ABOUT ADRIAN    Storykeeper of the American Dream

What Would You Do? 


If you saw your country slowly falling off a cliff?  The cliff that the corona virus just exposed that we are all broke. And will lose 80 million jobs to tech soon. What would you do to make things right? What would you do to leave this country better for your children?  What would you do to end poverty and racism toward half its citizens so America delivers on it's promise to all its citizens? What can anyone do? Alone, NOTHING. That's where we have been for 30 years, divided and all slowly drowning in debt with no production, all becoming poorer. Doing the same old politics of division is what killed the American dream. So I'm doing things differently to bring it back to life and thrive. I'm taking the original approach to solve all our biggest problems at once that only all of us can solve. A smart 1 page plan meeting everyone's needs and a giant rock opera to ask 300 million people to support it: like 1776 when we were all independents, but easy, online. Music's my hobby I took seriously at age 51 as I started this music project. I'd spent 40 years in banking helping the top 10% get wealthy, but bad policy by both political parties never let that wealth get to 90% of us. Bad policy made us all poor. Now I want to help 90% of us get a new American dream fast that doubles everyone's income and provides working equality and ongoing upward mobility for all. That's worth screaming about. I hope 300 million citizens scream with me. Just play and sing  to the songs I'm sure your voice is better than mine. And 300 million voices together, can do anything.