The Redeem The Dream Now 'Opera'

Musical and Online Movement

For All to Add Their Names

To Restore The American Dream 


This site makes an impossible process of making a new American dream for our times that works for every American simpler, by putting control of your American dream in your hands. This is a grassroots effort by Adrian who is sharing his opera about the lost American Dream to inspire us all to add our names to a plan to restore everybody's American Dream of upward mobility, almost overnight by changing policy, as we all add our names to a petition to do it. If you think about RTDNOW as a 300 million citizen non profit buying club, to cut your living costs in half, and double pay, this is a no brainer. We should all add our names asap! As you enjoy the music of our endless struggle, consider how your life has gone over 5-10-20-30-40 years of decline, and how it just gets worse each year for 90% of the population, about 300 million living paycheck to paycheck worrying what's next. We've had endless promises with poorer results for decades, because you, 300 million ordinary hard working Americans just watch. It's time to stop watching and get involved to save your own American Dream and everyone else's. Make your life and everyone else's easier and better fast by helping update the American Dream. And its all on your phone free and easy:


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