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And Why Every Single American Citizen Needs to Participate





AMERICA 2018: 100 million in poverty. 100 million just above it. 100 million fear the future. Yet, 300 million citizens didn’t raise their voices or participate in a citizen-focused plan for the last five decades. Government ran away from and forgot to take care of virtually all its citizens, which is its primary function.

Today, the American dream of equality and upward mobility is virtually dead across America. Inequality exists in epic proportions. National politics has become daily a freak show arcade taking us all backward, with every step they take. It’s time for every single citizen to get involved in the new era of 100% citizen activism, starting at RTDNOW.COM, to restore our Democracy and transform our Economy. And we must act quickly, overnight, with a new citizen based policy that will initiate the changes to be implemented over the next 10 years.





AMERICA 2020: It's time to come together as American spirits, so we can quickly restore EVERYONE’S American dream. There has been no citizen-first focused leadership, and no way to easily, conveniently, or effortlessly restore America to a spirit of universal equality: until now. I, Adrian, have put together the REDEEM THE DREAM NOW Rock Opera with an integrated Movement to tell the real story of the birth, loss and redemption of the American dream. It’s online daily at RTDNOW.COM anywhere you are, anytime you’re ready to hear your free daily redemption song. It will inspire you first to redeem yourself, then to save America for 300 million ordinary hard-working citizens by adding your name and spreading the word.

After wasting Billions on decades of political campaigns that made things worse, American citizens have been rewarded with $30 TRILLION in debt and NOTHING to show for it. It’s way past time for every single citizen to do something that really matters: build the country of our dreams for all our citizens. We can do this almost overnight by changing national policy to favor the average ordinary citizen in a comprehensive equality plan. And we can do this without spending any money, by simply adding our name! So please keep reading, then add your name to the RTDNOW Petition to end runaway government, which in turn endorses the RTDNOW PLAN to restore everyone’s American dream OVERNIGHT.

The RTDNOW plan saves America for 300 million ordinary hard-working citizens instantly. How? The plan contains an RTDNOW Citizens Economic Bill of Rights. As an example: one of Economic Rights lowers our cost of living by 50% overnight, with a combination of 1% home or apartment loans and a citizen tax reform. That’s like getting a 50-100% wage increase overnight, that lasts forever. This helps all citizens immensely, but especially 100 MILLION baby boomers retiring with diminishing income, and those 20 million Americans who would otherwise lose their homes in the next great recession, looming only 5-10 years away.

Another immediate result of implementing the RTDNOW Citizen’s Economic Bill of Rights in the RTDNOW PLAN is that we rebuild the American dream engine. For 75 million citizens, ages 20-40, seeking to live their American dream, namely the Millennial generation and their children, the dream engine creates 10 MILLION new small businesses with 1% small business loans. This will allow citizens to make and create 20 MILLION new jobs that stay here, have low taxation, and allow us to set our own salaries. This is the spark we need to rebuild our New American Dream Engine across America starting in 2020, as we all add our names, avoid economic calamity, and set up the next generation of American dreams for success.

Did you know that the Mega-Corporations of today started with only one or two employees? Apple. Hewlett Packard. The Wright Brothers. General Electric, etc. But these Mega-Corporations have taken and exported our last American dream engine, their factories, and our well-paying career jobs, overseas. We’ve felt this pain for decades, and watched all our politicians do NOTHING but make this situation worse. Soon, Mega-Corporations will be closing half of all their retail stores along with each of the corresponding jobs; gradually, over the next ten years, the American people will lose 20 MILLION JOBS, as more and more of us shop online, and increased technology reduces job availability. Already, in the last ten years, Sears and Kmart have closed half of their 3,800 large stores nationally, and this trend will only accelerate.

If all 300 million ordinary, hard-working citizens stand on the sidelines to watch in horror but do nothing, then we will be contributing to the cause of the Greatest Depression America has EVER seen. And it will affect every single American in the worst way. The agony of the past five decades of American decline will seem like a walk in the park. Think, post WW1 Germany: $15-$20 loaves of bread, etc. Your house will be worth half as much, because the banks will collapse and nobody will be able to make home loans. This will affect every single American.

We must chart our path forward together to avoid this catastrophe. Going to an all cash system won’t help, because as America defaults on its national debt, we will have rampant inflation and our cash will only be worth 30 cents on the dollar. What will the wealthiest 10% of Americans do as they see all this coming? I mean, aside from keeping quiet so the average citizen takes the big hit? They will be just as quietly moving most of their money overseas into other currencies, which will further accelerate the fall of the US dollar. It’s this domino effect we have to all head off right now. We all know that if one domino falls, as in the last Great Recession, they all fall together. Generally, by the time an ordinary citizen hears about one of the dominos, half of them will have already fallen on us.

300 Million As 1


To avoid this catastrophic economic disaster for all Americans, we must act now and use a little American ingenuity. The real American dream of economic equality will be instantly reborn in every home, so every citizen can thrive. We will have a new American dream engine and a renewed Democracy in a land of true equality and opportunity for all.

Sign a petition with a plan: the RTDNOW Citizen’s PLAN. Add your names at RTDNOW.COM and tell everyone. It’s that simple. 

When you join the RTDNOW PLAN, you will be participating in rebuilding our economy and transforming it overnight, so every citizen prospers. In the smart phone age, we all have the power at our fingertips to make this happen daily. Join us to create the new era of 100% activism and save America and restore everyone’s American dream overnight. All RTDNOW takes to become an overnight national CITIZEN’S EQUALITY MOVEMENT is you!


Our futures depend on what you do next, and every day thereafter.

P.S.  Get your RTDNOW T-SHIRT and wear it proudly. Let’s get busy!

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