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The RTDNOW ALL Citizens Movement Is Building

A Better American Dream For Our Time Fast


300 Million As 1 ADD YOUR NAME






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The Redeem The Dream Now (RTDNOW) Plan, drafted by Adrian, like Jefferson crafted the Declaration of Independence, is 100% self emancipation in action again 250 years later. What you will read, the real state of our union, should concern every single American. But as Americans, it is our birthright NOT to be fearful of the future, but to take calm constructive action, together, in a plan for all citizens to thrive, that makes the future WHAT WE WANT IT TO BE. That is freedom. We did it once before in 1776, and we are all doing it again now as we all add our names 300 million as 1 to enact the ALL CITIZENS RTDNOW PLAN.



To finally address America's ORIGINAL SINS, taking 'abolish slavery' (or any manifestation) out of the Declaration of Independence, which set in motion 245 years of oppression of what amounts to almost half our citizens today. And letting money in politics then, in 1776 force that change, and throughout our history right until today, corporate and global money in politics controls fundamental social and economic outcomes FOR ALL CITIZENS, how much if any America dream flows to or is accessible to all under unapproved 'Economic False Laws' such as trickle down economics which created total inequality and bankruptcy over the last 50 years. Going forward, all social policy needs to be decided by a TRUE representational government of the people, in a true representative democracy, not the sham we have operated under where the few wealthy elites and global corporations, flood our politics with 'donor' money and unseen 'dark' money by the billions, to create total inequality, bankruptcy of the nation, and a nation of 80% poor citizens with no savings, and a whole national treasury systematically robbed WAY BEYOND all its riches to INDEBT THE NEXT GENERATION $25 TRILLION or more! And make the whole country AND ALL ITS CITIZENS walk the razors edge EVERY MONTH of total financial collapse. Total corruption in government funded systemic racism and oppression for over two centuries and plundered the richest nation on earth IN ONE GENERATION! 


Our government must be accountable IN DEEDS to all its people. It is not. And has not been. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Therefore, we the people shall draft an all citizens plan to reform structural problems, only all the people can change, that have persisted, not been addressed by ANY of our representatives. Structural problems that removed OUR democracy, OUR citizen rights, and dismantled OUR republican form of functional government (the representatives represent their donors in policies and parties corrupted by donors, and DO NOT represent we the people today) that created today's plutocracy, similar to 1900 before President Theodore Roosevelt  broke apart the plutocracy that had asserted itself in its day to bring America and all citizens to the last great depression with all competition in business killed by behemoth corporations, channeling all the wealth to the top 10% or less, collapsing America the last time!

We find ourselves at a similar period of total inequality 100 years later in OUR roaring twenties propped up by fake money and fake debt that will soon collapse on us all. THEREFORE, with American governments failure to address systemic structural problems which resurrected themselves 100 years later from 1970-2020, WE THE REAL PEOPLE, with an all citizens vote through petition, will pass said citizen's plan to redeem (RESTORE) the American dream (of equality and prosperity for all) as we reach over 100 million names, to create true equality, (social, political and economic), for all, with new 2020 era (not 1930's era) smart citizen 1st (versus corporate and wealth class 1st) policies. And if this citizens petition vote does not pass said citizen's plan into law of the land, said 100 million or more who signed the petition will SWIFTLY use their purchasing power to enact reforms in the marketplace, and punish acts of corporate inequality (with said purchasing power), so we may SWIFTLY create, and all live our American Dreams of Equality and Prosperity. We shall, invoke the will of the people, as we have done seeking equality in our founding and all our great social movements: workers rights, women's rights, civil rights, gender rights, black lives matters, and now redeem the dream now.


The RTDNOW Plan was inspired by Jefferson, the Creator of the American Dream, where Jefferson's instructions to us in the Declaration of Independence told us it is our duty to rewrite the rules when they no longer serve the people, like today with 100 million in poverty on path for 200 million in poverty and total collapse of the United States itself. Adrian was also inspired by John Adams' 1775 resolution instructing the States to form 'Updated' rules of governance. When we are all suffering, we just all go rewrite the rules to make things better. Adrian is proposing simple policy changes in his RTDNOW ALL CITIZENS PLAN and a constitutional Amendment to restore 300 million American dreams and provide for the economic security of America, OVERNIGHT and for the next 250 years.



The RTDNOW Plan also draws basis from Alexander Hamilton's essays as an example of how an ordinary citizen, like Adrian, can suggest in detail how government may better serve all the people. Hamilton wrote most of The Federalist Papers. Adrian wrote all of The RTDNOW Bonus Materials ('The RTDNOW Papers') to give all insights on how The RTDNOW Plan provides new guards and security for ALL the peoples freedoms, economic and social, and representation, overnight, so all voices are heard, all citizens matter, and prosperity reaches ALL citizens fast. You will find it at under eBook.



The RTDNOW PLAN is the American Dream Implementation Plan missing for 240 years to restore, and extend overnight, the full American dream of social, political and economic freedom to all 300 million citizens who do not have it now, in a true atmosphere of equal access, and treatment. It's what the founders left for all us citizens to work out. And we've all failed miserably so far. It's time to change that. That is why Adrian wrote THE RTDNOW PLAN.


