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For the American Dream 
by Adrian

You may be just trying to rent a small apartment or house, or being forced out of one as rents are doubling, or desperately trying to live a collapsed American dream supporting a family and falling further behind each month, each year, each decade. Or trying to buy a home as interest rates and prices are doubling. The evaporating American dream is not new, its about five decades old. It's just accelerating its decline until we all stop its fall and restore it. I spent 10 years researching all the American dream turning points, I call 'time traveler moments' in parts of each chapter below. The songs are the quick overview, the chapters lay out and show all Americans exactly where and how the American dream of Upward Mobility for All, got taken away. This is so we can all have the common knowledge of how to restore it. And I also wrote (and discussed in the free podcast with each chapter named after a song) how the Redeem the Dream Now Plan I drafted from this research, updates, restores, and brings into present day, your life now, the full American dream for everyone almost overnight. You only have about 40% of an American dream left now, that's the monthly pain you're in, we're all in. I did all this work to inspire 300 million Americans to join me online to make a new American dream, that works for every citizen, now. This has nothing to do with either political party who are both bought off by big global money and got us into this mess. It's about thinking for yourself and working together simply, by all adding our names, 300 million as 1, to restore everyone's American dream. Incidentally, this method is not revolutionary. it's how America began. All citizens as independents, adding their names for economic and social freedom. Let's begin. 



Introduction       Preface   

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Thomas Jefferson put 'Abolish Slavery' in The Declaration of Independence, John Adams took it out. It's time we put it back in. 

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Witnessed the Slow Collapse

And Theft of the American Dream. Now I Want to Inspire 300 Million People to Help Me Restore It Overnight. 


300 Million As 1

Please Add Your Name

And Tell Everyone RTDNOW.COM

RTDNOW.COM Train's Comin' (Ride the RTDNOW Train to Future Past)

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Taking Simple Bold Action, Like Super Heroes, To Fix Our World, Is What Americans Do. Smartphones Means We Can All Do It Fast From Anywhere. RTDNOW.COM Makes it Free And Simple: Just By All Adding Our Names At Once. Like we used to do.

See pic top left. 

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