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American Dream


America has stumbled without direction for 50 years because there’s been no citizen focused plan to restore everyone's American Dream. Like Forrest Gump said famously in the movie, our national policy has become "life is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what you're going to get." Well, aren't you tired of not knowing the future of America? Of the American Dream? Of Your future? It's time to make our future, and make our own history. And now it’s easy. 300 million as 1, add your name at RTDNOW.COM to a petition to restore everyone's American Dream in an overnight plan Adrian wrote for every American. 245 years waiting for the American Dream to be delivered is never. 300 million as 1:  REDEEM THE DREAM NOW.


What Is America? YOU

300 million you's. Of all ages and colors and religions. And it was so wonderful to have the Sunset High School Choir of Beaverton, Oregon, sing on four songs one afternoon as an after school project. They are fabulous on this song!

Funny thing is when I'd preview my music for adults they'd pause and get lost in a political 'there's no way this can happen' mental lens. Not so when these High School young adults heard it, they got it right away.


Yeah! Their body language said it all, Let's Fix This Mess. Our future is definitely our youth. With maybe some of us older folk who also believe we can change the world overnight and the rest cheering the changers on. In June 2020 we are seeing transformation change start. But we have to finish the job. One of the choir members was his class president. These kids of today we may have thought were whiny and had it too easy, are the real deal. Thank you all for participating!!! Amen. 

RTDNOW:  Coming together! All ages, it will take everyone!


Making of the Song "Redeem the Dream Now"



I made this whole 100 songs and 100 podcasts and websites to redeem myself for mostly being a watcher for 35 years as an adult. Like most everyone else, watching the bullies in politics with all the money make big promises and sell us all out for 50 years until the country is beyond bankrupt $25 Trillion in debt, the American dream dead, our Democracy dead, our Republic form of life dead our American spirit, crushed under the rubble of all that and endless lies and mismanagement from ‘government’.


So I decided to make a simple way for 300 million people to say “I don’t think so, we want our country back now, along with our ‘complete’ American dreams. Times up, 240 years is too long to wait!” So I made a Rock Opera to Save America, Redeem The Dream TO INSPIRE, and a movement of the same name TO DELIVER. And I made it for EVERYONE 300 million ordinary hard working citizens that make this country run everyday. And so you’d participate actively I made it all Free Access, for EVERYONE in America, in one simple place RTDNOW.COM, and Entertaining with great music. I made it simple and convenient so you could access it on your cell phone 24/7 365 days a year anywhere anytime.


Words, even laws, are not good enough, you have to have AN IMPLEMENTATION PLAN to actually get everyone’s American dream really restored overnight. So I wrote the RTDNOW, Redeem The Dream Now PLAN that restores everyone’s American dream of EQUALITY (social-political-economic) and PROSPERITY, OVER-NIGHT!


The secret ingredient that makes this cake rise is YOU. 100 million to 300 million YOU’s all adding your names, and hopefully subscribing for $1.00 to equally all fund this effort. You see we’ve never had a way to get all our American dreams back in one simple fell swoop. But now we do, it’s called RTDNOW.COM. But it takes YOU wanting your American dream back NOW. It takes you wanting more than the mismanagement and horse crap of decline they shovel out behind endless smiles and half-truths.








Changing the failed economic course of America and restoring equality for all has been made simple at RTDNOW.COM. But for this opera to succeed you have to do what you haven’t really ever done: actively participate in making your future and America’s. That’s because there’s been no leadership to rally us all to restore all our American dreams. There’s been no simple free way to do all that. But now there is at RTDNOW.COM.


I’m asking you, EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN, to just spend 5 minutes a day to hear a free inspirational redemption song at RTDNOW.COM. Then tell everyone to check out the song at RTDNOW.COM.


And also I’m asking every American to do another effortless task once, the most American of things: sign a petition. Add your name at RTDNOW.COM to REDEEM THE DREAM NOW. And as we get 100 million or more American spirits to sign it we will end the freak show arcade we call Runaway Government permanently. We will enact the RTDNOW Plan to Save America and Restore Everyone’s American dream as the RTDNOW Plan is implemented. 







