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THIS WILL NEVER GET ANY EASIER than 200 million or more screaming online, or adding our names to a petition to get back our full American dream, redeem it. The essence of being American is to make our futures brighter. When America began, we did it by writing it down, signing up, and all moved forward. We call upward mobility for all, The American Dream. Today with 100 million In poverty and 80 million of 160 million total jobs about to be lost to AI technology, the American Dream is dead or on its way to full cardiac arrest. We can't just print money forever and let widespread poverty, and homeless camps growing across the country, become our 'new normal' way of American life. It's time again to write down a simple plan to make all our futures brighter, restoring the American Dream where we can all thrive, to replace the old one that was lost to inflation from 50 years of bad policy, and all sign up. Take a simple action online instead of being locked in a downward economic death spiral for 70% of us. It's time to all redeem the dream of upward mobility for all in our time. Please read below, then 300 Million as 1 SHARE THIS until everyone is aware of it. It's that simple. This is our overdue long awaited 250 year American renewal. If 100 million people or more add their names we can restore everyone's American dream tomorrow. The petition will be posted to add your name as this gains national awareness. Please keep reading to understand how and please participate. It's free on your phone.


 This is for 300 million Americans and their families
to read, share, and add their names
We want to make a new American dream that cuts
living costs by 50% and doubles pay.

Written by Adrian: A Restored American Dream for All Fast

THE RTDNOW PLAN: Protects Your Family Today and Tomorrow

SUMMARY What All Citizens Will Get

By 300 Million as 1 ADDING OUR NAMES


And Save America from Full Collapse.
It Cancels Rent for 18 months in a 'Standstill' Policy
It Doubles Your Pay and Mostly Pays for Itself
HOW? Indirectly Regulating Banking
With the Buying Power of ALL Citizens

Nobody will significantly improve the American Dream
For You. That's why we all have to do it ourselves now.
Everyone wants a new American Dream: here it is!
E-Z as 100 Million Add Their Names it Starts. SHARE!

  • 1% Fixed rate non-profit home loans for ALL 

  • PUTS up to $1,000 per month in your pocket

  • MAKES housing very affordable for ALL

  • CREATE 40 million small businesses with 1% loans

  • THAT CREATES 80 million jobs, 30 mil. yr. 1

  • ALL SMALL BIZ': 1% reset/loans to pay for

  • INCREASE the minimum wage to $25/hour

  • GETS 100 million out of poverty fast

  • KEEPS 100 million out of poverty

  • CANCELS student debt - education free 

  • REDUCES Medical costs 75% in steps 

  • ENDS federal personal taxation in steps

           As RTDNOW doubles the economy by doubling

                    Your monthly cash flow, we move to a sales tax.


All of the above enables 1 earner to support a family so one parent can give our children the emotional support they need in their formative years. This lowers child care cost by 50% or more, reduces stress on the American family, and provides emotional stability for our country. The All Citizens RTDNOW Plan fixes the 50 year distribution of wealth issue that created near total inequality that threatens our democracy and republic, in a way that is fair to all, serves all, and reintroduces true capitalism, by curbing our oligarchies total control of today, thereby restoring everyone's American dream of prompt upward mobility.

The Simplicity of the RTDNOW all citizens plan. 

It's quick acting new policies move America and all its citizens overnight, from what didn't work for 50 years, trickle down, that bankrupted everyone and the nation, to trickle UP economics, what always works. People need jobs to live and money beyond subsistence wages to shop. America as it was in 2019, 70% RETAIL, won't survive without RTDNOW. Think of RTDNOW as a 300 million citizen non profit buying club that gets you 50% off prices for things like your home cost, and let's you inject that extra money back into your American dream, growing America.

As all citizen policies are enacted people will have twice as much money fast. That ends poverty. All Business profits double fast, because people have 2X more to spend: helping all cities. 40 million new businesses also help our cities thrive again, who live on personal and sales taxes. And all this save us from the THIRD Great Depression coming in 2025 as technology takes 50 million jobs away. The RTDNOW PLAN HELPS US ALL AVOID Our 2ND GREAT DEPRESSION now, and Our 3RD, COMING SOON.


Enacting The RTDNOW Plan Saves 19,945 Cities and 50 States from bankruptcy, all of America, TODAY AND TOMORROW. If 100 million or more support it. Please add your name.



