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250 Million living by each paycheck.







Good jobs gone, careers a myth, family security on the national to-do list. Your future a question mark after a report on global economics. Stop being a ghost citizen! Add Your Name at RTDNOW.COM Restore everyone’s American Dream OVER-NIGHT!


Following sections examine in depth, how Ghost Towns are spreading SO FAST all over America. They will be EVERYWHERE in 10 years. Examples: 9,300 retail stores closed in 2019. 8,000 in 2018. Over the next 10 years HALF of ALL non food serving retails stores may close, and 40% of ALL jobs nationwide could be lost.


That's Adrian's estimate, the 'real expert' noted right, estimates OVER HALF of ALL JOBS, 100 MILLION out to 160 million in America now. At any estimate IT WILL COLLAPSE America if we don't all take action now to implement the RTDNOW All Citizens PLAN.


And per the synopsis (and link) to the right about the Autonomous Revolution. In 20 years when 70% of the cars are driverless...we won't need ANY UBBER drivers, 50% of ALL Gas stations not along freeways will close because the cars will be electric. That's about 80,000 jobs lost. Over half the bank branches will close, because we all bank ONLINE. Etc., Etc., Etcetera. We won't have ANY America soon for 250 million citizens if we don't all take action now in a citizens plan.

Please read on, then believe, then add your name and share!!!!

This is the track we are

all on. It's time to all get on the RTDNOW Train to 

Restore the American Dream

See the synopsis of a new book below by Davidow fomerly of Intel, that less than 1% (a bestseller!) of all people will read. It's why I made music to reach all. 


Be forewarned: it will scare you.

After you get done reading this chapter you will start to understand that we don't have a choice, 300 million as 1 we all need to get in the RTDNOW life raft now, and row fast! Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM daily!

The Good News: THE RTDNOW PLAN CREATES 30 MILLION JOBS fast AND 80 MILION over five years. But only if we all add our names 300 Million as 1 to make it happen.


Making of Adrian's Song "Ghost Towns"


They look and act like Tim Ellis. I knew this song was powerful when I wrote it.  It sounded very great on an even pace, but I needed to vary song format and slowed down the front end. We worked under ‘The Beatles Rule’: no two songs can sound alike. His guitar work is crisp and hauntingly exceptional. Even producing under a work for hire arrangement, he gave it his all, and I'm thankful of his many fine jokes and suggestions.



That was Tim’s expression. Don’t know if it’s a music biz phrase. When I’m not swept away by a song yet, I know it needs a little something-something. Pronounced Sump’tin-Sump’tin. I had Mike Braun open his rhythm bag of tricks and pull out a triangle. It was added to verse 2 to summon what was left of our ghost towns people. I put in a news report when I realized how bad it really is out there. A haunting echo was put into the background vocals. To really set the tone I had Dean accentuate (put more delay) on the spooky first note of the song and let it hang an extra second.


I waited a year to get the background vocals in. Everybody had day jobs; it took up to 8 weeks to coordinate. I’d keep adding people to keep expanding the sound until we narrowed it down to make it go faster. At an hour per song, for 100 songs, at 3 songs per session, that’s 33 background vocal sessions! I think we’re at 20 with13 to go. In life they tell you to: “find something you love and it’s effortless”. That was my whole music studio experience. But I think I enjoyed the background sessions most. The personalities, Tim’s acoustic guitar warm ups, and hearing soaring harmonies come out of thin air was magical when you’d been listening to gaps for a year imagining them.



An Outro: opposite of an Intro. After a ten-hour band session day I had to rip myself away to get home: divorce was looming. I asked Tim to double the chorus at the end adding 2:00. He asked why. I said for some screaming! Somebody needs to get pissed off about all our ghost towns across America. He smiled. His guitar work there elevates once more and is beyond the Eagles: its superlative!



People kept telling me I sounded like Johnny Cash. I didn’t see or hear it. After two years in studio I was just shaking off my self-consciousness at the mic so I could relax and emote. That’s when the authenticity of the pain we are all feeling got into this song. Last week (March 2017) I found a 3 Disc Johnny Cash anthology with a full ‘About’ book in it for $25: in an antique store! It talks about his epic storytelling ability and I got it. I should have bought that album and book years ago! Turns out Johnny and I actually do have something in common. I read he wore black to represent the poor, the downtrodden, the unfairly imprisoned. Like me, he was singing to the plight of 300 million Americans. When I picked out my black embroidered music video performance shirt I was thinking about Johnny and those classic shirts the country music stars wore. Not quite a Rhinestone Cowboy, I’m just an ordinary guy who cares. So was Johnny Cash, and so are most of us.



If I do, it’s because of a $8,000 Neumann microphone I sang into. Tim picked the best that captures my low tones. But probably mostly because of my sound engineer. Kudos for this song goes to him: Dean Baskerville. He was more than an expert, having recorded Sheryl Crow and other greats, but here I was throwing a fastball, a slider and a curve ball all at once! I had given him lead vocals, spoken word, background singers, and protest screams all together in a very dynamic building song. Like many of my songs, this song got mixed more than once as I kept adding ‘something-something”.


It comes where you find it.  For me, there have been so many places: Kevin Costner said, “You have the right to improve.”  I never forgot that. Dave Grohl said, "Just go for it!" about tackling a song. Daryl Hall once said upon accepting an award: "We worked every nuance of every track.” (Little did I know I'd be playing with his tour drummer of 20 years, Mike Braun!) My Mom always said, “…bring a coat and finish. Finish!” My Dad always said, “Don't be afraid to get up and say a few words. And, if you’re trying too hard, there has to be an easier way. Find it! I hope everyone finds RTDNOW!”

Every single person’s journey to their excellence embodies the American Spirit to me. I finally used all of mine on this opera, and I never forgot these words. I only hope my no-quit mentality and endless effort helps to inspire you to your greatness in some small way.




I've always been good at figuring out things. With my background as a business lender funding the creation of thousands of American Dreams, I’ve spent a lifetime reading economic reports, and talking with business owners. Over time I began to be able to see trends and predict results when given just a few factors; it became like a second sense. When the bullshit gap between reports and reality reach epic proportions, as it is now in America, it becomes even more obvious to predict: America is becoming coast to coast GHOST TOWNS. To the right, you see occasional articles buried deep in the paper. But this is an economic EPIDEMIC that will wipe out 40% of all jobs and bankrupt half the families in America throwing 200 million into poverty over 20 years if we don't enact an RTDNOW PLAN now. You'd think our politicians would care. But they don't represent the American people, they represent their donors and their party. You have to represent yourself today. REDEEM THE DREAM NOW! Add your name.




Look at Detroit. Ferguson, etc, etc, etc it goes on in every state in the nation. The questions are, “Who’s next?” And “Who cares?” It seems no one cares until it happens to them. If these cities aren’t our neighbors, who is? These cities are next door, because the people in them are Americans just like us. And our city or town may be next in line. I always thought of business lending like flying a jet liner. Everyone has to live and I need to land the plane safely EVERY SINGLE TIME. But with our cities, we don’t seem to have an ethos close to that. Nobody has a plan and as a result: our cities and the American dreams in them, are dying. Why? And why aren’t we all fixing the problem?


It’s worse than failed economic policy, they’re not even trying!  Paid off politicians have been busy exporting our factories and dreams overseas for the last 50 years. And now our cities, one by one are being turned into Ghost Towns. Block by block, the town declines into some version of decline on its way to being a skid row. More people leave as the meth labs and the heroin move in. Or they stay, and without a way forward, some give in and give up to drugs. Many of our people are becoming ghosts of themselves trapped in a corrupted economic machine. It is a chilling scene all across America each day. But because the Corporations exporting American jobs own the news, they don’t cover it. It time to make our cities the engines of Democracy again.



I’ve gone to all this effort to tell EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN: You CAN change the economic channel OVER-NIGHT! It does not have to be this way! I’m tired of watching the American people just wince and go about their lives. We should roar when we watch the news, when another big company is leaving the US on paper to avoid taxes or completely. Maybe what I am doing with the ROCK OPERA TO SAVE AMERICA is my roar. My primal scream, my protest of society’s reaction or lack thereof, to all this. I am asking everyone in America to roar with me. daily, listen to the next redemption song, and rediscover your American Spirit. Then actually do it: change the economic channel forever just adding your name at, and telling 300 million ordinary hard working americans to join you. It’s free, IT’S your future. act with me and everyone else!




Big corporations across the country had put so many small competitors out of business (like today) and had allowed deplorable working conditions to fester. Labor leaders finally went to President Franklin Roosevelt and said something along the lines of, "Feed the people and put them back to work, or there will be Revolution.” Franklin Roosevelt went to his billionaire crony friends and said, “You'll have to give up a little, or you could lose everything”. In his memoirs he says saving capitalism was one of his greatest achievements. We were that close to revolution then! The program the billionaires gave into and Franklin rolled out was called the New Deal. It kept the country from Revolution, but it was going to War that pulled the country out of economic decline. His new deal was MORE of the old deal.


Today with everything online, you can’t see the endless job application lines. You can’t see the bread lines. But its ‘that bad’ all across America. We have 50 million poor, hungry and shelter insecure! In 1932 it was only 30 million. And we are heading toward 100 million American spirits in need: 1/3 of our population. The tipping point has been reached. We have failed as a country to take care of our own. Or, we all add our names to my All Citizens Plan to transform ourselves quickly. I see what is coming and its some form of Revolution, so I am offering every American an “Evolution” in the form of a comprehensive simple plan to restore everyone’s American dream. I’m not President (yet) but I’m offering you today’s GREAT DEAL (read it online) so we can restart the economic engine that made America the greatest nation on earth, and make every American family economically secure OVER-NIGHT!


We can either continue in numb observation of corporate America controlling our politicians turning our country into GHOST TOWNS at an accelerating rate that will make your head spin over the next five years, or we can all stand together and do what our founders did. Sign the RTDNOW declaration to restore everyone’s American dream OVER-NIGHT! This time, 300 Million as 1.




