This is a pure grassroots citizen effort by Adrian to do his part to restore the American dream by putting forth universal solutions for all citizens that benefit us equally. Adrian did 10 years of research while making a 100 song rock opera about the pain of losing the American dream over 50 years to inspire all citizens to redeem it, make a better American dream now, online, by just by all adding our names to a common sense ALL-citizens NON-political plan. As citizens we're supposed to communicate with elected leaders. ADRIAN is an independent, (in the middle like 250 million Americans that want things to be fair and work for everyone) like the founders of America who believed two political parties would split the country apart, sadly they were right. 

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IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION what 'The Rock Opera to Save America' means.

The music is the story of the American dream, how it was taken away in bits over 50 years, and how we restore it for everyone, at once, all adding our names. Please read the STORYLINE.


The rock opera Redeem The Dream is called 'The Rock Opera to Save America' because it is saving the American dream, of equality, prosperity, and democracy for all from 50 years of corruption of money in politics which tilted all policies so less than 10% control 90% of all wealth. And most are poor today worrying what tomorrow will take away. It also saves America from total collapse as we grow to $40 Trillion in debt, 2X GDP, with no way to pay it, and we will lose HALF OF ALL JOBS to technology over the next 10 years, permanently collapsing America, all 100 million households (and State and Federal Governments) will have all their bills, but half of their present income, if we do not act as 1 to build a new American dream for our time, RTDNOW. Also note: 100 million 'baby boomers age 60-100 won't be paying any taxes and will pass away over the next decade or two. I'm a boomer so I'm rooting for us to live forever, but that's not something my plan controls. However, if you read it, we all get the access to healthcare to make us live 10 years longer. The RTDNOW Plan is for every single citizen. Please study it and share it.