300 Million As 1 - Change The Game - Add Your Name

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 8.53.34 PM.png

THIS IS NOT TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: It's the opposite of a 1% of super elites on Wall St. paying for and running the Treasury for 50 years. Thats why it looks new to 250 million with no savings that have only grown up in debt. It wasn't always this way. It also saves Wall St. because at 70% retail America can't survive without RTDNOW. The podcasts and an eBook explain. 


WHY EVERY CITIZEN NEEDS TO PARTICIPATE: America lost the ability to self correct decades ago. It's why we all have to help, to save your American dream, everyone else's, and America itself. In 1932 Roosevelt didn't have a clue, and government is just doing what won't work again 100 years later. If you want to really make America great FOR EVERYONE, The time is NOW: 300 million as 1 ADD YOUR NAME to pass it!  

                         READ THE FULL PLAN BELOW                        




With Policies That Act as an American Dream Implementation Plan which Has Been The Missing Piece




To Equality Fast

Our Democracy Now 

To Economic Freedom Fast  

As 300 Million Americans add their names to take their seat in  THE RTDNOW ALL CITIZENS’ CONTINENTAL CONGRESS we evolve to 100% participation. As perfected, this forum will make all elections free and equal. It ends Apartheid, in America, forever.

300 Million Americans will review THE RTDNOW AMENDMENT to restore our democracy so it works for all. It gets money out of politics, what fuels systemic racism, ending it's bankrupting lobbying. Until we pass it, elite's rule will continue bankrupting the whole nation.

Cost of living will be reduced up to 50% overnight to make housing very affordable for all, so all of us thrive, in an economic bill of rights. It's like a 50-100% net pay increase: forever. New RTDNOW policies DELIVER a far better American dream to you. Citizen and business cash doubled.


  • Every voice is equally heard

  • Enables active policing of politicians

  • Enables rapid (versus never) response

  • Every vote matters equally

  • Replaces electoral college over time​

  • Establishes a Citizen 1st America

  • Places access and ongoing ability to control government in  the hands (smart phones) of 300 Million citizens 24/7-365

  • Makes elections free, fair, and transparent so candidates don’t need any corporate money

  • 100% voting becomes normal100% Mail in ballots to become normal with online verification by voter to ensure its right.

  • Privacy and ownership of our electronics to be owned and controlled by the citizen.

  • Dismantle the surveillance state, and Bulk Collection of data, and return to specific warrants to investigate real threats. False use of this to carry 30 year prison sentence.

  • Un-Privatization of everything we all once all owned: water, air, the environment.

  • Jail penalties of 10 years to life for violations.

  • Abolish Mass Incarceration

Reinvent Prisons into rehab centers, i.e. Providence R.i. Reinvent Policing to Protect and Serve ALL Citizens, i.e. Camden N.J. Lethal force only used in direct response. The end of our mass incarceration state has begun, it needs to be national policy. With the creation of Skilled Social Worker Response Teams for non violent situations these two new national policies will reduce crime 50% putting repeat addicts in rehab and off streets: addressing one element causing homelessness. This helps all our cities. It may take defunding, to start over, and demilitarize police. Legal Review of ALL cases of people of color in prison and release if unfounded. Review and revision of unjust false lobbyist created laws like 3 strikes, and plea deal protocol, filling prisons in direct denial of human rights. 

  • Just Equality Reparations for descendants of slavery starting with .25% fixed home loans which enables adequate housing saves each person $500,000 over 30 years. Reparations for those unjustly imprisoned. We must deal with the scar on America's soul, decisively and fairly, to create equality for all.

  • Establish Cabinet Level position, Director of Citizen Equality, to actively implement RTDNOW plans to achieve social, political and economic citizens equality and deal with new issues and aspects of equality.

  • Establish Cabinet Level position, Director of Small Business Expansion. For 50 years small businesses, 50% of our economy, have been ignored and diminished creating nationwide dependence on government and big business causing national suffering, poverty, homelessness. Robust small business as 70% of our economy used to insulate us like economic ozone, from boom/bust 'Big Corporation Cycles' every 8-10 years, recessions, robbing our citizens of wealth and creating poverty. Small Businesses creates 2 of every 3 jobs in an expansion, and will create100% of 80 million new jobs in the RTDNOW all citizens plan because big corporations are 'automating' or closing. The Small Business Director will coordinate with the President and Treasury Secretary to streamline, enhance and provide Adrian's Super Small Business Support Package to 30 million that existed in 2020 and 40 million more being rapidly created. The Director will also oversee 1% fixed home loans for all as national policy. This is how we establish economic equality.


