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I attended the COMICON Convention in Portland, OR, in 2016 to see Walter Koenig, who played Pavel Chekov, the helmsman in the original TV Series Star Trek, to get him to say one word into my recorder: “Fire!” for a song. As I explained that I was writing a rock opera to restore the American dream, he looked me in the eyes like I was a Klingon, and asked with his thick accent, “Whooo's American Dream?” I said “Everybody’s of course.” Leave it to Chekov the helmsman to focus course.


Mr. Koenig was as charming in person as on screen and sharp as a tack at whatever ripe old age he is. Thank you Walter! He probably said that because America is so polarized today, so cynical, so factionalized, its not really America, or what we all called America, anymore. There’s NO sense of US anymore.


That’s why its time to save America and put all the pieces back together again, so it works for EVERYONE, and we all thrive. Let’s Save America for 300 million ordinary hard working citizens again. We’ve done it before, and with the Internet, its not that hard. Because I know we ALL want our American dreams back right now and its as easy as adding your name, 300 million as 1, at RTDNOW.COM



But Irving Berlin already wrote that. It’s been called our ‘second’ national Anthem. Singing together is healing together, but we don’t do it anymore. And as we stopped singing together, America has fallen apart spiritually as well as every other way. So to heal America, to heal our national soul, we have to start singing together. So I wrote this simply for us to all sing together again. This whole opera was written as a national sing along.




That’s what Tim Ellis my producer said when I asked him if he had wild Sax player to go end-to-end on this song. I was trying to make ‘unforgettable’ music. And boy did I. If don’t know who Renato Caranto is, you will now. He’s an Over-the-top Sax soloist player. He lives in Portland and tours with top musicians. OMG, listen to that man wail! I love over the top performances and had to coax many from musician’s telling them to ‘let it rip’, as I did to Renato on this. As I said it, having not met Renato before, they just looked at me blankly. I had no idea Renato had only one speed: over the top! He’s fabulous, check out his performance on this song.




That may be a stretch, but that’s what I was thinking when I told Tim Ellis I wanted Michele Van Kleefe’s awesome womanly voice on maybe one of the most important songs in the opera, to ask the country to help me save America on this. That’s what jumps out on this song as she comes in. I had Tim also bring Christina Cooper in to harmonize with her. Later you hear Lisa Hart’s background vocals imploring you to help save America and also Steve Hale’s. That’s 3 women on this song and 2 men. I think about such things in the making of Redeem The Dream, the Rock Opera to Save America. To save America for ALL the people of America, we just have to act that way.


Making of the Song "Let's Save America"



It’s almost beyond belief, that 300 million American citizens “lost” their own country. What is it by the way to “have” a country? We all say “This is my country!” Or, “It’s a free country.” But when you look for America. When you look for social and economic freedom…it’s mostly GONE!  Vanished. Poof! Disappeared.


What happened to a thriving balanced economy? What happened to American industry leading (not leaving) the world? What happened to honest politicians actually representing The People? What happened to fact based reporting? What happened national pride? What happened to a good feeling about the future? What happened to common values? What happened to our real history? What happened to citizen participation? I MEAN, “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO EVERYTHING THAT MADE AMERICA, AMERICA?”


So where is it? Did you take it? Did your neighbor take it? Did Kim Jung Un take it? Did the tooth fairy take it? Come on, tell me now. It wasn’t really lost because we were all right here sitting on it as we sat on our couches. Who siphoned the gas out of the car we all drive in called America? Who took all the gas out of our engine called American Spirit? I’m waiting? I think you know because out of 42 Podcasts in this first series, EVOLVE to 100% Activism, so we can all save America, I talk about the details of how a global elite wealth class basically put a filter over the American dream in 1787 called Federalism, so that less of what we thought we had in American dreams, trickles down to the citizens, and then they dismantled law by law what made and kept America, America, and protected our freedoms, social and economic. That historical filter, Federalism, got so bad over the last 50 years, its stopping the flow of 300 million American dreams. So America wasn’t so much lost, as shut off as laws were changed and our mega corporations who control our government ‘detached’ to avoid taxation, regulation, and being nationalized or broken up if someone like me, a modernized Teddy Roosevelt, were ever elected President.





