The Real Story of the American Dream and its Redemption

Songs became chapters explaining how the American dream was lost in small pieces chipped away over 50 years and how by all adding our names to an all citizens plan, restore it.    


Would you get excited to read my book if I told you it was LORD OF THE RINGS in real life? It is!

The same Story of Civilization lost and reborn. 300 million of us are the Hobbits. The holders of the rings of power are Sauron's Wizards. And every day we all feel like poor Frodo trying to save our own worlds.



Each chapter start with a 'Spotlight' for the quick pitch message point, then followed by the making of the song, then how it relates to YOUR daily life. Followed by Lyrics and Q&A to bring focus to the key points. And each chapter has an American Dream Time Traveler Moment that take you through your civilization, like old Gandolf may recount to you, "Once, the rings of power were all held by mortal men. Fools, they became corrupted, and were cast into the Ever Darkness of Mordor! Now they seek the last ring lost for eons...to complete power!" Its a fun read.  Life's a trip. Get going :)

Introduction       Preface   


Witnessed the Slow Collapse

And Theft of the American Dream. Now I Want to Inspire 300 Million People to Help Me Restore It Overnight. 


300 Million As 1

Please Add Your Name

And Tell Everyone RTDNOW.COM

RTDNOW.COM Train's Comin' (Ride the RTDNOW Train to Future Past)

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Taking Simple Bold Action, Like Super Heroes, To Fix Our World, Is What Americans Do. Smartphones Means We Can All Do It Fast From Anywhere. RTDNOW.COM Makes it Free And Simple: Just By All Adding Our Names At Once. Like we used to do.

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