  • It's acts end runaway government

  • By defunding the deep state (Wall st.)

  • Removing all money in politics]

  • To restore HONEST government

  • By regulating Lobbying & Banking

  • Restores true 1 person 1 vote

  • Restores majority citizen rule with above and Rank Choice Voting (now in Maine) to prevent the elite few wealthy, from manipulating a never intended 'winner take all' voting tragedy, as they did. This ends Negative Partisanship politics, how we're manipulated into electing who we don't want, by being made to hate the other candidate more. This is a part of ending runaway government and elite rule.

  • Creates Viable 3rd totally independent All Citizens (like when America began) Party: RTDNOW. Our Founders HATED political parties. John Adams wrote, "a division of our republic into two great parties is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil." Why? Because parties get controlled by the wealth class elite like in England, rig the system and take all the wealth. 

  • Restores a functional Republic 

  • Reestablishes a fair and fully inclusive Democratic process

  • Newspapers to be declared as Essential Non Profit Businesses. At least 1 per state, and one per 3,333 counties in America will pursue an unbiased truth and report to all. A Democracy cannot function without it which is why we have NO democracy today. This is part of how we remove fake news which steals our democracy and wealth.

  • 1 Congressperson per county = equality.

  • Presidential King-Like power limited, impeachment to be by Congress. 

  • Fairness in Broadcasting Doctrine  Restored updated. Fraud penalties for Fake News.

  • Jail time for inciting Hate Crimes

  • 13th Amendment reformed to prevent false imprisonment, etc.

  • Full anti corruption laws to break the 50 year Death Grip Wall St. has had over the American citizen taking jobs, reducing effective salaries, ruining our lives, to end 'bubble to bust' cycles killing us. 

  • RTDNOW Appellate Supreme Court to be established, 1 Justice per State, 51% can overturn ridiculous rulings like making Corporations 'citizens' that dismantle our Democracy, before horses leave barns.

  • Move Capital to Kansas where everyone in America can reach it so it serves all. D.C. may be under water in 90 years FYI.

  • Make penalty for false lawsuits that deny freedom of speech, 100 times the amount of the bogus lawsuit claimed. 

  • Espionage Act to be updated to remove strict liability test, so whistleblowers can out rogue politicians violating our laws. No One is Above the Law.

  • Government Classification System to be Very Limited. When everything is classified top secret, we have a secret government that doesn't serve us.

  • Any laws that are made by politicians to retroactively save them from prosecution to be rendered invalid.

  • This Amendment's comprehensive  campaign finance reform and more, to end the plutocracy of the few through money, favor and promises, visible and invisible, in our politics, and creates our 1st true government of we the people since Alexander Hamilton corrupted it creating the Bank of the United States in 1791 to pay off Congressmen. This democracy robbing and bankrupting practice of money in politics was left by the founders for us all to fix. And so we shall.


  • 1% non profit fixed rate home loans for all cuts living cost 50% for most so households save/keep, up to $1,000 extra per month. 

  • Housing will be very affordable for all.

50 million renters get zero down loans. To transition Rent will be Cancelled under a Standstill Order for 18 months. Will start a building boom. All will get an American dream.

  • Fund 40 million new small businesses

       creating a new middle class that creates:          


Adrian's Policies create fast upward mobility for all. They DOUBLE most's pay, making all businesses thrive, which help all cities and states thrive again. READ How RTDNOW Ends American Poverty

  • Takes 100 million out poverty fast

  • Saves 100 million more from poverty

Citizens now become a millionaire over a work life, unburdened with most education costs and healthcare costs, so all retire with dignity, and end a bankrupting national welfare state that cannot survive on debt and is imploding now.

Adrian's policies self-fund to:

  • Raise the Minimum Wage to $25

  • Make Housing VERY Affordable

  • Student Debt ERASED

  • Education Made FREE

  • Make Cities and States THRIVE

  • END Federal Taxation, in steps

Adrian's plan is a robust American future:​

  • America 2050 Economic Plan


Isn't it ODD? We haven't had ANY economic plan for 50 years, let alone a 30 year one?


Isn't it ODD there is no plan other than this to really improve all citizens lives significantly?



