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We’d all be in the dark if Edison didn’t invent the light bulb. How about leaving the dark ages by inventing the future of the American dream together?

My friends, everything starts somewhere like here: RTDNOW.COM




Tim Ellis gave me that nickname. He was the best producer.

After two years working together, he rolled with my left-turn wild creative instincts. He thought this song was done and then one day I’d roll in and say “It needs more.” He’d nod and smile, and say “Like what?” I’d say, Like a musical kaleidoscope sound.” Tim nods “aha!” then adds a THX sound he made to the front and back. My favorite word as Tim would eventually note, is “More”. But that’s how you get a lot.



We worked in his smaller studio room ‘B’ when it was just us

many times and the microphone stand was set behind the mix panel desk where Tim sat facing away. It was fun seeing his approving body language nodding yes, yes, (from behind) as I surprised him with the countdown. After I did it, it felt perfect because my vocals had this sound affect like I was speaking from inside a space capsule. Later I added a real launch countdown. Dean put both together so it feels like the real life version of Bowie’s Major Tom counting down with mission control. Only I’m in my Starship time machine. Nearby is a pic of me age 6, in the middle, before we moved to CA from NYC. Yep, I’m in my 1964 Astronaut jumpsuit. ‘More’ was going pretty well so I kept going!




Going for it, I was feeling my way, trying to get this song to

spectacular because it’s so important in the opera. So I added vocal stardust on two legs. Michele Van Kleef is the superstar vocalist you need to meet. Tim Ellis was producing her and brought her in to sing background vocals. She’s so versatile: teaches and sings opera, toured in a band, and has put out a few albums you need to hear. After a session or two it finally hit me like a ton of bricks: THIS GIRL CAN SING! For me, she’s a mix between Linda Ronstadt and Judy Collins and a good sounding Janis Joplin. Power, range, and character all in one person. Now that I was awake, I wanted “More” of all that in my songs.



The song wasn’t elevating: I was frustrated. So I pulled the background vocals up front like a famous Rolling Stones song. Then I said to Tim “How about Michele and I duet for the pre-chorus?” I loved his facial body language, “Hey! That’ll be cool”. That move put this good song over the top. While I’ll never be The Moody Blues rock choir, I now had a complete progression: spoken word elevates to lead vocals, to a duet, to big background vocals. That’s what makes this song reach for the stars. Like a lot of things, reaching for the stars doesn’t have a map. You just have to keep going.



Here’s how this song got very cool. Listen to how all the band instruments also progress in, as the vocals do. A double progression. Tim Ellis was a gifted musical arranger. Tim opens the track alone with a huge anthemic guitar riff. Troy Welstad joins in as his piano organ sets the stage. Mike Braun’s drums come crashing out of nowhere to finalize this ignition sequence of this song. Albert Reda’s bass line holds it all together.

Nice, long, musical, intro. Not new, but extremely well laid out. Later Tim Ellis does one of the sweetest rock lead guitar tracks ever. Although he didn’t say why, this made Dean Baskerville my sound engineer say “This may be the best one of the first bunch.” This was also one of those songs the band just “got’ and dug into on their first pass in the studio. It’s a stadium rocker!


Making of the Song "Everything Starts Somewhere"

Entering Kung Fu Music Bakery Studios, Portland, Oregon: a Nashville Northwest. Once a Kung Fu martial arts studio, once a bakery, now a music studio, the name and building are an ancestry of American dreams in action, constantly being built and rebuilt.

We were strangers. We had no idea we would go on to make 100 songs together in four years when we met. Great minds do think alike and it’s hard to stop two locomotives. Adrian and his producer Tim Ellis.

