Like the Rocky Movies, it seems Americans need to get the crap kicked out them, repeatedly, threatened, humiliated, and lose everything, and then suffer forever in anguish until it affects everyone they love, BEFORE, they are finally ready to engage and save their own American dream and everyone elses. Well, if you listened to the prior Podcasts or read the Song Bonus Materials, you know that’s where we are at 300 million as 1 in America today.


The American dream is stone cold dead in 2/3 of America. 78% live paycheck to paycheck (broke) in what's called a good economy. It's more like 1776 than 2020. I’m ready to go get my American dream back, and you should be too. Because like in the Rocky movies, once we decide to fight back, we are unstoppable, we win! 300 million as 1 add your names at RTDNOW.COM and TELL EVERYONE! Now we all have cell phones...and its easy!


Making of the Song "I'm Ready to Go"




That’s what my producer Tim Ellis thought of this song when I previewed it to him. Cowboy songs are simple. That’s the beauty of this song. However, it ended up sounding a little like a John Lennon song by accident as Troy Welstad put in some awesome piano. I’m proud when people tell me it reminds them of John Lennon. That kind of little moment makes the long cowboy journey I’ve been on, of making 100 songs, satisfying. While Lennon was a little confused on drugs at times, he had good intentions and was headed in the right direction back in the 1960’s as an informal leader of that popular music rebellion, our first, bringing voice to end the global War Machine and establish world peace. Senseless Economic Wars, killing massive amounts of civilians, we did that in Vietnam, were raging in Southeast Asia, and today we've been in a lukewarm endless War on Terror for the last 20 years! And now in 2020…50 years later, and what do you know? We’re having our second popular music rebellion RTDNOW.COM. 1968 was the first.




It’s hard for a novice vocalist to find his way onto a world stage. I’d spent a career learning how to ‘speak’ to people, not sing to them. And while I may have nailed a great vocal when I wrote the song on a $99 nylon string guitar (I have others but that’s my favorite), the whole song changes when you try to sing to a full band arrangement. It’s like getting off a motorcycle where you had total control and getting behind the wheel of a bus. It kind of drives you. But if you wrote a good song, that’s a nice ride, just different. So while I questioned if this lead vocal was any good for a long time, I finally decided it was. Because it was pure, heartfelt, and not over-driven, which is an amateur’s mistake. This was an in studio one shot vocal take with the band. I was going to work on it...but everyone said they liked it. :)




That’s what I was thinking Tim Ellis my producer would say as I plucked this song from deep in the opera and brought it forward to encapsulate the call to action I want us to all take to heart. But this was three years into our working relationship, and he just smiled, pulled up the Pro Tools file, put up a track and said “go for it!” For me, it wasn’t good enough to make a decent song. It had to advance the plot line. I heard that from a movie producer interview once “everything left in, has to advance the plot line.” So instead of keeping everyone in suspense for 9 albums as to what the deal was, The RTDNOW Plan to restore everyone’s American dream, and a sense of equality in America overnight, I narrated the outline of the RTDNOW plan and movement into this song.



This song delivers the details of Your Personal Invitation (a later song that includes the national Anthem Adrian style!) to save America with me, and restore 300 million American dreams OVER-NIGHT, by adding your name and telling everyone RTDNOW.COM!


300 million as 1, living mostly on subsistence wages without real savings, without quality low cost education, without quality low cost healthcare, without a future because our Manufacturing base was sold out by corporate America, without a country because big money controls it with tidal waves of Corporate and billionaire money in politics to elect buffoons who pump their chests and their egos daily without any plan to restore yours and 300 million American dreams, oh my friends, we all, 300 million as 1 should be ready to go restore everyone's American Dream overnight!!!


And now it's as easy as adding your name at RTDNOW.Com subscribing for $1 per month to get all 100 redemption songs and fund the RTDNOW Movement all across America. And use your cell phone daily as you hear the daily song to tell everyone to RTDNOW.COM!





So let's get back to my elegant formula to save America and everyone's American dream Overnight called RTDNOW, short for REDEEM THE DREAM NOW. That’s the name of the movement, it's also the name of our 2nd Declaration of Independence from our modern runaway government that bankrupts us all and threatens the future of America itself. It's also a SIMPLE 3 step PLAN that all comes into motion as 300 million American Spirits tell 300 million American citizens to add their names at RTDNOW.COM. And as you’ve been listening to, it’s the name of a 100 song rock opera meant to entertain you and stimulate you as you hear about the birth, loss, and redemption of the American dream.


