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RTDNOW TRAIN'S COMIN'   (Ride the RTDNOW Train to Future Past)



As 300 million citizens get on board the supersonic online American dream train at RTDNOW.COM just by adding their names, and hopefully subscribing for $1.00/month (see Subscribe/The Great Deal), we the real people will become the conductor of our American dream train once again, like when our country began. The RTDNOW Train to future pasts’ next stop: REDEMPTION CITY. That’s where we act to immediately restore everyone’s American Dream. And we can all get there OVERNIGHT using the Internet, as 300 million as 1, we add our names. That’s how you board the train at, and Redeem your American dream and everyone else’s, all at the same time. Just keep telling everyone RTDNOW.COM.  It’s really that simple, times 300 million. Get busy! The daily free redemption song is to inspire and encourage everyone!


Making of the Song "Ride the RTDNOW Train to Future Past"


While there’s oodles of train sounds on the Internet, I wanted a REAL one. This song as its main component has a train coming and sounding like its running you over. I spent an afternoon at one of Portland’s rail switching yard and got nothing good. One night Heidi and I went to the theater at OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) to see Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ album to a laser light show. Coming home at 11 PM a mile from there the railroad lights flashed on and the long arms came down.


My car was right up against the wooden arm with flashing lights. Tired, we watched the train pass. I suddenly awoke and grabbed my phone. As Heidi said go, I put the car in park: I saw the next train coming! Life's that way, you have to wake up quick and recognize ‘your moments’ and grab them. Grab RTDNOW. This next train was coming a half mile away and it was everything I wanted in a train sound: anxious, ominous, impending, powerful, shouting, unstoppable, pulling an endless string of cars, shouting its horn, and acting like it would crash through the gates of hell stopping for no one. It was the RTDNOW Train sound.


Capturing the unstoppable RTDNOW train sound

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 11.00.42



I came into the studio excited about it the next day and played it for my producer Tim Ellis. He shook his head. It will take some work to make it into ‘music’. A week later I came back and read the spoken word that I wrote for it. Like that it sat for about a year. It’s heartbreaking to think that Tim, ridden with cancer, less than a month away from dying, came into the Studio with his son Tom driving him, to finish this song. It was his parting gift to all of us. Tom played some rousing upbeat country that I loved as we listened to what we had. Tim, the grand music master he was said, “It needs to be slow and low, I want everyone to hear every word you’re saying.” I said, “Why don’t we use the same guitar and spooky groove we did on Ghost Towns? It’s a ghost train that goes through your mind and leads you back to reality and to your American Dream.” That’s the great guitar you hear.

The opening ‘tear-drop’ piano is masterfully done (simplicity is harder than you think, some call it pure brilliance) is taken from the intro I had Troy do for the song Redeem The Dream. I like foreshadowing and repeating musical themes. So you will hear this piano now and then. For me this was a pure music radio theater song. Such radio shows of old had ‘studio music’ they played to cue the listener in it was a new part of the same broadcast.

We put in sound effects to reflect the world many Americans see. America slowly becoming a nationwide economic ghost town. Like the Wizard of OZ we all see the storm coming and are boarding up the windows! We’re all waiting for the train to come and take us to the land we were promised equally: our American dream of social AND economic freedom. The spooky aaaaahhhhhhaaaa sound is what I thought my songs sound like files of emotional music and lyrics being sent across the train's invisible tracks spanning the globe, called the Internet.


You hear a street musicians steel drums, calling out to all passerby’s. And all that remained was having Mike Braun put a drum train rhythm beat, that’s what it's called, the train beat.  


The Real Story of the American Dream In Context of Adrian's Song

RTDNOW.COM Train's Comin' “Ride the RTDNOW Train to Future Past"

When 2/3 of Americans wind up at “Poorsville” or “No-where’s-ville” with just minimum wage jobs, no path for advancement, consumer debt they can’t pay, and $30 Trillion in national debt, it’s time to ask what train have all Americans been on? 


Today we’ll examine all the ’trains’ we Americans have been on over the last 250 years to see when and how the American dream of equality and upward mobility got off track. And more importantly, how we all get back on track OVERNIGHT to restore everyone’s real complete American Dream. Just by riding the RTDNOW SUPERSONIC bullet train to future past: located conveniently everywhere you are, waiting for you, online at RTDNOW.COM

Thomas Jefferson, 1776

CONDUCTOR of the REAL American Dream Train of equality. In a classless, merit based, participatory, society for all citizens, that only functions with local self rule and self representation.

George Washington, 1787

CONDUCTOR of the FALSE Elite Wealth Class American Dream Train that Derailed Jefferson's true train. Old George, Redesigned government for inequality, where the wealth class controls policy to work for themselves and impoverish everyone else, with far off centralized government.

Adrian, 2020

CONDUCTOR of the REBORN Original REAL American Dream Train, of 100% citizen Participation, local self rule, at RTDNOW.COM, and the RTDNOW PLAN that restores all the pieces of the complete, original, real American dream of equality (social, political and economic) as 100 Million to 300 Million add their names. So tell everyone RTDNOW.COM



1776: 👍  The Jeffersonian Real Citizen First Equality American Dream Train shows up in the Declaration of Independence. Fueled by a distributed power Citizen’s Peace Constitution Government called, the Articles of Confederation. 


1788: 😱  The Federalist Wealth Class Train rams the Equality Train and hooks up a new engine called "Federalism" powered by global wealth class elite offshore money to buy off the States to all get on his new train. That came with a new Elite’s centralized power, War Constitution Government. New powers make ongoing wars inevitable and common to expand wealth holdings. It’s called ‘Empire’ and its what we revolted against in 1776.


1791: 😱  The Big Money Controls Politics Train Car is linked to the Executive Branch of Government permanently as the 1st Bank of the United States is established for this purpose by Alexander Hamilton for George Washington. This is how Wall St. became an arm of the Presidency, yes way back when and ever since! President James Monroe tried to stop it, but once infected, Congress never let it die.


1832: 😱😱  The Imperialist Empire Train ‘Re-Routes’ the Monroe Doctrine from protecting us from European Imperialism in the Western Hemisphere, ending European western colonization, to projecting U.S. power abroad to ‘colonize' internationally. Examples: The Philippines, Guam, Vietnam, etc.


1861: 👍😱  President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation Train makes the Civil War meaningful instead of just a revolt against Federalism, LIncoln eventually frees us all of physical slavery and physical ownership of people. 