Below are three trends I predict will come to full maturity over the next 20 years (probably the next 10) and crush every American economically, if we do not implement a complete economic solution for 300 million ordinary citizen like RTDNOW. Only you can determine if we are to have endless Ghost Towns, more pain and suffering across our land, or make all our cities thrive again. It’s time to wake up and act because things will get much worse if you don’t act with me.




The maturing of the internet means we will all buy mostly online. This will make 30%-50% of all retail locations disappear, along with the 30%-60% of our minimum wage jobs they represent. OOOOOOCCCCHHHHH!!!!!!!!#%^!!


Minimum wage jobs are temporary, because many won’t always be needed in the future. If a drop in 5% employment causes a recession, what will happen with a drop of 20% employment? 30%? 40%? Yep: cover your eyes; it is ugly. Don’t wretch. There will be a real estate recession again, but double the force. Residential homes in our towns will see a 15% vacancy due to job losses…the beginning of the next big wave of ghost towns. This is what happened to Detroit..but it will be ALL OVER. Then Bank commercial real estate loans will start to go belly up. And, before you know it, everybody is either not paying rent or asking for a 50% reduction in payments. I bet you didn't know that happens to commercial real estate loans in bad times. Before you know it, the big banks begin to fail, and they ask us, the ordinary citizens, to bail them out again, when they should all be going to jail for not seeing and acting with me to right the ship.


Our National Treasury becomes a DOUBLE Ghost Town again. If the world decides not to lend to us and bail us out of the next big economic crisis (because they know we can’t repay it) its financial Armageddon in every American household. Every city becomes a ghost town. You can't sell or refinance your home because the banks won't be lending again. This trend if left to run its course, will cause a total collapse of our economic system over the next 20 years. Right now we have to implement a comprehensive economic solution for every American household: RTDNOW. Read my RTDNOW PLAN TO SAVE AMERICA online. I am trying to implement a big solution, made simple, 1% fixed rate home loans for all, 10 years before the Catastrophic National Economic Face Plant. I don't really want to see crying families all over the country losing their homes again and all their life savings with them. This is so preventable. But we all have to act now. Add your name at RTDNOW.COM and tell everyone about it!



Robotics, powered by MUCH smarter than human computers, will replace 30% of our jobs, what human workers currently do. 


Our laptops today will be popguns compared to what corporations will use on us to manipulate our lives and take every penny from our pockets and it will accelerate because robotics don’t ask for raises, healthcare, etc. Calls to a phone bank in India will be a romantic thought as you won’t talk to any humans. You’ll talk to life like computers. I worked in Silicon Valley and banked one of the early inventors of AI: Artificial Intelligence. Daily life all handled by computers is starting to feel like financial Sky-Net from the Terminator movies.




We’re already here, but it is going to intensify.


Many of our factories have already gone overseas. China now has 1-Billion consumers, while the rest of the world has only 8-Billion. Do you see it? Major corporations have detached from countries: they are taking what happens in America, and exporting it, to every other country on earth. It's not new. But since America has been so gutted, with coast-to-coast GHOST TOWNS, it's becoming more obvious. 


All our major corporations have basically said that the ordinary American citizen is a "secondary" market. We don't really matter to them because our buying power as citizens is almost gone. We are now the ghosts in the GHOST TOWNS they made. And because our manufacturing base is gone, we have lost the engine to repay national debt. Which I have a plan to rebuild OVER-NIGHT! The watching world knows we’re bankrupt and is preparing to move to a world currency: SDRs.  As soon as that occurs, our dollars will be worth 25 cents of today’s buying power. You’ll then have ghost money in your ghost town. But this will not bother the mega-corporations, as most of their money will already be in SDRs.




Now you have a better idea why I am so passionate in this song! America has terminal economic cancer and now it's close to death. Our national debt growing daily is our oxygen “life support”, and it costs us another $6 Billion every day to keep it flowing. It can’t go on forever this way. And we all know it. It’s time to remove the cancer of failed economic policies that channel 90% of our wealth to billionaires and offshore. It’s really time to WAKE UP!




Go online at Add your name to our 2nd Declaration of Independence, economic independence, called RTDNOW. Then tell everyone to restore everyone’s American dream with you using the Internet and it will happen virtually OVER-NIGHT!





Buried on the last page of the finance section:

Retail Industry charts show 3 million retail jobs lost since 2012...during good economic times.

ABOVE: The Retail Fallout Intensifies

Wall Street Journal

MAY 30, 2017

And this is in GOOD economic times! As the song says "the buildings are there, the businesses (and jobs) are not."

In May 2018 When I Wrote this and Made the Ghost Towns Podcast my sound Engineer couldn't believe HALF the stores would CLOSE and all the jobs, 40% of all jobs, would be gone. Then 8,000 stores closed in 2018. Then 9,300 in 2019. Start believing me and jump in the RTDNOW LIFE BOAT.

If we don’t act to build the next American Dream engine, 80 MILLION New Jobs, we're gonna all collapse over 5-20 years. Add your name at RTDNOW.COM


Yes, everywhere. You can't see it, but we're all in the middle of a 20 year stage now where they’re getting the bugs out and it will soon ACCELERATE. Driverless cares will be what we all use like a big city run Ubber service. I met with the guy who invented the chip that powers this revolution at Mobileye. It's not a joke. 25 years ago when I was a new lending officer in Silicon Valley, I had a client who wrote The Fifth Generation. His seminal book was the start of AI: Artificial Intelligence taking half of all our jobs away and lowering wages for the rest. You see, 30 years ago was the first quarter, to use a sports analogy. We're in the fourth quarter and like Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, they won't be denied: they'll take all the jobs with AI and there's nothing you can do. Except RTDNOW.COM with the nation!

The May 19, 2018, article from the WSJ attached gives another small glimpse how widespread it’s become: in the finance industry. It also shows its current less than optimal performance. But just imagine as stock brokerage firms get it to work good in 5-10 years? You can now have a billion customers...without rookie stock brokers which suck and most people get anyway. Just one more segment of the economy that will experience massive layoffs. Have I missed any RETAIL based segments? There is one other lagging behind in this trend: Government services. 

OMG ADIRAN! NOT GOVERNMENT SERVICES TOO!!?! Ohh, so sorry. Government employs 25% of the workforce in some capacity. Providing wholesale services, delivered in bulk, on a retail, person by person, basis. Oh my, Government will HAVE TO go this direction to avoid pensions they can’t pay, and budgets that won’t be there. Our largest employer, government (Federal and State) will REDUCE workforce by 50% over 20 years. When they shut the government these days for a while when they don’t pass a budget, it’s called furlough and it’s temporary. Bit by bit, about 10 years out it will, area by area, become permanent layoffs. That’s how you deliver basic services to 300 Million people for 60% of today’s cost.  25% of cost will be labor, 15% infrastructure, and about 15% of the hidden cost is pension and benefits to retirees. Again, not rocket science. How about Education while we are talking sacred cows limping along? Teaching used to be the Endless Golden Parachute profession with Tenure and a great Retirement plan. Like politicians, you can’t get rid of the non performers which kills results over time. It’s one of the last great workers unions and has clout. I am for unions, but they have to evolve their services and costs and improve results to remain a win/win proposition and with performance accountability.

But like it or not, kids are gravitating to non restrictive online education because it fits their schedules, it’s mobile, how to videos are simplifying, and it costs pennies compared to the college debt trap 44 Million American students and their families are currently entrapped in owing more than, $1.5 Trillion? Yes! Not to mention endless school shootings allowed by lawmakers make school a fearful place to be these days. So sad. See RTDNOW Gun Legislation for a big leap toward solving this problem.

The RTDNOW education plan for America will move much of the basic ‘learn these facts’ education online and use 3 days in a school week onsite for human interaction and application of knowledge skills learned. 

To have a society able to work individually and together to build their own American Dreams, we have to do what we haven’t done for about 25 years. Teach students how to conceive and build anything and work with people and then give them the personal, social and digital tools to thrive. As we all subscribe for $1.00/month I will build the free access RTDNOW Dream Portal for students to develop skills, experience, apprenticeship and internship and move toward small business planning and capital access. 

The RTDNOW Educational System Restructure will lower costs by 40%, which can lower property taxes, improve services, and improve results. More than that, it will prepare EVERY SINGLE STUDENT to thrive in the new America as we build the next American Dream engine (80 Million new high paying low tax jobs in 100 Million households) of Personal Digital Entrepreneurship. 

300 Million As 1, Add Your Name and tell everyone before all our towns become economic ghost towns and everybody’s wondering why nobody saw this coming and did anything. YOU, 300 Million YOU’s have to act if we want to build a prosperous Citizen First America: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW at RTDNOW.COM. My Plan does it virtually overnight!

Ghost Towns

Below LEFT: Bank branch closed.     Below RIGHT: 1 year later. Ghost lot. Jobs gone.

Conclusion: Half the bank branches in America, or more, will close and all those jobs will be gone as we go fully online with banking over the next 10 years. Pics by Adrian.

Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 7.08.15 PM.png


April 2018. This picture is a large bank retail bank branch that was closed. It’s located in a major regional mall in Beaverton, Oregon, population over 120,000 people, which is part of the Portland metro area of over 1.5 Million people. This location employed 20-30 people whose jobs were lost in the last collapse which made more Too Big To Fail Banks (the problem) by letting ‘stronger’ banks scoop up the failed. Just Brilliant. So these new mega banks will already close 1/3 of their offices fast because they are now redundant, they already have an office nearby. Now with the internet and most retail banking going online, and C3PO about to show up everywhere, banks will reduce their workforce by another 30% over 10-20 years. Let’s connect the dots, 30% of employees (your jobs) from the banking industry (why’s it called an industry?) caused by failed federal banking policy making the problem worse, now advanced technologies converging (your employer is online, your online, WiFi everywhere) banks won’t need half the bank locations they have now, maybe they’ll put an ATM where an old location was as brand building. So retail banking NATIONWIDE will have lost 40% of its jobs by 2040: a 60% workforce reduction!