So now, the act of participating in your future, and the future of America, for 5 minutes each day, is all in one place. It’s almost EFFORTLESS and FREE, and as you participate by adding your name it starts our new era of 100% citizen activism at RTDNOW.COM. You are adding your name to a new 300 million as 1 citizens equality movement that creates a true government of the people by building an online RTDNOW citizens continental congress where we the people are all heard. And linked to your cell phone, this will put government in the palm of 300 million citizen’s hands, and take it out of the pocket of big business that bankrupted us all with tidal waves of money in politics so our whole political, social and economic systems are totally corrupted and no longer serve the people's needs, and we all suffer under titanic once in a century IN-equality of epic proportions.




We are changing ALL this in one fell swoop, OVERNIGHT, as 300 million add their names at RTDNOW.COM. We are changing the ruler-ruled relationship, the master-slave, the CEO-the "at-will" modern day corporate work plantation relationship that we all currently slave in, OVERNIGHT, as we all add our names at RTDNOW.COM.


In one fell swoop, OVERNIGHT, we are giving EVERY single American a new America Dream ladder to climb, as a BIRTHRIGHT, with ALL the steps of SOCIAL-POLITICAL-and ECONOMIC EQUALITY put back in, as 300 million American Spirits add their names at RTDNOW.COM


MAGIC? Hardly. BRILLIANT? Maybe. CAN EVERY AMERICAN RE-MAKE THEIR FUTURE BRIGHT AND UNLIMITED RIGHT NOW by telling everyone each day to add their names at RTDNOW.COM? Absolutely!!! That's why I wrote you 100 songs to give you 100 times to get it done, to effortlessly create the new era of 100% citizen activism at RTDNOW.COM which restored everyone's America dream OVERNIGHT!







How does this all magically happen? Like our first Declaration adding your name to our second, RTDNOW, 300 million as 1, or even 100 million, makes it unstoppable. And living in the information age, we all should recognize that if one segment of the population is oppressed, socially or economically, it leads to all our oppression. And that one act, adding your name to RTDNOW, our second declaration of independence from modern runaway government, and subscribing for $1.00 month to fund the movement, puts us all on the same page of EQUALITY, instantly.


And Poof! No more billionaires setting the rules and not paying taxes. Poof! No more mega corporations killing the American dream with money in politics and shipping our last American dream engine, large factories, overseas. Poof! Gone is corruption in government because I don't think any politician wants 300 million people surrounding their houses or websites, chanting “REDEEM THE DREAM” all night and all day. You see, it's not that hard to achieve real equality, you just have to act, PARTICIPATE WITH ME please: add your name, subscribe for $1.00 per month, that's it, and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM


RTDNOW is a peaceful online Rapid-Evolution to become the country of our dreams. The one we were promised, of equality, social, political and economic, and how we all become empowered OVERNIGHT to PURSUE how much American dream we each want.









Socially, online, we all become color-blind and race-blind. We will all have once again have names and now, equal voices at RTDNOW Citizens Continental Congress, where we THE REAL PEOPLE have real voice to determine the rules we all live by. Hate speak will not be allowed. You will be judged by your countrymen and women on the content of your character, the power of your ideas, and how they benefit us all.


Soon, as you get behind the RTDNOW movement, we will all be heard equally, and we will all matter again. Every single citizen will matter. And in the RTDNOW plan, this Citizen’s Online Congress will replace the failed electoral college ridiculous inept unfair system. And if I were President (write in Adrian 2020, I'd remove lethal force from policing, the police state we all live in, and reform how we actively through an inter-active police force, 'police'...ourselves.


Remember, the original police, Pinkertons, were “Corporate paid police forces” to protect their factories. And over the last two centuries, Corporate America just found a way to make you the citizen, 300 million as 1, not them, pay for it, like EVERYTHING else. We are going to turn the mission of police forces on its head and make it CRYSTAL CLEAR: to protect the citizen not the factory, which have mostly left anyway.





The biggest jail in America is a mental jail. It's Corporate social programming. Everywhere we turn telling us somebody is better than the other. It's all WRONG. We all matter. We all have American Dreams we want to live. And we all deserve to be treated that way.