1880: 😱   The Corporate Dominance Train keeps adding cars to slow the citizen’s American dream train down (free markets, fair wages, increasing not decreasing competition)  by circumventing laws to regulate the size of corporations meant to prevent too big to fail, and a Great Depression. Standard Oil, Carnegie Steel and JP Morgan, three Billionaires conspire to elect McKinley, who like the current president favored Mega Corporations over ordinary citizens in his policies implemented even though they all say they are for the common man. He was promptly assassinated by a worker he put out of work for his deeds, not his worthless words.


1901: 👍  The New Bad Ass President, The Trust Busting Teddy Roosevelt Train, breaks through total government corruption by billionaires suing 40 Mega Corporations to separate too big to fail companies dominating our markets and skewing our national policy, slowly crushing the economy of the people in a vice of unchecked greed, and creating ungodly amounts of wealth accumulation: just like today. Note this is 30 years before the Great Depression. We have the same circumstances today, and in 2020 we are 10-20 years away from our 2nd COLLAPSE.


1932: 😱 The Epic Fail Train falls off the earth in THE GREAT DEPRESSION! 33% out of work, 1/3 of all americans poor…just like 100 million today. We don’t have bread lines today because we have food stamps, THE SAME AMOUNT of hungry people as in 1932! We don't SEE the hungry, but it shows up in the national deficit.

1950: 😱  World War 2 ends. The American middle Class is born. The American dream flourishes for four decades, and The U.S. Total Global Domination Train sets up global tracks and moves to a Permanent War Economy.


1954: 👹👹👹  The Red Scare Train called McCarthyism threatens to undermine our whole Democracy. A hight government official, like the President of today in 2020, telling lies so fast nobody knows what to believe or trust, which paralyzes the nation. A real journalist, Edward R. Murrow, stood up to McCarthy for the whole country, until he is finally removed by Congress, in a trial where they were allowed to call witnesses. Unlike the sham of a trial in the recent impeachment trial in the Senate. That is also why we need RTDNOW and 100% citizen participation. Congress never acts to get the facts and then decide. It rarely does the right thing which is why we're $25 TRILLION in debt with no plan about to collapse. They need PERMANENT CLOSE CITIZEN SUPERVISION.


1957: 👹  The $20 Trillion Nuclear Scare Nonsense Train leaves the station after Russia responds to us putting nukes on their front porch in Turkey, by putting missiles in Cuba, our front porch. The world holds its breath until both remove their missiles. Gee, that was easy. It’s a tit for tat world. But if you want an arms race, well, you provoke one!


1960: 👹  The 'Establishment Rules’ Train starts to leave the Citizen’s crossing yard again as Corporate America dominates the world through full blown economic imperialism powered by the CIA undermining foreign and domestic governments and using the FBI being used to spy on American citizens, who like our founding fathers, were objectors to runaway government, at home.


1964: 👍😱   After 190 years of American racial oppression, The Civil Rights Train leaves the station and results in Civil Rights Legislation. The Establishment response was the assassination of the civil rights leaders, Martin Luther King and others. 


1965: 💋 🙏   The Haight Ashbury Summer of Love Drug Experimentation Train centered in San Francisco devolves into the national and international Vietnam War and Runaway Government Worldwide Protest Train Worldwide.

1967: 💋💋💋  Music: The Beatle’s Cultural Expression Revolution LOVE Train informs a generation that its ok to speak up and speak out and there’s more than a one closed-car private train for elites called the establishment that the world could run on. They told off the establishment in the first Worldwide TV broadcast to 500 MILLION viewers LIVE singing their message to the establishment, “All you need is love”. How do we know the song was aimed at the establishment? The song opens with a 20 second horn rendition of a stylized French national anthem, mocking government domain authority, provincialism, English Government, and royalty in general, all at the same time, just as the French Revolution did. The key end lyric line, “Nothing you can do, but you can learn to be in time.” It was a time of worldwide protest against the establishment. The other side B song

of the All You Need is Love single released? Baby You’re a Rich Man Too. That’s in your face also. And many people think of the Beatles were just pop music ‘get along’ softies. Hardly. Quite the opposite. Masters at Really in your face Free Speech. John Lennon said about All You Need Is Love, “I’m a revolutionary artist committed to change.” Smooth. In 1968 the Beatles went on to release their follow up song, Revolution. Changing the focal lyrics back and forth until release, from 'count me in', to 'count me out’. That struggle epitomized the youth of the world. Already in an extended uprising, with pitched street battles, on the edge of revolution, couldn’t decide how far to go.


1970: 🙏  The Grateful Dead Train rolls to stardom as their hit song Trucking appeared on their album titled, American Beauty. The song according to reports referred to a drug raid on the band in New Orleans. As the 1960’s citizen protests erupted everywhere and intensified, the Establishment used the CIA, FBI and regional police to harass demonstrators and new culture rock stars like the Grateful Dead. Instead of fixing runaway government. But the band kept on trucking.


1971: 👹👹👹  The Powell Memo ‘Corporate America’s Empire Strikes Back’ Train is planned in detail to overthrow and control American media, government, and college curriculum was the establishments answer to the 1960’s protests across the country: use money to control everything and everybody. The polar shift here was the US had been doing this abroad for decades. Now they turned the policing apparatus of the state on its citizens. Like East Germany. Like Russia. With no real checks and balances, taken away in the flawed 1789 Constitution centralizing Executive power, the people began to more rapidly lose their rights, their own country and American dreams as Corporate America began paying for their candidates to be elected and carry out their agenda.


1974: 👹 🙏 👹  The Nixon Era Constitutional Crisis Train shows the nation what overly centralized and unlawful ‘implied powers’ written in his writing to justify the constitution in 1787, in a citizen created document called, The Federalist Papers, led to: total disregard for any laws and citizen rights. This again was the nexus of the 2020 Trump impeachment. You can't do what you want as president. You're not a king. But implied powers makes that foggy. Not in an RTDNOW WORLD! Nixon quickly boarded his Impeachment Train. And as Don Maclean artfully sang, “He boarded the last train for the coast (of Cali.), the day, the music, died. And oh yeah, see the Netflix documentary Nixon and Cash. When Johnny Cash bitch slapped Nixon on a live telecast signing an out of character Anti War song he wrote for the occasion. That's one reason we still see GOD BLESS JOHNNY CASH bumper stickers till this day! But back to Don McClean, we're all still singing bye, bye, miss American pie at camp fires!"