I certainly hope so or I’ve wasted my time. Simply add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM. Subscribe for $1.00 per month to get all 100 songs and fund the movement, your movement, of 300 million people, with a simple RTDNOW Plan to:






This is Adrian at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, California, on the Forrest Gump actual bench from the movie, doing a reenactment of that famous “LIFE IS A BOX OF CHOCOLATES” "You never know what you get" scene. That was the movie where a handicapped person stumbled along to his greatness by putting one foot after the other. Key point? Life may be a crapshoot but you have to do something to get something or somewhere. You have to take action. And 300 million as 1, that’s what we all have to do to get our American dream back in an Overnight Plan. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

Redeem the Dream Now
  • What is this song asking? (HINT: for you to add your name at RTDNOW.COM)

  • How does it restore my American dream? (HINT: read the RTDNOW PLAN online)

  • What makes it all work? (HINT: YOU. You have to participate telling everyone RTDNOW.COM)

  • What does it cost? (HINT: It’s FREE-ACCESS daily at RTDNOW.COM)

  • How can I help? (HINT: Subscribe for $1.00 per month and wear the T Shirts!)


Words and Music by ADRIAN

Our time is now...

Oh Brother, do not go silently, into your plunder

Ohh Father, gimme strength, to scream at injustice

OHHH my people, the hour is upon us

Our cause is just when we walk together




The night is full of fright 

When you can't figure out who to fight

The future is wide open, if you want it to be

I see something, that everyone should see

How our American Dream's restored


How bad do things need to be?

Before you redeem the dream with me

We can make America everything 

It was supposed to be just takes everybody!

Oh Brother do not go silently into their plunder

Oh Father, give me strength to scream at injustice

OH My People the hour is upon us

Our cause is just when we walk together

It's time to reclaim America for the ordinary citizens

Restore everyone's American Dream OVERNIGHT

Tell everyone redeem the dream at RTDNOW.COM


The Real Story of the AMERICAN DREAM

In Context of Adrian's Song “Redeem The Dream Now"





Once upon a time, we all had hope. We had a government without titanic levels of money flowing through all of it before1955. Before then Government HATED large corporations and tried to represent the people. We all got things like Women's Rights, and Worker Rights, but then it all went bad. I was born in 1958, that's me above at a Public School (PS 151) Thanksgiving Day 'dance' parade I think in Queens, New York. I grew up in the projects. It was racially mixed. I was raised color blind. Love was in our home, I had a happy childhood.


So where did the whole American dream fall off the rails OVER MY WHOLE LIFETIME? How did the MOST PROSPEROUS NATION ON EARTH go in the ditch, become THE OPPOSITE of what it was? How did it start CREATING IN-EQUALITY instead of EQUALITY? How did we go from a rising standard of living for all over 35 years after World War 2, to almost total poverty and bankruptcy living on debt all across America at mostly minimum 'subsistence' wage jobs? How the hell did we all LOSE OUR WHOLE COUNTRY?

Most of the song bonus materials (my eBook) like this you will read cover aspects in detail I will only highlight here. During the 1800's the size of corporations was regulated by government so they didn't steal and buy all competition, like today, that only results in less businesses, higher prices, less jobs, lower wages, and ends in a Great Depression. That's not new, that's why CORPORATE SIZE WAS REGULATED.

But, the age old problem started by Alexander Hamilton, money in politics, read his writings, he did it on purpose to recreate the old English Empire, which we became, failing and totally corrupted, by his work. He was an early 1% and pushed the country so they could control it...with money, payoffs, etc. So as money flowed into politics, including regulators and appointed officers, one by one rules were changed. Teddy Roosevelt became President and broke up the Monopolies of 1900 taking Billionaires and their companies to court!


But the damage had been done from 1850-1900 small and medium size businesses had been wiped out, the middle class destroyed, and in 1920's the 1st Federal Reserve Chairman printed money (just like today) in what was called 'The Roaring 20's' that promptly fully collapsed into a 15 year Great Depression as a pandemic idled America: sound familiar yet? Then, 35% were out of work, just like today if you counted it correctly, forget their fake news please. Bread lines all over America then, just like today. But today we have miles long drive through lines for food boxes for families. And an incoherent failed government policy to bring in big corporations to 'FIX' it all. All they did was price 'fix' and spend money that made unemployment WORSE! AND THE EXACT SAME THING IS HAPPENING TODAY 100 YEARS LATER.