Wake up right now and throw that off, reject the false social programming that tells you you’re not good enough or smart enough to go get and live your American Dream right now. As a population for 35 years, we've been taught to fear and distrust minorities, learn to embrace them. Politician’s currently vent on twitter and our airwaves, blatantly, or in coded words, minorities are bad. They openly spout hate we thought we relegated to the degenerates mental prisons of history books. We've been taught, for 50 years in school, to avoid speaking out peacefully and sharing ideas. That’s WRONG. Start speaking up peacefully, loudly and frequently. We've been taught to trust authority. That’s dead WRONG. Always be polite, it's called a civilization when we are all civil, but start questioning everything at every turn and don't stop.


ADD name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM and subscribe for $1.00 to restore everyone's American dream and you instantly end the mental jail Corporate media has put us all in. Free yourself and free the whole nation from this idea that ‘we can’t fix it’ or ‘it’s bigger than us all’.  Just the opposite, we all are bigger than it. That’s why 300 million American spirits are being asked to wake up and add their names at RTDNOW.COM. Stop saying 'Runaway Government'. Don't let it run away anymore: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!


And as we all do the VERY SIMPLE, AND VERY AMERICAN ACTS of adding our names to a petition called RTDNOW, and as enough people subscribe for $1.00 per month, we will effortlessly watch the RTDNOW PLAN restore equality and everyone’s American dream.


And poof! No more two-class system of fractured free speech. We will all have one equal voice in one place: RTDNOW! We don’t really have free speech right now when most voices are never heard in any meaningful way by our politicians who are bankrolled by Wall St. and Corporate America for decades now. On the RTDNOW Plan under Movement on the website this is ACT 1. And as 150 million minorities in America today all have a voice, in one place, we will have the secret American weapon, the power of all of us, to enact overdue and ignored social equality reforms. And while I may start the debate, we will all, 300 million as 1, now have real voice as to exactly what those will be and how they will operate.




This what Act 2 of the RTDNOW Plan accomplishes overnight for 300 million citizens. With 100 million to 300 million names added at RTDNOW.com this will  be the REAL SWAMP DRAINING, not just words, we will introduce and then pass the RTDNOW Constitutional Amendment which gets TRILLIONS of dollars of corruption from Corporate money out of our lives for good. Any political donations above $10 out of politics forever. It reforms, meaning ends, Corporate lobbying, so that we the real people, 300 million as 1 regain control of our politics, our budget and our futures, through our representatives who will be elected in the RTDNOW world by the real people, not Corporations or billionaires. In the RTDNOW world our politicians will report to us actively, or will be recalled and replaced quickly. Over is the era of politicians saying anything we want to hear, only to embrace Corporate America’s policies and Wall St.’s after they are elected. We will have honest government responsive to the people.


This RTDNOW Constitutional Amendment will enable us to cut out TRILLIONS of dollars of waste, corruption, and ineptness in our Federal Government "filter" that sucks 40 cents out of every dollar when it should be only 5 cents.  If I can start a whole national movement on overtime pay and overtime effort and propel it on just $1.00 per month per person, what do you think I can do for us as President? Yes, I can cut the federal budget in half, by 50%, Overnight and we'd enter our next great period of citizen prosperity and regulated corporate growth. Regulated by this RTDNOW amendment. Want political equality overnight??? It's easy, add your name 300 Million As 1 at RTDNOW.COM, tell everyone and subscribe for just $1.0 per month.


And why will Corporate America like the RTDNOW plan??? Why will they all get behind it??? Because as it gives every family up to $1,000 per month to improve their lives overnight, that quadruples corporate profit and stock price. And it also solves the timeless problem between management and labor, of workers wage increases and the struggle between business owners and we the people by solving the problem of ECONOMIC EQUALITY. That's Act 3 of the RTDNOW Plan discussed next.




Act 3 of the RTDNOW Plan is: the rtdnow Citizens economic bill of rights that makes every single American prosper by reducing their cost of living by 50% or more almost OVERNIGHT. The biggest expense monthly for every American is housing: a mortgage or rent. The RTDNOW bill of rights cuts that in half overnight with 1% fixed rate non profit home loans for all. 52 million Renters with good payment history will get these loans also to be able to buy and own a home that will never be taken by the bank, right now. It's like 90% of Americans getting a 50-100% increase in pay OVERNIGHT that they enjoy every month!