As we all add our names, we will effortlessly establish the RTDNOW Citizens Continental Congress, what the Romans called the 'Assembly of Centuries'. Where ALL citizens voices will be actively heard, to renew our democracy, and hold our patricians, today's elite global wealth class, paying off politicians, in check. Adding your name also endorses THE RTDNOW PLAN and the 12 MONTH RTDNOW RECOVERY PLAN for passage and implementation to restore our democracy and transform our economy to ensure the prosperity of EVERY American family. The RTDNOW National Recovery Plan is discussed in Adrian's OPED "Why Everyone Should Support RTDNOW"



Adrian hopes all Americans take this once in a generation opportunity to add their names and subscribe for $1.00 a month to support RTDNOW and fund national town hall events where citizens input will be taken on the plan and all voices will be heard. If nobody adds their name and subscribes, this will end up as a Broadway Musical of what could be. But if all citizens join with Adrian online, almost for free, we can restore EVERYONE'S Dream right now.



That said, 1/2 of all Americans we're hurting economically before the pandemic collapse with many dying early with inadequate healthcare. And all that's before 80 million jobs are lost to technology over 20 years. The American citizens dollar has DECREASED in value by 65% over 30 years as wages stayed flat and prices tripled and inflation, the hidden 65% Federal Tax, for printing money instead of creating citizen and national income with a new American Dream engine (factories were the engine from 1940-1980 until they left) as the RTDNOW Plan does, has made our money worthless compared to what it was. We print and injected TRILLIONS because we have lost 40% of our national earning power. Nothing's being done to solve the longterm decline and suffering of the American people and nothing is being done to prevent total collapse of the United States itself as we RAPIDLY LOSE 80 MILLION JOBS to technology, and now more quickly reach $40 Trillion in national debt, which is the tipping point of total economic implosion nationally.


Who may support this plan? How about 78% living paycheck, (260 MILLION AMERICANS OUT OF 335 MILLION with NO savings on the edge of monthly bankruptcy), to paycheck in 2019, before the pandemic collapse, in what WAS is being called a GOOD economy. How about 100 million Americans that are living below the poverty line? How about 32 million losing their jobs quickly in the pandemic economic fallout. How about 100 million Americans that don't vote for president because they know money in politics has rigged the whole system. It's time, 300 million as 1 to REDEEM THE AMERICAN DREAM. After 50 years of decline, it will take all Americans to support this all citizens movement for our survival.



As we all add our names, The RTDNOW Plan acts like a 300 million citizen non profit buying club. It's new citizen 1st policies DOUBLE everyone's monthly cash income overnight, which makes all businesses, Cities, and States all on the verge of bankruptcy, thrive again.


It saves American households from collapse by creating 40 million new businesses, 15 million year 1 to replace jobs lost to Covid, that create 80 million new good jobs at 2X the minimum wage. Adrian's RTDNOW All Citizens plan restores the earning capacity of the money you make with 1% home loans for all which gives every household up to $1,000 more in their pockets every single month. It also has zero down 1% home loans so all renters can benefit equally and cut their cost of living by 50%.

The RTDNOW Plan makes housing very affordable for ALL to END poverty quickly and permanently, and create the path to permanently end homelessness. And by DOUBLING THE MINIMUM WAGE, which 80 million Americans were at, half of all workers in America, The RTDNOW PLAN increases most American's pay by 200%.


All small businesses get 1% fixed rate resets on existing loans for 60 months, and 1% fixed for expansion loans, and 1% loans to start the 15 million new businesses. This enables small businesses to afford the new minimum wage. And with all the citizens having TWICE as much money monthly to spend, all businesses will increase sales by 50%, which mostly falls to the bottom line, into the owners pockets. Business net profit will double.


ENDLESS NATIONAL BAILOUTS ONLY DIG A DEEPER NATIONAL HOLE WHICH WILL EVENTUALLY COLLAPSE AMERICA, THE RTDNOW PLAN quickly restructures the economy from a 50 year recipe for disaster debt driven, to income driven, and reforms the banking system to work for all citizens every single day.


The RTDNOW PLAN answers the question every American, every City and every State in America, on the verge of bankruptcy has, but nobody can answer, "How we gonna pay our bills?" It also answers the question "What's Next?" With THE RTDNOW PLAN everyone now can pay their bills, and EVERYONE WINS somewhat equally and we all have a bright future as we all add our names to implement it. 



Adrian is an Independent like the founders, but in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson who was a Democratic-Republican. That's how American ideals started. The two are both supposed to be combined full of actively involved citizens, not political parties corrupted with big money fighting with each other to endless paralysis forgetting the needs of the citizen, what we all call runaway government. The RTDNOW Plan brings the vision of an actively involved citizenry to life by creating an equal access environment for all citizens to participate, in such a way where corporations continue to thrive, but answer to the citizenry. As we double every citizens monthly income, all corporations income will increase 3,000%. This plan creates a prolonged economic boom for ALL citizens and businesses small and large. 32 million to 80 million on unemployment will not buy much, which causes more companies to go out of business. WE must act with the RTDNOW PLAN, we cannot watch our domino like economic implosion over the next 1-24 months.