After 6 months of working on songs I asked Tim Ellis, “Do you know some talented musicians?” Tim simply replied, “Yes.”That may have been the biggest understatement of all time. Tim surrounded himself with the best musicians. And so the Promised land band ensemble of musicians started. Pictured left to right: Tim Ellis, Mike Braun, Adrian, Albert Reda, Troy Welstad


Today we revisit four American Dream turning points to see how they got started:

1. The 1780’s to see the real American Dream starting and flourishing

2. The 1960’s where runaway government started up anew putting us all on a fake misguided national mission 

3. The 1990’s where runaway banking of the fake national mission caused our 2nd Great Depression, by repeating 1920’s runaway banking policies.

4. And 2020, where 300 Million As 1, we all add our names at RTDNOW.COM to end runaway government and restore everyone’s American dream Overnight. And in doing so we all avoid total collapse of America in 20 years.


The 1780's: American Principles = American Prosperity

The revolution had been fought and won. The people got back to work. And by the account attached from the book Jefferson and Hamilton by John Ferling, the 1780's were quite good economically for the average citizen. Everyone was working and thriving. Now I read between the lines of this and other such books which give "an idea" of what happened whitewashed in patriotic tones.


The 1780's were Empowered by our core American principles, what guide each American, "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" the people got busy living their lives. An explosion of activity was unleashed by giving every citizen the right and duty to go forth and live their American dream in new found economic freedom. There were no state or federal taxes. There was basically no Federal Debt. 


It's hard, but imagine. America can thrive without the state and federal government taking ANY of your money. Today it takes about 65 cents of every dollar every citizen makes with direct, excise (interstate), tariffs (imports) and secondary taxes (inheritance, taxes you pay on your hotel bill, your phone bill, etc). So how was this all working? 


The revolutionary war had been financed by IOU bonds sold to citizens and foreign loans. But other than that, there was no big central federal government sucking up all the money. You see, everyone was so happy and fully employed because they'd fought a revolution to have it his way. They just got rid of taxation and a central monarchy that sucked up all the money one way or another. That was the whole point of the American revolution was limited central government and local self rule. The Southern States were well on their way to paying off their war debt. The Northern States, not so.


All good, until....a few Federalists (Washington and Hamilton) concocted a fake national emergency to create a central monarchy (executive branch) to suck all the money out of the States and people. Exactly opposite of what people had died for. The switcheroo was on. 

So they have a closed door convention for Four months, with armed door guards, (more like they wouldn't let them leave until they agreed) that threw out a government of the people that was working. Our first constitution THE ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION and was pure to the REAL AMERICAN DREAM: local self rule and no taxation. 


The Federalists wanted a big army. And they used the internationalist playbook to get one. A false national emergency. They did not have a war until 1812, thirty two years later!  We didn't need a central monarch (called a president with unlimited 'implied' powers BS) to agree on universal tariffs: one central agency to tax imports to fund the government. We were paying off war debt. We didn't need to borrow what today would be trillions from "Global Investors!" Hamilton’s bringing in a titanic amount of Foreign wealth class money set the precedent for the same event reoccurring 124 years later, as the ‘Federal Reserve’ our nation’s ‘Central Bank’ was founded, and still is run to this day, 1/2 with UNKOWN TO THIS DAY Foreign wealth class money. Thanks to Hamilton we’ve been beholding to the rest of the world economically forever. For example, England paid off World War 1, IOU Bond Notes to individual citizens 100 years, yes 100 YEARS later in 2015!!! Personally, if I were President, I’d reveal the Feds Foreign puppet masters, then reform the Federal Reserve, so it represents 300 Million ordinary citizens, not the global wealth class who runs it to bankrupt us all.  


This was the original tapeworm in the guts of the American Dream economic engine and it still exists today. And when interest rates rise it will choke to death on its own size of its debt. That choking is called Default. That's why their money and factories have been transferred overseas for 50 years just leaving us citizens the bill.


Everything starts somewhere, now you have a better idea where our biggest problems started. Our biggest problem as a nation that started this was money in politics. Read between the line of Ferling's book with me. Hamilton, a newly minted attorney, magically pays cash for a nice house in record time. Really? 