The RTDNOW PLAN also streamlines citizen taxation by flat lining corporate taxation at minimums so every large corporation pays a minimum, the citizens taxes are streamlined, and over an 8 year period reduced to under 5% as the National Debt is paid down, with savings from getting corruption out of government and reducing the Federal budget by 50% not by reducing what we get, just making it VERY efficient.


Then, your $1.00 per month times 300 million citizens will build RTDNOW citizen owned factories with many good jobs which will produce basic quality household goods and sell them to all Americans who have subscribed for only 10% above cost. That's about a 75% reduction in cost of your household goods.








These and other elements of your RTDNOW Economic Bill of Rights reduce the cost of living for every single American so that two workers on minimum wage can easily afford a $250,000 home. So that each American over time becomes a millionaire in their lifetime, which means independence and security in old age, versus what we have now, 2/3 of all Americans poor and basically broke cradle to grave. And why will every American love it? Because while wage increases are great, they’re a myth. They’re temporary. As wages rise…so do prices.


The new global digitally connected world we all live in, like it or not, is taking EVERYTHING we do here for $40 an hour or more and making it available for $10 an hour from some wiz-kid on a computer half a world away. Retail jobs now 70% of our economy will be reduced by 50% over the next 20 years as America is Amazonized; we will all buy 70% online in 20 years. As we do, half the retail stores will close and the jobs will go away. See my song GHOST TOWNS. You see, we have to act, 300 million as one or 300 million as 1, we will all be poor without a future. Be a plumber, that’s a good job you can’t do that online from Bangladesh!


The RTDNOW ECONOMIC BILL of RIGHTS makes education free by integrating it into existing buildings, online components, and an interactive business internship program through an online RTDNOW Dream Portal and an education capital gains tax on stock sales along with reinstitution of a 7% education estate tax. If this great country was the breadbasket they ate from during life, they can say thanks on the way out!


EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN WILL GET HIGH QUALITY EDUCATION that is focused on American dream skills: teamwork, innovation, win-win ethics and debate, making things, and all the other garbage we now pay for and don't add up to anything  for over half the people who pay exorbitant amounts for garbage education.


Today we are all caught in a Corporate America education system that’s been “McDonaldized.” Our kids are taught to be… good students! Not how to make their way. We need to be to actively teaching skills to engage and make things again!!! We will replace our current failed corporate national education system with what we had before 1970.


I cover the dumbing down and corporatizing of bad education, which is their form of population control in case anyone missed it, in other areas and podcasts. If you can't work as a team, you can't organize. If you can't innovate, you can't solve problems, if you can't make things from scratch...you can't build the country of YOUR dreams. We are all living the bankrupt corporate dream of bankrupting consumerism, division and inequality. 300 million AS 1 we are going to change that all overnight as well add our names at RTDNOW.Com


HEALTHCARE: We had a non profit healthcare system under control before 1970 when it was "deregulated" which is a code word for Corporate elite wealth class stealing and making it cost 100 times more for all of us. The existing healthcare system will stay but we the real people will form a NON-PROFIT one like we had to sell services and prescription drugs at cost. When the for-profit system loses half their customers overnight, they will have to reform their cost structure pretty quickly overnight. No more healthcare CEO's making hundreds of millions Per Year! Poof! That will end and collapse on itself and we will build it by removing TRILLIONS of dollars from the federal budget corruption and endless false wars.


I’ve covered the SMALL BUSINESS REVOLUTION we will be starting in every person and every home in America in the song SAVE OUR FACTORY OF DREAMS. And the 1% American Dream business loans that will immediately create 30 million new well paying jobs, and over time 200 million to 300 million. It rebuilds the American dream engine and economy with jobs for everyone that won’t leave and businesses YOU own!




And with that GREAT education and internships, and QUALITY low cost Healthcare, we are all going to RESTART THE AMERICAN DREAM ENGINE IN EVERY PERSON ON EVERY BLOCK ON EVERY STREET ALL ACROSS AMERICA.


You see small businesses started by just 2 people started almost all our major industries (Orville and Wilbur Wright, airplanes/ Jobs-Wozniak, Apple/ Gates-Allen, software/ Page-Brin, Google/ etc. And new small businesses create 2 out of 3 new jobs and American dreams. And when we create 1 new business, a side-business or something that grows to international success, we will be doing it with jobs that don't leave America.


