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What would you do if you saw your country slowly falling off a cliff?  The cliff that the corona virus just exposed that we are all broke. What would you do to make things right? What would you do to leave this country better for your children?  What would you do to end poverty and racism toward half its citizens, social and economic, so America FINALLY delivers on it's promise to all its citizens?


What can anyone do? Alone, NOTHING. And that's where we have been for 30 years, divided and all slowly drowning in debt. Doing the same old politics of division is what killed the American dream. So I'm doing things differently to bring it back to life and thrive. I'm taking the original approach to solve all our problems at once. A smart 1 page plan meeting everyone's needs and using a 100 song rock opera to ask 300 million people to support it: like 1776 when we were all independents, but easy, online. 

What's With ALL The Music?

All great movements have it. It's to inspire us daily and bring us together as we face tough issues that can and will be solved.


The big amount of music, and calling out to all artists to sing with me or add songs, is to create an omnipresent ongoing inescapable narrative of equality, human rights, and democracy in our culture


So that America does not go down the rabbit hole again after all the energy is spent, and the next generation is born into good times. The 1960's never should have ended. There wasn't a plan just protests. Now We are all finishing the job they started, empowered by the internet. 

To rally all to take action to solve the LACK OF ANY equality problem

On the premise that “Nobody’s coming to save us, we ALL have to save ourselves”. I paid for it out of my retirement funds to redeem myself for doing nothing as we all watched America sink into a never ending corruption and decline for 300 million of us. Our buying power as citizens has decrease 65% over 30 years. Once you only needed one wage earner to support a family. Now it takes two and we barely get by. And how ever tough white America's poor thinks it is, its tougher for minorities. Over the next 5 years we will lose up to HALF of ALL JOBS to technology that will totally collapse what's left of America and any American dream we think we have right now in June 2020. We all must help: add your name, subscribe, share.


That's why we all need to transform America overnight, and if you read and consider my plan you will see how we do it by just changing policy. My plan also creates 80 million new jobs (2X minimum wage) fast to replace the jobs we are losing rapidly to the Autonomous technology revolution in process. My proposed plan creates NOT ONLY JOBS, IT creates 40 MILLION NEW BUSINESSES with 40 million new business owners. It creates A NEW MIDDLE CLASS ALL ACROSS AMERICA...TO SPREAD THE WEALTH...by making it, not by creating debt and handing out money which only will collapse us faster.


That's why my all citizens economic plan is the only one that can work if you want equality and want to stop collapsing in debt every 8-10 years. It's also because it pays for itself, tackling the Elephant in the Room, EVERY ROOM IN AMERICA, regulating corrupt banking, indirectly at first with our purchasing power, directly later if we all write in Adrian 2024. The RTDNOW PLAN saves America itself from total collapse under endless debt that is really corporate handouts not reaching the people, which only creates further inequality. Please read my all citizens plan to save America overnight. Is it perfect? No, but its 500% better than the UNAPPROVED ECONOMIC APARTHEID rules we ALL live under today.

Now its easy to save America fast with an all citizens plan and smartphones. 


If you think ANY smiling Billionaires, or career politicians, saying the right things are just going to give America back to you, 250 MILLION AMERICANS WITH NO SAVINGS, the America they took from you, bit by bit over 50 years (that's what the podcasts explain, that's what economic apartheid is) while they say they're fighting like tigers for you, you're still living in fantasyland. Wake up. I really need you to wake up. I wrote you a daily rock opera to help you awaken and make it enjoyable, and produce real over-night results.

You're now the star of your future and it's time for you to help save it!



Fiddling with riffs and melodies after long work days had been my hobby for years. When people kept telling me I sounded like Johnny Cash, (Lou Reed and Hank Williams) my American dream was born. My dream was to write and perform a 100 song rock opera to inspire every citizen to wake up and get involved to restore the American dream. While I was at it, since everyone asked me, I formulated a real plan to restore social, economic and political equality, your full American dream, all at once, OVERNIGHT, to save everyone's dream.


With a 40 year business career distributing over $1 Billion to create thousands of jobs and American dreams across many industries, I know exactly how to make America work economically for 300 million citizens, on every block, in every city. I started making music at age 51. I hope you enjoy it.

Visit the website daily to hear the free songs I wrote for you and all of America and sing, dance, and have fun, as we all save America together.

For A New
American Dream