So how did we fix, end, the 1st Great Depression of TOTAL POVERTY from 1929-1944? We went to war to put everyone back to work. That is the age old playbook to restore prosperity: conquer other lands. The Crusades? Discovering America? Etc. Roosevelt, the other one that was President, Franklin, knew exactly what would happen when he stopped oil shipments to Japan: they'd go get some! So if you did that, would you really keep THE WHOLE NAVY FLEET all tied up and left in one place? No, you'd be on standby. Forget all the 'conspiracy' theories, this was simple cause and affect. As we say in golf, it was a gimme. Like putting a lollipop in front of a 5 year old: they're gonna grab it, its irresistible. None of history in hindsight is rocket science. But that's the lesson of history I'm trying to avoid. They always blow up the world to get everyone to shut up and follow them down another blind dead end alley for 15-30 years more.

Ok, so that's how America employed a nation LAST TIME. You would think they'd do something DIFFERENT THIS TIME, but so far government is not. They just printed $16 Trillion dollars and wiped out bank reserves to cause the next banking TOTAL COLLAPSE INTO OUR NEXT FULL GREAT DEPRESSION in about 24-36 months.


WHY? Money in politics, which the RTDNOW Plan removes if 100 million or more support it. So Franklin Roosevelt said his greatest achievement was saving Capitalism. But who was enjoying Capitalism then and now? JUST THE TOP 10%. Today about 35 million people. That's why I keep calling this a 300 million as 1 all citizens movement. They, the top 10%, have 'insulated' themselves at the top by racist policing creating FEAR and DIVISION which are the tools of keeping everyone SCARED and UNWILLING to take constructive ACTION. And they work which is why a minority of elites can control a majority of citizens FOREVER. And WE THE PEOPLE are kept purposely on SUBSISTENCE WAGES. In 2019 250 million citizens had NO SAVINGS. That means edge of bankruptcy. About the same as giant plantation but without fences and chains you can see (today they're politics and debt)  or even assured housing. 

So back to post World War 2 prosperity, and the hope of the Civil Rights Movement in 1968 after an integrated military showed we are all equal and could work well that way. The Civil Rights movement was ended by militarized policing 'raids' which killed leaders. That was a Presidential Policy, called The Southern Strategy, you can hear them directly admit on the Netflix movie 13th, watch it. Nixon was losing control and wanted to criminalize the image of Black Americans, then militarized the police and FBI to conduct raids and kill Civil Rights leaders. That's how Evil Nixon was, like he was head of the KKK. But his election strategy, scaring white people by locking up innocent black people, worked. Then the next President, George Bush copied the Southern Strategy when he was losing, and won. The Democrats seeing what worked, copied The Southern Strategy to elect Bill Clinton. This insanity, domestic terrorism, fueled by money in politics, created a mass incarceration America. We went from 250,000 in jail to over 2 million souls, probably 1.5 million shouldn't be there. Right under all our eyes, BY BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES WITH NO CHECKS AND BALANCES TO STOP WHAT WAS DOMESTIC GENOCIDE, America's heart was broken, its treasury plundered, and our future existence put on the razors edge. Now you know why I'm an Independent and this is an all citizens movement. Who would want to be a part of EITHER political party. In RTDNOW I'm asking everyone to be an independent with me, kind of like how this country started. What we are seeing today, with Black Lives Matter which is going mainstream as America's sins are revealed, is the next generation of all Americans awakening at once to fix this wrong, to complete, to IMPLEMENT, the hope of the Civil Rights Legislation, in new equality policies. But the corrupt system that enables this is still in place. The 3 Acts of The RTDNOW PLAN reforms the whole system to be actively responsible to all the people, not the 10% wealth class racist, yeah they deserve that, see above, elite. 

So the Civil Right Movement was shut down in about 1970: THAT WAS OUR MAJOR TURNING POINT IN THE LAST 50 YEAR DECLINE BROUGHT ON BY PRESIDENT NIXON. What happened then? Well, let's take a step back to see what happened. Right before the Civil Rights movement President Eisenhower had a commission to determine THE MISSION FOR AMERICA going forward. They came back with NO ANSWER. So two things happened. A CORPORATE ATTORNEY, NIXON'S PRIVATE ATTORNEY, WHO HE LATER RIGGED THE SUPREME COURT WITH, name Lewis Powell, wrote the Powell Memo. Look it up, it calls for corporate America to pour money into politics, write the laws, run government so it wouldn't run them. That plan got put into affect over 50 years. THAT'S HOW OUR AMERICAN DREAM AND PROSPERITY WAS TURNED UPSIDE DOWN. IT WAS NO ACCIDENT.

