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Trickle UP economics. People can't survive or pay rent without a living wage, or shop. And America in 2019 WAS 70% RETAIL. So all household budgets just collapsed, and will STAY collapsed as we lose 50 million MORE jobs to technology. So as we double the income of most Americans quickly with 1% home loans (zero down loans for renters) and double the minimum wage, which gives every household up to an extra $1,000 per month, it ends homelessness and poverty. With one new major policy housing becomes affordable for all forever and we stop the implosion of the whole American economic system, and save America, every, City and State, we save America itself from endless drowning in debt.
How do we 'implement' this reformation of Capitalism, so it can SURVIVE, and so we ALL get to enjoy it? As we get 100 million names we have the power to change economic policy, as we are supposed to do, TO SERVE THE NEEDS OF ALL THE CITIZENS. It starts by using the purchasing power of 100 million or more, and should be quickly passed into law.
Adrian's plan somewhat effortlessly, and quickly, makes the banking system work for every citizen, instead of against them. Below you'll start to see how Adrian's plan pays for itself.
See pic on right, why did Americans get bilked for $34 BILLION when banks lend our zero percent checking and savings money at 4-8%? That's profit on top of the $34 Billion! What if Banks were only allowed to keep $3.00 per overdraft, and the rest goes into a fund to end hunger and homelessness? We the people are supposed to regulate the banking system, not the other way around. And as a deterrent to having overdrafts, maybe the maximum overdraft fee is limited to $7.00 and $15 per day. This is the new RTDNOW America I'm proposing. Economic freedom overnight for all! 300 million as 1 add your names! Perspective: if you don't act it will get worse. Before 2004 they just rejected the transaction and didn't charge you fees!


WITH 100 Million NAMES AT RTDNOW.COM, All Banks will be requested to lower, it's called RESET, all home loans to 1% fixed rate, (50 million renters get zero down loans to benefit also, these exist now) or lose the loans and all the checking account money, which would take away all their profits. If they don't comply we will all contribute $10 each to form our own non-profit RTDNOW ALL CITIZENS HOME LOAN BANK. 300 Million citizens have $9 TRILLION sitting in deposit accounts earning almost ZERO interest: the REAL cost of money that we all borrow back at 4-8%. Nice trick huh? And then we Citizens have to Bail Out the banks every decade? Not in an RTDNOW AMERICA. 


Adrianomics 1% fixed rate Home loans for ALL diverts that huge EXCESS profit away from runaway banks into your pocket monthly, and therefore back into the U.S. economy, to create a sustainable, low inflation, long term economic boom for all citizens.  You see, we don't have to fund 1% home loans, they're already funded. Don't worry about the banks and mega corporations, they'll make TWICE as much money because everyone has 100% more to spend.


So what is Adrianomics? It's trickle UP Economics. What always works and happens when there isn't total corruption in government. Henry Ford wanted EVERYONE to have Model T Ford. And he did what? Lowered the price. And what do people do with all that extra money? After they pay down some bills, THEY ALL SPEND IT! 


The economy under THE RTDNOW PLAN will double based upon real dollars, that pay down debt, not the TIME BOMB corrupt elitist government that for 50 years gives us ENDLESS DEBT, personal and national, to make up for inflation losses in our earning power.


That's why most Americans today struggle economically: their money is worth only half of what it should be. That's what 1% home loans also does: it restores the EARNING POWER to every dollar you make. Wait for it, overnight. Americans lost 50% or more of earning power because of endless national debt, which caused inflation, when your wages stay stagnant or 30 years, and because they, our government, it wasn't an accident, kind of hard to hide, shipped all the good jobs overseas. 1% RTDNOW business loans will start 40 million new companies HERE, making a new middle class of 25% of all workers. In an RTDNOW world where your basic cost of living just got reduced by 50% EVERY MONTH.