Come on, really??? He was financed by DONORS seeking favor in government. By the people who wanted the global wealth class to re-emerge and control this new country called America. Then as they say the rest is history over 240 years to today. He gives his investors buddies, the wealth class, the 1% of the time, face value $100 on bonds bought for $15. A 650% profit that THEY FUNNEL BACK TO HIM! The start of money in politics and dark behind the scenes "legal" theft and corruption. What happens still today in every recession. The good citizens lose their wealth and the 1% investors are given it for they can payoff politicians.


So I'll keep asking the same question to all 300 million ordinary citizens not in on the corruption game. "Want to save the world with me? Want to restore everyone's American Dream OVER-NIGHT with me?"  I hope so. It's easy. Add your name at RTDNOW.COM and tell everyone we are getting rid of the GIGANTIC tapeworm sucking every American dry to the tune of 65% of every dollar they earn by the corruption called money in politics. And now you know where the rebirth of the American Dream happened: right here right now at RTDNOW.COM 



Adrian 2017 (updated 2020)



A must read. Now let’s time travel to the 1960’s
to unprecedented American wealth where the stock market had increased a meteoric 20 times in 20 years since the Great Depression. That’s like a stock market of 20,000 going to 400,000! Or like your house not just doubling in value in 20 years from $250,000 to $500,000 increasing at about 6% a year. It would be like living near Google in Palo Alto, California, where ranch style 3,000 SF homes increased 10-20 time in value to $3 Million plus quickly, because wealthy Google employees need close housing. According to David Farber’s well documented account of what was happening to America as a country in the 1960’s, three things jump off his pages for me, just in the first 25 pages. 


1. GM’s (corporate America) profits were so astronomical they didn’t bother to fight labor unions because the global demand for products exceeded the need to control wages. So unions and wages and benefits flourished. My take on what that means to you and your family: labor union dismantling began in the 1970’s and was in full swing in the 1980’s. This ‘dismantling’ of labor

unions by government doing what Corporate America wants is what causes your wages to stagnate (for example I have the same base salary in 2018, for the same job that I had in 1990’s) while costs through inflation tripled. That means that as Corporate America overran our government and Wall St. to set national policy to benefit them (example: lax monetary policy) we all the people got 2/3 poorer and corporate America and the banks got 2/3 richer. That’s called WEALTH TRANSFER on a NATIONWIDE SCALE through RUNAWAY GOVERNMENT fueled by rampant MONEY IN POLITICS which the RTDNOW PLAN removes! Also, see my song Judgment Day. That’s why all Americans get an F in economics, and why as you read all these RTDNOW Bonus Materials (THE RTDNOW BOOK) you will get up to a C grade. If you act with me to implement the RTDNOW Plan, you’ll get an A because it creates economic equality and ends this stealing of all our national and personal wealth!

2. Unlike before World War 2 where there was hate and distrust between big government (for we the people) and big business (for the wealth class), American prosperity was so great (even 60% of all poor had TV’s and cars) the country fell under the spell of over abundance for all, a temporary false American Dream, Corporate America began to integrate itself with regional and national governments ‘taking credit’ for super national prosperity. 

Quietly ignoring the fact all other industrial nations had been bombed to the ground and America alone, like coming to America in 1600 when disease quickly wiped out 90% of the indigenous population (like WW2 did worldwide manufacturing capacity, and 80 Million died worldwide, which is similar) America in 1960 like John Smith in Jamestown of circa 1650 America, walked into a time where they could use all the resources in the world, which has always been what powers abundant prosperity.

In Adrian’s view of Farber’s fine work, the decade of the 1960’s was a lot like the 100 years from 1820-1920, just at an accelerated rate due to manufacturing and large factories replacing slow farm productivity. The result each time for America AFTER achieving fast super prosperity? We lost our way badly, massive corruption followed, and our purpose as a people and a nation blinded by excessive and temporary super prosperity, went in the toilet FOR DECADES.

