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Dreaming of us may be our special American power. but what AMERICANS DO best, is fight for our future: it’s time to do it again!

From our Revolutionary War, Americans showed how far they’d go to live their American dreams of local self-rule and economic freedom in a new land of equality: they fought to the death. Every time challenged we fought of every foe. England in the War of 1812. 100 years later, World War 1 in 1915. 25 years later World War 2 in 1941. And 10 years later, our longest war, the Cold War ended in 1991. Every major conflict where our survival depended, the American spirit prevailed. But now we face a faceless foe that’s taken 2/3 of all American dreams, and is threatening to take them all! The imperialist threat we face this time is ghostly Runaway Government. And 300 million as 1, it’s a cold economic conflict we are all in every day. It’s on every doorstep in America each day. But we are going to do what we do best: fight for our future. Just using our voices, by all adding our names at RTDNOW.COM. And as we do it will defeat the ghostly foe threatening every American OVERNIGHT!

Today fighting for your future is easy. Just use your cell phone to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM every single day. And soon, we will all be fighting for our futures 300 Million As 1, and we will all restore the American Dream.


Making of the Song "Fight for Your Future"

U2 came out with a song called…Invisible. While I couldn’t understand the words when I heard it (I love U2 like most of the planet) the message I got is we were talking about the same thing: nobody hearing you scream for the daily nutrients to live a full life. But were we? Not really: this was the Rock Opera to Save America. As I reflected on my song, I was really trying to say something more forceful. I wanted to make change happen! And like all good things, we have to fight for it!


The only way to NOT be invisible anymore is to all participate: fight for our future. Fight with your voice, 300 million as 1 at RTDNOW.COM. Fight with the truth. Fight online. Do it everyday. At that point this song came together as if a song writing due wrote it. It now had both sides. The lament and the rage! But it was just me, that’s how I got this to be a better song for the opera. THIS SONG IS A DIRECT PLEA TO PARTICIPATE WITH ME AT RTDNOW.COM because 300 million as 1, we won’t be invisible anymore. 300 million as 1, We, not the corporation become the ruling class: citizens. Don’t be invisible anymore! Add your name at RTDNOW.COM




The thing I learned from my producer Tim Ellis, is that when you have creativity, even though you may carefully write and script a song, you have to just get in studio, let the muse take over, and make it. Let the creativity of the moment flow: let it happen. Endless practice in a creative process makes it uncreative. The other thing I finally gave in to was that as the musical arrangement evolved in an instant in studio, I had to be flexible and flow with it. A song can be written and performed numerous ways, with many being good. Example; Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower that I want to perform with him for this Opera. Jimi Hendrix did a full electric version that sounded like a different song. Both wonderful. So I’d come in with a nylon guitar string version, a 'rough' they call it, I’d been listening to for a while. Then as the band kicked in with an arrangement coming to life, it was Wow!  Like going from a black and white TV screen to big screen surround sound in pixilated color! But I got used to that thrill of hearing the song come alive in studio and encouraged as many muse left turn moments as I could. They always added what Tim would call ‘the sauce’. When the muse rules, the song takes off, it gets more alive.




Tim and I carefully scripted everything we were going to make in studio. However, Tim and the musicians he brought in were so skilled, they could improvise on a head nod from Tim. As a smart-ass lyricist I watched Tim closely too and I could move the song lyrics in live production as the arrangement moved and kept right in step with the song taking a quick left turn creative leap that improved the song. Like when I threw the bridge music into the song DO SOMETHING GOOD that you’ll hear in a later album, that was a total left turn from the rest of the music but worked out great. These were the most fun and exciting moments. We’d have at least one per song whether the band knew it was an evolutionary jump or not. That’s how the intro got in. Tim put a great musical intro on the song, which got my creative juices flowing, and I ad-libbed from the heart. Same with the outro end play out. After  20-30 songs under our belts, there was a comfort level to just ride the vibe and create.