And while we will reform the tax code OVERNIGHT to the citizen’s benefit, the way it's written is if you have a company versus just working for someone else, your taxes are about 50% LOWER. Wouldn't you like to have 50% of all the taxes you paid back over your whole life???! Let's see ...at 6% compounding interest over a lifetime that probably adds up to $500,000 or more!!! This is why all Americans are bankrupt and we are changing that all OVERNIGHT with the RTDNOW Citizens Economic bill of Rights!!!




Now just a moment to explain why mega corporations who have already detached from America to reduce their taxes to near zero, moved 2/3 of their factories and jobs overseas so they can't be taxes, regulated or nationalized, let's talk about why they will like the RTDNOW Citizen’s Based Plan. It removes their burdens, which they balk from anyway, of wage increases they won't deliver in our globalized digital world, and healthcare costs will be off their to-do list and expense. It removes these costs and increases their profits. So hopefully, they will start bringing good jobs and factories back to America. And by charging every large corporation some tax, versus GE paying none for two years on Billions of net income, we will bring equality to the tax code. And when corporate taxation comes into line with reasonable amounts, they will reinvest in America again and American jobs.


I drew your attention above to a book called the Mcdonalization of America. It also talks about the Wallmartization of America as well. It describes a world of American companies most of all of the jobs are… minimum wage. Gasp! That’s what’s really going on industry-by-industry, location-by-location, all across America. Heck, it already happened in government: they all report to their corporate masters. Further, robotics and computers will replace 40% of all current human jobs. There will be a fewer jobs at the top, and minimum wage positions, that over time will be reduced by 50% as we all shop online.





And as the retail store closing trend matures, half of ALL the retail locations will have closed. Example right now? Sears/K-Mart. 2018 a record 8,000 retail stores closed. 2019 another record 9,200 retail stores closed. Are you getting this? See my song and book chapter GHOST TOWNS. 70% of all furniture stores will close. And too many workers without jobs, will take any wage to pay their bills. So in a 70% retail based economy we have in America, there will be NO pressure to raise minimum wages. It will only make them close stores faster.


Corporate America purposely detached from America, they left the American citizen behind over 50 years: all of us. The RTDNOW Plan recognizes this and reorganizes our whole economy OVERNIGHT to fill this vacuum, which is why we are in $25 trillion in debt and not really growing, to provide for every citizen, new social, political and economic equality rights so they finally have real equality. And not just the words, the real economic tools and support systems, that promote and enable them all, 300 million as 1, to go after, PURSUE, live, their American dreams and make their own way, instead of making corporations do it.


This is the struggle between management and labor that has been SO out of balance for 35 years and we will all be bringing into balance with an elegant formula and solution called RTDNOW: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW.  We are all restarting the America dream engine, for EVERY citizen, rebuilding it overnight with 300 million American Spirits.





You see, the real American dream of 1776, was systematically hijacked by an elite global wealth class. That American dream was to free EVERY person when it started in 1776. Today its all wealth class driven pay to play, pay to be heard, money monarchy that channels all the money and power to the top 5%. To keep it that way they actively imprison us all mentally, socially and economically. It doesn’t have to be this way. We all, 300 million as 1, together, have the power to restart the American dream in every person, in every home, all across America. Once you believe that, and believe in yourself, and your countrymen and women as I do, it will happen. 100 songs are to make you believe in yourself and America again.


And recognized and believe in the real mission of America: empowering the individual to live their American dream, making EVERYONE masters of their own destiny. That Real American Mission freed the world's people once, and its time to reaffirm it and do it again. That’s why RTDNOW is a national mission. The original one reborn in our time: 2020.


And they accomplished the mission in their time simply and overnight by writing it in a declaration and declared this new HUMAN equality, and new SOCIETAL independence, from Great Britain and from past outdated Master-Slave thinking and way of the world.


America’s mission declared independence from tyranny and oppression, once, and for all time. And that's why 2/3 of the world followed our lead for almost 200 years. Until we lost our American Dream Mission, and Real American belief system, our American values of Equality and Independence, our common sense, and our can do confidence, about 50 years ago, as corporate money poured into politics, and with it sadly, we all, 300 million as 1, lost our American spirit to do-better.