3. We lost our national purpose and need a new national mission.

In my Website and 100 song Rock Opera, I am laying out Redeem The Dream Now, a new national mission for all American citizens to commit to, to restore the American Dream for all citizens, in an overnight plan called RTDNOW. But let’s time travel to see how this all repeats every generation, how when lost the last time, our national mission didn’t get done for the people. OOOPS! It got redone in the 1960’s for Corporate/Billionaire Rule, which is complete in 2020 with 100 million in poverty, 100 million MORE one recession away, and the WHOLE NATION IS BANKRUPT. Thats not what our national mission is supposed to be: it's supposed to be citizen rule and equality.


Below, read page 24 (and I encourage you to buy and read Farber’s whole book: The Age Of Great Dreams: America in the 1960’s) is some information of how this happened. In his book he focuses in on many details of how in the 1960’s, America quickly becomes totally lost in its national purpose. So lost, President Eisenhower appointed a commission to Re-Find our national purpose! When the commission couldn’t find the national purpose or mission, a Billionaire David Rockefeller, through his billionaire funded ‘think tank’ develops his own study. And so began billionaires setting the direction of America and our fifty year cycle of runaway government we are about to end.


Billionaire David Rockefeller, offspring of the same global wealth class standard oil billionaire that rigged the 1900 Presidential elections and national monopolies for 30 years to defraud the people, which in part caused the first Great Depression (wiping out nationwide competition through illegal Means) and whose family started the Federal Reserve which by design, and is still to this day, HALF OWNED by UNKNOWN Foreign Banks and billionaires, which explains how our arms (our military and 50% of all tax dollars we all pay) get twisted in their billionaire controlled government system to fight endless global resources wars for corporate benefit, against our people’s will!!!


It was runaway government in the 1960’s Vietnam and is today still. All our wars after WW2 are just trying to recreate the supersonic wealth of post WW 2, which is a failed strategy (see Vietnam who is now a trading manufacturing partner, so much for a false communist threat) which can never happen. While the Rockefeller of the 1960’s didn’t find a national purpose or mission either, he did go on after this commission to establish the Tri Lateral Commission which is composed of heads of industry and government behind closed doors to set and implement their own agenda, which is not we the people’s agenda. Which is how Government to this day stays RUNAWAY. History repeats, in plain sight if you look. Unless, 300 Million As 1 we all add our names at RTDNOW.COM and make our own history for a change. REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!



So America’s true purpose of Equality, under a true government of, by and truly for all the people, (democracy, local self rule and economic freedoms for all) becomes very lost in 1960. With great sudden wealth in the country touching most, after passing Civil Rights Legislation, Equality in purpose, its implementation is ignored (no plan) letting inequality, systemic racism and gender inequality fester and grow to a cauldron that boiled into 167 Riots nationwide then. And the boiling cauldron we have today because in the Information Age we can call see what they did and didn’t do. And Until 300 Million As 1 we set the new national mission to Redeem The Dream Now, implement nationwide equality while preserving the rights of our brightest stars to go get a lot more, it’s just going to be business as usual, runaway government, controlled by corporate America and billionaires it made through political payoffs, which today we all were taught to call, donations, ignoring the high crime of money in politics that steals a nation from its citizens: Like a money monarchy. 

THE 1990's

Let’s time travel forward 30 years. As a nation we promptly got lost again in the 1990’s in another  era of hyper easy ‘manufactured’ (printed/borrowed) Federal Reserve money, just like the 1920’s when President Coolidge and his Federal Reserve Chairman Roy Young played easy money. This repeated with President Clinton and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, which then caused our 2nd Great Depression of several successive recessions which were finally interrupted, propped up by $16 Trillion in new National Debt stimulus from 2000 -2020. 1990-2010, our second Great Depression (that’s what this 20 year period will be called in hindsight in 50 years) as historians not paid off by Wall St. (Who is ‘handled’ by the CIA) to write books of fake history) finally wake up to note: Factory Moving ‘Globalism’ was a total sham to defraud the

American people: example, supported by former Presidents, see Clinton’s failed NAFTA trade agreement. The result of all that? Today we have 44 Million citizens on food stamps in 2018 America, which is 50% more than the 30 Million in the Great Depression of the 1930’s! Update 2/2020. The number on food stamps came down to 40 million. Recently announced 'suspension' of services to handicapped and the like will reduce those on food stamps to about 33 million. THAT HIDES THE PROBLEM, DOESN'T SOLVE IT!

