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300 Million of Us That Don't Donate to Politicians Who Let the American Dream be Slowly Destroyed by Money In Politics Which Was and Is the Grease to Shift Policy, Can All Now Afford To Make A Bold Move To Restore Everyone's Full American Dream in an All Citizens Plan. We Can't Afford Not to. Help Make A New Dream That Cuts Housing Costs In Half and Sets a $20 Minimum Wage, And Pays for Itself by Adjusting Interest Rates, Which, Our Government is SUPPOSED to Do To Make the American Dream Work for All. This New RTDNOW All Citizens Plan Enables All Businesses to Flourish Because All Citizens Will Have Twice As Much to Spend. After 40 Years of Decline, and NO Plan From Any Politician To Quickly and Fully Restore ALL American Dreams, Just Keep 300 Million of Us All Poor and In Debt, and More Debt, Or Any Real Plan to Replace 80 Million Jobs We are ALL About to Lose to Technology, WE ALL KNOW: It's Time to Do Something Different. It's Time to ALL Represent Ourselves Supporting An All Citizens Plan to Restore Everyone's American Dream. The Time is Now and We all Know it. I've Made RTDNOW Virtually Free so Everyone in America Will Participate. Redeem The Dream, Inc. is a registered 503-C non profit.

Help Propel The RTDNOW Movement Quickly To Every Citizen In America
So We Can All Add Our Names 300 Million As 1 to Make a New
American Dream Quickly for Our Time

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