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1. CONSIDER the plan to update the American dream

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Join this Movement? WHY NOT?

I want a new American dream that works for all so I drafted one that has 3 main parts: 1. Cut housing cost by 50% 2. Double pay. 3. Enact a Super small business support and expansion package that's permanent. My all citizens plan doubles the standard of living for all Americans, making that permanent, and in the process ends poverty permanently. If you want all that, please join the movement. As you read the plan you will see it changes banking policy, rather simple, but it takes over 100 million citizens supporting it to do it. It's free, and free of ideology. It's for every single citizen. So I ask you, 'why not?'

WHY did I do all this work? The music, develop an all citizens plan to restore the American dream, a website with podcasts and ebook.

Today after Covid with prices doubling again, and wages staying flat, its becoming obvious we all need a new way forward economically. What's coming over the next 10 years is autonomy, computers and smart machines, will take away half of all jobs in America. So we all really-really, need a new way forward fast. I'm setting forth ideas and a way to get it done. 300 million as 1, just share this until everyone in American is aware of it!

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