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Adrian made a Simple Plan.

It's for every single American.

His plan restores everyone's full American dream overnight, it pays for itself, and saves America from total collapse. The RTDNOW Plan: Redeem the Dream Now.  What it Does for You:

  • 1% Fixed Rate Home Loans for All

    Gives families up to $1,000 more/mo.

    Creates affordable housing for ALL

  • 80 million new jobs 2x min. wage

THESE ADRIANOMIC RTDNOW POLICIES MORE THAN DOUBLE MOST'S HOUSEHOLD INCOME. This is the new thriving America for all Adrian wants your help to bring into being overnight. 

Explanation: 50% more income overnight from decreasing your mortgage expense by 50%, and new jobs at double your old pay for most Americans, 50%, 80 million, had minimum wage jobs before Covid.


More of What You'll Get:

  • 15 mil. new businesses/yr for 3 years

  • 100 million will leap out of poverty

  • 100 million escape poverty

  • Homelessness permanently ended

  • Education free

  • Student Debt Cancelled

  • Healthcare non profit: 75% less cost

  • Makes everyone a millionaire so their retirement is funded and good.


American Dream Creator

Adrian's funded over $1 Billion to small companies creating jobs and dreams over 40 years. He's a small business finance expert. "My plan creates thriving new businesses and 80 million good new jobs fast by making banking work for the American people again." This is how Adrian will create our new American dream engine. Podcasts explain.

Saved a Totally Failed Bank

Overnight! I didn't foreclose on ANY businesses. Nobody lost money. Saving millions of dollars and  many American dreams. "I won't bail out banks: we don't have to. We need the right policies to keep them solvent and make them all work for all of us every day."  


Created RTDNOW for You

To save America and everyone's American Dream Adrian wrote:

  • The All Citizens RTDNOW Plan

  • RTD Recovery Solution Action Plan

  • 100 Songs, Podcasts, eBook

  • The RTDNOW Website / Movement

  • A Constitutional Amendment to end runway government permanently.

  • A Constitutional Amendment with   an RTDNOW Economic Bill of Rights doubling citizen net income and decreasing living cost by 50%.



IF YOU VOTE ADRIAN, America will be reinvented Day 1 as a We-1st, Citizen-1st nation. Adrian through his plan can deliver, rebuild, restore, everyone's full American dream overnight with new policies that take affect day 1. It just takes your support.




There are no other full plans to save America and your American dream, and save us from collapse now and again as we lose 100 million jobs, OVER HALF of all jobs, to technology soon. So please let's all be independents for a short while to save America. Join with Adrian:



  • SUBSCRIBE: $1/month 

  • Write In Adrian 2024


Simple:  Write in Adrian 2024

Will Work: 78% surviving paycheck to                paycheck before the pandemic                collapse should support Adrian. 

Free: Please subscribe $1/month

Fast: New policy happens Day 1


Easy: 99% happens on your phone



  • Restores Everyone's Full American Dream Overnight of  Social, Political, and Economic equality with upward mobility for all based upon pursuit with resources and programs accessible to all citizens. 

  • Ends Runaway government

  • Your vote will matter again

  • Restores democracy and self rule

  • Ends Hunger in America

  • Ends Poverty in America

  • Small Business Finance Revolution 1% fixed reset + for new Businesses restores real capitalism for all.

  • Larger Corporations flourish MORE as families have 2x as much income.

Please Read Adrian's RTDNOW Plan.


Why We All Need RTDNOW


American life will totally collapse again after the pandemic meltdown without it. Any 'debt' stimulus is a band aid buying us 6-24 months wasting $7 trillion. As we now more rapidly lose HALF of ALL jobs to business closures and advanced technology, we will enter the worst depression of all. Banks will not only collapse, the value in all homes, the only equity most have, will crater, decrease by 50% in a free fall devaluation leaving all broke and unable to support themselves. Why? With no banks lending and no jobs there will be no income to make home loans. America will come to a stop. 

That's what a Great Depression is. That's what we are all facing 300 million as 1. A terrible 15 year depression. Really? The country was bankrupt along with 78% of citizens before pandemic, and mega corporations have been allowed to wipe out small business competition for decades, just like in 1918-1928. This is a rerun of then. Government had no plan then, and no plan to save America now. For 50 years they've gutted the American economy, that should be obvious now with all facing poverty.

It's up to all of us to save ourselves. 300 million as 1, write in Adrian 2024!


  • Half of all retail stores will close

  • 70% of America is now retail

  • We'll lose 50% of all jobs

  • This will decrease wages

1/2 of all household income gone, you keep all your bills, collapses all household budgets, and America. We must all take action to have a future. We must all implement the RTDNOW PLAN.



The RTDNOW Plan written by Adrian reduces the cost of living by up to 50% overnight! This gives EVERY family up to $1,000 more each month Permanently. 

RTDNOW policies save America from total economic Collapse caused by corporate 1st failed policies for 50 years of crushing debt and impending loss of half our current jobs. We must all take real action for a real people's candidate, with a real plan that can work. There's only one in this race:





Online: At RTDNOW.COM daily 24/7


Details: See OP-ED and Podcasts

History: Adrian's eBook's our real story

Creates Forum: ALL Citizens heard


The RTDNOW Citizens Continental Congress to be, as simple as 300 million add their names at RTDNOW.COM, is Basically a Roman Assembly of the Centuries: ONLINE. This is why the past matters today. Rome lasted 500 years. America is 250 and staggering toward full collapse. RTDNOW saves America.

Roman citizens had a forum of plebeians, average citizens, to protect all the people from the patricians, the elite wealth class, and warrior class. Ooops! America's partially modeled after Roman Democracy, 'the Senate', seems like we forgot to represent the citizen again. Which is why runaway government persists. And a mechanism of the people to protect citizen rights and equality. I'm sure Jefferson read of this too, but fighting a war to free humanity (all people are created equal) he didn't have time or resources or technology to get to it. It's time to finish the job of creating the promised land: in an RTDNOW AMERICA, ALL citizens will be actively heard and REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!

As 300 million catch the RTDNOW Citizen-1st vision for America, (versus Corporate 1st that bankrupted us all), they will see they have the power now to restore their full American dream, and save America, that they can drive and build the country of THEIR dreams, they will start subscribing for $1/month at to help build it.


This will fund the expansion of RTDNOW to be an interactive live forum where every single citizen has an equal seat at a 335 million seat table. Where we the people, all citizens, will control our destiny once again supervising politicians WE elect, by actively charting the future of America again, with all the facts, developing real low cost fast solutions, like RTDNOW, by using our voices in an environment where fake news will carry penalties! In short, Adrian is bringing real democracy back to life, online, as we ALL participate.

As this forum is perfected, and fully secure, and fully transparent, it can become how we vote without taking ANY donor money. Where everyone has equal voice, everyone has equal access, and the power of their ideas, like RTDNOW, not their dollars, rules. This will make ALL elections free. Imagine that! That's part of what your $1/month subscription is going for. Making all elections free, fair, and driven just by citizen votes, not billionaires and corporations.

As perfected, this Citizen-1st forum will hear ALL the citizens voices clearly. And maybe we elect one representative for each of the 3,333 counties in America. That's not new. It was proposed at the continental convention of 1787: its why we read history! And that my friends is my proposal to rebuild the real American dream of local self rule and full representation in 2024. Between this page and The RTDNOW Plan you have a list of what I'll deliver if elected. 


Sure. Setting policies is simple. They're outlined here so your vote pre approves them for Adrian to implement day 1. Full participation is magic. SHARE!!!!!


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