1980: 😈😈😈 The Fake News Train Goes to Warp Speed! Already in bed with the establishment, The General Electric President, Ronald Reagan, revokes the Fairness in Broadcasting Doctrine which required giving both sides of any issue. After that removal you get divisive (both parties) agenda journalism such as Fox News. How do I know that’s all connected? The Director of Fox News was none other than Roger Ailes. In his own book he notes he was Nixon’s TV newsman. The first to ‘fly’ yes fly as in 25 people get on planes at the same time, the same recorded TV message to 25 major US cities so their ‘talking points’ could hit the country all at once. His book does say he saved the Regan Presidency in the debates by advising him to stay away from facts, which he couldn’t remember because he had early Alzheimer’s, and tell picturesque stories. Richard Nixon, Roger Ailes, Lewis Powell: all on the same team with the same elitist agenda against the American people. Nixon also by the way tried to suspend Freedom of the Press to print the Pentagon Papers. Fake News went to warp speed as Mega Corporations now were free to combine with the elites political agenda and proceeded to use free Wall St. money to buy up all the media companies over 30 years, without the FCC restraining them, not under any president, to only get out their false elite views like Trickle Down Economics and Good Globalism that took all our jobs overseas and now is taking 40 more million jobs away with advanced technologies sweeping in. Today 6 media Leviathan Corporations control 90% of all media we see, or don’t see! Teddy Roosevelt or the American people of 1900 wouldn’t stand for such blatant criminal acts against the American people. We shouldn't either. 300 million as 1 add your name at RTDNOW.COM


1987:  🎉👹 🎉  The Wall St. Corporate Money Train Goes off the Rails as lax money policy rules the Federal Reserve for next two decades providing all the money in the world to create the modern era of TOO BIG TO FAIL. Idiots with idiotic strategies THAT CAUSED THE LAST GREAT DEPRESSION became Billionaires this way. This dismantled the real economy by dismantling competition and innovation, and dismantling half the jobs of the newly merged, combined companies, that were now ‘redundant’. Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan famously said, “Markets can regulate themselves.” Right, Alan: like criminals can. I mean really, how can these people sleep at night?


1990: 😈 😈 😈 😈  The Very Evil Wall St. Wealth Class Deregulation Train Screwed Us All until healthcare, their first deregulation domino in the 1970’s now accounts for almost 1/3 of national expense, THREE TIMES WHAT IT SHOULD, yes its 300% more than it should cost!!! And is bankrupting us all. Their Banking deregulation led to a global financial collapse in 2010 and another $7 TRILLION in national debt and put the whole country on a collision course for total collapse by doubling national debt in 10 short years! 


2000: 👹👹👹  The Business as Usual More Debt Train Rolls On. Over the next 18 years we add $16 Trillion to national debt. And borrower $6 Billion a day to fund a ‘Corporate’ national deficit. Now I know why Friday the 13th happened in 1307, just over 700 years ago, about the time of Dante was writing his epic of how to get out of Purgatory, and ascend from hell to heaven. They couldn’t end their runaway government. So on Friday the 13 in 1307, a rogue European banking empire was taken out (rounded up and killed all at once) in one bloody day for taking all the money and putting their world in debt to them. Every debt eventually gets paid one way or another. I’m for peace and reform through amending the constitution. That’s what RTDNOW is by 300 million citizens. 


2010: 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈  The 700 Car Wall St. Bailout Giveaway Train Runs Us All Over, AGAIN! The most recent of a long, long, line of Wall St. Treasury Secretaries, Henry Paulson, formerly head of the investment banking firm who opened China after Nixon, quickly scribbles $700 Billion on 3 pages, and says to Congress, “The world will end if you don’t give Wall St. ALL the money.” And elaborates within the 3 pages, “No strings attached. And not legally reviewable after.” He might as well have put a gun to Congress’s head and pulled them into a dark ally and said, “Empty your pockets now if you want to live!” Well, even with his threat of 'World Collapse in Five Minutes', the people of America called in and made Congress REJECT IT! And what happened? Same thing that always happens with a flawed over centrally focused Executive power Constitution of 1789. Side deals and giveaways ensue to sway votes to pass it a week later. Until we all add our names at RTDNOW.COM to amend the Constitution, Congress, All of them, all OUR REPRESENTATIVES, are lame ducks. Congress today is a farce. And all who voted for the $700 Billion bailout, the Wall St. giveaway, all need to go home now. You violated the will of the American people.


2016: 😈😈  The New Elitist Fear Train is Back! The only problem with the government using fear, is it seems to work. As Edward R. Murrow famously said, “We are not born of fearful men!” But it seems Americans need to be TOTALLY disenfranchised, water turned off, food stopped, forget about taking all the money in the country. They have to be ducking multiple bullets before they think, “Something is wrong here..” Until they can’t eat, Americans don’t seem to care. That’s why food stamps still exist. So they don’t all revolt. How many you ask? About 50 million people in America today are hungry. About 10 million on Food Stamps work but don’t make enough to get buy and qualify for food stamps. The US army is 1 million people. If they all revolted, 50 million people, it would be revolution. That’s why food stamps NEVER will stop. This is the long arm of generational apathy that crept in from the chronology I laid out above when everyone became cynical: its the quicksand under all our feet. And that cynicism is being exploited since the ramp up to the 2016 election when the current president falsely cried “Non-Citizen!” about the sitting President. See it for what it was and is: Modern McCarthyism. Delegitimizing any and all remaining confidence we have in government or our social institutions. Our Chihuahua Journalists of today missed all that and failed to report it. Until the current President did what? Took their food away. Delegitimized them! The modern so called journalists! And to boot, made the Journalists the complete problem, not his fascism. How do we all lose our fear and cynicism overnight in a fake news, borderline Fascist America today? Believe in something real again. Believe in Yourself. Believe in restoring your future by joining with all American citizens. Believe in restoring your complete and original American dream of equality. Then engage. Add your name and tell everyone daily to> REDEEM THE DREAM NOW at RTDNOW.COM.


2019: 💪💪💪 THE 300 MILLION CITIZEN RTDNOW TRAIN IS NOW BOARDING! The new era of 100% citizen participation has begun to create Citizen First economics and citizen participatory government, to restore the real and complete original American Dream of equality: social, political and economic. And do it overnight in a 300 Million As 1 REDEEM THE DREAM NOW Citizen’s PLAN at RTDNOW.COM 


2020: 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 THE 100% RTDNOW CITIZEN PARTICIPATION TRAIN PICKS UP MOMENTUM! The New Era of 100% activism at RTDNOW.COM to implement the RTDNOW Citizen First Equality PLAN is powered by 100 free-access DAILY redemption songs and informative Podcasts, so everybody understands exactly how the RTDNOW PLAN restores everyone’s American dream overnight, ends poverty in America OVERNIGHT, and ends runaway government permanently. EVERY DAY is the right time to tell everybody to RTDNOW.COM until we are 300 million strong.