You see Corporate America has been at war with ALL American citizens since about 1850 as it dismantled law by law that regulated corporation size and scope over time. I detail those events in album 2. Corporate America created our first “Too Big To Fail” era in 1920, which also failed in the Great Depression, like it did again 100 years later, in OUR 2008-2010 our Great Recession. Which is really part of our 2nd Great Depression we are actually in now, just masked by trillions of ‘stimulus’ dollars to make it seem like we are bouncing back. We are not bouncing back economically because our economy has been decimated. Subway sandwich shops across America do NOT manufacture sandwiches; they are a ‘service’ industry.


Corporate America pays off/donates, to politicians to get them elected to then their elected candidates lean on regulators to look the other way as corporate America consolidates industries. As they do that they progressively wipe out OUR real American dream engine, which created them in the first place: small and medium sized businesses. As they eventually collapse, their payoffs to politicians keep them from serving real jail time. This happened in 1900 and it happened again in 2010.


I’ve referred to the Powell Memo that was a corporate America ‘Call to Arms’ against the American people in response to 1960’s populism to reform runaway government policy then. Such citizen participation kept America running somewhat in balance for all its citizens, making government work for them. But after the 1960’s corporations responded with tidal waves of money in politics to overthrow the peoples will and control our elected representatives policy making. And as mega corporations usurp all the national wealth, and then put us $20 trillion in national debt, they leave us without an American dream engine, hungry, somewhat homeless, and worried about the future every day. The only thing they ‘gave’ us citizens, was the $20 TRILLION national debt bill and grief as they taught us to blame each other and not them for all the mayhem.


My point? This titanic corruption that collapses OUR WHOLE ECONOMY for ALL our citizens keeps happening to the American people every 100 years. We never recovered from the 1929 Great Depression, because Mega-Corporations is a failed system of business and government manipulation. To end the 1st Great Depression we just bombed the world to smithereens in WW2 so the world had to buy from us for the next 50 years. But that ride’s over. That’s why we are in $25 TRILLION of debt with ONLY a retail and financial and healthcare and government driven economy.


WHAT AMERICA WAS, small businesses were essentially WIPED OUT BY CORPORATE DRIVEN GOVERNMENT POLICY or lack thereof. See my song and bonus material, SAVE OUR FACTORY OF DREAMS. In the podcast for that song I explain how The RTDNOW PLAN will restart the American dream economic engine in every home in America OVERNIGHT! With the RTDNOW PLAN we now can, and we will, save the American economy for its citizens, and in doing so, we will save 300 million American dreams OVERNIGHT, and save America.


So today my friends, that’s the name of this first album TODAY’S THE DAY, we will all rediscover America, the America promised to 300 million progeny of our original founders who died for it in our revolutionary war of 1776. To know where America went to, and how 300 million as 1, we easily get it back. So let’s take a look shall we:




Or, “Escaping Plato’s 4-Class society, which is what our

First Declaration of Independence was designed to do!


What was Plato, (he’s the father of Western Philosophy who lived 2,500 years ago) saying about “society” in his book, the Republic. America was formed as a Republic, a nation of laws set by the people, until corporations took over that role and dismantled our Republic, by dismantling its laws that govern us, over the last 50 years. Now you know where the Republic ‘aspiration’ came from to start America. And you know why in 2018 America is no longer a real Republic anymore.


That’s how America got stolen, and we all lost it while we watched Star Trek, Monday Night Football and Jeopardy on TV, planted in suspended animation on our couches. The last 50 years in America have been more like a Twilight Zone episode. Where an alien force field inhabits any buildings of government and keeps them from doing the right thing. Oh yeah, that’s EXACTLY the way 300 million people feel when Presidents don’t condemn racism and racists. When they WASTE $6 TRILLION to bail out Wall St. and nobody goes to jail. And we all know that invasion of the economy snatchers episode is payoff and payback to corporate America: WITH OUR MONEY!!!


BACK TO PLATO: The reason to examine Plato’s look at society, is because NOTHING’S CHANGED in 2,500 years! It did for the first 150 years of America, which is why the world followed Jefferson’s Democracy, but then the old evil of greed, now called corporate greed went back to work to dismantle all that was gained by citizens in social and economic rights. That’s why we all feel so lost in our own country today: it was taken away from us. And that’s why I wrote RTDNOW, which is our 2ND DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE from modern Runaway Government.