That’s one example of ONE INDUSTRY. Now think of that happening in ALL RETAIL INDUSTRIES, the total retail location job collapse will cause the next Great Depression if we don’t all take action now. Why? We have a Federal Deficit of about $2.5 Trillion a year in 2018. Billionaire tax cuts increased the Federal Debt Overnight from $26 Trillion to $28 Trillion. When you progressively put 30% of the People out of work over 15 years, that’s the hard part, it’s happening slowly, monthly, all those people, 65%, don’t pay taxes anymore, the National deficit grows by leaps THEN, and when we all wake up in 10 years....the collapse of the American economy and world economy becomes imminent. I’m not yelling FIRE in the theatre. We have 5-10 years to fix this. And I have a plan to do it. To save America from total collapse AND restore everyone’s American Dream. But we must ALL act now. Read the RTDNOW PLAN. Then, 300 Million As 1, act: Add Your Name, subscribe for $1.00 per month ($12/year) and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM (Wear your RTDNOW T shirt proudly because you’re saving America)

Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 9.02.18 PM.png

HERE WE GO: April 2018, Shanghai, China, automated robots start to appear in bank lobby’s. My podcast discusses how banks may close over half their branches (nationwide) because bankings gone online. Now take 25% of the employees out of the rest of the branches with robotics and artificial intelligence, and you have a 75% reduction in retail jobs in all the banks nationwide. As that happens in ALL retail stores over 20 years you get what? Economic Ghost Towns all across America. You may want to add your name at RTDNOW.COM and tell everyone so we can all restore the American Dream before it’s completely gone.

FEB, 2020. My sound engineer/producer Dean had to walk around a robot in WALLMART of all places, in a store in Texas. Yes my friends EVERYWHERE. Humans, 50% of us in all companies, are being replaced by robotics and software.



If you go to PED (Power Equipment Direct, started in a garage in 2002) online you’ll see they have 12 ‘Online Stores’ which means product specialists, not buildings you’d drive to. If you read ‘Our Story’ at their website you’ll see they started when someone like me got tired of driving all over town to visit retail stores where there was limited inventory. I’m tired of not getting the government I was promised and want to build an online store for 300 million to go to online to get exactly what they need when they need it. That’s Step 1 of the RTDNOW PLAN to restore everyone’s American dream and why I’m asking everyone in America to subscribe for $1.00 per month so I can build it for all of us.


How did I find this national online company that sells all types of Power Equipment? I wasted a month last year talking to the local John Deere dealer who sold me a great tractor but then couldn’t deliver the cart and motor to suck up the grass: so I returned the tractor. Because I won’t hire a ‘gardener’ my two boys are getting worn out with an old fashioned self propelled walking mower (grass can grow 3 inches a day in Oregon in summer!) so I decided to try to buy a big riding grass mower again. Going into Home Depot for items to start building the Redeem The Dream Now News Barn, a video broadcast space for weekly reporting via YouTube, I saw they were selling Toro sitting 360 degree mowers. But they only carried one. And if you buy in store, they won’t deliver for free, which makes it $100 more expensive. What does the above tell you? Over 20 years John Deer, like auto dealers, will shut HALF of their retail locations, and follow PED. They have to.


OK, this is exactly what will drive half the retail stores out of business: lack of selection and service. They can't afford to keep all the inventory on site. And that's aside from 2/3 of American citizens being maxed out on their credit cards again soon. If people have to stop buying, the remaining large retail chains will close 30% of their stores. Online retail sales has SO MANY ADVANTAGES. The selection is LIMITLESS. Online the shopping time can decrease from hours or days to minutes or an hour. So the consumer gets GREAT VALUE and the ‘Online Store’ now is like a ‘Car Dealer’ for retail products. Car dealers ‘Floor’ their inventory. Meaning they don’t buy it, they finance a certain amount being on hand. Or like Junk Yards got into high tech inventory management about a decade ago. Every car in a junk yard has a VIN (vehicle Identification number) on it. Every VIN tells EXACTLY what parts are on the car. So today almost every automobile ‘junk yard’ can tell you in minutes, on the phone which is almost online, if they have your part. If not they tell you it will take 2 days to get because they are buying it from a nearby dealer, or someone across the nation, marking up the cost and selling it to you. I hope your'e getting this. What I'm talking about is EVERYWHERE in every single industry and its about to ramp up and take all our jobs.


Bottom line CONCLUSION: THE MAJOR TREND IN RETAILING is MINIMIZING LABOR/JOBS, by decreasing the movement of people, goods and services, using advanced technologies and the internet: and it’s just getting started! Now that the internet infrastructure is ubiquitous (everywhere) and low cost, the shift to move 50% of all physical stores full of workers, to online only, will accelerate. And the loss of all the jobs in those buildings will follow. And the local lunch places that fed all those workers will have sales decreases. Many new ONLINE Retailers such as PED (Power Equipment Direct) that will be popping up will decrease the need to go into stores for a number of items which already don’t have their inventory line on the store floor: as in my lawn mower example or my day spent bedroom furniture shopping. 


My estimation is that over 10-20 years we will lose 50% of all retail stores and their jobs and 30% of jobs at remaining retail stores. This will cause 100 Million US households to lose up to 40 million jobs. If that happens too quickly at some point we have the next GREATEST DEPRESSION. We need to save America from the next total collapse and rebuild the next American dream engine starting now to start adding back those 40 million jobs, at better wages. Please help me restore the American dream in every household in America while there is time to do it. Please read the RTDNOW PLAN that restores everyone’s American dream. THEN TELL EVERYONE DAILY: ADD YOUR NAME at RTDNOW.COM and REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 2.13.56 PM.png



(I wrote this BEFORE it was known Amazon was a new predator)


NOTE: Between CVS, Wallgreens and Rite Aid there are about 32,000 Drugstores. For example, 68% of Rite Aid, who has been in and out of bankruptcy for years, is perscription drugs. What do you think will happen if perscription drug sales get centalized by 5 top players and all go online?

Yep, of 32,000 stores, 25,000 will close and 25,000 times an average of 20-30 jobs per store, that's 500,000 jobs that will be gone forever. That's the store employees, not the pharmacy ones that average 10, see below. So to cut to the chase here, 600,000 pharmacy jobs lost plus the rest of the store employees about 500,000, that's 1.1 million of the 80 million jobs I forecast we will lose over 5-10 years imploding America without the RTDNOW Plan.

Everywhere you turn, if you look, see the pics above, we are all being herded online. While they won’t reduce prices (they should by 50%!) service will improve in terms of speed and convenience but most of the retail locations and jobs in them will be GONE. And Pharmaceutical PROFITS already too big ripping 100 Million seniors off and inflating the cost of medical insurance for all, will SOAR, without the cost of 85% of current employees and locations. What distributing most prescription drugs online means is that you will only need one regional hub location for drive in and browse. 

Let’s do the numbers together. There are 67,000 pharmacies in America and 5,500 of which are in hospitals. So let’s say 60,000 non-hospital pharmacies exist in 2018. Rite Aid, a major pharmacy and odds and ends store (their weakness), has 4,600 stores in 31 states. They thrive on getting you in for your prescription and cross selling you small home items at 30% over the cost than if you shopped for them elsewhere: they get you to impulse buy. If we all mostly shop online for our prescriptions, Rite Aid that employs 89,000 people, will cease to exist. Sorry for blowing up your business model Rite Aid. You need to evolve your business model in a big way to survive and thrive. I like Rite Aid, I go in once a month for a prescription. But as prescriptions go 90% online and home delivery by drones evolves, I won’t be going in anymore. Again, advanced technologies converging that will accelerate all at once over 10 years CUTS THE WORKFORCE BY 85%!!! That’s your job or your neighbors! That’s ghost towns all across America, retail segment by retail segment, if we don’t all act to implement the RTDNOW (Redeem The Dream Now) Citizens’ PLAN to save America. And restore everyone’s American Dream.

CONCLUSIONS: Pharmacies by themselves employ about 10 people each, the total store about 20 more. 60,000 x 10 = 600,000 non hospital Jobs. 85% of these jobs will lost to advanced technologies = 510,000 Good paying pharmacy jobs will be lost over the next 20 years. Remember the theatre projectionist who ALL lost their jobs, same thing but worse! This is similar to Blockbusters Video's 60,000 employees being replaced by Netflix's 3,500 employees and their 85% permanent job reduction.  

It’s not rocket science, distribution is being centralized and automated Personal delivery will become commonplace. We already have Fedex that did that first step in the postal industry. Now imagine drones meeting you at your front porch as they alert you with a text they will arrive in 5 minutes. 

Now for the Collateral damage conclusions, pardon the pun, that will really create more than personal economic Ghost Towns for 2/3 of all Americans, but literal physical ones as you drive a landscape of empty retail buildings in what you once called your city. Cities by the way, will have filed for bankruptcy in mass, straining bankrupt States, and a broke Federal Government, because all the retailers went out of business and don’t pay taxes and EVERYONE is now on food stamps and unemployment. All of America will economically collapse like a pancake, which collapses the global financial system, which starts hot world war 4. So, Collateral, in banking terms, is the real estate pledged to lenders as collateral for the loan on these buildings, all Rite Aids, and other pharmacies are in. Most Rite Aids are leased on 50 year leases from, the builder/developer, who got the loan from the bank. As Rite Aid folds, they’ve been in and out of bankruptcy already over the years, ALL these THOUSANDS of properties become TROUBLED loans at the banks. Remember HALF of all domestic bank loans are on such, Commercial, meaning non residential, properties. Past due more than a few months, banks must write them off as total losses. This makes Bank profits crater. Making Banking stocks crater. Making the stock market crater. Banks fail again as this same scenario repeats through retail segments of the economy if as I worry, it will all happen in mass about 5-15 years out in a 3-4 year period. The U.S. Government then has to PRINT $10 TRILLION to bail out the banks again as the world won’t lend to a failed economy. Inflation then runs rampant and your stagnant wages are worth 10 cents on the dollar. And in 100 Million American households, of which 65% have two wage earners in 2018 to survive, will have lost one of the two jobs. Household debt and default on that debt to stay afloat will skyrocket.