To quote one of our most famous rock artists, Jerry Garcia, again, “What a long strange trip it’s been.” But it becomes even more clear what type of trips its been when quoting JRR Tolkien, “There and Back Again”, when looking at 250 years of Americans getting their American Dream train delayed, diverted and derailed. Until today, in 2020 American, it feels like 1775, where the government ignores the people, bankrupts 2/3 of all citizens, taxes them to death while Mega Corporations pay almost nothing, then Wall St. and government officials smile and say, “Whaaaat?”  Over and over again.


Above as we looked at a fuller contextual chronology of the American Dream TrainWrecks, we see how the real original American Dream gets derailed little by little and once every generation in a big way. It seems the Establishment Elites, comprised of, political royalty, figures of government offices, and Corporate America royalty-billionaries, interchangeably move in and out of government to keep the same wealth class policies of grinding down citizen earning power, our economic status and social rights, to gain more control over all citizens as they bankrupt us all in biblical proportions, to secure their ongoing enrichment. When 3% of the people are wealthier than 50% of all Americans as today, you know something is terribly wrong, evil. Their policies created 100 million new poor in poverty today and are about to increase that number from 100 million to 200 million Americans! That’s 2 out of every 3 people in America poor. That's NOT the American Dream.


Like fictional time travel, somehow we all really find ourselves back 1774 conditions: economic tyranny, citizen oppression of the masses, troops in the streets, the Internet monitored. Which also happened again in 1900, 1939 and 1968. But in 1900 we had MASSIVE REFORMS. In 1939, instead of a real second people’s American revolution, we just all went to World War 2 as we failed to see the WHOLE Japanese fleet and hundreds of airplanes. I doubt we were watching them after we cut off sales of oil to them. We Watched them like a hawk! We brought WW2 on to get out of the Great Depression, restart all the factories and put Americans back to work so they wouldn't wage a revolution. That’s what we did, the more interesting questions are why did Japan and Germany and Italy even think they could win. And in 1968, the American government had troops in the street, reform leaders mysteriously got assassinated, and citizens were harassed and put in jail. The American police state was on FULL display led by a deranged and drunk in office President Nixon. Who by the way had the CIA hound and try to deport John Lennon.


But now it’s 2020 and the 50 year post war boom that started in 1950 after WW2 creating a new American middle class HAS BEEN OVER for almost 30 years. That's our national home economics daily agony. And with each Recession the middle class gets wiped out and gets smaller and smaller. And America has once again reached a tipping point similar to 1900-1929 when bad elite wealth class orchestrated economic policies decade after decade, led to 1/3 of the nation poor and hungry in the Great Depression. That all occurred after the Billionaires of 1880-1900, like now in 2018, had funneled 90% of all wealth into the hands of the few: the 1-10% Wealth Class elites who controlled government with payoff ‘donations'. My friends, with 100 Million poor in 2020, we are right there, at the tipping point again.


Our post WW2 economic boom ended in 1990 as the result of the 1971 Powell Memo, being implemented by Nixon and then Reagan, and Presidents thereafter, took full hold of America, over 20 years. They Deregulated both Walls St. and the US Treasury as the juggernaut Corporate political money regime (Nixon took us off the gold standard and then the Glass Stegal Act that prevents GREAT DEPRESSIONS was redone under Clinton) until all the money we could ever earn, $25 TRILLION in debt plus $25 TRILLION in Corporate contract giveaways for wars we never will fight and such things, ended up spending $50 TRILLION in OUR CITIZEN’S wealth. That is all adding up to collapsing the whole American economy in 10 short years FROM 2020 because not only did they take the money: they did not reinvest it here to make the next American dream engine! This is the rage we all feel about government. Nobody could be this stupid for so long. We’ve all been riding on a government corruption train for 75 years!


In 1980, the American Wealth Class Establishment once again had sharp teeth and fangs. Reagan disbanded the last unions that protected jobs and wages, they militarized the military again, 10 years after the memory of the 30 YEAR Vietnam nightmare and lie faded. They began militarizing police forces while demonizing minorities, 50% of all citizens. And to feed Corporate Elite ‘donors’ they passed laws to fill up Corporate Run Prisons. Instead of investing $50,000-$100,000 in offenders for a convenience store robbery of $30.00, they passed the 3 Strikes law, (Yes that was pushed on us by Corporate America) and others to put this money, every year, in Corporate ‘donors’ hands, who funnel it back to their ‘Candidates’. Today we have over 1 million people in prison that shouldn’t be. That adds up to $100 Billion PER YEAR! Thats the Corporate Prison and Make Justice a Farce Train we’ve all been riding. Every time they say “I’m tough on Crime!” That is CODE for what they support and why they say it. They scare you and take your money. ENDLESSLY. All our money. Incarcerating the wrong people forever makes us LESS safe as they get out.

And through this cycle of money in politics train, they were increasingly relentless in forging a new ghost government called Corporatism, the rebirth of Alexander Hamilton’s 1790 Federalist Party, with tidal waves of money in all our politics to change laws of the land to favor and lead to full corporate control of America. 


The Corporatist train of the last 40 years transformed America into a FULL money Monarchy, ruled by corporate oligarchs, domestic and foreign. How do you think all our factories went to China? The equivalent of punting the ball EVERY time for 40 years. A more current example, just 6 Mega too big to fail Corporations now control 90% of all media you see, or don’t see. Free press is dead: we’re all on the endless Fake News Train now. Which means Democracy is Dead. 


And now we’re all in a netherworld of No Democracy, No Real Capitalism, all waiting for something to fill the vacuum thats been filled by Corporate Greed for over 30 years. All this brings us to the most critical moment in our history since 1938. And the reappearance of fascism in America in 2010. Fascism and Corporatism are blood-brothers. They have no regard for facts or citizen rights. It’s our newest threat to the American Dream already in life support for 25 years: 44 Million of our next generation trying to live an American dream while being drowned in overpriced student loans totaling $1.5 Trillion, their economy swallowed in $30 Trillion in national and State debt that devours our cash flow, and ability to invest in ourselves. 


