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Is Your American dream faded too?
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A Rock Opera to Inspire all citizens 

To Make a Better American Dream Fast

Dive into a musical fantasy that wants to be reality, where we all share songs about making a new American dream that works for everyone: young, old, families, and businesses, and it happens. All citizens get their American dream 'reset' fast with new policies reducing housing cost 50%, free healthcare, free education, pay doubles, in an all citizens plan that shows how its all paid for with policy reforms. This way every business thrives cause people have twice as much money to spend. All the music's to inspire us daily to share this. Links at top explain how it all works.


An unknown singer-songwriter named Adrian finds a producer, assembles 40 musicians and a choir, he calls the Promised Land Band, and over four years in Kung Fu Bakery Music Studio, Portland, OR, makes a rock opera to reach and inspire every American to help restore the American dream. 100 songs are live, 50 more will be released in 2023-2024, and guest artists will appear until everyone in America is aware of REDEEM THE DREAM.



Adrian's original music takes you on a journey of redemption. His styles echo Springsteen, the Eagles, James Taylor, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, The Doors, and more, in a concert tent show. His lyrics create a fantasy where all who hear the music read the plan that restores everyones American dream. Hear the music here, Youtube, music sites, under Adrian, and Adrian & the Promised Land Band.


ITS UP TO YOU. Hear the music, read the plan, share it all daily and find out. With the internet a few thousand people can blast this everywhere fast. 300 million Americans (and the Treasury) are about broke, we need a new way forward. So let's make it happen!

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This is about ALL of us

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