MY FRIENDS, WE WILL ALL, 2/3 OF ALL AMERICANS, WILL BE LIVING THE EPIC JOHN STEINBECK NOVEL, LATER MADE INTO A MOVIE: THE GRAPES OF WRATH, if we all don’t effortlessly band together quickly online, and 300 Million As 1, Add Our Names to REDEEM THE DREAM NOW at RTDNOW.COM, while we have time to self-correct and implement the RTDNOW PLAN that creates 40 Million new well paying jobs over the next 10 years that will stay to replace the ones we are ALL about to lose. 

I’ve given about 10 examples here to implore you to Save America with me, and I can give 90 more. Just look at everything you buy and ask yourself if it can be sent to you online from one Amazon like distribution hub for every single metro area of 1-15 Million people. It’s our Armageddon, and it’s literally on every single American doorstep today in 2018. And also on your cell phone and lap top staring at you. Please wake up and take action with me now. We are all looking the death of the American Dream and the collapse of America right in the eyes. This affects EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN somewhat equally. It’s sink or swim as a nation. 300 Million As 1 GET BUSY: ADD YOUR NAME then tell everyone RTDNOW.COM daily!

REALLY ADRIAN? 30% JOB LOSSES AT THE 50% of non food RETAILERS THAT DON’T GO OUT OF BUSINESS??? Up to 70% retail job losses at non food retailers???


May, 2018, Sherwood, Oregon. “Sky Signs” like these that take 1-2 people to put up the daily message, in this case, “Hotter and Juicier”, won’t be needed. Like theaters, it will all become digital. So one person in Macdonald’s global headquarters will change it in 10 seconds, replacing the work of two people per location for half an hour Daily over 37,000 locations worldwide. 

Inside theaters, all the posters inside all along the walls advertising new films will all become digital. That’s reducing labor at 5,500 locations that contain 39,000 screens. On average about six screens per location. When I was 16 years old, 43 short years ago, for my first summer job to buy a good football helmet to keep my brains intact I worked at the famous Culver Theatre in Culver City, California: heart of the Hollywood movie world down the street from MGM and Sony studios. Now called the Kirk Douglass theatre. My backyard growing up on “Fear” Street, Hazelton (8-plex small apartments) in Culver City was the MGM backlot with props like world war 2 airplanes we’d occasionally play in. But we ran that one screen theatre with three people most of the time: tickets, projectionist and concessions. The local historical Cameo Theatre in Newberg, Oregon today is a classic one screener like the Culver Theatre and is still run that way by a proud second generation owner. Today’s 6-10 screen theaters nationwide have 20-30 people on payroll at least with half working peak times, good starter jobs like I had for young people, but you can see by putting many screens together they reduced workforce. Old formula was minimum of 3 workers per single screen. Times 10 screens meant 30 people if all single screen theaters. Multiple screen theaters have 10 screens and operate with HALF as many employees at an given time. So movie theaters have ALREADY HAD A 50% WORKFORCE REDUCTION over the last 20 years.Today there’s NO projectionists, that’s all digital. So on 39,000 screens nationwide about 39,000 projectionists jobs vanished over the last 20 years. But wait! There's more! Some brainchild figured out that people didn't like waiting in TWO lines so the ticket booth people, 1-4 depending on the size of the theatre, just got eliminated as people walk directly to the concession stand (if its not peak time) and buy a ticket with some food. This increased food sales. But notice these trends. Then multiply them across the nation to every community. And EVERY business.

That’s just a glimpse at America today. Workforce reduction is not new. It’s a longer term trend and hard to see, but it will now start to accelerate RAPIDLY. So fast over the next five years we won't know what hit us. That’s where the recent billionaire tax cuts will be spent given to them by a Billionaire President, he's part of their club not 300 million citizens, wake up. Remember I don't care what party he says he belongs to, this did not do good for the American people. Getting rid of 50% of all of our retail jobs: up to 40 Million Jobs about to be lost!All retail locations that will survive going forward nationwide will become more efficient, laying off, 30% of their workers, your job, due to new or in the case of this digital sign, updating of technology, self check out, etc. Profit at these remaining retail locations will go up by 30% as 30% of the jobs and employee cost will go away: that’s why they’re doing it. That’s separate and on top of about half the retail locations across America closing, up to 50% of them, and ALL THE JOBS IN THEM, closing in the next 20 years as most of sales are done over the internet reducing 100% of the jobs and employee costs per each location they close. See Sears, see Toys R Us, see blockbuster. GONE! Today 2/1/20 as I'm editing and updating this for launch I looked up Sears again. They once had 3,500 stores nationally. They are closing 96 more and there will only be 182 stores left (Sears / Kmart) nationwide. Sorry to scare the daylights out of you but this is epic. How can our politicians all miss it and do nothing? Because they don't work for us. You have to represent yourself. That's what RTDNOW is all about. ADD YOUR NAME!


So while Starbucks may keep opening locations (their interior sign boards will also soon go digital) because they have to hand you a product NOW, not in 1-3 days shipping, ALL the other retailers nationwide are drooling at the increase in profits by reducing employee cost and ‘increasing’ sales by doing more sales online.  Why? A 30% increase in profit will double their stock price. Who owns that stock? 35% of Americans who will have to sell it to survive. Then what? To correct the quote the 2018 sitting President Who Misspoke ON PURPOSE AGAIN when he passed his billionaire tax cut HE SAID “You just got a whole lot richer.” The truth was we all got about $2 Trillion poorer! But understand, he was talking to the big corporations and billionaires who will use that money to invest in advanced technologies and take all the remaining jobs as I’ve explained above: not the 300 million ordinary citizens I'm talking to. The last tax cuts they got from 90%-28% over five decades were used to take all their factories overseas and that was the last loss of 40 Million good jobs.So you tell me, “As up to 60-80 Million retail Jobs Are now soon to be obliterated by the acceleration of advanced technologies, what will happen to the household finances in America, in every home, if we do nothing?” 90% of household’s income will decrease by 30-50% and nobody will be able to pay their bills and the economy will crash somewhat permanently. Yes, the next Great Depression and total collapse of the American economy will be upon us all.


There’s only 100 Million households or so. Worse case this affect 50% of ALL American households. That’s catastrophic. That’s an economic nuclear bomb.To wrap this all together and bring my point home to you, what is going to be different over the next 20 years is THE SPEED. Projectionists for example is one small job nationally and that phased out over 10 years. But America is 70% retail and we are talking about 50% of ALL RETAIL JOBS in 10-20 years; it will affect EVERYONE IN AMERICA about the same time. If we don’t start building the next American Dream engine outlined in my (Adrian's) RTDNOW Citizen’s Plan soon, by about 2020, that creates 80 Million new good paying jobs fast and 80 million more over 10 years, America and the American Dream will be gone, out of business, by 2040. 


1/3 of Americans are living in economic ghost towns in 2018 with 2/3 of their earning power and savings stripped away over the last 30 years.

That’s what tyranny is by the way. If we don’t all act 300 Million As 1 this will expand to 2/3 of all Americans over the next 10-20 years. America will rapidly turn into a third world country if you let it.Please read the RTDNOW All Citizens PLAN, I wrote it for every single American: then add your name and keep telling everyone RTDNOW.COM

Know you know why I titled my music project: The Rock Opera to Save America. Because it is. 

Get busy!

Just in case I haven't made my point this affects EVERY person and family and child in America, look at the pic below. Computers in retail food locations, and the like, will over time eliminate half, except for peak dinner and lunch hours, the oder taker people at the cash register. Everywhere you look, we will be losing jobs, and our population keeps growing. Do you own math, its an armageddon outcome for the US citizens and economy if we just all watch. REDEEM THE DREAM NOW! While theres time.


Example: Home Depot, a survivor of the coming retail closing of 50% of all stores. In the attached pic taken in store, Only 1 of 16 Gazebos shown, the $99 one, are carried in store. 150 more choices are shown ONLINE. Less and less will be carried in store. The non frequent purchase items will leave First because the retailer pays for the retail space: if it’s not an active’s gonna all be gone soon. So what does that mean for 2,274 Home Depot’s stores across America that employ 400,000 people? 

Well, they can open stores half that size in the future employing fewer people. The large stores will continue to move non frequent good online to an Amazon online selling model. The 2,274 stores will need 30% less employees and be more consulting based. And even that is being automated to an APP that will automatically say to you "Hey Bob, you always need Weed Killer, it's on sale today on Aisle 1" and so forth. Meaning they will quickly be taking the next step from do it yourself to automating helping you do it yourself. For Home Depot to conquer its niche FURTHER, like Amazon or Wallmart, they will buy a national roofing company, etc. 

You’ll come to Home Depot in the futures to plan and buy LARGER dollar items like a roof. You’re welcome HD, I just did your business plan for you. But please note: you should be able to bring prices WAY DOWN for the consumer. I’m in favor of bigger companies, ONLY IF they drive DOWN prices and keep them low and pay their non executive employees very well! I'm tired of subsidizing Wallmart employees with food stamps because they under pay them so.


McDonalds robot order takers above.

Panera Bread same below. It's everywhere

Kinda all at once. What I'm talking about

this Hockey stick curve of acclerating

technology coming so fast it will displace 

up to 50% of all retail works along with non food retail store closings up to half of all stores!

Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 7.08.34 PM.png


So, if we now have machines to sort blueberries at high speed, we have car washes retooling to be drive through and reduce employees from 10 to 3, see the 70% workforce decrease again? Now who works in agriculture and car washes? Many that don't have green cards. This is why the anti immigration push began 3 years ago. In 15 years Corporations won't need half as many illegals to do manual labor, so they're 'laying them off' so to speak with tough immigration policy. But they're not hiring any citizens.

Ghost Towns
  • Why are ANY ghost towns in America acceptable? (Hint: because you let them and you didn't have a way to end them until now. RTDNOW!)

  • How do we transform them all OVER-NIGHT? (Hint: 300 million as 1 add your name to Adrian's All Citizens Plan and write in his name for President.)

  • What can you do with your Smart Phone to make it happen OVER-NIGHT? (Hint: SHARE Tell everyone every single day RTDNOW.COM)

  • The RTDNOW Plan changes the economic channel from GHOST TOWNS TO BOOM TOWNS. How can it revitalize EVERY American city OVER-NIGHT?


