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85% of all American dreams are gone
Share this daily: let's make a new one fast 


A Rock Opera to

Inspire all citizens 

To Make a New

American Dream

Dive into a musical that can become reality with your help sharing the songs about making a new American dream that works for everyone: young, old, families, and businesses, so we all become aware, vote it in, and it happens. All citizens get their new American dream 'reset' fast with new policies reducing housing cost 50%, free healthcare, free education, pay doubles, in an all citizens plan that shows how its all paid for with policy reforms. This way every business thrives cause people have twice as much money to spend. All the music's to inspire us daily to share this. Links at top explain how it all works. It's basic economics, affording our lives, and its for every single citizen.

       THE BACKSTORY              HEAR THE MUSIC

Hear the music here, Youtube, music sites, under Adrian, and Adrian & the Promised Land Band.

CAN this really HAPPEN? aaaah, Yeah!

Its how America started, sharing a great idea that benefits all. Share this daily let's make a new real american dream that works for all.

Share, Share, Share!

Its about

SHARE the music
CHANGE the world  

next album 10 - 2023
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