America, and the world, will LOVE Adrianomics. Even the biggest global companies too. Who moved 75% of their factories and sales OFFSHORE so they don't care if the American people suffer. A Depression here means their sales are only down 10% overall. Without RTDNOW they fail big time because their sales will drop 25% as all 260 million Americans with NO savings in 2019 are all on government assistance in 2021, and have NO money to spend and don't have jobs. So where's the ROCKET SCIENCE here? There isn't any. This should all be obvious. But total corruption in government, combined with media monopolies that hide the easy way for all to thrive because of GREED and PAYOFFS. That's why we need THE FULL RTDNOW PLAN. You have to end the corruption in government, take money out of politics, to make a world we all can and want to live in. And so we shall.

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When I said five years ago "We will all get 1% Fixed Rate Home Loans to reduce the cost of living for all BY 50% OVERNIGHT to create economic and social equality so we all have a secure American dream and END ALL POVERTY, I got blank stares. Now THE RTDNOW WORLD I am trying to create is coming into focus. The article above proves this is ALL possible (DENMARK HAS ZERO RATE HOME LOANS!!!) if we demand it 100 million, 300 million, as 1, ADD YOUR NAME REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!!!

Wall Street Journal: 2/2/19

$9 Trillion in our deposit accounts 0% interest 


Wall Street Journal: 8/12/19

If the cost of money is 0% as this article shows, and about to go Negative at May 2020, you tell me why every home in America, about 100 Million, are not paying 1% fixed, lowering the payment by 50% and DOUBLING EVERYONE'S NET INCOME OVERNIGHT.

Add your name 100 million as 1 and we will have 1% home loans for all! 



As your efforts help RTDNOW expand, it seeks to reduce the cost of living FOR ALL CITIZENS by 50%! So first Adrian wants to double your cash in pocket each month with 1% home loans for ALL. Then he wants every household to keep half of what they would spend on basic living expenses. That's a peak at how Adrian's plan makes every citizen,even those on minimum wage, millionaires. Adrian's plan RESETS THE AMERICAN DREAM FOR EVERY HOME IN AMERICA. Pretty much overnight all across the country. Policy change is how we reinvent America. INSTEAD OF PRICING ALWAYS RISING, THEY WILL START FALLING.


FOR EXAMPLE: There are so many layers of middle men built into our monthly living expenses, the true cost of everything we buy is 20% of what we pay. 


As everyone adds their names, RTDNOW becomes a “Super-300 Million RTDNOW Citizen Groupon Type club.REDUCING your monthly living expenses BY 50%. 


FOR EXAMPLE: My local home propane gas company (for heating my house) buys all his gas cheap and stores it. He doubles the summertime price to his customers in Winter. So my heating bill for January is $550. Wow is right. If we all bought propane together...we'd pay 50% less, only $225. And give the drivers higher wages. Greed is out of control. And I want us all, 300 million as 1, to control it with our buying power.



President Kennedy said, “We are going to the moon!” And within 10 years, it happened. Today, Adrian's saying, “We are restoring EVERYONE'S American Dream in an Overnight plan!” As we all subscribe at RTDNOW.COM, RTDNOW will happen. We're just changing policy, not going to outer space. If you want me to personally make sure it all happens as I've outlined in my plan: please write in ADRIAN 2024! 


Above was the BIG example, cutting your rent or mortgage cost by 50%!!! But here's the SMALL example of reducing your daily living cost by OVER 50%. At Wallmart, a Discounter, 32 packets of Dishwasher soap is $9.93. Or 31 cents per packet. Now, I shop for packets of 10 for $1.00 at the Dollar Store for a long time now. That's 10 CENTS per packet, a 66% DECREASE in cost. You may laugh, but see the RTDNOW BOOK REVIEW about the Book Nickled and Dimed. This is how you are ripped off from half of EVERY PENNY you make. For 100 million in poverty, this is a BIG deal. For another 100 Million new to poverty, say hello to the Dollar Store. 300 million, as 1, ADD YOUR NAME to decrease all your basic living costs by over 50% to keep 50% more of what you make, or of what you get on government assistance. You see, the money they give you, goes right back to Wallmart and all the Biggest Corporations, who make the Federal Debt grow larger so you can give twice as much of your money as you should, to make THEM rich endlessly, and you poorer endlessly. Change the game. Please, REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!!!

After waiting 240 years for the real American dream to be restored AND EXTENDED, to EVERY single American, we are now ALL poised to make it happen at internet speed!


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