Adrian began his 10 year project to make 100 songs to rally 100 percent of the people, all 300 million not in the elite wealth class, to restore the American dream. Everyone along the way said 'Rally? RESTORE IT!" So Adrian carefully crafted his Plan you see above to restore the real true original American dream of equality and self rule, in ACT's 1 and 2. Adrian designed it to happen using smartphones and simple policy changes. It fixes all our major problems: inequality, corruption, economic security for all.



In Act 3, Adrian fixes our total national epic economic inequality, with new policies delivering the land of opportunity that is our heritage, and original promise. Act 3 policies CREATE economic freedom for all, for every citizen, with new direct (cash in pockets monthly) upward economic mobility: what has been so missing for so long, as today most suffer in poverty all wondering how we will pay bills. Adrian's RTDNOW polices doubling citizen cash flow monthly and creating 80 million new jobs at 2 times the current minimum wage, quickly ends poverty, hunger and homelessness which should have happened years ago.


It doubles citizens income, which enable all businesses, Cities and States, to all flourish. It is a significantly improved American dream reborn, this time, formatted as an American Dream Implementation Plan so it actually reaches every single citizen. As everyone has twice as much to spend, the stock market will quadruple, and it will fund a sustainable long term low inflation economic boom because we are not printing new fake dollars to do it. With the stock market soaring based upon real earnings and future earnings in an RTDNOW America, a transaction tax will pay for free education and wiping away student debt.


And Together, with the RTDNOW Plan, and as we all add our names participating at RTDNOW.COM, for the first time in 240 years, the American people will restore our democracy and create our first true government of, by, and really for, all the people. And do it in deed, not just words, what got us in this mess. RTDNOW protects our citizen rights of a free democracy by finally getting corporate money out of all our politics. So all the people's American dream can be restored, not just the mega global corporations, and stay that way. As we all add their names and subscribe, RTDNOW will transition over time to become a public transparent non-profit online forum where every citizens voice will actively be heard. Together, we are ending runaway government and its inequality policies with the RTDNOW Plan. This citizen forum is the NEW watchdog, and immediate mechanism, what's been missing, to hold all politicians ACTIVELY accountable for what they do, and don't do.



Covid accelerated the autonomous AI revolution's taking 50-80 million jobs from a 15 year horizon into the next 48 months. That will collapse 80% of households, which collapse America if we don't vote in RTDNOW. After a 35 years career advising and funding small businesses, and the last 10 years of research I came to my own conclusions from seeing how business by business, technology was already eliminating 50% of jobs. If you take half the wages out of every home in America, lose one out of two jobs that supports it, all the household budgets in America fully collapse. Then America fully collapses. You see, we all need the RTDNOW PLAN to survive. If you're still a denier, hesitant to take action with me online supporting RTDNOW to save yourself and everyone else, watch this video I found while Covid sheltering. It's a detailed visual reporting on all the jobs going away and not returning. It will make your jaw drop and you will really understand why RTDNOW is so timely, and 300 million as 1, we should all be screaming (online) for RTDNOW to be enacted asap:


This is the ONLY such plan ever written to restore EVERYONE'S American Dream Overnight with clear cut policies to do it, that pay for themselves. And Adrian's plan saves America from a DEEP 30 year structural collapse caused by no production, letting mega corporations wipe out most competition, and making up for lack of any American dream plan for 40 years other than quadrupling all national, business, and personal debt. Such a structural collapse is called a great depression: and 300 million citizens are now staring it in the eyes as we are 1/3 into it. That's the pain we all feel when we shop. I have also alerted all that the Autonomous AI Revolution will take 80 Million jobs away. Lastly, as a global empire, we are in the decay stage. If we let it slip into the death stage, your money will be worth 25% less, you are seeing this now 2023, and things will get worse. But we can all choose to leapfrog OVER economic death to rebirth: that's what the RTDNOW plan is for America. Last time we had a 1 page plan for a new American dream? Our start: 1776. Now we're all doing it, again, online. Enacting the above plan takes about 100-200 million voices screaming for it, and names added as the petition is launched.

"Hello, my name's Adrian. What I'm proposing and suggesting is simple. We all just become independents for a while like 1776, to end tyranny and oppression, what we've all called runaway government for 50 years, a whole GENERATION, to all restore 300 million American dreams overnight, and save America from collapse! I made RTDNOW free. All it takes is your voice. Please join me!"   


SO EASY NOW ON YOUR PHONE Build The Future You Deserve REDEEM THE DREAM NOW                                                



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