(Answer: the RTDNOW Economic Bill of Rights doubles the income of 90% of Americans OVER-NIGHT and funds the starting of a new small business revolution: the economic engine that made America a superpower. Small businesses create 2 of every 3 new jobs. That means they create and fuel 67% of all new American Dreams. Add your name 300 Million As 1 and as we pass RTDNOW ACTS, it will happen OVER-NIGHT!)

Ghost Towns

Words and Music by ADRIAN

Sun refused to shine, water didn't turn to wine
No truthful reasons given, for desolations across our nation
My town used to thrive, people worked like a hive
Musicians played love songs, we all sang and danced along


Now they’re all Ghost jobs left around (no good ones)
Ghost Towns...Economy burned down! (Technology's)
They’re all Ghost Towns...shadows of what we adored (Firing us all)
I don't want to live in Ghost Towns no more!


Politician’s coming through, make the same speeches
Have to change our ways, to bring back better days


Kinda makes me wonder, about repeated blunder
Never heard thunder, when lightening struck us asunder


Now they’re all Ghost jobs around (no good ones)
Ghost Towns...Economy burned down!
They’re all Ghost Towns...shadows of what we adored
I don't want to live in a Ghost Town no more!

They don’t care, we live in ghost towns everyday

We can’t be their fools anymore!

If they had a real plan to restore your American Dream

You would have heard about it already

Globalization, Oh My God, They knew jobs would leave at

30 cents a day, versus, $30 a day, or $30 an hour
We can’t be their fools anymore!

HOW IN THE WORLD? (Redeem the Dream)  [Repeats]

How in the world did any of our so-called leader think

We could survive on an economy that’s 70% retail???

They weren’t thinking! They were paid not too!!!!

They gave us coast-to-coast


They gave us GHOST TOWNS!!!


Now they’re all Ghost Towns...not many jobs around
Ghost Towns...Economy burned down!
They’re all Ghost Towns...shadows of what we adored
I don't want to live in a Ghost Town no more!


Minimum wage jobs are not real jobs. They’re temporary.

You can’t get ahead anymore. Time to fight for your future.

If you don’t, nobody else will. Redeem the dream now!

Tell everyone. Add you name. How did it get this far?


Things only improve, when we remove, the Ghosts that still haunt us
As globalization, robotics and the Internet come to full maturity

We will lose 40% of our jobs over the next 20 years

You think its bad now? We’re gonna have Ghost Towns coast-to-coast

If we don’t take action. Tell Everyone

Redeem The Dream at RTDNOW.COM




In breaking news, unemployment continued at all time highs

High School graduates are having trouble finding minimum wage jobs

They’re all being filled by adults. In important news

Pawn Stars has a new show. People are selling more of their good than ever

Just to say afloat. It’s a big hit!

In a related breaking news story, our favorite teen idol was caught

Throwing more eggs again. Now economic news!

Good news for the Kardashians! More shopping trips to spend money made

By doing nothing. Later, we’ll speak with Dr. Oz! It’ll make you feel better

Just by hearing him speak. Really! He’s that good.

In Lebanon, Oregon, today, three leather clad teenage rockers

We’re seen entering the country fairgrounds

Looking for Adrian’s American Spirit Revival Tour

But they were told they were three years early

On Capital Hill today, law makers continued spending ½ their time

Begging for money from Corporate donors,

Instead of reading the Bills they vote on

Or putting together a real economic plan

To restore the prosperity of every American family.

In a related story, almost every elected official

Failed to protect our Democracy, from a Corporate Takeover

Of our political system, which culminated in the farcical

Citizen United ruling, by a body of political appointees

We call them, The Supreme Court, that legalized buying politicians

That flood of money in politics, watered down regulations

Which protected our economic security, and without any

Economic or Democratic plan to save America

Our so-called leaders gave us coast-to-coast Ghost Towns

The buildings are there, the businesses are not

Half of all Americans work in minimum wage jobs

And that’s only 50% of us working!

Wages have stayed flat for the last 20 years

While the cost of living tripled

But all our politicians knew this

And all they gave us, was Ghost Towns

It’s morning in America. Let that rattle through your veins

It’s time for a new morning in America!

To redo, what we didn’t get right, the first time.


The Real Story of the American Dream In Context

of Adrian's Song “Ghost Towns"



  • HOW WE ALL FIX IT OVERNIGHT and prevent our 3RD collapse 

  • HORRIFIC AMERICAN DREAM Economic turning points OF THE 1970’s 


President Calvin Coolidge-1927


The roaring 20’s over the cliff ‘easy-money’ policies and lack of leadership to curtail that created the total collapse of the US economy in 1929. Adding to this was imposing trade tariffs, and letting the stock market get overblown until it totally crashed. (Sound familiar, its what's happening right now from 2016-2020 I guess this is our roaring 20's 100 years later OMG). This crash came after a bad treaty of Versailles that ended World War 1 that had put Germany into poverty, killed a reemerging German economy, which led to the rise of fascism and Hitler and World War 2 ensued causing 80 MILLION (50 MILLION were civilians) DEATHS worldwide. People ask what’s the downside of poor economic leadership: death to 80 million in 1938-1945. ‘Markets can regulate themselves’ ridiculous economic policy created titanic economic inequality and led to the Great Depression, and the same events are now leading us one and all into the 2nd Great Depression. Nobody reads history and none of our leaders care about the future of 300 million American citizens. Obviously, because they are repeating 1927 economic history. Trump doesn’t read: again, obviously.

President Herbert Hoover-1929 


An activist President, versus do nothing and watch, for history, he became the Great Depression patsy as it occurred just as he took office. He rapidly created citizen focused programs to start to expand economic access and equality to the oppressed citizens and rebalance the epic imbalance in American wealth. 2018 is like 1929 where less than 10% control upwards of 90% of the wealth in America.

If we don't all act 300 million as 1 at RTDNOW.COM by adding our names and supporting the movement we will repeat the Great Depression only it will be much much worse. Unlike Mr. Hoover, I see it all coming and put together an all Citizens Plan to head it off, or if nobody answers my call, fix it after all the pain and suffering of a prolonged collapse.

Roy A. Young, 1927-1930 Federal Reserve President


Deer in the headlights, brain dead ‘qualified’ people ever see anything coming. They’re all just taking orders and don’t work for the citizens. The Federal Reserve is an internationally owned money cartel since its inception in 1913 that makes money for themselves. They do not represent America or the American citizen: obviously.

President Franklin Roosevelt, 1933


FDR introduced The New Deal, which only repackaged Hoover’s programs for citizen access to home loans and the like. But he also created corporate industry collusions, price fixing and the like, that led to worse unemployment of 35% after 8 years and the start of the Military Industrial Complex as a major employer. Only letting Japan bomb Pearl Harbor led to the end of that never ending Great Depression so all idle factories and workers were instantly put to wartime production. This saved America from a national revolt by 50 Million to 100 Million hungry suffering unemployed citizens. Today we don't have all those idle factories to 'restart'. They've mostly been dismantled. Oopps.

President Richard Nixon, 1971


He was called ‘Tricky Dicky’ for a reason. He took America off the gold standard which enabled modern SUPER-SONIC runaway government spending as they could now just print as much money or debt as they wanted. This resulted in runaway inflation which in effect made people pay twice as much for everything which was a de facto 50% unauthorized citizen tax! It made their savings worth ½ as much in value. He also opened the door to China so Corporate America could get labor at 5 cents on the dollar and begin to export American factories and jobs. Epic blunder #3 by Nixon was making a functioning national healthcare system that was Non-profit, for profit. He deregulated Healthcare. Today healthcare is bankrupting the nation and its citizens as a result. Nixon was drunk in Office and was impeached and removed. Thanks a lot Dick for setting in motion the next 50-year cycle of creating nationwide ghost towns!

Alan ‘the Maestro’ Greenspan, 1987-2006 Federal Reserve Chairman


Alan known as led us to several recessions by repeating what Roy Young did parroting ‘markets can regulate themselves’. Yes, Alan, just like criminals can. This led to $16 Trillion in new Federal debt (over a 10X increase in an amazingly short amount of time) to bail out an economy that kept failing. His two decades of ‘Easy Money’ also led to the bilking of all American citizens with an out of control ‘Too Big to Fail’ globalized banking system, which preys upon American citizens masking their earning power loss with home equity loans which eventually bankrupts all the citizens. FYI after 30 years you’re supposed to own your home free and clear, not have spent every cent of equity.

President Barak Obama, 2008-2016


The modern patsy for bad economic policies and the modern Great Depression economic collapse of 2010 that came shortly after he took office, and led to a worldwide financial collapse. Massive public debt (that’s not a long term solution, it’s like economic heroin, you crash again after it wears off, that’s about 7 years from today in 2018, about 2025) propped up a failed economy that had lost 40% of its earning power over 40 years, because government officials were paid off to let that happen, setting up the next President, Trump, to look like a stock market hero for doing nothing but inheriting the aftermath of the Obama stimulus as it fully kicked in. Which by the way should have had the economy growing by 20%. Because it’s growing by 3% that means it’s declining in real terms by about 15%.

President Donald Trump? 2016-? 