Tim Ellis and Adrian add in the background vocalists

Tim often booked himself 14 straight hours in a day and fit me in, rolled with all that and said “I have an idea”. He added a repetitive FIGHT after each phrase that’s way cool. Understand, I was working on 50-100 songs at any given moment; we just had to get in the studio as we could schedule people and knock it out. Not many people have 50 songs waiting for background vocals. At 2-3 per session…that’s a lot of session amigo! But when you have talented, creative, good-natured people, it works just great!  I don’t think anyone else but Tim and I knew this background vocal session wasn’t totally scripted. In early sessions we used to closely script all background singer parts, but as the volume of songs picked up, we just rocked and rolled!




We’re not invisible was the original title name for this song. It was for every American to identify that we’re all trapped in a giant corporate machine, like ‘ghosts in the machine’ always working hard, never seen, seeing the light, or heard anymore. But all adding our names 300 million as 1 at RTDNOW.COM was my brilliant idea of how the American citizen won’t be invisible to our own government anymore. But then fate intervened on this song.



So it was with this background singer Choir arrangement. Tim Ellis turned to me as everyone was at their mic, “Where are they coming in?” Ahhh…right there, the usual place I stammered and found the spot on my iPhone.  “What are they singing”.  Well…the title, FIGHT FOR YOUR FUTURE, FIGHT FOR YOUR FUTURE. Tim says “I thought it was I’m Not Invisible?” I reminded him, the song had evolved. He gave me a funny look, a headshake, and got to it. I evolved many songs to fit the opera and the message and it would drive Tim silently crazy finding them under old titles on the Drive. But he was a good sport about it. He didn’t have any other 100-song projects to save America. 


Click on the pic so it gets large, to read the compelling account on pages 216-217 from The Family History of the United States by John Clark Ridpath L.L.D. published in 1897. 


An amazing 300 of 375 of General John Paul Jones men died, an astounding 70% as his American warship engaged and boarded the British ship Serapis. You would think after major losses of 20-40% they would retreat and regroup. No, they ALL rallied and charged on to victory. Now that's American! And read on what a typical winter was like for the Continental army, starving. There were seven long ones!


What on earth empowered, and enraged ALL men in the revolutionary war so? Men of all different backgrounds and wealth, to make up their minds to fight to the death? 

The Real Story of the American Dream

In Context of Adrian's Song “Fight for Your Future"



As I read many such American history books you realize that this battle noted was one of hundreds, of a few thousand, such battles. This was commonplace! Up against the largest empire in the world, against the biggest military power, against all odds, Americans never backed down. Starving half the year, lacking adequate cannon fire power many times, they engaged. And just kept doing it until the British realized there would be no surrender. 


At its core, war, and freedom, are a test of wills. See my song Will of the People. You cannot lose when you're not willing to back down. Americans of that time understood that. The only war America ever lost was against a people in Asia who understood the same thing.

What seems to get overlooked as we revisit American bravery, is their astounding amount of endless mental fortitude. How month after month, year after year, they stayed firm and resolute in purpose while suffering, knowing they could very well lose their wealth and lives.


When today we have an attention deficit population that can't even sit down to read books, how in the world did ALL Americans of 1776-1786 just make up their minds and never look back? I mean most of the people who could fight did fight. The birth of the American dream was our first era of 100% citizen activism.


I think even the simplest farmer understood why. When you are socially oppressed, and economic tyranny keeps limiting your life, your American dream, to a point where almost everyone is affected, you reach a point you understand you are alive but not really living. It becomes a universal knowing. As a people we are approaching such a point in the year 2020.


When everyone acknowledges oppression eventually reaches and affects everyone, and everything you love, you get to the normal profound revelation of the meaning of human experience. 


You realize you only have one life and it's getting shorter by the day, and shorter than you realize. And for its meaning to be taken, for it to mean nothing, to be a social and economic slave of every color, is a personal tragedy in every home in the country. It's a life forfeited, it's a nation forfeited, it is living a national lie, and that is totally unacceptable individually and collectively.


This I believe is why people all so very different, races, ages, wealth, attitudes, perceived political bias, and gender, can effortlessly band together in an unbreakable bond. When oppressed enough everyone understands and seeks to actualize their need to be free and live life to the fullest or die trying. 