It’s not the “Crazy Train” Ozze Osborn sang about that we’ve been on for 100 years under an Elite founded, rogue, Federal Reserve. This was the diabolical institutionalizationment of economic control forever, cradle to grave, by the wealth class. Using invisible chains of never payable debt. The wealth class put monetary slavery policies into place one after another over time (by Deregulating) through officials who used the federal reserve (we’ve covered ‘lax’ monetary policy from 1987 for 20 years until that collapse) which was privately conceived in 1910 on Jekyll Island. That’s a real island off Georgia! The Federal Reserve is still a horror story for 300 Million American citizens, and still 50% privately owned today, 100 years later. All in debt, we’re all seat belted into the Monetary Slavery Elite Train 300 million as 1.


So if we haven’t been on a crazy train, which train have we all, and all our American dreams been on for 100 years? Aside from the acknowledgement of the Economic Slavery Train. I’d say our political and economic policy is more like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland. We all know that feeling. You are whirled around jarring blind turns with cartoon characters popping up scarring you then soothing you as you lose your life savings. That’s been American political leadership, social and economic throughout my lifetime, the last 60 years.


I was born after the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1958. I guess my parents stayed ‘busy’ while JFK was deciding not to push the button. Which never would have happened if we didn’t abuse the Monroe Doctrine, discussed in prior TTM’s. And we didn’t put our nukes in Russia’s doorstep in Turkey. So for the first 40 years of my life, a government controlled by the military complex of corporations ramped up endless militarism in a global arms race to nowhere, to nuclear dismantlement. A titanic waste of resources. Eventually all world economies crumbled as 50% of all resources had been siphoned away from investing in the people for 40 years during the long, Cold War.


More disturbing has been lack of leadership favoring the citizen the last 20 years of my life: 2000-2020. Debt by design Wall St. destruction of America and what was left of 300 Million American Dreams. As America and the world had to slowly exit the complete physical arms race (being replaced by a digital one. See Snowden.) because it was collapsing the world economy and because all major nations became broke, the demand for armaments had to decline. 




Then, an even more outrageous event occurred. As wild as waking up and seeing two suns in the sky: doubling the heat on the Citizen and pressure on their American Dreams. Our leaders, our government, more than DOUBLED, increased national debt 160% from $10 Trillion to $26 Trillion in 16 short years. Remember, national debt was $1 trillion when Carter left Office in 1980. It went up 100% under Reagan for all that militarism we didn’t need to $2 Trillion to bomb Libya and lose 200 brave troops in Lebanon. And so the seeds of the next 40 year war began: The War on Terror. And then when the lax monetarism under Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan for 20 years and four Presidents, which was the fuel to create the TOO BIG TOO FAIL Leviathans, see Thomas Hobbs, that swallowed and ate us up all. See my song, In the Belly of the Beast: of runaway government. That’s where 300 million American spirits find themselves and are waking up to all its implications.


Deregulation meant corporate Kings had free reign to consolidate industries like in 1870-1900 using our Bank money to do it, allowed under the gaze of our politicians. They did this to remove half the jobs from an industry, and then take profits as they mercilessly raise prices because like 1900 they now had monopolies: see Teddy Roosevelt’s ‘Trust Busting’, the last dismantling of corporate overrun of our government. For example: Amazon is the heroin in our capitalist blood bank today. And as the final insult, after politicians we elected to help us citizens, assist this repeat of failed American history, what do the politicians do? They strong armed, forced, all the citizens, to bail them all out (they are never sued for fraud because they blackmail politicians they paid, they never return billions of false profits made in their scams) when their scams all fail. We playfully refer to these disruptions of money flow as economic ‘bubbles’ that burst on us all. We are all now in a bubble in 2020 fueled by $16 Trillion of debt in 16 years, that will burst about 2024-2032. Yes, 100 years after the great depression, it will be back if we don't all take action now 300 million as 1. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM


THE WORST TRAIN: CORPORATE MONEY IN POLITICS. All this was and is fueled by corporate and global money in politics (legalized by their Supreme Court appointees in 2010?! OMFG) which was used by Wall St. to continue to Deregulate (steal from fair competition and low prices) the economy. That means our politicians TOOK ACTION against all the people, BY REMOVING regulations that were put in place to protect, us all, from Wall St. Mega Scams: the housing collapse, the banking collapse, the global financial collapse that triggered, etc. The sad reality is all our politicians were in bed with Wall St., and knowingly sold us all out FOREVER.



We are all riding on a broken American Dream Train. Broken bit by bit over 250 years and it was transformed so it not our train at all anymore. Voting one party or person out for a new smiling face does not fix the real American dream train. It only takes you to the same stops again and again: runaway government. That’s because they changed the rules to make being paid off legal! How about some new thinking. Why don’t 300 million change the rules back to what they were before the elite corporations stole the American dreams?


That’s why I constructed the NEW 2020 American Citizen’s Supersonic RTDNOW American Dream Train. To quickly take all citizens back to the original American Dream and Save America from total economic collapse coming in 10-20 years by building the new American dream engine over 10 years and ending runaway government overnight.


Please read the RTDNOW (Redeem The Dream Now) PLAN. It’s short and simple and free. It restores the complete American dream of Equality and all its components: social, political and economic to every citizen overnight. It instantly transforms America into the country of your dreams by changing monetary policy OVERNIGHT to double the net income of 90% of all Americans. That’s like getting a 50-100% permanent monthly pay raise. And aside from restoring economic equality overnight, what does that do? It takes 100 Million Americans living below the poverty line today above it instantly, OVERNIGHT! We will quickly end poverty in America as we all redeem the complete American dream of equality. RTDNOW is an Equality movement that restores the full American dream for EVERY citizen.




There is a catch. The catch is 100 Million to 300 Million need to participate. To add their names to endorse and demand implementing The RTDNOW Citizen’s PLAN. That’s why I wrote 100 songs 1 played daily to inspire everyone to keep telling everyone to add their name at RTDNOW.COM.






Way back when Wall St. was somewhat regulated, and we were on the gold Standard: so we couldn’t have runaway government. We didn’t live beyond our means as a people. We EARNED money FIRST, then SAVED, then spent it carefully on what we needed: our futures. We INVESTED our expenditures only in things of VALUE to us that would LAST. Today we’re given credit and buy BEFORE we earn AND CONSUME OURSELVES TO ECONOMIC DEATH. WE DID THIS TO OURSELVES AS A NATION in about 1974 as old President Nixon unleashed Runaway Deficit Spending by taking us off the Gold Standard. THAT ENABLED President Reagan to now easily DOUBLE national debt from $1 Trillion to $2 Trillion to give a Trillion to his Defense Industry buddies. Nixon set that up for him. And ALL the Presidents after followed suit bringing us all to the brink of total national collapse as we reach $40 Trillion in national debt within 10 SHORT years.