We shall see if he is removed for 2016 Russian election meddling. But starting a trade war with someone you owe $1 Trillion to like China with Tariffs, is a lot like President Coolidge years causing our first Great Depression. Tax cuts for Billionaires just passed caused the stock market to jump up. 30-60 Million Americans are happy, 270 Million 300 Million got poorer as inequality became worse. Inequality is not just a word. It means more Americans will be hurting financially. The mega wealthy are using that Billionaire tax cut money for technology to reduce workforce’s by 70%, cut more jobs, many more, with artificial intelligence and robotics connected to the internet. He just accelerated the total collapse of the economy by adding $2 Trillion to national debt that pushes us faster to the $40 Trillion national debt tipping point and loss of 20-40 Million more jobs to advanced technologies. Thanks a lot Don. Read some history books please. 2018 is equivalent in our history to the Roaring 1920’s before the crash. Mark my words, in about 2023 the stock market could be Down 50% because citizen debt is again at all time highs, nobody can affort to buy stuff, and we are all about to lose 30% of our earning power as advanced technologies take away 20-40 Million jobs and put Downward pressure in wages through accelerating digital globalization. What’s that? Well after manufacturing left to reduce their labor costs by 80%, now, the second half of the Corporama’s plan will unfold. Millions of Knowledge jobs will also leave, but do it, ‘digitally’. And what America will we have in 10-30 years after endless Billionaire tax cuts like under Mr. T? A Billionaire’s country club (or plantation) of 100 major corporations, 60 Million citizens living in a corporate wage ‘middle’ earning class, and by 2040, 300 Million ordinary citizens hungry and in debt enslavement will be living below the poverty line. That’s what we’re all staring right in the eyes. It’s time to change course and build our own future. 300 million as 1 add your name at RTDNOW.COM

Adrian, Citizen Equality Activist WITH AN ALL CITIZENS PLAN TO RESTORE EVERYONE'S AMERICAN DREAM, and write in Candidate for President of the United States 2024


Adrian is proposing the 300 Million Citizen RTDNOW Equality PLAN he wrote, to end money in politics, create a citizen focused economy, and restart the American Dream engine in every home in America, and put ongoing control of government in the palm of 300 million citizens hands. And he wrote his plan to happen OVERNIGHT! Read the RTDNOW (Redeem The Dream Now) Plan, it changes policy to double citizen net household income overnight and has a 10 year plan to replace the 40 million minimum wage jobs being lost over the next 20 years to advanced technologies with high paying jobs in every city in America. The RTDNOW PLAN saves America from total economic collapse in our time, and restores everyone’s American Dream overnight. Read it now at RTDNOW.COM/Movement/Plan. Then tell everyone daily as you hear the next free redemption song: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW! Add Your Name at RTDNOW.COM

The pictorial above walks through epic Presidential and Federal Reserve policy blunders that lead to, and accelerate, the downward spiral in American citizen prosperity over the last 100 years, and create MORE coast-to-coast economic ghost towns and poverty in America. 


Today we time traveled to examine American Dream history’s 50-Year-Cycle of epic presidential economic policy failures throwing more and more American citizens trusting elected officials, paid off (by donations, lobbying jobs, book deals, etc.) by the global wealth class elite, whom I collectively call, the Corporama, into poverty and endless debt. In 2018 that equals 100 million Americans (30%: 1 in 3 Americans!) living below the poverty line of $47,000 for a family of four. Their American dreams are dead at the moment. We will examine what’s leading us to the next epic failure of our whole economy in 2030-2040 and how that will, if not addressed now, with the 300 Million Citizen RTDNOW Equality PLAN, will push another 100 million Americans, a total of 200 million below the poverty line by 2040. That would be 2 out of every 3 Americans and would lead to real revolt or World War 3. Just like in World War 2 when the U.S. economy would not restart. History repeats. Think of it that way and this is easy to predict, and avoid, if we all act together now.


And maybe a third World War (hot, cold, technological, or economic, or a combination), if we don’t all act 300 Million As 1 to end runaway a government that hasn’t represented the American citizen with a heartbeat (our illustrious Supreme Court which doesn’t represent the citizens anymore either formalized this in 2010 by making Corporations, ‘Artificial Citizens’ with free speech rights which means they can ‘donate’ freely to politicians. Chilling.) for decades, and results in growing national poverty, lack of nationwide economic production and lack of citizen prosperity. Hijacked economic policy has nearly killed all 300 million ordinary citizen’s American dreams.


We will also discuss how we all fix our economic problems and create nationwide citizen prosperity by 300 million as 1 adding our names to the RTDNOW PLAN to save America from total economic collapse and restore everyone’s American dream overnight.  



We can start with 100 MILLION living below the poverty line of $47,000 for a family of four. 36 Million Americans on Food Stamps. And about 44 million also have student loans totaling $1.5 Trillion of which 70% can’t pay. About half of America today lives in a Personal ECONOMIC GHOST TOWN at this moment! 


Add to that about 20 million seniors who can’t pay for drugs they need, and 20 million homeless and hungry daily in America. That’s about 140 million people who feel like they live in a second or third world country as opposed to a first world country everyday. That’s about 40% of all Americans with low income and piling up debt to survive, WORSE than the great depression. It’s just all invisible today and the corporate owned media doesn’t report it. That’s the massive inequality we face today is like in 1900.


Factories gone, good jobs gone and leaving, wages stagnated for 30 years buying 1/3 of what it did in 1990, what’s left? Minimum wage jobs with no security and no benefits. Oops! Half of those may leave in the next 10-20 years. Rural America suffers more from wages that are at least 30% under what bigger city jobs pay. 1/3 of Americans have 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. Without jobs cities implode: big and small. See Detroit. Vacant homes for decades are being given away or demolished. 


Here are the signs of your town (or life) could be on its way to being an economic Ghost Town:


  1. Most jobs are near minimum wage

  2. Most businesses are retail

  3. You’re considering moving for a better job

  4. You’re in debt that takes 75%+ of your monthly income

  5. Your household and city just are adding debt

  6. Both husband and wife work and you still have a lot of debt


I’m estimating that’s about half the people in half the cities and towns in America right now. Your wages stay flat, your cost of food and such triples; you go into debt, all before the economy crashes again. Your financial outlook becomes a ghost town. Consumer debt nationally is higher than before the great recession and totals about $19 Trillion. 


But we can fix that all OVERNIGHT for every single citizen, especially the 140 million I pointed out above. Help me get 100 Million to 300 Million add their names at RTDNOW.COM to implement the RTDNOW Citizen’s PLAN that reduces the household cost of living by 50% by changing monetary policy. That’s what I call and ‘Elegant Solution’. Quick, effective and doesn’t cost hardly anything. But you gotta act with me.


As of 2017 such notable California cities such as San Bernardino, and Stockton, filed for bankruptcy. The most epic and well known of course is Detroit, Michigan. But this is a growing problem across America. 


Why? In short its reduced income and consistent obligations. Income down as people lose jobs and take lower wages or part time work, that are not recorded or taxed. Also, cities tend to have good benefits and lots of retirement benefits to pay out. And 100 million baby boomers are retiring over the next 10 years. Oops! So cities will have to pay retirement benefits plus pay for new employees, or not replace retiring people. When the rubber meets the road on all this it means less basic services or an increase in property taxes. So this is why cities compete like their lives depend on it for new factories (see the nationwide competition for the next Amazon HQ of over 200 cities) and jobs and new tax revenues, if any, after tax breaks given to land the company.


In a recent ranking of 116 major US cites with more than 200,000 people in terms of poor financial health, 16 major US cities ranked below 50 on a scale of 100 in terms of their financial viability. The bottom 20 major cities in this ranking and their populations:

*Above Pop is short for Population, stated in millions of people. 

2.7 means 2,700,000 people. 270,000 people is shown as .27

It’s obvious, like how less people paying in can’t keep Social Security solvent. Numbers alone don’t show the real and full picture of trends or efforts in progress. But this is a bit how I predicted the 2009 Great Recession, with pinpoint accuracy a year before with such details such as the almost overnight 5% drop in interest rates from 8.25% to 3.25%, and Citibank stock dropping from $50 to below $5.00 per share, it fell to $1.00. And the stock market crashing by 50% from 14,000 to 6,800. Elsewhere in my writings and Podcasts I tell that story in more depth. Let’s just say it as simple as overlaying major trends as I’m doing here, that nobody is doing, and saying when it all goes bad the bottom 10% fail immediately. Which of course dominos down the whole economy. 


So that’s the bad news for many cities all across America. The good news? Add you name to the RTDNOW PLAN 300 million as 1 and we will start the new American dream engine in every household creating 40 million new well paying jobs across American. That will refloat cities’ finances again.


Let’s step through the causation history briefly. In short, the economy (and government) since the 1920’s (right after World War 1) started to become controlled by the banking industry, which then guided the policy of government that we don’t always see or hear about, to serve mega corporations owned and funded by Wall Street, and then of course famously ended with the Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression. 


Then of course after a few decades they are back at it again doing the same things that caused the Great Depression: lax monetary policy. Clinton and Alan Greenspan brought that back in the 1990’s as Wall St. was deregulated and monetary policy was allowed to explode, which caused several recessions thereafter. This cycle of tight and lax monetary policy goes on again and again about every 50 years. It’s our American dream boom-bust cycle I want to fix with the RTDNOW PLAN. Please read it.

The RTDNOW PLAN creates permanent citizen activism so this time the next generation does NOT do it all over again putting money into politics to deregulate again and leave the American citizen with ANOTHER $26 TRILLION dollar bill to pay as the wealth class elite all ride off with Billions and don’t go to prison. 


That’s how inequality in America keeps getting worse: this built in boom-bust cycle driven by money in politics. It’s the financial tyranny we can’t wipe out until we get 100 million to 300 million to add their names at to get money out of politics.


The criminal theft of your American dream, your buying power, your good jobs, that’s total corruption of the government, what we playfully all call RUNAWAY GOVERNMENT. It is a systemic failed economic strategy caused by corporate money in politics that repeats and is now leading to the next total collapse of America in 10-20 years. PLEASE READ THE RTDNOW PLAN, which removes money from politics, which enables us to restructure the American economy to work for the ordinary citizen, not against us. 




If the economic ghost towns of today were caused by massive money in politics, which elected candidates with a corporate agenda, how did that ramp up in the last 50 years? The Lewis Powell Memo of 1971 explicitly called for Corporate America to overthrow the policy of the American government and educational system to misinform and control the people. Powell as you will recall was President Nixon’s private attorney, whom he appointed to the Supreme Court, to start rigging that to the Corporate agenda. This subversion of American government by corporate interests is why I’m calling for a national RTDNOW APPELLATE SUPREME COURT where each State will have a Justice, and the States can overrule false Supreme Court rulings, or table them for deep review, such as Corporate Citizen’s United of 2010, with an on the spot 60% vote. Presently we don’t have any ACTIVE AND IMMEDIATE tools in how government functions, to make government work for the people, BEFORE, it runs away. The RTDNOW APPELLATE SUPREME COURT is the mechanism to put the Genie back in the bottle. That solves one problem of runaway government. Once something is passed it can’t be removed. Now we will be able to stop the horse as its trying to leave the stable.