Lastly, Curt Cobain, poet, lead singer songwriter for the band, Nirvana, exemplified more recent rage against the machine. Like all good rock and roll, he saw the limitations of the last generation's thinking and false social norms and sounded out. Cobain started the Grunge Rock Era and was its leader. He was from Aberdeen, Washington. I wrote a song about him called King of Aberdeen, you’ll find on ITunes on my upcoming art album. It's not political its good old song-songs. 

And now we all have a clearer picture of how we've all been sold down the river 300 Million As 1, about to lose 40 Million jobs (again!) to advanced technologies that are converging over the next 10-20 years. That’s what Corporate America is buying with the tax break a billionaire President just GAVE THEM. He gave them the money to permanently remove HALF of all jobs our citizens now have. Don’t believe me? Listen to my Podcast for my song called Ghost Towns.

Our runaway government doesn’t talk about digital globalization where the jobs, your jobs not BEING robotized are SOON leaving, and the building/factory stays run by robots. They don’t talk about super smart robotics replacing everyone, 85% of all jobs, 3,500 Netflix employees replaced 60,000 Blockbuster Video employees: an 85% PERMANENT job loss. And they don’t talk about the Internet becoming THE primary delivery Channel for most goods and services for ALL 300 Million citizens wiping out 20 Million to 30 Million retail BUSINESSES across the WHOLE nation over the next 30 years! 

We the people, without a plan to save ourselves, our American Dream, without a government that represents our interests, will all be left with no jobs, high priced home mortgages we then can’t pay, and since Corporate America, now led by a Billionaire President in Office in 2020, who is taking away free speech and health insurance (he is making it so the Internet (speeds/access) will be slowed and cost more to the masses of all of us, and health insurance would be denied for pre-existing conditions, creating poverty and SUFFERING for another 20 Million citizens!) we will all enter the 3rd Great Depression in 2028-2032 and it will last a torturous 30 years: see East Germany for an example.


AMERICA WILL LOOK LIKE THE FOMER EAST GERMANY if we ALL, 300 Million As 1, don’t find our new national purpose quickly, REDEEM THE DREAM NOW. I am calling for 100% citizen activism at RTDNOW.COM to all add our names and subscribe to implement the RTDNOW Plan to restore everyone’s American Dream overnight. If we don’t, we will all be entering our 3rd and worst Great Depression within about 10 short years. I wrote you bonus materials and made Podcasts laying our the facts to inform everyone. Just listen to a free daily song and the podcast, read the bonus material and you will then begin to see it rather simply. Money in politics sends all the wealth to the wealth class super elites.


Adding your name at RTDNOW.COM and subscribing for $1.00 month ($12.00/year) is all it takes to implement the American Dream of Equality to every person and every household in America. The RTDNOW plan starts by doubling most citizens net monthly income, giving every household up to $1,000 more cash each month, by lowering their cost of living by 50% with 1% home loans and citizen tax reform. That equals the economic playing field all across America, in a hurry, and virtually overnight. Unfortunately, the major corporations will all benefit as well as you spend all that new money each month. While they may cry about the RTDNOW Plan in public, in private they will love it because sales will double and their stock price will triple. So it benefits all citizens that invest quite a bit also. That is a taste of RTDNOW Overnight Equality: ALL Citizens and investors, all flourish immediately and equally, and so do Corporations.




