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Why Bother? It's YOUR Future You're Saving

The Pandemic Collapsed our economy: Temporarily

Technology's taking 80 million jobs = Full Collapse

Other than The RTDNOW Plan there is no real plan to restore

the American dream for all citizens. We have to save ourselves.


We must all take real action like all adding our names to a real plan to make a new American dream that really works for all our people. 90% of us can't afford to live in America anymore. Homelessness is spreading everywhere:


  1. 100 Million Americans in poverty.

  2. 36 Million+ Americans on Food Stamps.

  3. 30 Million Americans are homeless now.

  4. Technology will eliminate 80 million jobs.

  5. As life goes online, 50% of retail stores close.

  6. 70% of our economy is now retail.

  7. 80 Million retail jobs: 1/2 of ALL JOBS affected.

  8. 80 Million jobs, 50% = now minimum wage.

  9. 250 Million live paycheck to paycheck.

  10. Job losses = 100 Million MORE in poverty.

  11. 2 of 3 Americans may be in poverty soon. 

  12. FLAT wages 30 years, prices tripled = ALL 2/3 poorer.




This is why we all have to take democratic action representing ourselves. Kinda like America started. Over 10 years, ALL Americans will be significantly affected with accelerating job losses to technology that will hit everyone overnight. For example: 85% of ALL Musicians just lost song sale online income to technology such as Spotify, as iTunes is replaced. Poof! THIS loss of income is due to a once in a 100 year PARADIGM SHIFT: our whole way of daily life is changing to AUTONOMOUS! Like Alexa already serving 180 million Americans. It's already here. Driverless cars coming soon means UBER won't need drivers. This link shows you how bad it will be in pictures: Every business will need only HALF their employees and use automation to do even more volume. If HALF of all American households  lose HALF their jobs, nobody will be able to pay bills, or have any money to spend, which causes America itself to FULLY collapse in a 3rd Great Depression for 30 long hard years. If all 300 million ordinary citizens do is watch, 2 of 3 Americans and their kids will be trapped in poverty on meager government assistance, if we don't make a new American dream for our time, for all of us, right now.   


WHY an EPIC Musical to reach ALL?

WHY a BOLD Plan to save America?

WHY is ADRIAN asking ALL to help?  

Because Nobody's Coming 

To Save Us. But All of Us.

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