 million of us in poverty in 'good times' and now after Covid took 35 million jobs, we are on our way to 200 million. Today 300 million ordinary Americans are trapped in debt, decreasing income and rising prices. So to overcome the endless rigging of bad policy by 35 million global elites that makes us all poorer, I created this all citizens movement for the rest of us to have all our needs met. I spent 10 years researching and developing THE RTDNOW All Citizens PLAN, to swiftly restore 300 million American dreams and I'd like everyone in America to read it. RTDNOW IS THE NEW MIDDLE THAT HAS BEEN MISSING FOR 200 YEARS. If you're finally ready to restore your American dream and everyone else's at the same time, we've had 245 years of inequality and 50 years of economic decline, please add your name and share RTDNOW.


I get asked all the time, 'people will all just add their names?' Black Lives Matter had been shouting for 7 years, and suddenly, with the beyond tragic video murder of George Floyd, EVERYONE in America, at least 90%, finally realized we have had centuries of systemic racism. We all woke up FAST, AT ONCE. Soon we will all wake up at once that we have all been under systemic economic oppression for the last 50 years: elitist policies making us all poor and leading to the collapse of America. There's no need for that anymore either. The RTDNOW Plan starts at 100 million names added to the RTDNOW Petition. And if we can't pass this plan then, we will use the purchasing power of 100 million to make it happen fast. It's time to take action. Adding your name and sharing is as easy and super fast as this will ever get. Thank You!

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