As this song screams, EVERYTHING STARTS SOMEWHERE, depressions, poverty, renewal of our national purpose, and 100% citizen activism as we all tell everyone every single day RTDNOW.COM




2018: Smart car washes eliminate almost all car wash jobs and provide psychedelic scented soap. It’s not a car wash anymore, it’s an experience! One that no longer costs $3.00 of quarters, but uses the internet to take your bank card and as you are mesmerized by the colors and scented soap, you just paid $9.00 for a $3.00 ‘self’ car wash. Did your wages just triple? That’s the point, Everywhere, all across America, in every aspect of your life, the cost of living is sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly, is again being tripled by Corporate America, and your wages are not really moving up, they’re moving DOWN in buying power. Your missing wages and buying power lost show up in more credit card debt, NO savings, putting off buying a newer car, and draining home equity. In 2018 we are again at historic highs of $19 Trillion in consumer debt for all citizens, above what it was before the 2009 economic crash. 

We as a nation, without a national mission to change policies to restore everyone’s, every citizens, American Dream overnight, under current failed policies, are creating LOTS more poverty. If we don’t all get involved at RTDNOW.COM those 1/3 of Americans now living under the poverty level in 2018 will DOUBLE from 100 Million citizens (family of four earning less than $47,000 per year) to 200 Million citizens QUICKLY. 2 out of 3 citizens will be in poverty in America in 2040 if we stay on the same failed path we are on. Welcome to the Redeem The Dream Now Citizens Equality Movement, with the national mission of implementing the RTDNOW Plan, to restore everyone’s American Dream overnight!


THE PROOF: “The $3.00 car wash becomes the $9.00 car wash experience: overnight the cost triples.”

Now Read page 24, then buy David Farber’s fascinating book, and digest the whole thing slowly. Every other page is a new revelation. Then you’ll understand whey I say the mystery of history is it’s cyclical: if you don’t, if we all don’t learn, history, bad history, just repeats. And that’s the cycle of runaway government we keep repeating that I want us all to break by digesting some real information versus endless fake news.

A must read. It’s an account of chaos and corruption over a decade when no worthy national mission and purpose exists. And in that vacuum, the new secret national mission, corporate control of government, was hatched, then as the 1960’s ended, in 1971 as you will read in Adrian’s writings in other Song Bonus Materials, the Powell Memo (Supreme Court Justice Powell wrote before being appointed to corrupt the Supreme Court) detailed how corporate America would implement its plan to TAKE FULL control OUR government. EVERYTHING STARTS SOMEWHERE and I’m showing you where current runaway government started and how we fix it.  300 MILLION AS 1 ADD YOUR NAME AT RTDNOW.COM

Thats why today America is lost, confused, broke and headed for total economic collapse: we are living the wrong National mission. Now bankrupt as a nation, facing our third Great Depression. Its time for the age of the real American dream being implemented. It’s time, 300 Million As 1, to end this madness of runaway government. One and all, REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!

The Real Story of the American Dream In Context of Adrian's Song

“Everything Starts Somewhere"

Everything Starts Somewhere
  • How do great ideas start? 

  • Where did Adrian's idea to restore everyone's American Dream overnight begin?

  • How do great ideas catch on? (Hint: tell everyone RTDNOW.COM)

Everything Starts Somewhere

Words and Music by ADRIAN

Check 442. Check 442. 443 report. 443 reports

Everything starts somewhere, Everything starts somewhere

Everything starts somewhere like here!

Everything’s go for launch. Commence ignition

Systems on: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Say you’re down and broken hearted

Want someone to listen for a change

Can’t understand how this happened

Want to make things right again

Everything starts somewhere

Everything starts somewhere like here

Right here, right here, right now

Everything starts somewhere, Everything starts somewhere

Everything starts somewhere like here!