A current government that no longer respects or reports or responds or listens to its people, is no longer a government of the people, so it’s invalid. To save America, we have to save a Functioning form of government that responds to all its people. That’s why I’m asking 300 million to sign the 1 page petition I wrote, an updating of Thomas Jefferson’s, called REDEEM THE DREAM NOW at RTDNOW.COM


So here’s a rough estimate of what I think Plato saw in a society as far as the Class System, or as he called it, “division of labor” by peoples strongest attributes. By the way he also said nobody should own property, which led to Communism. Now you know why I try to detail what I mean in my writings. Because of Plato “mis-understandings” the world has kept spinning out of control and into and out of revolutions trying to find a system to balance EQUALITY for it’s people. Plato saw a society that had four classes:


1. Skilled Entrepreneurs

2. Intellectual 'Guardians'

3. The Warrior Class

4. Slave Laborers


America was established with a careful balance of 1+2, Entrepreneurs and Guardians, brought together in a representation form of new government, designed to make ALL MEN EQUAL, by dismantling runaway government. Which as you know is endless taxation, to build endless military, to make endless war, which takes money out of the economy, fueled by endless government bribes and payoffs, until it all collapses in titanic debt and corruption. All Empires do.


That’s why we didn’t need a constitutional convention in 1787 to undo all that behind closed doors. America’s first founding documents, our true ones, the Declaration of Independence, and The Articles of Confederation, also set the stage for slavery to later be abolished, it was institutionalized in half of America in 1776. Our original founding documents also removed the warrior class from power. Which old General George put back in, in 1787. Our original founding documents in their original form, made a whole new world of equal people, for all the worlds people. And pointed America, with its faults of built in slavery, in the right direction. But the key point here, of this opera, of saving America? WE ALL HAVE TO PARTICIPATE!!! Add your name at and tell everyone and 300 million as 1, we will all Save America!





Slaves were present in America since prior to it’s founding. And ‘freeing’ slaves with the 13th Amendment has been systematically dismantled. The 13th Amendment “abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime.”  The racist power elite who profited on slave labor have been in ‘work-around’ mode ever since, recreating invisible slavery by creating a prison state with a militarized police force filling it with minorities.


To end our racist profile policing, we have to amend the 13th amendment to remove this loophole. There is NO reason at all to have any slavery, even in prisons that should be focused on rehabilitation. The 13th Amendment was written and passed in 1864. IT’S OUTDATED as many of our policies and laws are, written for a different America at a different time, and passed right at the end of the Civil War to give southern whites some modicum of false control: by endlessly arresting people of color to take away their rights.


RTDNOW is our tool to save America from outdated and racist policies that haven lay dormant in our past history and muddy our human and economic rights today in America. RTDNOW updates our outdated founding documents, amendments, and economic policies, to save America for 300 million citizens by truly, finally, making them equal under the laws of the land.


We also have about 10-13 MILLION illegal aliens working in America today, effectively slaves. So add in a prison population stripped of rights, who work as SLAVE LABORERS for American Mega Corporations right now as I write this, half of them in on petty offenses or drummed up charges, we have almost 15 MILLION SLAVE LABORERS TODAY IN AMERICA! The last time I heard someone speak up for the illegal farm workers, called Stoop Workers, it was Mary Travers of the activist music trio, Peter, Paul and Mary from the 1960’s who I pay tribute to in a song in the opera titled, Hello Mary, Goodbye. She recently passed away.







Today in 2020 America we have lost any balance and relation to our original charter: the real American dream of social and economic equality, driven by each individuals level of pursuit. Today we are right back at Plato’s 4-Class society. Minorities are jailed on trumped up charges all the time to become REAL slave laborers in our prisons. The warrior class now in charge keeping us all in an endless global arms race masked in global corporations who report to government enslave us all with a war machine fueling endless wars. Slavery, economic slavery of the masses, 300 million ordinary citizens, to pay for this endless war machine is everywhere and touches everyone everyday. When military crowds out business in the economy, the economy suffers. See The Former Soviet Union and their war in Afghanistan. We duped them into endless war and arms races to make their economy collapse. When I studied economics in college they called it “Guns or Butter.” I’m not talking about the band Guns and Roses. This economic theory says you put your money one place or the other, you can’t have both in abundance. ½ our budget is military and that’s been unsustainable now for decades!!!! And it’s self destructing our real economy by starving it. But mega corporations don’t care because they’ve detached and are 2/3 overseas now.