Now think about what I just said. Any moron can spend all the money and go bankrupt. If these guys weren’t morons, what were they? Paid off Psychopaths. Nobody who cares about America and ALL its people would do such things, and REPEAT them without caring about 100,000 Americans dying early each year from overpriced inaccessible healthcare, 20 MILLION SUFFERING without proper medications, AND 100 MILLION TRAPPED in poverty. Nixon deregulated that too: healthcare. That’s where the deregulation boom and the sellout of the American citizen started in my lifetime. Lewis Powell, the Powell Memo, was his Personal attorney before Nixon put him on the Supreme Court. That my friends was the BIG turning point in the killing of 300 Million American Dreams.




The American Dream Train is corroded from the inside out with the rust of money in politics, and as the next Great Depression hits, its solid looking shiny metal body will collapse like tin foil. That’s what our PAPER THIN economy that is 33% financial churn (refinances of debt, not making anything) is. And it’s decaying at a faster rate in a digitized and now fully connected world. 


Please LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: Ghost Towns. I’m not trying to scare everyone to death. But our leaders have set us all up for TOTAL failure. That’s unacceptable to me and should be to 300 million American spirits. Listen to the podcast then do your own home work. After you're  done, add your name at RTDNOW.COM, hear the next daily free access redemption song and tell everyone RTDNOW. 


And please subscribe for $1.00 per month to fund the RTDNOW movement. There are no think tanks, no corporations, no political parties, no millionaires or billionaires, and no donors involved . Me, myself and I, Adrian, wrote, performed and paid for all the songs, and all the material on the RTDNOW Website. Now it’s time to involve 300 Million ordinary citizens in the new era of 100% participation starting at RTDNOW.COM.


If you’re tired of Mr. Toads Wild Ride, and want to get off the crazy train of endless runaway government for the last 50-100 years we’ve all been on. And you want to restore everyone’s Complete American Dream overnight, hop on board THE RTDNOW TRAIN at RTDNOW.COM DAILY! 


It’s free, easy, and entertaining to ride the RTDNOW bullet train to the new Citizen First America waiting for us 300 million as 1. See you daily at RTDNOW.COM

Ride the RTDNOW Train to Future Past





Welcome the future reality we will all be living soon: a true government, of, by and FOR, the people. To get us all there quickly and simply, I built a train big enough for 300 million American spirits, and made it free, fun, and instantaneous. The train we are all riding everyday now, is called RTDNOW, REDEEM THE DREAM NOW.  And it’s everywhere, available to all, anytime, FREE, at RTDNOW.COM.


This song’s spoken lyrics says what its about. It instantly puts us all on an imaginary train that comes into every home in America, on every block, all at once, every single day. The train is called RTDNOW and the tracks it runs on are called RTDNOW.COM. It’s powered by clean energy called American spirit. Our unique national spirit to “Do-Better!” What changed the whole world overnight once, and will again! This song introduces the RTDNOW movement and its mission: to rally 300 million citizens as 1in the new era of 100% citizen activism, like when our country started, to restore EVERYONE’S American Dream OVERNIGHT!




This epic 100 song daily free rock opera at RTDNOW.COM tells our story: The BIRTH, LOSS, and REDEMPTION of the American Dream over 12 albums. It tells how 300 million will unite as 1 effortlessly and for free, to end our economic oppression, commonly known as Runaway Government, that deregulated everything so mega corporations could overcharge and bankrupt Americans (see healthcare, see mortgage rates, see wages half of what they should be for most Americans) and bankrupted our whole country all while shipping our economy, our manufacturing, overseas over 50 years.


We are now as a nation $25 TRILLION in DEBT on our way to $40 TRILLION, which is my guesstimate of when the whole economy really collapses and takes 25 years of martial law until we get back on our feet. That’s the future reality we DON’T WANT. Which is why I built this train called RTDNOW to take us to the future reality we do all want: Everyone’s American Dream Restored NOW.


So I am the humble conductor on an opera hailing everyone to get on the train, by adding their name at RTDNOW.COM. The train is the RTDNOW MOVEMENT to RESTORE EVERYONE’S AMERICAN DREAM OVERNIGHT. The fare is just using your American Spirit to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM every day. The destination of restoring everyone’s American dream is REDEMPTION CITY. The RTDNOW Train has 3 stops getting us all there. The three stops comprise THE RTDNOW PLAN TO SAVE AMERICA for The Ordinary Hard Working Citizen, and will roll out in three musical Acts, which introduce the details of 3 legislative Acts 300 million citizens as 1 will use the WILL OF THE PEOPLE to push through a bought off Congress.


RTDNOW ACT 1: OVERNIGHT Redemption of the American spirit. All citizens’ voices will be heard in a new RTDNOW 300 million citizens Online Continental Congress.


RTDNOW ACT 2: OVERNIGHT Redemption of our Democracy, by passing the RTDNOW Constitutional Amendment. This Amendment gets money completely out of our politics for good, so every human persons vote counts equally and corporate votes, they are now legal artificial citizens who can legally buy off politicians since 2010 when they paid for the law to be changed, no longer count. This Amendment returns the government to we the people, ending corporate rule, which has paralyzed and bankrupted our great country for the last 50 years since 1971.


RTDNOW ACT 3: OVERNIGHT Redemption of the Citizen’s Economy. The third stop on the RTDNOW train is The RTDNOW Citizens Economic Bill of Rights. I’m sure you don’t know what it is because you, me, and 300 million American citizens who play by the rules the Corporama wrote for Corporations to rule the economy, we all now have no economic rights. They were first taken away from us all in our second revolution of 1787, and we’ve been trying to get them back ever since. The corporate 1% elite wealth class keeps taking them away bit-by-bit calling their oppression, ‘Deregulation’. The short story is The RTDNOW Citizen’s Economic Bill of Rights will immediately double the income of every American citizen making less that $300,000 per year, simply by adjusting economic policy to favor the citizen, not the corporation. This restores the economic side of every citizens American dream, redeems it, instantly, OVERNIGHT! That does not mean corporations will be penalized. On the contrary, their taxes will come down also, regulations will be reviewed to encourage growth in the US versus abroad. But those Mega Corporations who’ve milked America dry, paying virtually no taxes, NONE, will be forced to pay their fair share: probably 10-12%. Stayed tuned to the daily songs for more clues. Albums 6, 7, and 8 is where the details of Redemption of EVERYONE’S American dream will be rolled out directly to every single citizen who’s added their name at RTDNOW.COM


Adding your name at RTDNOW.COM is how you reserve your free seat in the new 300 MILLION RTDNOW CITIZEN’S CONTNENTAL CONGRESS. It’s where your voice will be heard! All 300 million voices will be heard! You, every citizen will comment on each ACT of the RTDNOW plan to save American for the ordinary hard working citizen.