It’s all a game you’re not playing

People say whatever, then they leave

Never goodbye or thank you

All you want, is what’s right

There’s a point in the night

When you’re gonna decide to fight

We’re gonna face our demons

And we’re gonna make them all give in

Because once we’re together, I tell you my friends

It’s just a matter of time

Sun will rise tomorrow

Light a fire you can follow

Of courage and conviction

Together we’ll make things right again

They say you can’t change human evolution

If that was true, we’d all speak German

I’m daring you to change our evolution

Lift a finger, add your name

Restore our democracy

Transform our economy

To ensure every family’s prosperity

My friends, redeem the American dream

With me now, add your name and tell everybody

Everything starts somewhere like here


300 million as 1, its time to restore America

For the ordinary hard working citizen

And finish the job of the founding fathers

So we can all have a true government

Of, By, and For, We the People.





How does anything ever get started? Where was the first spark? Somewhere along the way somebody rubbed two rocks or two sticks together and sparked a flame. Perhaps when they did this, the others looked askance like they were a big idiot, and asked what the heck they were doing burning the bush down? Sometimes a thing which at first seems odd, unusual, or even stupid becomes the very thing that changes our life. My effort to connect 300-Million people via a rock opera may sound like a long shot, but Everything Starts Somewhere, Like Here.


This song is about the simple concept that everything has a starting point and, if sparked well, can take off like a rocket and become unstoppable.


Malcolm Gladwell, in his book David and Goliath, points out how the least obvious candidates in society can often become the most profound starters of change in society. In his book it’s the unassuming sheep herder who slays the giant Goliath, with the same strategy he’d always used.  He’d always hunted with a sling shot, but he hunted rabbits. He takes down Goliath with a well-placed aim, and that seemingly mundane action catapults David into becoming a king. David unites and leads his people not because of his excellent marksmanship, but because of his bravery against a foe no one else could see a way around.

By all accounts life really starts to take off when a person throws fear to the wind and steps bravely out into the unknown. There is a point of yield in that step up, when you are somehow reborn, and you sense you are the most alive. But where and how do these starting points occur? How do they present themselves? Is it accident? …Chance? …A Series of related events? Was one simply in the right place at the right time? Malcolm Gladwell explores this phenomenon in his book Tipping Point, and makes some evocative conclusions about how the most important starting points in history usually took a lot of thought.


With this in mind, let me tell you how this opera and the RTDNOW PLAN TO SAVE AMERICA for the ordinary citizen got started:


I was interested in the American Dream, and how I could quickly ignite its rebirth in 300-Million Americans. So I decided to read up about another revolutionary leap which changed the world: E=MC2.

Einstein’s equation unlocked the physics of the future. His biography explains that he was searching for an elegant solution to how things worked. When he died he had 40,000 pages of notes. This means he exhausted his knowledge in every possible area, and concluded that the answer lay beyond what was currently known. His brain was able to account for all the learning in those 40,000 pages, and make the creative leap to write what we all know as the theory of relativity. He analyzed how the perspective of the same event is different based upon where two different people were standing, and that same event from different perspectives, created relative differences. He won a Nobel Prize for his genius.


Can we apply the theory of relativity to the American Dream? It was born, it was quashed, it was boosted here and there, and it is quashed again and again. How this all works depends on perspective. To get unstuck from the boom and bust cycle, we have to account for the differing factors of boom and bust, and arrive at an equation which allows each to live in harmony.


For example: a company moving its operations overseas may double its profit; this doubles its stock price for stockholders. The company and the investors are ecstatic. Whereas, the workers who lost their jobs and the town left without a way to support its infrastructure are crushed. The town is left with the unemployment problem and often the many problems which arise as a result: crime, poverty, healthcare costs. Enough companies and stockholders began to benefit from this arrangement that more and more companies began to jump on the bandwagon of exporting jobs, and the imbalance it is creating is not going to allow for an easy recovery.


How did the same country who invented the American Dream also somehow arrive at this devastating formula which is dismantling of the American Dream, by creating coast to coast ghost towns? Where did that start?