And in that knowing, action becomes easy and resolute, as everyone affirms a common bond, life is sacred. And in that transformational moment the power of the American spirit is tapped into. And it is then accomplished in tasks, together. My task was to write and make this rock opera and Movement, Redeem The Dream Now, to remind every single American alive in the year 2020 who we really are. What the real American dream is. And how we will all band together effortlessly by adding our names and subscribing at RTDNOW.COM to Save America and restore everyone's American dream overnight.


That's why Americans always band together to fight for our future, because we need to own and live our freedom.



It seems the key to getting anything done to save or extend the American dream, like winning wars, or giving half our citizens basic rights as citizens, as in the Women’s rights movement of 1900, has to be fought for. Nobody in the elite wealth class who runs a racist totalitarian militaristic closed economic system state (Gasp!) gives up ANYTHING. 1900, when the Women’s movement took place, was also by the way was our last epic period of total inequality in America similar to today.


in 1900 like in 2020, Billionaires controlled the economy with money in politics and government policy that enabled that era’s TOO BIG TO FAIL BEHEMOTH CORPORATIONS to occur. The size of corporations until the late 1800’s: corporations size had been regulated, limited, to protect the citizen from their greed. To ensure fair competition to keep the whole economy from losing massive jobs if they all merged. And to protect the economy from total collapse as they bankrupted the citizen, and then the treasury, while paying next to no taxes. We are all, and the whole country, is approaching the same point again in 2020.


Nothing’s changed. We’re living that corporate billionaire greed that collapsed the economy then, all over again 120 years later. It will start to come to a head in the next 10 years. But with this rock opera, we can all now see the future. We have a crystal ball and can time travel to understand what went wrong back then, see what our future holds if we do nothing, and take action to fix our impending total economic collapse like all adding our names to RTDNOW. Isn’t this fun?


Above, you just time traveled back to 1900: 29 years before total economic collapse called THE GREAT DEPRESSION. Which occurred almost 3 decades (thats why I say we have 10 years maybe 20) after the billionaires screwed up government flooding their money to buy politicians including the President, change regulations and warp then destroy what was a functioning economy. None of this is new! So if 2020 is like 1900 where all the wealth was going to about 1% of the people, or the top 10%, we by definition, are about at a total imbalance in our economic system, total inequality. Our balanced economic engine of a variety of industries and a wealth of small flourishing businesses is gone and stagnating. Right now, in 2020 we are 10-20 years from total economic and social collapse. Without massive action right now, to change direction, see the RTDNOW Plan to Save America I’m asking everyone to ready, we are headed for our 2nd GREAT DEPRESSION. Only it won’t be great. It will be our epic DEPRESSION lasting 30 torturous years. A generation will be lost.


Great Depressions of course are followed by World War, because World War 2 was the only thing that restarted the American economy after the Great Depression dragged on for a decade. That combined with bombing the rest of the world economic power to dust, which enable us, American industry, the only one left standing worldwide, to flourish for 60 years, until total economic imbalance occurred again in 2020.

We already talked about Sears closing almost 3,500 big retail stores nationwide. But let's look at another giant retailer, Kroger. Kroger has 2,773 retail locations nationwide as of 2015 and 443,000 employees, and over 10-20 years, if they close half the stores because purchases go online then, that's a loss of about 220,000 jobs!



Further, through self checkout and apps, technology, the remaining sales force will decrease by an additional 10-20% of jobs. In this example, a further reduction of jobs from 220,000 to say 200,000. That would be a job loss nationwide of 250,000 jobs. Why do it? Kroger profits would skyrocket. Now take that scenario and look at every retail location that doesn't make things (like restaurants), all-across-the-nation.


WHAT THIS MEANS TO EVERY AMERICAN. Over 10-30 years we will lose half our remaining jobs and the whole American economy will collapse for good.  It's time to act. It's time, 300 Million As 1 to fight for our future. Tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

Fight for Your Future



Back in September 1901, a guy put out of work by the billionaires massive mergers, assassinated President McKinley, which enabled Vice President Teddy Roosevelt to restructure our economy. NOTE: this unseating of the wealth class, literal killing it leader and protector, helped accelerate the Women’s Rights Movement, it was a time of change. Old Teddy sued the billionaires, 40 lawsuits, put them on the run, and broke up their national MONOPOLIES. It can be done! Teddy Roosevelt doesn’t nearly get enough credit for taking on all the billionaires to reset economic policy so the average hard working American could live their American dream.


