CALLING ALL MUSIC ICONS (you conquered the music world, now help save the real one)    

And ALL the Rest of Us Artists!

Please start helping by Getting the RTDNOW word out. Wear an RTDNOW T-SHIRT in a pic and post it. 
Then Please Add Your Voice
I've already made 100 songs, but I've made room in the opera for all that want to help. This is for everyone and needs everyone. Please participate and have fun saving America with me! There's plenty of room:
  • There's 25 Adrian Opera Songs to make to be in
  • I can add your American voice on 50 before official release
  • There's 50 Original Song Slots on Act 3 left open
  • There's 365 Song Slots EACH YEAR on Live YOUTUBE Daily Redemption Radio Broadcasts that will ramp up.
It's REALLY time for EVERYONE to Help.​ You all are the professionals. I need ALL YOUR HELP to rally the nation to save ALL of America! We need everyone's best! That will get the job done!" Thank YOU! Adrian

"It is my hope all this music from WE THE PEOPLE becomes an Online and State by State 'LIVEAID' Concert series of our time."  The most popular guest artist songs will be added to album 11, "VOICES". Whomever helps is invited to join the 50 state RTDNOW AMERICAN SPIRITOUR live or via satellite. Any proceeds of this volunteer collaboration project go directly to Redeem the Dream Now, Inc, a non- profit company promoting the RTDNOW movement to spread the word to save the American Dream, fund free RTDNOW concerts for we the people, and directly to end hunger and homelessness, community by community, all across our whole country. Fantasy? I made all this happen as a novice funded out of pocket. Now its' your turn, please help make this really shine. Let's get busy!

Please lend a hand. This needs EVERYONE! 


Thank You!    Contact Adrian

Let's Have Our Own...

Popular Music

Coming Together

The 1960's, our last one, is looong gone. Make 300 million new friends helping Adrian rally the nation to restore the American dream in an overnight plan. ​



HERE'S a just a few ME THINKING OF YOU. Cover the songs or call me and we can sing together to spread the RTDNOW word.



  • TIM MCGRAW: loved your book. Get the Country music world and Call me!

  • GARTH: I wrote a song just for you: America I Love You So. You'll love it.

  • DOLLY: I wrote a beautiful gospel song, perfect for us called "Cross the River"  

  • BRUCE: I wrote a song that you'd love called "No Dream too Big to Dream"  

  • BOB: I wrote a song called "It's Not Political (It's Personal)" just for us

  • JOHN FOGERTY: Let's do a song called "Corporate Man"  

  • TOBY KEITH: If you cover my PG song "Sex And Money," you'll own the world!

  • BILLY JOEL: You'll love my song "Sins And Confessions" 

  • DAVE MATTHEWS: Hey, Gravedigger! This one's for you: "There Shall Be No Kings!"

  • JOHN MAYER: Please cover my song "This is Our Time"

  • ELTON JOHN: Please cover my songs "Line of Trust" and "American Dream Saloon"

  • PAUL McCARTNEY: Please cover my song "Today's The Day" 

  • RINGO STARR: Please cover my song "Have a Party"

  • JOHN MELLENCAMP: Reach everyone: "Your Way, My Way, and the Highway"

  • BEYONCE: Please turn my song "My Favorite Tattoo" into a big dance number

  • DAVE GROHL: Come on down and make my song "Untamed", inspired by you

  • NEIL: Help me heal the nation with my song "Pray For Ferguson"

  • WILLIE: Everybody says you should sing my song "United We Stand"  Call me

  • PORTLAND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: Please call. 10 songs need your magic touch

PLEASE lend a hand. This needs EVERYONE!    Thank You!