The RTDNOW Plan also saves America from total collapse upon us over 10 years: as technology rapidly takes away 80 million jobs. The Pandemic economic collapse just accelerated that trend by at least 5 years taking everyone and every business online.


The RTDNOW Plan helps the whole nation sidestep our 2nd Great Depression of 200 million in poverty for 15 years, by rapidly creating 30 million new high wage jobs that won't leave, with 1% American Dream Small Business Loans in one year, and 50 million more in the next four years. It is not good enough to use endless debt to hold us all in subsistence survival.





We have no time to waste as a nation, and I'll discuss why. If we do nothing for 300 million citizens, effectively what we've done for 40 years, and don't BUILD OUR FUTURE RIGHT NOW, we will lose 80 million jobs to technology. 200 million will fall face first into poverty. Lack of food and medical we are all experiencing from the pandemic collapse is just a taste of what could be right ahead permanently. Because if we just lose jobs, 80 million, (we will lose 32 million in the pandemic collapse, about 20% for example, this is no exaggeration) half the family units in America will have only 1/2 their income, and all their bills, which as 80 million jobs are lost, collapses 50 million family household budgets, for about 200 million people, which collapses America.


200 million individual citizens cannot keep going into debt, or the government cannot endlessly go into debt or print money to fill a never ending growing void of jobs and income loss: for half the population. America's security, is all connected to the financial health and security of the average citizen: the forgotten golden goose. Our leaders forgot that for 50 years, which is why you have to hear about all this, not from government, not from Wall St., not from Economists, not from Media, not from your Mayor or Governor, but from a private citizen you never heard from before, Adrian. Which is a good reason alone to write in Adrian 2024: nobody else is looking out for your future. If we do not actively replace jobs Soon, with the RTDNOW PLAN, we will slip into our second great depression, haphazardly over 18 months in fits and starts. 

And maybe sooner than that, our banking system will collapse again, (they are structured for a 10-20% contraction these days and we are experiencing a 30-50% contraction) even though your money in them will be Federally Insured and Guaranteed. But by that time if we don't all take positive action enacting the RTDNOW PLAN, America will be $40 Trillion in debt unable to borrow or print more money.


As we pass the RTDNOW PLAN overnight, it takes 1 day to pass policy as we are witnessing 300 million as 1 in the pandemic collapse, and many of Adrian's policies such as 1% home loans for all, to make housing affordable for all, and to give everyone up to $1,000 more per month PERMANENTLY, can happen almost immediately, and reach every citizen overnight. We need such actions, not words and endless fabricated promises from posers


Under Adrian's RTDNOW PLAN, 30 million new jobs can be created in one year, and each year thereafter. ADDING OUR NAMES 300 MILLION AS 1 RAPIDLY TO IMPLEMENT ADRIAN'S RTDNOW PLAN (and his correct 12 MONTH full Pandemic Economic Recovery Plan) is how we ALL, citizens and businesses, sidestep, AVOID, a 15 year long 2nd Great Depression while at the same time DOUBLING the income of the ordinary America.

HOW DO WE DOUBLE CITIZEN INCOME? Under Adrian's RTDNOW PLAN citizen income gets effectively doubled by reducing the cost of living by 50% overnight as noted above, and with new higher wage jobs with lower taxes for the citizen, the economic part of every American dream has been improved 100% overnight and 200% as their new jobs are created and their gross income has more than doubled. This is how THE RTDNOW PLAN CREATES PROSPERITY FOR EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN RESTORING EVERYONE'S AMERICAN DREAM.


That's why it's time for every single citizen to support ADRIAN'S RTDNOW PLAN quickly right now. We 'may' get a bounce from a few trillion in stimulus for a short while, but the big collapse, permanently losing HALF OF ALL JOBS TO TECHNOLOGY is not going away. The pandemic just accelerated it so it is upon us all right now.



IT'S TIME TO ALL REDEEM OURSELVES TO RESTORE AMERICA AND 300 MILLION AMERICAN DREAMS. Keep in mind there is NO other plan, never been ANY plan like ADRIAN'S RTDNOW ALL CITIZEN PLAN EVER, unless it is copying Adrian's Copyrighted Plan, to restore every citizen's American dream.


LET ALONE DO IT OVERNIGHT AND PAY FOR ITSELF. Ask why? The answers are unsettling and disturbing. Then REDEEM YOUR AMERICAN DREAM, join with Adrian, it's a free ALL CITIZENS MOVEMENT, and save your American dream and everyone else's at the same time. And if you really like my plan, and want me to implement it, because I'm the only one who would do the whole plan so it delivers for EVERY citizen, DRAFT ME: Write in ADRIAN 2024

300 million as 1 IT'S OUR TURN to Save America



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