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Join this Movement? WHY NOT?

I want a new American dream that works for all so I drafted one that has 3 main parts: 1. Cut housing cost by 50% 2. Double pay. 3. Enact a Super small business support and expansion package that's permanent. My all citizens plan doubles the standard of living for all Americans, making that permanent, and in the process ends poverty permanently. If you want all that, please join the movement. As you read the plan you will see it changes banking policy, rather simple, but it takes over 100 million citizens supporting it to do it. It's free, and free of ideology. It's for every single citizen. So I ask you, 'why not?'

WHY HELP?  To survive. We're all affected, together:

100 million younger people can't afford to live. 

They want to cut social security for 100 million people. 

The middle class is becoming invisible and poor. 

People can't afford to buy from small businesses or eat out as much.

After Covid with prices doubling again, and wages staying flat, its obvious we all need a new way forward economically. On top of that over the next 10 years AI will take away half of all jobs in America. So we all really-really, need a new way forward fast. Politicians can't save us. We have to save ourselves, by all telling them together what we want, and demand with our votes. A redeem the dream PLAN, not crumbs or lofty words, we need an American Dream PLAN for all people, OUR NEW DEAL.  That's what the Redeem the Dream rock opera and movement is. Your part is simple and free: just share this until everyone in American is aware of it! If you have a better plan or easier way to make this happen, to save our country from poverty and wealth class oligarchical police rule, let's hear it. I did all this work because I've been waiting 30 years for that answer, it never came. That's how far off you could see this all coming if you were over 30 paying attention. So I spent the last 10 years putting this all together, self funded, because I care about all our futures. Now its time to do your part. Simple and free. We all need to help REDEEM THE DREAM NOW by using our voices sharing this everywhere daily. Thank you, Adrian..

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