He restored economic order so citizens could live without predatory billionaires paying off regulators and judges to shift the laws to favor Corporations and bankrupt every American and our treasury! Fast forward to modern day. Again, nothings changed. The same thing happened again to America and our economy is on the verge of total collapse because the billionaires chipped away at changing our laws as they poured money into politics to change the laws and regulations, or deregulation, in their favor.


I’m no Teddy Roosevelt. I’m just an ordinary guy who pays attention and can add, like most American spirits. And we can correct the economy overnight much like Teddy did but much better and faster. And we can avoid the stupid mistakes the Federal Reserve, which is not owned by we the people as I’ve covered that elsewhere, jacks up interest rates to totally collapse the economy again. The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet doubled in the last Great Recession. Meaning they grew by 100%+. While everyone else lost money. The Federal Reserve is a bank. Banks make money. They are not really looking out for 300 million citizens. Just a global wealth class investor elite. As soon as you understand that, you should be ready to fight for your economic future with me. Because nobody’s coming to save us but us!








Oops! Oh crap! We only have the next 10-20 years to restructure our whole American dream engine, our economic policies, before total economic collapse. We all feel it. I’m just putting it in perspective so it doesn’t just feel like a bad dream we wake up from every day as we go to work, and we can ALL take action. So what’s total economic collapse? See post World War 1 Germany. Massive inflation, your money now is worth 10 cents on the dollar, killing all savings, and rapid devaluation. Devaluation means your biggest asset and store of wealth for most Americans, your house, is instantly worth half as much overnight. So instantly you owe more than its worth. Oh shit, there goes the whole banking system again, as everyone stops paying at once, to go rent for half the cost because they’re out of work. And as our Banking system all goes down again, the WHOLE world financial system goes down.


The world economy is already broke right now in 2020. America is $25 TRILLION in debt borrowing $6 Billion a day to keep America afloat. 1/3 of all Americans rely on government for their income directly or indirectly. As in a spouse works for the government, or a government program keeps an industry running. So if we can’t borrower $6 Billion a day anymore to keep our government running, what happens? Oh shit! Not again! Government services are drastically cut. Most just stop. Remember the government shut down of 10 years ago. They just tell people not to come in one day. Between government employees and businesses relying on government, 10 million will be put out of work almost instantly, over 1-12 months all on unemployment. Oh no! Not more connected dominos! The States are mostly bankrupt and have to keep selling assets, borrowing, and taxing to pay unemployment, etc. Home loans and small business lending shut down nationwide almost overnight. Businesses run out of capital, they lay off people like you (see the Trump Government shut down of 2018) and then all those laid off all go try to get food stamps: because 78% of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck. It kinda off all dominos down in a hurry.


That shuts down massive amounts of secondary financial markets capital. The investors have no good place to invest. Opps! Where does their capital go? Super rich people don’t just sit around. They wait like vultures until your house our your business are worth half as much and pay the lender 30% on the dollar as it goes into foreclosure. And then they wait for the recovery in 5-10 years. You just lost all your 20-30% equity you worked years for. All the monthly payments that took up almost half your paychecks for all those years. The middle class gets wiped out again just when it was getting on its feet. After you’ve lived through several recessions, and as a lender, this cycle becomes obvious. It's a wealth taking cycle that creates and increases poverty. Without access to reasonable cost bank capital to run their small businesses, what happens? All businesses start laying off workers. Put that all together, within 36 months unemployment is 15-30%. OOOOUUUUCHHH!!!! Now America will look like post World War 2 East Germany! There will be marshal law, troops in the streets, to keep hungry out of work people from storming wealthy neighborhoods (West Germany) and destroying the properties they can’t pay for to collect insurance proceeds. Jeramy, my podcast engineer (and rock star) calls this economic apocalyptic event I describe, Mad Max Fury Road. He’s not far off.





