ABOUT RTDNOW       Launched 7/4/2020   


ADRIAN made a 100 song rock opera about the American dream and its redemption to bring the nation's attention to the peril we are in about to lose 50 million more jobs to technology that will collapse American life for about 250 million citizens. He put together a common sense ALL-citizens NON-political plan to restore the American dream of equality and prosperity for all, kind of like 1776 when we were all independents, to solve our prosperity for all and money in politics problem: what keeps preventing prosperity for all. No other group or person was involved in his writings or contributed anything or any money. This is a pure grassroots citizen effort by Adrian to do his part to restore the American dream by putting forth universal solutions for all citizens that benefit us equally. Adrian is an independent like the founders of America who believed two political parties would split the country apart, and they were right. We were never meant to have two political parties corrupted as they predicted by money in politics. We were meant to all be involved and have democracy. And that is what RTDNOW endeavors to do.



The economic section of Adrian's plan saves EVERY household and America from collapse from Covid and technology job losses which will amount to 80 million, HALF, over the next five years. He is proposing 300 million add their names to join a free movement and support new policies to significantly improve 300 million American dreams 100% overnight. It's policies double the money all citizens have monthly, enabling all businesses, and all our great States and Cities facing bankruptcy, to flourish once more. With RTDNOW, we all win: citizens, businesses, governments. The plan's ACT 1 has new policies to abolish structural racism in America to end it forever and equality reparations for slavery and racism, to enable all of America to move forward united. And for the 1st time, The RTDNOW PLAN'S policies deliver, a real working equality and prosperity for all.


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"Music's my hobby. I made the opera to inspire the nation to quickly solve our 245 year biggest problem, money in politics, which causes total inequality, and will totally collapse America soon as technology takes 50 million MORE jobs away. We all need the RTDNOW PLAN. Please add your name and share!" 


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