So the Supreme Court in 2010 made legal what was going on for decades illegally: politicians paid off by dark money (business loans, home loans, stock in new companies, promises of lobbying jobs, book deals, etc) which was the funding for all the Presidents since Nixon to sell out the American citizen. This, the Supreme Court ruling made money in politics 100 times WORSE!!! And opened the door to the total death of our democracy and Republican (nation of laws made for the people) way of life.


Wonderful President Nixon also ‘opened the door’ to China. Why? We had all the factories here in America. All the good jobs here in America. All the buying capacity after World War 2 to buy their products, here in America. This was the start of the EXPORTING of good American jobs by exporting big factories. Why? So mega corporations could avoid labor unions (almost extinct today) and benefits to employees, to avoid paying good wages, to avoid environmental regulations, to avoid taxes they want the citizen to pay. And most importantly to avoid being nationalized, regulated, and broken up when the next Teddy Roosevelt, or an Adrian, became President.





1971 and in particular President Nixon, was such a MAJOR AMERICAN DREAM TURNING POINT, a negative one, as you are now seeing. What else happened about then? Well, he began the industry-by-industry DEREGULATION Trend. “Deregulation” is code language for increasing the citizen cost 1,000 percent and giving those profits to Corporate Kings, who then donate to politicians to keep money in politics and the corporate take over of America rolling. 


Nixon deregulated Healthcare. It had been NON-Profit and affordable and under control cost wise. He made it for profit. So now something that should be 10-12% of total economic costs nationwide is about 30% of the whole economy! OK, that’s 20% of nationwide costs roughly going into the pockets of Healthcare conglomerates being sucked out of every single American and small business. And the insult to that injury is we still don’t have adequate healthcare for all! The RTDNOW PLAN would recreate a nationwide NON-Profit Healthcare system for 300 million American citizens. It’s easy, we just start paying our own system. Think of Amazon for Healthcare but OWNED BY THE CITIZENS so the cost doesn’t keep escalating. The existing Healthcare for profit system will remain: for those who can afford it. That’s RTDNOW thinking in action. 


One of the leading costs of personal bankruptcy in America is unexpected healthcare cost: doesn’t matter if you have insurance. And because healthcare is SO EXPENSIVE NOW people avoid treatments and visits to avoid high deductibles and many Americans are dying 10 years early. EVERYONE in America, over 40, knows 1-2 people they have lost early. Tim Ellis my music producer was lost early to cancer because he avoided using healthcare to avoid costs. We spoke many times on this. It's so sad, he was like the most wonderful father and dude in Portland, OR. He's in the rock and roll hall of fame here! THIS IS KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS. It’s criminal. 300 million as 1, add your name at RTDNOW.COM and we will fix this social (it affects 150 million minorities in America with lower incomes worse) and economic oppression of all 300 million ordinary hard working Americans.


In 1973 (two years after the Lewis Powell Memo) something else curiously happened about the same time. The Powell Memo worked and it triggered all the elites to action. In review, the protest movement of the 1960’s for Civil Rights and ending the Vietnam War (American’s economic imperialism of Southeast Asia) scared Powell into writing his infamous memo. They thought that WE THE PEOPLE would actually kick them out and run our own country like it was supposed to be: the real American dream of citizen government versus the money monarchy we suffer under.


So the elites established a new secret organization called the Trilateral Commission. It was started by a Billionaire named Rockefeller (from old Standard Oil Money who monopolized the Oil Industry in America before Teddy Roosevelt served him an arrest warrant and broke up Standard Oil for defrauding the American public) who invited other super elites and Presidents and government officials (from around the world) to join so he could dictate the Corporama’s economic and military policy for America to support global corporate expansion. 


In my estimation, Rockefeller followed the Lewis Powell vision for Corporate America to rule America and the world. See that for what it is, that means our elected officials do not run our government, they ‘the commission’ do. That was also the start of rampant international banking, to control money worldwide, which led to the first huge bailout of the banks (by you and me, national debt) as all the third world debt went bad. This is the irony of the tragedy of the decline of America over the last 50 years: it didn’t have to happen. All that money could have been invested in American businesses, in American citizen skills being improved so they could have careers and double their income and live their American dreams. WE have 100 MILLION IN POVERTY NOW. 30% of ALL CITIZENS! It should be less than 5%. There’s no reason or excuse for the theft of the American dream as I’m explaining it except sociopathic Alexander the Great megalomaniacs who think they get to make all the decisions. These Jack the Rippers killed the American dream. 


You can read Republican Senator Barry Goldwater’s book, No Apologies, which criticized the Trilateral ‘Commission’ (I guess they ‘Commissioned’ themselves, they always use language to make themselves seem important, that’s the tip off that something’s not right) for seeking to seize control of four centers of power: Political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical. Which meant to create a world power superior to any government’s power worldwide. On the left, Noam Chomsky points out in his book, The Crisis of Democracy, that ‘the commission’ wanted to make the public passive so they could do what they wanted. And sadly, they succeeded over five decades that I grew up in. In 1971 I was 13. All their theft of our government by the people, our citizen wealth, our national wealth all disappeared since then. It’s no accident, obviously. 


It’s VERY hard to turn the richest most productive nation the world has ever seen into a bankrupt one in 3-4 decades, collapsing again and again, now with 100 million in poverty and 100 million more on the way in the next collapse in 10-20 years. The answer to HOW DID THEY CREATE COAST TO COAST ECONOMIC GHOST TOWNS ACROSS AMERICA is that they used Nixon to open China, which led to the export of ¾ of major factories across America and all the jobs that were in them to third world countries. This took all the corporations Tax Revenues out of the US: they avoided taxes. 


With no reinvestment here in America for decades, monetary scam after scam, some I described like Nixon taking us off the Gold Standard so they could print any amount of money to fund the loss of the corporations and their tax revenue. This led to cities and States going into high debt or going bankrupt. This led to cities and States violently competing to move companies by offering more give always and tax breaks to bring jobs. This created a never-ending downward economic spiral as the city and State tax losses from corporation was passed onto citizens in the form of fees and property taxes. Just Brilliant! Reminds me of bad criminal masterminds movie: but this happened!


Mega Corporations just said ‘we’re not playing’ took their companies away, then made it a race to the bottom for taxes they pay and that is why wages across America have been STAGNANT FOR 30 YEARS! Yes, I make the same base salary I did in 1985 in 2018. Many of us do. Now prices have risen 300% in that time. That means all the corporations are richer than ever and their ‘system’ is creating POVERTY AND GHOST TOWNS ALL ACROSS AMERICA. Even though we may be mostly employed in 2020 for the moment. You lost 66% of what your hourly toil buys you! You make that up with debt. That’s smooth economic tyranny (invisible MASSIVE taxes) you don’t even see! And it affects us all somewhat equally.


This is why the RTDNOW PLAN takes back control of the American economics across the country and in every household by creating the new American economic American dream engine and reducing the cost of living by 50% by changing monetary policy to favor the citizen with such things as 1% home loans that reduce your biggest expense by 50%. The RTDNOW PLAN restores the citizen’s earning power OVERNIGHT and creates a path forward to avoid total economic collapse again. Isn’t it odd we keep collapsing? Does anyone else notice that?


See it for what it is, WE THE PEOPLE never did and don’t control our government or economic policy. Until RTDNOW there has been NO plan to increase the earning power of 300 Million citizens. Just further decline under the rigged elitist economic system I’ve discussed above. As I’ve pointed out in other Time Traveler Moments, it was just James Madison alone who wrote the words WE THE PEOPLE in a Constitution that took away ALL citizen and States rights. The Bill of Rights (that’s why we needed to ‘add it in’ all citizen rights in the Bill had been taken away!) was a concession to stop the 3rd American Revolution which was brewing as all the people who fought for their rights saw them taken away 7 short years after they got them by the Gentlemen Class, the few elites of their time, in 1789. 


And by the way, that’s all the sitting President in 2010 is doing by constantly lying all the time. Gee, it worked so well for 240 years, (take away States rights and Citizen rights at Independence Hall is a priceless historical example of Fake News Misinformation that gets repeated and taught ENDLESSLY) he just decided to lie MORE. Genius! He’s just Corporama: global elite wealth class obviously. 


Elections across America are a fraud because we don’t all participate and corporate money in politics skews economic and social policy after election to serve that corporate money, not the interests of the people. The Corporama’s policies (Super elites, global wealth class, Trilateral Commission) bankrupted America, and is killing many Americans, millions each year, who die10-20 years early from lack of affordable healthcare. In biblical terms only one person would do such a thing to everyone across the country somewhat equally: Satan. 



Want to change all this overnight with me? Want to control your future? Want to have your country back? Want a true government of WE THE REAL PEOPLE all of us? Want your American dream back OVERNIGHT? The original real American dream of equality, local self-rule and economic advancement?  Want it to be effortless and cost just $1.00 per month?


Then Act with me just using your cell phone each day. Hear the daily free redemption song, read these bonus materials so you know why this is happening and how you and every single American citizen benefits, and then add your name and then tell everyone RTDNOW.COM. Then subscribe for just $1.00/month to fund the movement: $12/year. It’s $1.00 so we ALL participate and do it equally!


The RTDNOW Movement’s mission is to create 100% citizen activism (add your name at RTDNOW.COM) so we can all move past the Corporama’s (I just told you who they were, how they hatched their plan to steal the American dream and create coast to coast economic ghost towns, and how it got implemented through a commission around and beyond government) failed paradigm (corporate centric system of organizing the world) of making all the people poor and the 1% super wealthy beyond belief and beyond imagination.





If you’re not a believer yet, you soon will be, I’ll review some examples of 70% or more Job Loss coming due to advanced technologies:


  • Blockbuster Video had 60,000 employees worldwide. Netflix replaced them online with 3,500 employees. A 94% employee reduction.


  • 50% of ALL RETAIL STORES will close in the next 20 years eliminating 50% of retail jobs. America is 70% retail. That alone is over 40 million jobs.