Sorry, I’m not exaggerating. I predicted the last Great Recession in 2008 nine month before in vivid detail for about 15 business colleagues that took notes. I predicted it right down to how far the stock market would fall from 14,600 to 7,000, to where prime interest rates would be in 12 months decreasing from 8.25 to 3.00, the massive government intervention in financial markets, and the price of Citibank stock. It was $50 at the time I predicted it would drop to $5: it dropped to $1. And that all retirement accounts would decline OVERNIGHT by 50%. I was spot on every single aspect of it.


No I’m not kidding and no I’m not exaggerating at all. I studied finance in college and more importantly I’ve been in business lending for 35 years to many industries and see and work with businesses financial statements. I see how much reserve they don’t have. I see how much reserves the banks don’t have. The whole system is set to withstand a shockwave of 3-6%. Not 10% as in the last Great Recession or 20%+ in the next implosion I see coming. I see total economic collapse across American creating coast to coast economic GHOST TOWNS (most citizens wallets and bank accounts are empty like ghosts) coming in a short 10-20 years. THAT IS WHY I want us all to fight together RIGHT NOW at RTDNOW.COM by adding our names to the plan and movement to turn it all around. To save all our economic futures. Every American’s. To save and restore everyone’s American dream.


This is what drives me to such an effort as the whole REDEEM THE DREAM opera, podcasts and movement. It’s why I felt it was my duty to write a 100 song rock opera to save America, to save and restore everyone’s American dream overnight by getting money out of politics to have a true government of the people, so 300 million as 1 we can re-start our economic American dream engine so we have a way forward and can avoid super economic melt down. What’s that? It’s when 200 million Americans are below the poverty level, not just 100 million: America won’t survive that. That's what we're all staring at if we don't all act to support THE RTDNOW PLAN.


And this is why I can’t sit idly by, and you shouldn’t either, and just distract yourself as we all watch our economy and 300 million American dreams die. I’m fighting with my voice and I want 300 million American spirits to drop all the false political party pretenses of who they think they are and grab a paddle and row with me in the RTDNOW.COM life boat (I made it big enough for 300 million: the top 30 million elite wealth class don’t need it) or every single American dream, already on life support called debt, will die. Add your name now at RTDNOW.COM




Millennial’s (75 million in America today, also known as, Generation Y, don’t ask me why, were born after 1982) who grew up with big Corporations may think extremely big MEGA Global Corporations are good. They give you conveniences like iPhones and access to anything at a click, like Amazon, are your friends. They’re not.


They put millions of small businesses out of work that employ people. Everything these big corporations do is being robotized, droned, outsourced, and built overseas. Big mega Corporations have moved the American economy and all it’s jobs, your future, our last American Dream Engine, offshore. That my friends, is why the American economy is 70% retail today, and that’s about to collapse. You have to have money to shop at stores, unless it’s the LA Riots of 25 years ago. That’s what’s coming in 10-20 years, nationwide, if we don’t all act now. 300 Million as 1 ADD YOUR NAME to Adrian's All Citizens Plan to Restore The American Dream!


Millineals are described as the ME generation. They're not joiners, they're anti-establishment. Well my name is Adrian. I’m 61. I’m the end of the Baby Boomers. Me doesn’t describe me, obviously, because I’m doing all this work for my countrymen and women. But I am like you. Not a joiner and anti-establishment when the establishment is run by mega Corporations cratering the American economy and killing 300 million American dreams. And they planned it this way! Wake up with me now! It’s your future we are talking about here. Fight for your future while there’s time to make a difference. Create the world you dreams with me and quit whining and opting out. Me first doesn’t work. It’s how we got here. As Bob Dylan famously said “Things have changed”. It’s now the new era of 100% activism. The WE era, see album 3, has begun. Please, add your name with me at RTDNOW.COM and use your smart phones to TELL EVERYONE!


Everything’s far from OK, everyday in America, for 1/3 of out TOTAL population. It’s been made invisible by corporations buying the news reporting media and not reporting it. The Poverty line is defined differently in some places, but it's roughly earning below $47,000 for a family of four. They, 100 million American spirits, our countrymen and women, Americans, live at the Dollar store and Winco foods: an employee owned west coat based discount food grocery store chain. I shop at the Dollar store too because there’s no good reason to pay $4.00 for Windex, or $3.00 for mouthwash, at Target for example, $7.00, when you can get the same thing at the Dollar store for $1.00. A savings of 300% by shopping smart.