While it was an Al Qaeda type no headed beast, their was a governing body so to speak that helped organize it all for decades. A Billionaire named Rockefeller seeing the Eisenhower Commission report that American forgot, couldn't remember, lost, (so absurd, more payoffs) its true mission, THE AMERICAN DREAM OF EQUALITY AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL REACHING EVERY CITIZEN, he formed his own 'global leaders' commission: The Tri Lateral Commission of world leaders and influencers to set 'informal' global policy...through corporate actions and donations, and later in 2010 forward writing our laws!!!

And that's how we went into a period of Globalization. For corporations to globally plunder new resources. That only CRUSHED AND BANKRUPTED AMERICA and did it by DESIGN with NO REGULATION.


That's how we lost all our factories to China who was still riding bikes 35 years ago. Really. That's HOW and why China has become a problem to American prosperity and survival, we, the Tri Lateral Commission, and their puppet President Nixon who 'Opened the Door to China' did it to America PURPOSEFULLY. For cheap labor, to avoid taxes and size regulation, to avoid environmental regulations and unions. Oh my is right. THE BIG CORPORATIONS OF AMERICA JUST DECIDED TO STOP FIGHTING GOVERNMENT AND LEAVE ABOUT THE SAME TIME THEY STARTED A PLAN TO CONTROL GOVERNMENT.


This schism, of loyalty to America, to the constitution, by corporate leaders, (now remember why America was formed, to free us from such tyrannical business leaders controlling government with payoffs (through pay off lobbying groups like ALEC) oppressing the people with troops/police) led to 100 million in poverty today, the whole country and all citizens living on debt, not income from producing anything. We just sell what China makes. Just Brilliant. Another RERUN of BAD HISTORY. And of course you have to ask "What the heck were and are all our representatives doing??" Getting paid off. But they made it legal and its called 'donations' now. THAT'S WHY RTDNOW EXISTS, SELF RULE MEANS JUST THAT, 300 MILLION AS 1, ADD YOUR NAME to set the new rules :)

Like I keep saying we have had nothing but Presidents with economic crap for brains. They do nothing but subsistence for the citizens, they just BS us all often and juice the system to repay their corporate donors which perpetuates the raping of America: $10 Trillion in new corporate debt allowed over four years, $16 Trillion in fake money in the LAST SIX MONTHS to get re elected. THAT'S $26 trillion in fake money injected in the last FOUR YEARS, THE WHOLE GDP (ALL THE MONEY AMERICA MAKES IN A YEAR IS $22 TRILLION) NOW YOU KNOW WHY I KEEP SAYING WE ARE BANKRUPT LIVING ON DEBT. America would have totally collapsed into a Great Depression two years ago! This debt only puts off the GREATEST COLLAPSE about 36 months. And now you have a clearer idea of why 300 million as 1 we must redeem the dream now to survive as we lose 50 million more jobs to technology soon. WE don't have much choice.

THIS IS THE EPIC EPIC EPIC FAILURE CAUSED BY MONEY IN POLITICS. IT AFFECTS EVERY AMERICAN. THAT'S WHY WE ALL NEED TO REDEEM THE DREAM RIGHT NOW 300 MILLION AS 1. This is only one example, well a few, Nixon and the 'sitting' President who's only doing exactly what caused the last Depression repeating what President Calvin Coolidge did right before THE LAST great depression:  bad tariffs and print a bunch of fake money. $16 Trillion in six months is like a second moon in the sky changing currents and creating storms all across the planet, it was the recipe for disaster in 1920's and it is today. There's one great EPIC economic F Up every President makes in office (although Nixon was the champ with 3 and that leaves out Watergate: opening China, making Healthcare for profit, and taking us off the Gold Standard so they could print ANY amount of money which makes all YOUR  money worth 50% Less) when you look at history, that brought America to total collapse today. With these economic wizards as President, showing now leadership, with NO PLAN other than debt to keep us quiet and them in power, now you know why I threw my hat in the ring and said write in Adrian 2020.