  • Example of this Retail Trend. Sears/Kmart had 3,800 large retail store nationwide. Now they have under 182 stores by end of 2020 and all in jeopardy of closing soon. An article says they are thinly staffed and reinvestment into the stores has stopped. I was just in JC Penney and it felt the same way. I had to walk the whole floor to find one cashier. OMG! Sears had 140,000 employees in 2018 with 1,500 stores left. That means  they just lost about 70% of 140,000 jobs in two year, about 98,000 jobs lost there alone! See this is how you read the tea leaves for yourself if you pay attention. JC Penney has 98,000. Articles say their future is also uncertain. I’m not creating panic, I’m just connecting the dots and doing the leg work. That’s 238,000 jobs nationwide in just 2 big retail chains.  JC Penney by the way has 875 stores left in 2018 nationwide after closing 140 in 2017.  That’s about 15% of their stores closed in one year. Ok, I think we’re all getting the picture of how half the retail locations in American OR MORE can close over 20 years if not the next 10.


  • But wait, there’s more recent 2018 retail location news! Toys R Us the national toy store retailer just went bankrupt and closed 1,600 stores nationwide. That’s about 33,000 jobs gone OVERNIGHT. Poof! But while stiffing the workers they did set aside bonuses for the executives.


  • Massive ocean cargo transport ships used to take 50 people to operate, they now operate with less than 10.


  • Retailers that remain will reduce jobs by 30% with advanced technologies. Self check out, Apps on your phone to lead you to what you need in the store, etc. So if Home Depot has 400,000 employees nationwide, 30% reduction would be 120,000 jobs lost. Now apply that to ALL the healthy retailers that will remain.



Unthinkable once, but get used to it. That 50-95% reduction in work force is what corporations are shooting for and to have Better service! OMG! 


One last example of boots on the ground economic detective leg work. I went furniture shopping visiting 12 large stores one recent Saturday in 2018 all around Portland, Oregon, Metro: an area of 1.5 million people. I found limited amount of bedroom furniture. Half the stores asked me if I checked online: they don’t stock half of what they offer. There’s a reason: sales are all going online because cell phones have become ubiquitous: everywhere. Soon the retailers that survive will have one regional mega store: like IKEA. You’ll shop online and go in every six months for an outing.


Look around you as you go through your daily life in everything you buy.  The move online for everything you buy is everywhere. All these Stand Alone retail stores won’t be able to compete in selection, cost or delivery. The production chain of globalizing everything DIGITALLY is almost complete. Factories went. Then Amazon and Walmart gobbled up retailers, jobbers (who provide goods to retailers) and delivery systems as they expanded.




Well let’s see. Half of the bank loans to businesses in America are Commercial loans; they have a non-residential buildings as collateral.  Now, if you put half the retail businesses in America out of business, oops! The banks fail AGAIN! But this time we’re $40 TRILLION IN DEBT as this all happens in 2030 to 2040 and the world STOPS lending us $6 Billion a day to cover our national daily deficit spending. Because defense and healthcare are twice as much as they should be, we spend as a nation $6 Billion more per day than we take in. 


Inflation would skyrocket as we print more money and debt backed by NOTHING (No gold, no American earning power) to get by.  This means if banks fail again your home is worth 50% because nobody will be making loans and the amount of buyers will shrink.


Getting the picture? Why I named this musical: the ROCK OPERA TO SAVE AMERCA? Because it is. If we don’t all add our names to the RTDNOW PLAN to restore citizen rule and create the new economic engine to replace the 40 million jobs we will lose to advance technologies over the next 20 years America as a country will totally collapse. 










Please don’t make me into Winston Churchill. He screamed Hitler was going to kill everyone and take over the world 5 years before Hitler did. Nobody listened. Then as London was being bombed to the ground under hundreds of daily V2 Death Rockets, they turned to Churchill, handed him the keys (appointed him Prime Minister) and said, “Please fix this now”.  


I’m giving EVERYONE IN AMERICA 3-10 years advance warning of the economic threat to them and us all, and I’m providing quick painless solutions. You may not know me yet, I’m not one of those guys whose always right. But unfortunately, I am 100% right on this. Trends are trends. History repeats. I’ve given plenty of example.


So get busy, 300 MILLION AS 1, add your name, tell everyone RTDNOW.COM, subscribe for $1.00/month ($12/year) because RTDNOW is for EVERYONE IN AMERICA.



THE HELLHOUND OF WALL STREET is about the attorney who brought Wall St. to account after the Crash of 1929 which led to Regulation to prevent the next crash. Which of course was deregulated by Clinton and led to the next crash. Brilliant again!

THE LOBBYISTS gives you a more detailed idea of how money in politics affects policy like the deregulation of the financial industry just mentioned.

MOBS, MESSIAHS, AND MARKETS may make you throw up as you learn about how Fed Reserve Chairman’s Greenspan’s easy money from 1987-2006 wiped the savings of all Americans to inflation the invisible tax.


But out of hundreds of cities nationwide only one will win. And to win Amazon to their city they will have to bend over backwards and grab their ankles for a very long time. 

That, is what the bidding process, city beauty contest, is for. Not exactly as the article says “which cities measure up in terms of transit systems” and such things. Amazon ALREADY KNOWS THAT! It’s a national bidding process among cities to make the finalists give up EVERYTHING in terms of taxing them and provide CORPORATE GIVE AWAYS.

Read these news articles like I do and you’ll quickly understand how the corporate paid for media manipulates us all. The corporate Kings just play with us and make all us citizens and cities beg. Amazon knows exactly which 3 cities in America are best suited to their expansion before starting this ‘public process’. And because as I’ve pointed out in the Time Traveler Moments, cities in poor financial health fighting to remain solvent will fight like their financial lives depend on it: because they might. 

The net result here? Big Corporations will pay no taxes and you the citizen will pay taxes in every paycheck so Jeff Bezos the multi-billionaire can make more money, so Amazon can make more money, so they can use that greed to gobble up and put MANY MORE retail chains, and all those millions of jobs, all across the nation OUT OF BUSINESS. 

This by the way, is the belly of the beast, ground zero for ghost town creation directly by corporations: they are using converged advanced technologies to put about 10 Million retail workers out of jobs over the next 20 years. If there are 100 Million households, Amazon all by itself will cause the job loss in 1 in 10 homes all across America. That’s going forward from 2018. That means income in that household decreases by 50%. That means they can’t pay their bills because consumer debt is at all time highs. It affects us all. Now you know why you need the RTDNOW Plan that reduces your cost of living by 50% overnight: so you won’t lose your home, all that equity and still have a life as all this job loss carnage all comes crashing down all across America on you and your family my friend.

You’re watching, and I’m reporting, in real time, the making of 100 new ghost towns across America right here. How many cities on the edge of solvency will go bankrupt as Amazon’s expansion ramps up and crushes their regional income base more. How will cities replace the income lost from 1,000 retailers in their area they will put out of business? Now you know why the RTDNOW Plan also builds the next American Dream engine in every household in America. Read the plan under Movement at RTDNOW.COM it’s written for every American to participate. Hopefully your starting to understand why I’m speaking to every single American: it affects us all.

REMEMBER: up until about 1900 the size of Corporations was HIGHLY REGULATED (see album 2 bonus materials for the song The Sellout that details how the Corporama chipped away at this for decades: the endless battle for the wealth class to own everything and treat citizens as slave workers totally dependent upon them) to PREVENT the total collapse of the economy by such too big to fail corporations. 

That size regulation was gradually dismantled by money in politics and by 1900 we had the same situation: mega big corporations controlling everything. What did that cause? 30 years later the Great Depression occurred and 30% of all Americans were unemployed hungry. 

My friends, with 36 Million on food stamps and 100 Million living below the poverty line in 2020, and 20-30 million homeless, it’s WORSE now than the Great Depression! This is why I keep saying we’re 10-20 years from total collapse. Because we are. History is repeating because they stopped teaching it and deregulation has caused this over 50 years. 

And if we are now in 2020 in WORSE shape than the Great Depression as far as poor and hungry and homeless, what happens when Amazon takes over the whole retail chain and closes all the retail stores? We quickly move from 100 Million poor in America to 200 Million poor: 2 of 3 Americans will be in poverty.

I hope the above explains what all the RTDNOW songs and bonus materials are all about. Too wake you up to save America and everyone’s American dream while we still can. 

Now, that I’ve explained the article from an RTDNOW perspective, and how lack of government leadership and lack of regulation is leading to the total destruction of the American Dream and America itself, enjoy the April 2018 article. 

Then add your name at RTDNOW.COM, tell everyone about it daily, buy a t shirt (now you know why you’ll wear it proudly: because you’re saving America too) and please subscribe for $1.00/month. 


Mother’s Day 2018: Protestors in Seattle, WA, try to alert the world that mega corporations are paying little taxes and killing 300 Million American Dreams. The only problem is they are protesting what they are against, not what they are for, which means they won’t get anything. Want a real revolution to favor the citizen over the corporations? 300 Million As 1, Add Your Name at RTDNOW.COM and Tell everyone! It's the New Economic Revolution. Politics are Dead and Gone for 300 Million citizens. A political revolution will take 25 years and then another 25 years to do anything meaningful. The Women's movement took about 40 years. The Civil Rights movement over a decade. RTDNOW? That will happen OVERNIGHT as we all, 100 million to 300 million add our change policy overnight.

Local Mattress Firm, shutting it's doors.


Redundant small furniture outlets across America are financial dinosaurs. If 50% of all retail stores will close, 75% of retail furniture stores will close. They just can't compete. With a world online, they are time wasting and inconvenient.


If you were the manufacturer, like say Apple computer. Why would you earn 50% of the profit letting the retailer like above make the other 50%, when most of the people want to shop online at your online store and buy direct.


As a manufacturer, you just DOUBLED your profits! That gives you an idea why as many manufacturers as possible, see Auto manufacturers, will move to a direct sales model...which lead to over HALF OF ALL JOBS in America BEING WIPED OUT over the next 20 years.

Toys R Us closed 1,600 stores in 2018

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