So the next 100 million Americans above them, are just a little bit above the poverty line, blowing extra money at Target they don’t have to really blow, one recession or job loss from entering the poverty zone. They shop at Safeway foods instead of Winco or Grocery Outlet. Grocery Outlet is like a small food like Costco. For example; a box of KIND snack bars is $1.00 cheaper at Grocery Outlet (in Oregon) than Costco, which charges an annual membership. A FULL shopping basket of groceries at Winco, costs about $100. The same shopping basket at Safeway, for brighter lights and nicer floors, costs about $170. My point? Most Americans are getting ripped off DAILY of about 2/3 of their hard earned money everywhere they turn. Life is not supposed to cost $7.00 in this example, its supposed to cost $2.00 and we’re all supposed to have PLENTY of savings left over to start a business, education, vacation, AND LOTS OF savings. But how much savings do you have? Not much or ANY for most of America. This is where it’s all going: to Corporate America, for no good reason. You pay 4-6% on your home loan, you should pay 1% which would reduce your monthly payment by 50%. Want that? Want to pay 50% LESS every month on your home? Want to change the world with me so everything costs you $2.00 instead of $7.00? And you have plenty of money to live on minimum wage? They aren’t increasing your wages much soon that’s for sure. ADD YOUR NAME 300 MILLION AS 1 AT RTDNOW.COM.



I can’t stop because we all can’t afford to live in fantasyland a moment longer. As drones become commonplace, half as many delivery drivers will be needed, only for the large goods. Dominos drones anyone? How many delivery drivers are there nationwide in just the $5 billion fast pizza industry? Text in your Papa John’s make-to-bake order and have a drone deliver it. Go into Home Depot in the evening right now. No more checkers its almost ALL self serve. Now do that at every retail store across America, that’s 10-20% of the all the retail jobs will be GONE! And that's the 50% of the retail stores that didn't all close because everyone shops online. But lets go further down the aisles. Soon you’ll all have their APP that you speak what you’re looking for and it directs you. That will eliminate half the help service jobs in such stores.


And as most purchases go online, half the retail stores will close. That’s how they’re amping their profits and leaving the American worker behind AGAIN! So first they down size the store staff with technology. Then they’ll close half the stores as most of the smaller items can be drop shipped faster. And if you half as many people in the country out there shopping, you need half as many supporting food shops and the like. Shopping Malls will be half empty all across the nation without a radical new economic plan for every American citizen called RTDNOW. AMERICAN WILL LOST UP TO 40% OF ALL JOBS IN AMERICA TO TECHNOLOGY OVER 20 YEARS!


I’m exaggerating? Sears/KMART has closed all but 182 of their 3,500 retail stores nationwide in the last 7 years. ALL major retailers are review this as we speak seeing which properties to hold on to and which to…close. The closing of half the retail stores not only takes away half the JOBS, but also causes a Commercial Banking Crisis. Not the Banks again! Another $5 Trillion bail out, but this time it will be $10 Trillion because commercial real estate is commercial banks biggest asset on their balance sheet. And they can’t withstand rapid non-payment because their liquidity won’t support it. But only this time…the world’s not lending to us because we’re now $40 TRILLION dollars in debt with no manufacturing base and now way to pay any of that back. A DECADE OR TWO IN THE FUTURE WE WILL NOT NEED 40% OF OUR CURRENT MINIMUM WAGE RETAIL JOBS BECAUSE THE INTERNET, ROBOTICS AND GLOBALIZATION WILL HAVE TAKEN ALL THESE JOBS. Yes, without a fast economic restructuring, see the RTDNOW Plan, the whole American economic enchilada will pancake, to cobble together two types of food sayings, because it will affect EVERYONE in America, who then can't afford food.


Uber anyone?? Uber drivers won’t be needed in 15 years, as all their cars are DRIVERLESS! We already have ATM’s since 1980’s, but banking is going online. I met the guy who designed the computer chip that's powering the race to replace 90% of all vehicles with driverless vehicles. On average, your car stays parked 80% of the time, yet you pay for it 100% of the time. Want to reduce your vehicle cost by 50%? Autonomous vehicles that pick you up within 10 minutes will be here soon. Teens and people in their 20's can't afford cars now.


