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Let's All Be Independents for a Moment

And All Vote 3rd Party


So we can all restore the American dream




For 50 years both political parties have been owned 'lock stock and barrel' by a global wealth class elite. We think we vote 'for someone' who has been bankrolled by global elite donors and their corporations. Billions of dollars of 'donations' which I call payoffs, fund an 'informal' 3rd party Elite Wealth Class. They meet at 'Think Tanks', Groups, and Associations, that their patrons regularly attend all across America and the world. Their 'Declaration of Financial Independence' was written in 1971, by a Corporate attorney named Louis Powell. You can find the Powell Memo online. Powell had a client named Nixon, who became President, and then put Powell on the Supreme Court. In short, that's the elite's party formation and platform, that over 50 years stole the American dream of (working towards) equality for all. Today America is bankrupt $25 trillion in debt, no manufacturing base, 260 million poor, 50 million out of a job now (if they counted 35 million they refuse to), and 50 million more losing jobs within 5-10 years to technology. That's their plan and it doesn't include 300 million citizens. That's why we have collapses every 10 years, and bailouts. Its an endless series of bubbles and failures and excuses, total inequality today like 1900, and racist police policy nationwide to keep that all in place by keeping 300 million poor and scared of something or someone and arguing against each other instead of this invisible foe. The eBook and Podcasts walk you through all the details.

This Informal 3rd Ghost Party of Elites, who use donations, money in politics to maintain control of policy, is comprised of 10% of all 335 million, has accomplished all this in super slow motion, which why its hard to see let alone dismantle the gears that keep our government running for the Elites and running away from the Ordinary Citizens. They used small policy change by change, small appointments to non elected offices, corporate million dollar bonuses to such officials to control them. Our country has been transformed from a Democracy for all, to serve the 10% wealth class elite, a wealth oligarchy, DISENFRANCHISING 90% of us, 300 million ordinary citizens. Because of this bought and paid for government, where the citizens get promises, and the elites take all our money: see $25 trillion in national debt, see $2 Trillion bailout to big corporations recently. THIS IS RUNAWAY GOVERNMENT IN SLOW MOTION THAT IS FULLY INSTITUTIONALIZED TODAY. Meaning 'we' the people are STUCK with total inequality and endless Lip Service, as wonderful as that sounds every four years, things only get worse. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THEREFORE HAD ZERO, NO, REAL CHOICE. But with RTDNOW, 300 million citizens now have A REAL CHOICE.  So rather than saying 'what the..?' as you read this you should take RTDNOW seriously and spread the word. We all have cell phones and this should happen fast, once you understand why you and 90% of all Americans are made poorer each year. No matter what they say, once they get 'elected' they won't give you anything close to the RTDNOW PLAN, or say they will, and make it take 600 years versus a few, you will become an RTDNOW supporter. 

So now that we all see the Ghost 3rd Party of the Elites for what it is and what its done over 50 years as we thought we had a Democracy, now its time to move beyond a two party system, destined to be corrupted to total failure as our founders predicted. They were AGAINST political parties to divide the people, versus coming up with good solutions for all the people's basic living needs. That equality in government WAS the bedrock of America, and it has been lost as we all mindlessly bought into their endless deceits, STUCK without a real 3rd Party option like RTDNOW to sweep them away like President Theodore Roosevelt did in 1902. Divide, Stall, and Conquer, is the Elite's politics of corruption: the oldest and best trick in the book. It's time for an all citizens party that is non political and focuses on their needs, not corporations, is colorblind, and one that removes this plague of corruption, money in politics from our systems of government forever. It's time for the 300 million REDEEM THE DREAM NOW, or RTDNOW informal 3rd Party for all 300 million ordinary citizens left behind.

On the Be Independent home page, see THE ROAD AHEAD and its tabs. It is the outline of a complete platform for a 300 million non political all citizens TOTALLY Independent THIRD PARTY for the express purpose to side step our broken political system that can't self correct for the last 50 years due to money in politics that has created total inequality today, and offers no solutions, only prolonged collapse. When you are ready to move beyond a 300 million citizens buying club, phase 1 of the RTDNOW all citizens Movement as you add your name, then please consider an RTDNOW write in candidate for president. Protect your family by making the only real choice for a very detailed plan for your future that will happen fast: Vote Adrian 2024! P.S. The 120 million that don't vote should Vote Adrian 2024. That would be an Adrian 2:1 victory without taking any votes away from either 'PARTY' candidate as described above...and with divine providence, we can Change The Game of taking from all of us to give to the rich.



Our imploding economics brought on by the Autonomous Technology Revolution in process that will kill HALF of all jobs, will kill almost every American dream fully (Households will have all their bills and half their income 'locked' in poverty') if we don't implement an RTDNOW Plan, a full solution for all citizens soon. The Rock Opera is titled, To Save America, for 300 million ordinary citizens not in the elite wealth class, who cause this ever worsening inequality mess, so every citizen can participate to save their American dream. As always, the choice is yours: cave to bad media misinformation and false promises candidates without a plan for your home economics. From windbag candidates who only pay lip service to you again and again, personality or party without a real plan for you (all you are buying is the slogan without a details of how to improve your WHOLE life fast and forever) you didn't pick, a majority of any party never picks their candidate, or you can change the abuse in American by making the choice to represent yourself as an RTDNOW Independent.


300 million as 1 its now so easy get onboard with a real person who does the hard work, has a detailed vision (THE RTDNOW PLAN) for quickly bettering your life fast, for 90% of Americans fast, for a new American Dream now, and is ready to make it happen almost overnight like he turned around a fully bankrupt bank overnight. Music is Adrian's hobby and if you're reading this then he successfully used it to reach a whole nation for pennies on the dollar. It's time for smarter thinking. It's time for a new smart 1 page plan for all: RTDNOW. it's time for real choice: RTDNOW. It's time to save America from endless corruption we call runaway government and restore everyone's American dream with RTDNOW policies.

It's time, 250 years later, to do what works. All become independents again, and write in ADRIAN 2024 FOR PRESIDENT, and it shall be done. We will all restore everyone's American dream in an overnight plan. Amen.

It's Time to Get Off The Road to Nowhere and Get on a New Road
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