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Join the Movement? WHY NOT?

More than less people I share this with ask why? Why a rock opera of 300 songs to reach 300 million people as we all share the songs. And why add our names to a petition to enact an overnight plan to restore the American dream I drafted that has 3 main parts: 1. Cut housing cost by 50% 2. Double pay. 3. Enact a Super small business support and expansion package that's permanent. My all citizens plan doubles the standard of living for all Americans, making that permanent, and in the process ends poverty permanently. If you want all that, please join the movement. As you read the plan you will see it changes banking policy, rather simple, but it takes over 100 million citizens supporting it to do it. So if our options are more of the same stagnation and lower standard of living, or revolution, both of which take us backward not forward, my RTDNOW plan is to get 300 million people on the same webpage to make a new American dream. It's free. It's free of ideology. It's for every single citizen. So I ask you, 'why not?'

WHY did I do all this work? The music, develop an all citizens plan to restore the American dream, a website with podcasts and ebook.

That's easy to answer and once I talk to people for 20 minutes they say 'oh my gosh, we gotta do this'. Today after Covid with prices doubling again, and wages staying flat, its becoming obvious we all need a new way forward economically. What's coming over the next 10 years is autonomy, computers and smart machines, will take away half of all jobs in America. So if you think you feel poor in 2022, you will feel destitute in 2032 as 100 million households in American only have half the income they have today, and prices will have doubled again, making 300 million people 4x poorer than they feel right now. Yeah, big wow, oh my gosh. The ridiculous part is me, Adrian, an average citizen living my life, has to figure all this out and make the biggest rock opera in history to get everyone's attention to help save our futures. It's our government's job, but they serve the global elite, both parties. That's why we all need to be independent like when America started. If we the people want to own anything at all, we the people need to take smart, peaceful, constructive action that gets us all something. Like signing the RTDNOW petition to enact the RTDNOW ALL CITIZENS PLAN. 


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