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ADRIAN'S PROPOSAL TO END Homelessness and Poverty Forever


NOTE: Also read Adrian's OP-ED where his plan outlines new SYSTEMIC 'Shock Absorbers'  

for 50 and 100 year events, where unemployment and food stamps expand for up to a few years.

We are living in 1930's era financial thinking and regulations. We can all fix this all very fast. Please read!








  1. This makes Housing  Affordable for All 

  2. This saves Every Household  Up to $1,000 more per month 

  3. Without having to PAY for it.  Read on to see how 

  4.  It also creates a long-term building boom  Growing our Economy for EVERYONE with GOOD wages 



Economic Equality for All, Fast, that Pays for Itself


As we all Add Our Names, 100 million or more people can 'Reset' interest rates on 100 million home loans to 1% fixed, amortized over 50 years, which cuts EVERYONE'S biggest expense every month, housing, by about half. FYI THERE ARE ABOUT 100 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS IN AMERICA. So as at least 1 per household that wants an extra $1,000 per month adds their name, this will happen. REAL Interest rates, what banks pay you for holding your money, have been near zero for 8 years and are almost negative as in Europe. There is about $9 Trillion of our checking and savings accounts across the nation that the banks, we bail out, lend at 4-9% and pay us about zero. And that is why, one way or another, what I am proposing here, WILL HAPPEN.  50 Million Renters, will get zero down loans, so their cost goes down, and stops going up by 5-10% EVERY year. Which DOUBLES every 10 years or so, which has caused a RENT COST EPIDEMIC all across America. We are fixing that fast to control rent the old fashioned way, own the property, and also now earn the upside appreciation! Hellooooo 50 million renters...Add Your Names please!


In July 2020, 30 year mortgage rates just went under 3%. They will get down to 2% because we are in a Depression. But that doesn't help 100 million households that just lost ONE of their jobs, their credit just got beat up, and can't refinance. THE RTDNOW PLAN WILL RESET EVERY PRIMARY HOME LOAN IN AMERICA UP TO $400,000 to 1% fixed amortized over 50 years. Amounts above 1% will be at normal market rates in a 'parri passu' loan. Two loans, but banks treat the collateral as one loan, there is no 'second' position lien, second to collect in default, position. It's a shared 1st Trust Deed Collateral position. We use this in business loans frequently. THIS IS PART OF THE 'ECONOMIC EQUALITY' in the RTDNOW PLAN and how it's 'DELIVERED' to YOU. We are all benefitting equally: this is an equality movement and we are all going to thrive. Getting everyone household in America 1% loans will take about 12 months to implement.  

This is also how we avoid having 100 Million more Homeless, (we have 30 million now) as we go from 35 million jobs lost to Covid, to a total of 80 Million jobs lost over the next five years. The Autonomous Revolution, (Robotics, global digitization, shopping online) will take away another 50 Million jobs. We kind of don't have a choice, or we may all end up homeless. Because when you have all your bills, and you take away half the income in a house (lose one jobs, there are only 160 million jobs in America supposedly) it collapses ALL of these households (80% had NO savings in 2019) and that collapses all Cities, which collapse all States, which collapses the United States of America itself. This is no joke and not a drill. This is why I made 100 songs and 50 podcasts and an eBook with all the details. We all have to act, add your name 300 million as 1 to save ourselves. If you think the Government that couldn't distribute face masks is going to save us, hold on, I'm having a belly laugh, you are high as a kite, or in the 10% elite wealth class with your eyes popping out now that you can see the economic oppression of all jig is about to be up.   

As we do 75 million Americans, out of 100 million in poverty now, will leap out of poverty overnight because their net monthly cash flow just doubled. 15 million of chronic homeless due to drug addiction, as discussed in other papers on the home page, will get full rehabilitation services. 10 million homeless due to job loss and lack of current skills will get training and assistance.





  1. Creates 40 Million new Businesses over 6 years  Creating a New MIDDLE CLASS 

  2. Starting with 80 Million new Jobs  That Stay In America 

  3.  Doubles  Minimum Wage for 80 million on it now  So All Have a Good Standard of Living 

  4. And it pays for itself with 1% Small Business Super Financing  FYI Banks borrow at .25% 

Given the discussion on Home Loans above, you can see that the Economic and Finance system we have in place is for 10% of the elites who control 90% of the wealth. And pay government in 'Donations' and 'Favors' to keep it that way. This DOESN'T WORK FOR 300 MILLION ORDINARY CITIZENS. For example, they, our government, paid by donors and lobbyist DEFUNDED normal investment in Clean Drinking Water nationally, some time ago. THEY cut off about $1 Trillion in needed maintenance work, so today about 20% of Americans, 65 million citizens, don't have clean drinking water. Flint Michigan is the tip of the iceberg: it's gonna get WORSE, get ready to use $300 of the $1,000 I just saved you to have WATER. Because they defunded what keeps us alive (obviously to bankrupt and kill us...can you think of any other reasons? It can't be just Greed, they are already millionaires, unless they're psychopaths...uh oh!) to do what? Give Billionaires and Millionaires more tax breaks. This is EPIC runaway government and Systemic Economic Oppression of ALL of us, we are all about to end. So because they have taken ALL the money, now you can start to see how in this example, there are 50 podcasts and an eBook with a WHOLE LOT MORE, we are creating a TWO TIER ECONOMIC SYSTEM rather quickly and effortlessly with RTDNOW POLICIES (and our group purchasing power: RTDNOW Functions Like A 300 MILLION CITIZENS BUYING CLUB) as we all add our names to pass the RTDNOW PLAN.