I GUARANTEE 300 million citizens will all

LOVE The RTDNOW Plan equally


Because, it was written for every single American spirit. It creates a new overnight economy for the average citizen to thrive. For two people on minimum wage to easily afford a house, and college, and start their own business: to live their American dream NOW. It does restore everyone’s American Dream, OVERNIGHT! It shows how every single citizen becomes a millionaire over their lifetime. Versus what we have now, 100 million below the poverty level, 100 million hovering above it one recession or job loss from it. 30 million home and food insecure daily! AND IT PAYS FOR ITSELF!!!!!!


Making 100 songs in a rock opera to save American, I turned that fantasy, into a reality: and I was new to all that. Had I had 35 years of training…It would have taken only 18 months. In my 35-year business career, I’ve written thousands of business plans and funded the creation of thousands of American Dreams. I also transformed a failed totally bankrupt bank back to profitability OVERNIGHT. Believe it or not, I know how to transform the American economy to restore every American dream OVERNIGHT. And as you participate, and support the movement, I will roll out EVEN MORE details for all to see, and comment on, before, we all implement the plan together. This is how a DEMOCRACY is supposed to work. And will work as you all participate with me to REDEEM THE AMERICAN DREAM.


And as you, every single citizen, gets the details, everyone will clearly see how this all becomes simple by adjusting economic policy. It is our country, DON’T FORGET THAT! And, then, 300 million as 1, we will all redeem the American dream together as we push a plan of 300 million American citizens through the ever paralyzed US congress. Because 300 million people, even 100 million determined people, CAN DO ANYTHING. Remember, our representatives are supposed to work for us!  This is how we finally make them do just that. So get on the RTDNOW train!


The FAILED banking and financial system we have now?


That will stay, but it’s for the 30 million American elites, the 9% after the 1%, that own more than one house and wants to buy 10 more, AND IT WILL BE REGULATED SO ITS NOT TOO BIG TO FAIL. It’s for business or franchise owners to fund the expansion to their next 10-20 locations. It’s not rocket science, I’ve structured financing for small businesses for 35+ years. The new RTDNOW Economic System is for the rest of us 300 million citizen to live our FULL American dream right now!


We’ve all been getting ripped off for 50 years.


It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to spend $35 TRILLION, our national debt, plus what surpluses we’ve had, and have NOTHING to show for it. Have our whole manufacturing base move overseas slowly turning American cities into economic ghost towns, coast-to-coast. WAKE UP, now please. Its’ been a corporate media and money take over of our government hatched in 1971 to run a closed financial system that siphons all the money to the top 1% which now control 90% of the wealth. In the RTDNOW PLAN I’m directing our economic system to stop that theft of the American treasury, where our tax dollars go, and make the citizen’s daily and home economics thrive.




That’s why I’m asking every American to subscribe for just $1.00 per month, in what I call THE GREAT DEAL. You get it ALL for just $1.00 per month. Get 100 songs downloaded, fund the national promotion of the REDEEM THE DREAM NOW MOVEMENT, and it funds the extension and coordination of RTDNOW Community Services to END Homelessness and Hunger in America. YES! We can and we will, RESTORE EVERYONE’S AMERICAN DREAM. All for $1.00 month per citizen.  And you’re money all goes to these efforts. I wrote, performed and paid for all the music production out of my pocket. The music and website you see are paid for by Adrian alone. I’m doing all this because at 61 I felt it was TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE on all levels to leave our children a pile of crap of economic and social chaos. Please help me redeem the American dream. Everyone’s at the same time. It’s now simple. Add your name at RTDNOW.COM and use your Smart Phone to keep telling EVERYONE RTDNOW.COM. That’s it.

WHY DOES THIS SONG REFERENCE DANTE? His 9 levels of purgatory above


As you may remember, Dante, Dante Alighieri, was THE great Italian poet (like America has Bob Dylan, and England had Shakespeare) from the 1400’s. 2015 was the 750th anniversary of his birth and a celebration was held in Florence Italy. Not to be confused with Florence, Oregon. He wrote his famous ‘Divine Comedy’ that describes his journey through Hell (Inferno), Purgatory, and Paradise. His work is considered by some to be one of the greatest literature works of all time. As you know, there are only a few books that survived over the millennium: see The Bible. The US Declaration of Independence is just a baby at 250 years old, and still more relevant than ever.


The diagram on this page shows DANTE’S nine circles, which depict the torment of the human soul. How men misbehave, enslave and torment theirs and others souls, is timeless. It’s why we all have to band together in GREAT MOVEMENTS like RTDNOW every 60 years. That’s why this is important for all of us to understand. To understand how American has become a manmade living hell (poverty, lack of healthcare, hunger and homelessness, endless taxation, runaway government) for 100 million to 200 million American spirits these days. See the bonus material of my song 2, Left Behind, for American poverty details. They’re chilling. They should upset you, and everyone.




Inferno means “Hell” in Italian. Dante depicts Hell as 9 concentric circles of torment located within the earth. It is the realm of those who have rejected spiritual values by yielding to bestial appetites or violence, or by perverting human intellect to fraud or malice against their fellowmen. To me, this exactly depicts the situation in American today as American values of local self-rule, and economic freedom, what this country were founded on were ignored and corrupted by what I call The Corporama. A faceless organization of the mega corporation of America and the world that have fully corrupted the American government thorugh money in politics to give the people endless lip service and only serve their interests. That’s we are all poor or much pooer today. That’s why wages stagnated for 30 years as the cost of living tripled. It is NOT a normal state of affairs. And the American citizens soul, our American dreams are in a hell of economic oppression in endless agony as our nation is bankrupt and we fear economic collapse every 8 years. That’s how DANTE applies to today. Now let’s dig deeper!