You won’t need half as many retail bank branches in 10-15 years. They will say they need them, but as they bilk us out of every fee they think of…the only way to make more money is to eliminate locations and employees. Amazon anyone? Amazon everyone? They will want to make everyone's home loan, and savings account soon. So what if Amazon continues to grow, and grow, and grow. What if it gobbles up small businesses by putting them out of business, unable to compete. They’ll put trucking companies out of business. They put local retailers out of business. They’ll put the strip mall owners out of business as the small businesses leave. They’ll put jobbers and wholesalers out of business who supplied all these independent businesses. See it yet? Amazon’s business model over the next 25 years, is to become THE WHOLE FOOD CHAIN OF ALL RETAIL BUSINESS. Silence.


Walmart already did that (worldwide) for the low discount end shoppers. Amazon is the higher end. You’re in shock now. The whole world you enjoyed for the last 35 years just blew up in 5 minutes of this podcast or written online song bonus materials. It just can’t be! 50% of retail locations gone! All the jobs that were in them, gone! Competition, gone! The whole country 78% living paycheck to paycheck in 2020 starving and not knowing what's next. And just like that, we’re all living at the Corporate company store like a giant plantation, but without work to do daily. About 100 Mega Corporate Companies, like stores or think of it as brands, will run the whole country. You will have no job and no options to get goods cheaper. We are all gonna be really screwed: our American dream will be completely gone. Oh it can and it is happening: see my song GHOST TOWNS and its bonus materials. Unless you participate with me. Act with me 300 million as 1 adding your names at RTDNOW.COM and subscribing for $1.00 per month to fund the RTDNOW movement. Oh, and what is our government doing about all this? Supporting the global corporations, that’s how it got this far.

























Fight for Your Future
  • What are we fighting for at RTDNOW.COM? (HINT: to save America and restore everyone’s American dream OVERNIGHT)

  • Who are we fighting? (HINT: apathy and the elite wealth class that rigged the system)

  • How does every single American FIGHT! (HINT: Add your name at RTDNOW.COM, subscribe for $1.00 per month and tell everyone!)

  • How do 300 million people win the fight? (HINT: we keep involved with the daily redemption song and use our voices to push the RTDNOW plan through congress)

  • How does Adrian’s RTDNOW fix the whole economy? (HINT: see the plan. The citizens economic bill of rights resets the economic policies to restart the American Dream entrepreneurism engine in every person and every city across America at the same time. Details will roll out with the plan in albums 6, 7, and 8.

Fight for Your Future

Words and Music by ADRIAN


Today’s the day, to make everything, go our way


Right here, we’ve learned not to see

Right here, a bankrupt nation walks right by me

Everywhere, they speak but we don’t here

Everywhere, the weak and the meek are calling to me

They’re saying


I’m not invisible, I’m not a ghost in your machine

I’m not invisible, Like the words of the songs we sing

I’m not invisible, I’m not invisible, I’m right here

Fight for your future, fight, fight for your future, fight

Fight for your future, fight, fight for your future, fight


A woman screams, hoping hunger is a bad dream

A woman screams, crimes of passion in the bedroom

Media driven, flashing lights means its not OK

Media driven, we should stop but we just walk right on by


Even in my worst moments, there’s still a place in my heart

For those less fortunate, that want a new start

I see you, I see you, I see you, I see everyone of you

You’re not invisible, you’re not a ghost in their machine

You’re not invisible, like the words of the songs we sing

You’re not invisible, we’re not invisible, we’re not invisible

Like the words of a politicians speech, we’re not invisible

We’re not invisible, we’re right here!


Let’s tell them everybody, don’t back down

300 million as 1 we won’t be invisible anymore, Tell em!

Fight for your future! Fight for your future! Fight for your future!

Fight for your future! Fight for your future! Fight for your future!


If not now, when? It’s time to stand up. Fight with the truth.

Do it online. RTDNOW.COM, do it everyday.

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