We are changing all that malarkey OVERNIGHT!!!! We are all, 300 million as 1, getting our American Spirits back daily at RTDNOW.COM with a thought provoking and inspiring daily redemption song, and we are all getting back to America's primary mission: to empower everyone to Live our American dreams: in peace, prosperity and equality.


Once it was called "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" and 56 people declared independence from their oppression. And today, in 2020 forward we are all 300 Million As 1 doing it again to end our oppression. But the updated version is named so we all remember who we ALL 300 MILLION AS 1, really are: American Spirits. Our new Declaration is called...REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!!!


I'm ready to go get my American Dream back and you should be too. For yourself, your kids, your family and your country. It's time to do something GREAT for US. ALL OF US!!! Rebuild 300 million American dreams with me OVERNIGHT, I dare you to live your American dream and stop putting it off FOREVER because nincompoops tell you it can’t be done. It can. And we’re all doing it.


300 million as 1 add your names, subscribe for $1.00 per month and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

I'm Ready to Go

THE TITLE OF THIS BOOK SAYS IT ALL. WE NEED A NEW WAY FORWARD FOR 300 MILLION AMERICANS TO LIVE REAL AMERICAN DREAMS, not just 25% of one, which is what 2/3 of Americans have right now on subsistence wages and subsistence lives. It's a good read, but the title does say it all. That's where we are all headed unless we all REDEEM THE DREAM NOW! Add your name at RTDNOW.COM and tell EVERYONE!

  • Are you ready to restore yours and 300 million American dreams overnight? (HINT: You should be, the American dream is dead for 100 million Americans, 100 million are getting less, and 100 million fear the future. We should all be ready to go!)

  • How do we all get going OVERNIGHT? (HINT: Add you name, subscribe for just $1.00 a month to get all 100 songs and fund the RTDNOW Movement nationwide, and use your smart phone daily to keep telling everyone RTDNOW.COM)

  • Where are we all going again? (HINT: to RTDNOW.COM a daily free online REDEEM THE DREAM NOW rock opera and movement, where as 100 million to 300 million people add their names, and social and economic equality policies will be implemented to restore everyone’s American dream overnight!)


Words and Music by ADRIAN

My name’s Adrian, and you're listening to

The Rock Opera to Save America, Redeem the Dream Now

With the goal of rallying 300 million people at rtdnow.com

To start the new era of 100% citizen participation

So we can all restore the American Dream

I made this opera to complete the vision of the original

Founding Fathers, to establish a true government

Of, By and For, the people, and end the nightmare

Of Corporate rule, so it’s time, let’s get our future back

I know you want to help, its easy, sing along


Get on my boots, grab my car keys

Fill up the gas tank, take all my money with me

Get my favorite music, Adrian and Johnny Cash

Gonna leave behind, all the negative trash, cause


I’m ready to go, ready to win, ready to start all over again

I’m ready to find my destiny, ready to have lady luck with me

I’m ready to go, ready to win

Ready to Redeem my American dream


Your Rock Opera to Save America comes with a Plan

With three simple steps, 1, the new era of 100% participation

Is starting at RTDNOW.COM, Step 2, all us citizens will have

An online Constitutional Convention, to restore our Democracy

And end Corporate rule, Step 3, transform our economy to

Ensure the prosperity, of every American family

Help me get everyone involved and I guarantee you

We will restore everyone’s American dream

Because 300 million people can do anything quickly


Walk out that door, drive down that road

Find all the love, that I am owed

Hiding in the darkness, scattered all around

There ain't no place patriotism can't be found


As the songs are released, I will publish an RTDNOW Songbook

It will detail a few simple things we can do in steps 2 and 3

To increase the net income for the average American by 50%-100% overnight

Yes, we will make the economy work for the average citizen again

And oh yeah, the tour will begin when everyone buys their favorite song

And a T-shirt, so I can fund it. This is a self funded project

The way America was built in the first place

Give me a hand, and let’s make all our dreams come true


You can call my Doctor, you can call my Preacher

You can call my Mother, if you can reach her.

Get my favorite music, Adrian and Johnny Cash

Gonna leave behind, all the negative trash


I know you want to help, so see you at RTDNOW.COM daily

And enjoy the next song, about our redemption

And we’ll get our country and all our American dreams back

Don’t be late! Adrian-OUT!