In Platos 'Perfect City' which you hear echo in old President Reagan's false dogma, "Shinning City on a Hill", is based upon conditioning the people to surrender their desires to the needs of the city. This historical 'noble lie' was made to make everyone feel part of the whole, and 'make them accept their class status.' OMG, that's what we've been back under for 37 years! Look at the Presidential speeches and word imagery as I've pointed out above. Instead of empowering all the citizens as individuals, with more rights, to live their American dreams, and keeping government out of our daily lives with just an outline of government to 'organize' the process of American dream creation and expansion (what the Articles of Confederation were designed to do), government uses their voices to foment this endless 'noble lie' that some of us are more 'entitled' than others. “We make more money because we are smarter and entitled.” And they ridicule the citizens for having ‘entitlement’ programs after they took away all the citizens jobs and earning power. For the last four decades government has directed our laws to 'enforce, embed and greatly expand' a 4-Class Social System in America.


I reject all of that class, social and economic hogwash. Our first Declaration of Independence is our only pure document and set our course as a country, and for every citizen for one destination: EQUALITY. And because we seem to be unable, under a corporate media yoke of lies and misinformation everywhere we turn to understand and practice equality in American society with clear policies in government to enable it, versus a 4-Class system we've had since Plato's time and has re-emerged, I will define EQUALITY and HOW we will all achieve it OVERNIGHT in America as we all add our names to the 2nd Declaration of Independence from modern Runaway Government I wrote for us called RTDNOW: Redeem The Dream Now.




What the original founders of 1776 were trying to say, is when all men, and women, are created equal from birth and that can’t be taken, bullied or wished away. We are each unique individual human persons, not corporations or any such 'groups', and we all have the equal opportunity to go forth in a land where the laws and policies create BASELINE Equality. Baseline is my concept, I didn’t read it anywhere. Where each individual has access to the basic mental and physical FREEDOMS, from which the unique human individual with a human heartbeat, can then use their own level of desire and pursuit, to self-determine 'how much' American Dream they want to amass. In America today with have the largest inequality since Ancient Rome. 2/3 of Americans below or just above the poverty line: that's economic slavery.


"Adrian, we know all that. What's new? How you gonna fix it?"


With 300 million citizens participating with me by adding their names at RTDNOW.COM. Right here above, I have introduced my concept of BASELINE Economic Equality. That means anyone working 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, shall have access to a quality baseline standard of living from which they then use their own Pursuit to rise above that as far as their dreams and efforts take them taking advantage of equal tools made available equally to all. We don’t have anything close to that with money in politics granting big tools to big corporations while leaving citizens to starve.


For example, if 300 million of us Add our names at RTDNOW.COM that in signing you are asking me to implement the RTDNOW Plan to save America for 300 million ordinary hard working people, one of the first things that will happen after at least 100 million sign up, is that we all get 1% home loans. Now what does that do OVERNIGHT for 100 million Americans? Two minimum wage workers (America is 70% retail and over HALF are minimum wage workers) can now afford a $250,000 home and have plenty of money left over to live on. And If 100 million American citizens write in my name for President in 2020, I'll cut the Federal budget by 50% OVERNIGHT by taking out all waste, mismanagement and corruption. This will fund a low cost healthcare system and quality education for all.


And just like that, we've achieved several core components of BASELINE Economic EQUALITY for EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN in America. Every citizen will have their American dream ladder restored almost OVERNIGHT: affordable shelter, adequate healthcare, quality education, and a small business revolution creating 30 million jobs overnight and 10 times that much over 10 years. It recreates full employment with jobs that won’t leave and you as the master determine your wages. More details in SAVE OUR FACTORY OF DREAMS and the real RTDNOW PLAN with details as Album 6 rolls out.


As it's always been, it's up to you if you want to continue living in our modern day GREEK-ROMAN economic slavery 4-Class system, or go get the American dream you were promised in our 1st Declaration of Independence.