The RTDNOW PLAN with home and small business 1% fixed rate loans is creating an economy THAT WORKS FOR ALL OF US, for 300 million citizens. 100 million who are on food support from the government. 100 million that are wondering how they will pay rent. And 100 million who now know they will lose one job in their home within five years.

Please note, in July 2020 we have 35 million unemployed due to Covid and half of those jobs won't come back. Over the next five years we will lose about ANOTHER 40 million jobs to technology. That is why THE RTDNOW JOBS PROGRAM was designed to create 80 million jobs. And this is why WE ALL NEED THE RTDNOW PLAN, because it not only takes us out of the Covid Depression, but AVOIDS the next one coming soon! But what's VERY NEW HERE, versus 1930's 'filling pot holes' thinking government uses today that makes us all poorer (except the company owners) is part of 'rigging' how all the wealth and power stays in the top 10% hands forever, is that the RTDNOW PLAN has a MASSIVE RTDNOW JOBS PROGRAM creating 80 million jobs by...creating 40 million new small businesses, for 40 million citizens, here in America. This creates A NEW MIDDLE CLASS of 40 million, 25% of all workers. This is how real capitalism distributes wealth so we all thrive. Together with doubling the minimum wage, poverty will be ended for all.

There are more details to be sure, like free College and Trade School education (I have an education plan you will love, it erases all student debt existing), revamping unemployment insurance, MASSIVE skills training programs, the RTDNOW American Dream Job and Career Portal, to connect all to their next job, but the above ARE THE BIG PIECES that TURN AMERICA AROUND OVERNIGHT AND MAKE IT WORK FOR ALL CITIZENS.


Together, we will all create a new America swiftly, that ensures a GOOD standard of living for all, with upward mobility for all restored. 300 million as 1, ADD YOUR NAME to make it happen! Thanks!


     Read THE RTDNOW PLAN AND THE OP-ED and see how it will work swiftly for all!    


   Adrian's Plan to Reduce Healthcare Costs 75% in Steps    

SYNOPSIS: The full discussion is in the PODCAST, called, Lend a Hand. In brief, Healthcare was non-profit and affordable before 1971. Money in politics 'deregulated' it. So it went from 12% of national cost to about 33%, GOT UNAFFORDABLE, became the total mess we see today as we need it in Covid. FYI, about 10 million people, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS, die 2-20 years early because of this mess. AND YOU MAY BE NEXT! It's not a joke when it hits home. Medical bankruptcy, even if you have insurance, is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in America!!! MY music producer DIED about 15 years early AVOIDING, or trying to, medical costs. THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH FOR 90% OF US, about 300 Million and its time to deal with it. If we don't, it will also SUCK UP most of the $1,000 per month I just saved you on RENT above. 


So to reduce HEALTHCARE COSTS by 75%, its simple. It goes back to non-profit like it was before 1971, the big turning point in the destruction of the American Dream. Old drunk President Nixon did that whack job on the American people and economy. As we do that, costs go down to 12% of National GDP again like other developed countries, that's a 66% decrease. Wasn't that fun? So how fast we can Reinvent America? Then we will have cradle to grave wellness plans and avoid, avoidable expenses, through active care. This takes us down to 9% of national GDP. We will also deal with the Drug Pusher Companies. They will be regulated. An Example? Insulin for Diabetics, about 7.4 million people in America Need it. It used to be almost free, a Canadian scientist invented it and gave it to the world for free. Somebody does an enhancement to make it work faster, now it costs $600 a month! We will bring back the almost FREE solution. And avoid having 20% who need insulin, about $1.5 million, either have to beg, or end up in Emergency in a Coma, which costs US a bundle. No joke, I've spoken to hospitals about this. It's bad and getting worse. Getting the pictures of what 100 million to 300 million people WILL DO as we all add our names? Make America work for all of us. REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!

CONCLUSIONS: Waiting a month for non essential healthcare is so much better than having none or being bankrupted by it. The 10% super elites in America can still pay for their own medical care....just not at the expense of 90% of us. This EPIC rip off of the American people will soon end. 300 million as 1, we can increase our life expectance by over 10 years as we pass RTDNOW. IT'S EASY NOW: Add Your Name PLEASE.

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