The Inferno is the first part of Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’, how he saw the world and the peoples mostly losing struggle to be their best selves. RTDNOW is the ‘divine comedy’ and epic story, of our time, I wrote for us, GIVING US A WAY TO LEAP OUT OF INFERNO AND OVER PURGATORY TO HEAVEN, instead as we all have, struggled for 50 years to be our best selves as American spirits and citizens, and failed. According to Dante, the ‘inferno’ is the first of the three realms of the dead, which the poet visited in his dream guided by the Roman poet Virgilio. In Redeem The Dream, I have a dream where I am visited by two our our greatest musician citizen activists to write this rock opera to rally all of America: Bob Dylan and Wood Guthrie. See the song The Greatest Show on Earth. Throughout the opera I am visited by and am channeling the spirit and values of Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the world’s most famous document: our 1st Declaration of Independence. I wrote our 2nd Declaration of Independence called RTDNOW. Read it. It’s a modern petition for us to all sign, like the original, updating Jefferson’s message to modern day, so we can all, finally attain, our promised American Dream.




Dante’s epic was 100 Cantos, sung poems of the 1500’s. I extended this rock opera from 76 songs (the spirit of 76) before I knew about DANTE’S 100 cantos, to be a more meaningful ‘100 songs to promote 100% citizen activism’. And to show everyone that if I can put out THIS MUCH EFFORT you can certainly chip in $1.00 per month and use your cell phone daily to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM.


My personal journey to awaken my American spirit to citizen activism, or today’s hip social media term is SJW (spiritual justice warrior), to what I’m sharing, happened step-by-step over four years of questioning research of how and exactly why the American dream was lost. Or as I discovered: stolen. I knew about 2/3 of Americans, not aware, would need maybe that much time to shed the false reality we all live under (Examples: prosperous nation that is bankrupt. Human rights nation that funds dictators around the world. Mired in endless drummed up wars needs no explanation) would need baby steps to awaken to become citizen activists, as I did, to redeem the American dream. Everyone. That’s universal, as in a 300 million as 1 awakening: it’s what will achieve redemption of everyone’s American dream.




You see, while I may have written the RTDNOW plan to RESTORE EVERYONE’S AMERICAN DREAM OVERNIGHT for every American spirit, and sung it in a rock opera, and write about the details here online, only you, 300 million of you, can redeem your own American spirit, and dream. You have to awaken and act. Act by simply participating at RTDNOW.COM. Add your name, tell everyone #RTDNOW. Subscribe for just $1.00 per month. That’s almost free.




I had a weird experience on a rare family vacation in Mexico. I was reading the novel by Dan Brown, called, Inferno. While that’s a contrived fictional book, it mixes real history with a fictional plot of good guys and bad guys that revolves around, you guessed it, Dante’s Inferno. That’s where I stumbled upon Dante’s 100 ‘songs’ / Cantos’. Weirder still, as I got to the Cabo San Lucas beach resort, it had, wait for it…. depictions of Dante’s journey all over the hotel grounds, in statues. As you enter too! Wow is right. No coincides in life. I had no idea what art would be on the hotel grounds. I’ve had so many weird coincidences, coinciding events, things coming together to ‘expose historical paths’ as I wandered down the journey to understand and explain the details of the birth, loss, and draft a plan for 300 million citizen’s redemption of the American dream.


The conclusion: none of all this we are going through as a people and nation are new. The masked economic oppression 300 million American spirits live in today, wrapped in patriotism, warping reality for the financial gain of corporate kings, twisting men’s minds and souls, is not new at all. It’s timeless. It’s just new to all of us in the last two generations. And to get out of this mess as a nation, we have to individually understand who and how, our American soul got corrupted and twisted: so we can all get it back. So we can all find redemption, together. So we can all Redeem The American Dream.


They describe how man can ascend from purgatory, or living hell, limbo, it’s the inner personal journey. And yes, in many ways, each of us has to go through an awakening journey like Dante’s 9 steps, to get from hell, through purgatory, where American is now, to paradise. To Redeem The Dream.


It’s so timeless. This is getting long so I’ll leave you to see how they correspond to the world we all live in today on your own. They are basically the seven deadly sins, what corrupt men, and men then corrupt a whole government, and a whole nation: if we don’t all participate! That’s what RTDNOW does, it enables ALL AMERICANS TO REDEEM THEMSELVES BY EASILY PARTICIPATING IN THEIR GOVERNMENT TO CONTROL THEIR FUTURE.


I’m sure Jeramy, my RTDNOW Radio sound engineer (and rock star in his own right!) will ask me for examples on the Podcast. So listen to the podcast for this song where I’ll bring DANTE’S 9 steps into today’s world in a roaring live radio discussion.

  • What is the concept of future past? (HINT: imagining a future to head for it)

  • What is the RTDNOW Train?

  • How does every single American get on?

  • Where does it take us? (HINT: restores everyone’s American dream in the RTDNOW Plan)

  • What does it cost? (Free: see THE GREAT DEAL)

  • How does the RTDNOW Train “magically” transport 300 million Americans to the land of their dreams OVERNIGHT? (HINT: use your cell phone to tell 300 million people to add their names at RTDNOW.COM and Everyone’s American Dream will be restored OVERNIGHT with a citizen focus plan called RTDNOW: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW.)

Ride the RTDNOW Train to Future Past
Ride the RTDNOW Train to Future Past

Words and Music by ADRIAN


Train’s coming.

What train? Which direction? There’s no tracks.

Not that kind of train.

What other kind of train is there? Where’s it coming from?

Everywhere, on the longest rails ever laid.

Reaching everyone, in America, and on the planet, at the same time.

It’s the RTDNOW supersonic bullet train, taking us to the future: online.

All Aboard! No tickets necessary. Alllll Aboard!!


To paraphrase that great American, Johnny Cash

We all hear that train a-coming.

Hello, this is Adrian, you’re listening to the

Rock Opera to Save America, REDEEM THE DREAM NOW

Broadcast daily on Redeem The Dream Radio, telling your story

Through 100 original songs, the loss of the American Dream

And how 300 million American spirits unite as 1 at RTDNOW.COM

To reclaim their country, and their futures, sending a thundering message

To every office holder to, END RUNAWAY GOVERNMENT

One more time, and restore all our American dreams right now

Yeah I know, nobody’s been crazy enough to write 100 cantos

For 750 years since Dante, who was describing how to leave Purgatory

In nine steps, well, it will take about 100 songs to reach

300 million people, to start the new era of 100% citizen activism

And begin our evolution to get us out of this mess


So just tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

And yes there are 11 volumes coming

With a few American guest artists

Brave enough to join the fight

To restore 300 million American dreams right now

So my friends, tune in, tune in, tune in!

The greatest show on earth


Is about to begin, and so it shall be

This blessed day, Amen


“Let music swell the breeze, and ring from all the trees

Sweet freedoms song, let mortal tongues awake

Let all that breath partake, let rocks, their silence break

Their sound prolonged, my country Tis’ of thee

Sweet land of liberty, of thee, I sing”

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