LET'S SAVE AMERICA for 300 million ordinary hardworking American citizens. LET'S finally achieve EQUALITY overnight. Let's all restore everyone's American dream of social and economic freedom. LETS ALL ADD OUR NAMES AT RTDNOW.COM today, it's that simple. Then subscribe for $1.0 month to support the RTDNOW Movement.


At $1.00 per person per month: we are all in this effort, this movement of the people, EQUALLY. See how easy that is. No money class divisions any more, no race divisions, no gender divisions. My vision for America is 300 million unique human beings with heartbeats of flesh and bone and emotion and desire, getting the same social and economic rights OVERNIGHT! And if you want more than a quiet quality existence, you seek more education. You seek more opportunity in RTDNOW Entrepreneurship Programs, you seek RTDNOW 'American Dream 1% Business Loans'. And by telling EVERYONE in America to add their names and SUBSCRIBE for $1.00 per month YOU CREATE OUR NEW AMERICA almost OVERNIGHT.


You see to 'Save America' we have to rebuild it. In case you haven’t noticed…the old one, like an old re-run, is gone. It happened 75 years ago and was lost over the last 50 years. To save America, we have to rebuild it starting in every heart in every person. That's what the 100 songs and podcasts are for. To rebuild the American Spirit in every single American. To make you believe that we can rebuild the America of our Dreams, what we were all promised, OVERNIGHT!


The actual implementation of the REDEEM THE DREAM NOW VISION, where EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN THRIVES by design, is all follow through, once you are mentally on board and signed up. Read the RTDNOW Plan and its three simple steps that will all unfold as the first 100 million citizens add their name and subscribe. Remember, I turned around a TOTALLY bankrupt bank OVERNIGHT. This actually is easier. BECAUSE 300 MILLION AMERICAN SPIRITS ACTUALLY WANT THEIR AMERICAN DREAMS BACK.


To Save the America of our dream, not the old bankrupt corrupt one, for 300 million ordinary hard working citizens of all races, creeds, colors, and genders, add your name at RTDNOW.COM, subscribe for $1.00 per month and use the Internet to keep telling everyone RTDNOW.COM.


We can and we will all save america for 300 million ordinary hard working citizens.


All it takes is a tiny bit of participation from you. The daily free song is meant to keep inspiring you.




Keep telling everyone and we will SAVE AMERICA.

Adrian wrestles runaway government and wants 300 million to help by adding their names and subscribing

PLATO, the father of western philosophy from 2,500 years ago Ancient Greece, is quoted as saying:


"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything."

Let's Save America
  • What’s this song asking you to do? (HINT: participate in saving America daily at

  • How does every single person EASILY participate to Save America? (HINT: Add your name, subscribe for $1.00 per month, and keep telling everyone daily RTDNOW.COM)

  • What are we saving exactly? (HINT: 300 million American dreams and a government that respects, listens to, and responds, to all its people)

  • How long will this take? (HINT: 5 minutes daily to hear the free song at RTDNOW.COM and blast to all your friends to check out RTDNOW.COM. Once we are all at RTDNOW.COM, at least 100 million, we will implement new policies that restore every American dream OVERNIGHT.)

  • What’s the alternative if I don’t? (HINT: total economic collapse in 10-20 years, complete death of the American dream. See other podcasts for details.)


Words and Music by ADRIAN

I don’t know what happened, to the country we loved

Seems like people forgot, what its made of

Government’s been bought and sold

Money grows on trees

Seems like there’s less and less

For you and for me


Let’s save America, I want you to help me redeem the dream

Let’s save America, let’s make it everything it should be

Let’s save America, I need your help to set it free


Midnight legislation is destroying our nation

Our Constitution’s been buried in campaign donations

When our representatives forget

Who they’re working for

It’s time we all remind them

What a government of the people is for


Let’s save America! Let’s save America!

Mothers and Fathers, Brothers and Sisters

Grandparents and Children too

Are you with me?

It’s time to get together as a family

We need everyone involved

Let’s save America! Let’s save America

Are you feeling me?

Open your heart and make it so

America is waiting for us to save it

We’re going to save America

Won’t you help me save America?

Save it! Yeah! Let’s Save America!



