The BIG ANSWER America's fully collapsing in 5-10 years.  


We're barely surviving now. It's your future you're saving.

The Corona Pandemic Collapsed our economy: temporarily. 

We're about to lose 80 million jobs. That's total collapse.

WHY? It Affects Us ALL.
Conditions today? 
WORSE than the
Great Depression! 
Homelessness Spreading Rapidly
Note: this was written before Covid-19! 



  1. 100 Million Americans in poverty.

  2. 36 Million+ Americans on Food Stamps.

  3. 30 Million Americans are homeless now.

  4. Technology will eliminate 80 million jobs.

  5. As life goes online, 50% of retail stores close.

  6. 70% of our economy is now retail.

  7. 80 Million retail jobs: 1/2 of ALL JOBS affected.

  8. 80 Million jobs, 50% = now minimum wage.

  9. 250 Million live paycheck to paycheck.

  10. Job losses = 100 Million MORE in poverty.

  11. 2 of 3 Americans may be in poverty soon. 

  12. FLAT wages 30 years, prices tripled = ALL 2/3 poorer.




Politicians, of all political parties, can't, and won't save us, or they would have written the REDEEM THE DREAM NOW PLAN like Adrian. OBVIOUSLY, the citizens aren't being represented,

We have to represent ourselves. Thats what this is.


But that's how America started. And this opera helps us all do it again. Over the next 10 years, ALL Americans will be significantly affected with accelerating job losses to technology just ahead that will hit everyone overnight. For example: 85% of ALL Musicians just lost song sale online income to technology such as Spotify, as iTunes is replaced. Poof! THIS loss of income due to technology AFFECTS EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN! It is a once in a 100 year PARADIGM SHIFT: our whole way of daily life is changing over to AUTONOMOUS! That's what Alexa is. That's what driverless cars are: that means UBER and Cabs won't need drivers, and if they do for a while, it's $3.00 per ride 1/2 of minimum waage as a 'monitor' not driver.  THE AUTONOMOUS (doesn't need you) TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTION IS ALREADY HERE. AND ACCELERATING AT THE SPEED OF...FIBER OPTIC AND WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY!!!


This WAY OF LIFE SHIFT IS A ONE WAY TICKET! It will take away the need for 1/2 of all humans doing work! We will lose up to 50% of ALL jobs over 20 years and remaining jobs salaries will stay flat because twice as many people will be applying for the jobs left! This means with inflation, flat wages for remaining jobs equal a 25% DECREASE in what your money buys. If rent goes up 5% per year, 25% over five years, 52 million renters won't be able to afford rent. Combine this with the information at top, and its financial Armageddon, end of days, for over 200 million Americans! 2 of 3 Americans: they, and their kids, will be trapped in poverty.

These trends cause the collapse of 75% of American household budgets, about 75 million homes or families who rent, (there's 100 million households in America about) which causes America itself to FULLY collapse in a 3rd Great Depression for 30 long hard years. That is if all 300 million ordinary citizens do is watch.


Only WE can save ourselves. And you know it or it would have been done by now!

If we ALL want any American Dream...

We ALL have to take action right now.

If you're still hesitant to take action with me online supporting RTDNOW to save yourself and everyone else, watch this video I found while Covid sheltering. It's a detailed reporting on all the jobs going away and not returning. It will make your jaw drop and you will really understand why RTDNOW is timely, and 300 million as 1, we should all be screaming (online) for RTDNOW to be enacted asap:

WHY an EPIC Musical to reach ALL?

WHY a BOLD Plan to save America?

WHY is ADRIAN asking ALL to help?  

Because Nobody's Coming 

To Save Us. But All of Us.

So Let's Get Busy!!!
300 Million as 1

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This is why Adrian named the opera REDEEM THE DREAM NOW