I have proposed a SOUND ECONOMIC PLAN FOR ALL WITH EQUALITY PLAN FOR ALL, and how it is written, in bold policies not just aspirations, policies is the HOW. THE RTDNOW PLAN is an American dream implementation plan. That's been the missing piece in actually achieving the American dream for 240 years. It's policies actually drive, extend, the American dream elements to reach every citizen. That I hope is the brilliance in what I'm proposing 300 million you's support. After 10 years of research and 40 years creating American businesses, I know what won't work, and what will work, and I have laid it out to the nation. You will never see that again. I hope you take my personal invitation to restore the American dream overnight. Last time Americans had that invitation was 1776. This is easy, all online.

So let's get to current history of how the American dream was lost over the last 35 years. WITH WAVES OF GLOBAL AND BILLIONAIRE AND CORPORATE MONEY IN POLITICS...THEY PUT IN THEIR CANDIDATES AND REWROTE OUR LAWS TO MAKE PAYING OFF POLITICIANS LEGAL. That is what the mis named Citizens (corporate citizens) United Supreme Court Ruling in 2010 did. It made CORPORATIONS ARTIFICIAL CITIZENS. OMG is right. It's not 300 million people's country anymore, for 10 years now. THAT'S HOW YOU LOST LEGAL OWNERSHIP OF YOUR WHOLE COUNTRY and our representatives let it happen. Corporate 'citizens' dominate 'normal' citizens. How many times have you heard someone in the White House day dominate recently. Understand their dog whistle code words. OMG is right. Put bluntly, Corporate America got the White House, and 300 million, well we got the OUT (of ALL power) HOUSE! And that's why your voice doesn't matter, until 300 million as 1 we REDEEM THE DREAM NOW and enact the all citizens plan, Adrian's plan, to get money out of politics, to make citizens supreme over corporations and the supreme court they now control, and restore a real citizens economy that works so all benefit, in a real working FULL framework of equality: SOCIAL-POLITICAL-ECONOMIC. That's what makes up equality. Police reforms underway now are a first step.

And what else happened over the 35 years to make this police state of fear we call America worse. We had a dude (and his wife) called himself the first black president, call people of color super predators, then put 100,000 more cops on the streets to arrest them. Then they militarized police forces with excess armored vehicles from the Iraq war. Yeah, really! All the while corporations that wanted to own the prison system, who get about $100,000 per year per prisoner, paid lobbyists (ALEC) who donated to candidates who came up with idiotic laws like 3 strikes. Half the people in prison today shouldn't be there as a result. But to fix that we also have to fix the 13th amendment which is the loophole to take away votes. It matters in a 50/50 split electorate, that's how corporate elites keep power over YOUR AMERICAN DREAM and how much you get also. Today, as a result of all this chaos in our politics, LOBBYISTS WRITE MOST OF THESE LAWS AND SUBMIT THEM TO OUR representatives to sign that's HOW BROKEN OUR SYSTEM IS: 300 MILLION AS 1 REDEEM THE DREAM NOW.


That is THE TITANIC MESS AMERICA is in, basically how we ALL got here, and why I wrote a 1 page plan for us to all sign to fix all the major problems fast. Please read it, think it through, listen to my podcasts, and you will come to the same conclusions I did. America will not survive without a total redo fast. And nobody will save 300 million citizens, our people EVER, that's why we've been waiting 245 years now. Like 1776, but peacefully online, we all have to save ourselves now or nothing will ever change. It's always been that way and always will. It takes you. I waited 50 years, my whole life for someone to fix this, or organize us all to fix this, but nobody showed up or stepped up. I know why, it's a lot of work. So I did. Now its your turn to help me save America.


Once all that sinks in, I covered a lot above and in other writings, and how easy RTDNOW makes saving America and restoring the American dream for all, we will all act 300 million as 1. To have any American dream and avoid total collapse (we are losing 50 million more jobs to technology soon) we must all take action supporting a citizen first plan. What I described above a phony Trickle DOWN that killed the American Dream over the last 50 years was the Corporate 1st plan. This one RTDNOW, is the citizen 1st, Trickle UP plan.



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