My not yet famous quote in 2020 to rally our people? Less dramatic and more direct. 300 million as 1, Redeem The Dream Now! Add your name, Subscribe for $1.00 per month and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM



We are in risk of that right now with our economy gone and our democracy overthrown with money in politics. We get all our American dreams back OVERNIGHT as we add our names 300 million as 1 at RTDNOW.COM



BALONY-BULLSHIT-and BLASPHEMY! and 'Let's Just Do it! Let's Save America OVERNIGHT!"

PLATO, Philosopher

400 BC

The Acropolis

ADRIAN, Songwriter/Activist

2018 AD

Washington, D.C.

Plato was an ancient philosopher who established the first 'college' in the world. His mentor was Socrates. In his famous book, the Republic, that survived the centuries, over 2,500 years, Plato lays out concepts that led to western civilization, and we've all struggled with in many formats that collapsed on the people, for centuries. I've attached excerpts from Mark Levin's book Ameritopia, where he examines what a perfect society was imagined to be. As I've said before, the real historians and scholars have delved deeply into such things. So deeply, that when you read them they will put you to sleep as they quickly confuse you into a stupor. Enjoy the brief read of his book and note: people have always been people and nothing's really changed in 2,500 years!!! 


The part that jumped out for me is on the top of page 32 where rulers foist massive amounts of debt on the people to economically enslave them. That was 2,500 years ago AND EXACTLY DESCRIBES AMERICA TODAY!!! 


Remember, the people living in America in 1950 paid CASH for almost EVERYTHING! There was not much personal debt to control you and enslave you Paying TWICE as much as the cost for every car you finance and home you buy. Our America that has some BALANCE, changed after World War 2, as Wall St., began to dominate all our lives by financing EVERY major item we bought. Now they could endlessly sell you, and resell you, and take all the money out of your pockets. This legalized theft is part of what has bankrupted America since 1950: it was a turning point. It let to total corruption of government and a formalized takeover of our political system through money in politics that officially started, per the 'Powell Memo', in 1971.


This ORIGINAL control of the people mechanism, RAMPANT DEBT EVERYWHERE, is very clean. "they, the lenders, don't have to make ANYTHING to get almost as much as the cost of the item you are financing. In fact they make more than the manufacturer, because they stretch it out over time. That's why it's EVERYWHERE. 


That is also why, way back when, the Catholic Church of old Rome outlawed charging interest on loans: it corrupts the entire society at the top and enslaves everyone, today 300 million American Spirits, at the bottom.


MY VISION for our new America, saving it from the corrupted and economically enslaved one we all live and suffer in, is to Re-BALANCE the aspirations of the individual, and all the people's needs. And do it OVERNIGHT. America as we all know is TERRIBLY Out-of-Balance with titanic INEQUALITY Everywhere. The RTDNOW Plan brings our economics for the individual and our society into balance. It restores all our democratic and economic rights all across our society OVERNIGHT. 


I'm not Plato, I'm just an ordinary guy who attended PS (Public School) 151 in Queens, New York. I'm just the kid who rode his Stingray bike to La Balona, Elementary School, and then to Culver City High School in Southern California. I'm just the kid who went to Santa Monica City Junior College because I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up in 'society' (I did and this is it, but it took a while) and couldn't afford overpriced 'real' college. I'm just the man who went to Chico State University to study Business, and yes, Dance. And I'm the man who has been a small business lender for 35 years writing business plans and funding the creations of thousands of jobs across many industries helping create a few hundred thousand American dreams in the process.


My point? I'm a real person, with real life experiences like 300 million Americans. I have OUR life experiences and want to make ALL our lives MUCH better and do it OVERNIGHT! And as you know, I'm the guy with enough belief in you, 300 million 'you's', 300 million American Spirits, that I wrote and made for you 100 songs and podcasts so we can all save America, for ALL of us, together. 


As you can see, I'm a VERY persistent guy. It's time, OUR time. 2020 is approaching. Get busy with me and LET'S SAVE AMERICA. Tell everyone, 300 million American Spirits, add your name and subscribe for $1.00 per month at RTDNOW.COM. In Certainty and Trust, my name is ADRIAN. And as we all add our names at RTDNOW.COM we will all have names again and we will all matter again: equally. Let's Save America!

The Real Story of the American Dream In Context

of Adrian's Song “Let's Save America"


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