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Musical and Online Movement

FOR ALL CITIZENS To Restore The American Dream 


This site makes the impossible process of making a new American dream for our times, easy, by putting control of your American dream directly in your hands. This is a grassroots effort by Adrian who is sharing his opera about the lost American Dream of equality to inspire us all to add our names to a plan to restore everybody's American Dream of upward mobility, almost overnight by changing policy. Music's Adrian's hobby, he spent 40 years coaching small businesses and distributing over $1 Billion directly to help create and expand thousands of small businesses with new good jobs. Adrian's opera asks every American to add their names to an American Dream Implementation Plan called RTDNOW (Redeem The Dream Now) that has new simple policies to make America very affordable fast for all 300 million citizens, 90% of us, making under $400,000 per year. It also creates 40 million good jobs, and enables all business to thrive without endless bailouts to ensure a bright future for all, which pays for a new $20 minimum wage. Its the America we all think we should have but don't: high wages, low rent, economic security for all. America is about to lose 80 million jobs to technology automation soon, half of all jobs. So this is not a red or blue BS thing, this affects every single American somewhat equally. To make a new American dream for our time we all need to do what our founders did, sign up to a smart 1 page plan and move forward. That's all this is, driven by one citizen, Adrian, who wants a better America for all. Enjoy the music of our endless struggle, consider it all and how it just gets worse each year, endless promises with poorer results for decades, then make your life and everyone else's easier and better fast by helping update the American Dream:

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