Books could be written on this subject, but one place to look is the shoe industry. Similar to agriculture, this field is labor intensive, and moves around the world creating new sweat shops. If one country starts to organize or raise wages, they move. Moving labor offshore to benefit a corporation isn't new. But like anything, once the high returns are known, the speed of copycats intensifies.


By the time I was 45 years old, I had watched one recession lead to another, and I watched millions lose their homes and their savings. I saw millions of American lives being tossed around by one economic hurricane after another, while Wall Street was paying off politicians to keep the storm churning. While this was going on, Wall Street privatized profits and socialized risk. In doing so they calculated and stole the American Dream. In banking terms, they had us ordinary Americans guarantee their reckless loans without our consent, and we became the fall guy when the loans failed. We were taken for fools. I got tired of watching this scenario, and started to wonder what I could do to fix it.


I started to read and kept reading. As a small business banker for thirty-five years, and having funded the creation of thousands of jobs, I knew I needed to take a different perspective when everything I read offered no universal solutions for improving the American Dream. I had studied the banking industry firsthand. And when I studied the history of economics in college, I had learned the rules which govern how much access to government the ordinary citizen has, and how fast American Dreams were created via monetary policy management.

Redeem The Dream Now


Every citizen is a particle of our society. With a small daily effort of just telling everyone, RTDNOW.COM, our national purpose becomes focused. And a chain reaction of enormous amounts of stored energy can be released with minimal effort and almost no cost. That energy becomes transformational as we all add our names at RTDNOW.COM endorsing The RTDNOW PLAN to restore everyone’s full American Dream overnight.




Small particles of matter, (or in this case a very tiny action by every person), can release huge amounts of transformational energy.





“Relativity was a stunning concept at the time; scientists all over the world debated the veracity of Einstein's famous equation, E=mc2, which implied that matter and energy were equivalent and, more specifically, that a single particle of matter could be converted into a huge quantity of energy.” It's used in GPS today. If it wasn't you location would be 5 miles off not 5 feet.



After thousands of hours of research, I decided that the answer lay outside common thought. I took my creative leap and decided I wanted a comprehensive plan to restore the American Dream. My formula would restore the American Dream for everyone in one sweep. It would include:

  • Democracy: a true government of the people

  • Education: an equality of access to the American Dream

  • Capital: or equal access to this necessary tool for building one’s own American Dream


But this kind of integrated plan to restore everyone’s American Dream would be as revolutionary as when this country was founded. Was it time to re-found America? Dare I face this giant? Can I do it? Since retirement sounded really boring to me, I decided: why not?!


The only problem is, unlike David, I cannot slay this giant myself. I need you! And we need 100 to 300-Million people to step up with us and say, “Yes, we want our American Dream back right now. We’re tired of being ripped off! REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!  We want to implement the RTDNOW plan to restore everyone's American Dream overnight." To help reach our 100 to 300-Million people, I was inspired to engage my storytelling ability with my musical ambitions. I found a producer, wrote and recorded 100 songs, then created a website.


Are you ready to restore everyone’s American Dream overnight? It may only take four short years. With the internet, I believe we can make this happen quickly.


In certainty and trust, my name is Adrian.

This is how my mental revolution started.

I invite you to start yours.

I dare you to step up and make America everything it was supposed to be for everybody by adding your name and telling everyone about, where we are working to REDEEM THE DREAM now!

Everything Starts Somewhere! Like Here.

SEPTEMBER 2018: The National Awakening Continues Much Too Slowly

Colin Kapernick, formerly of the NFL, wouldn't stand (protesting injustice) during the National Anthem.

The awakening that we are all living under a racist wealth class favoring, federal government system. And until we all, 300 Million As 1, decide to implement a people plan like RTDNOW to reform it into a true people’s system of government, oppression of the masses of people in all walks of life across America will continue. Protests are great, implementing a plan to change things overnight is much better. Read the pic above, then take action and add your name at RTDNOW.COM!

Everything Starts Somewhere
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