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Adrian's 2024 Message to You

Adrian 2024? Draft Me as a Write In Candidate for President


You may be chuckling about now, 'so overly ambitious'. Funny thing is I'm the only one running with a real full ACTION plan with NEW POLICIES to save America, for you, that mostly pays for itself! That means WE CAN DO THIS AMERICA. And we have to do such a plan soon so America survives and we're all not in poverty. As you hear my podcasts and read the eBook and think through the plan, you'll come to the same conclusions, its not really a choice, we have to do an RTDNOW Plan. And it will work because the way I designed it was the way I turned around a bankrupt bank (music's my hobby) overnight, and made it pay for itself. So what would make a normal happy person who doesn't crave power, money or attention, with a real life, want to be President? Nothing. I don't want to be President, I'm just the first person in 250 years who took the time to develop and write a full American Dream Implementation Plan, THE RTDNOW ALL CITIZENS PLAN, and I know how to implement it, and I WOULD IMPLEMENT IT. All. Fast. That's why I'm running. Any other 'politician' wouldn't  write such a plan, only a real citizen living a failed dream can see it. And if you see a politician's plan like RTDNOW, it's a lip service imitation. I've waited all my adult life for someone to step up and fix all our big problems, but they only get worse due to money in politics. In my research THE RTDNOW ACTION PLAN is the missing piece to have the country of equality and prosperity we were all promised. The catch, and why I wrote and made 100 songs to inspire us all, and made this movement online, is we all have to do it together to make it work for every single one of us individually. Divided, we end up with the few elites manipulating all of us and bankrupting us with money in politics they made legal in 2010, and fake news, 6 mega companies control 90% of what we see and read. When you understand we, 300 million ordinary citizens, don't have a chance without RTDNOW, which is why America has sunk like a stone for five DECADES,  a lifetime, you may become my biggest fan. I did all this work to save an America in full collapse for us and our children. But its really up to you. 100 million to 300 million you's. This is a once in a generation opportunity. Consider all the fake candidates with fake plans not really for you that never really happen. Compare my plan to all the bull they put out over their lives or careers. If they worked for us (and they do) we'd fire them. That's a problem the RTDNOW PLAN fixes: it has an accountability and annual removal system for rogue politicians. Other countries have them. We don't because the elites with all the money pay to have laws changed to rule America and they don't want to be removed. That's part of our runaway government. This is a reason things only get worse, and nothing changes, THAT WE ARE ALL FIXING. Song bonus materials, the eBook, walk you through all this with discussion and details. My RTDNOW ALL CITIZENS PLAN is the only full plan to restore your American dream and every one else's, and save America from total collapse as 80 million jobs in total are lost over the next five years, that's HALF of all jobs. We won't survive. Now you may be getting the picture WHY I went to all this trouble on my own, WHY we all have to be involved, and WHY we have to start right now. While RTDNOW policies can take affect day 1, they need to be pushed throughout the whole country. That's a six year process. Consider an honest write in candidate, with NO baggage, that has taken zero donations and is totally independent from both parties which have not really represented all the people for about four decades. That's why I keep saying 300 million as 1, redeem the dream now, is about ALL OUR dreams actually being restored quickly with the RTDNOW ACTION PLAN! And the way to launch that plan is now at your fingertips. Surveys show 57% of Americans want an FULLY independent candidate. I guess my timing is good. We'll see if the surveys are right or fake. 120 million don't vote because they know their vote doesn't count. But now, you can make it count! CHANGE THE GAME: These 120 million non voters waiting for a pure peoples candidate should write in Adrian 2024 for President!

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Adrian Explains
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Get Your Shirt!
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It's For Everyone

Only Adrian 

Has a full Plan that will work swiftly for Every American to restore their FULL American dream. Here's a brief discussion. Click on red title for full article.


1. Adrian's OP-ED 'Why Everyone Should Support RTDNOW'


It has action plans to cancel rent to get us through Covid, reducing the cost of living 50% with 1% home loans for all, doubling the minimum wage for a decent living standard for all, creating 80 million jobs, and it pays for itself. The interest rate is zero, it takes 100 million names at to make it happen in the RTDNOW Movement. In fact, RTDNOW is the only way America survives losing another 50 million jobs to technology soon. The Plan has a small business super support package. All of the above saves 19,495 Cities and 50 States from complete failure. With THE RTDNOW PLAN we all win. Read the OP-Ed to see how it works for you.


2. Adrian's Proposal to Heal America Ending Race Inequality


It is a thought through comprehensive plan to end militarized racist policing AND end the mass incarceration state. It heals and brings our nation together by paying just reparations for descendants of slavery and those falsely incarcerated for time served. All 1 million inmates of color will have case reviews by THEIR peers, and our prisons will be transformed into rehab centers. Laws that created racism and mass incarceration will be reviewed and amended. When only violent offenders are serving long term sentences, the prison population will decrease over time by 65%. The transformation into full REHAB SYSTEMS, it has begun in Providence, Rhode Island, will reduce crime by 50% because most is related to drug addiction. This also clears the streets of drug addicts humanely, which comprise 35% of the homelessness problem. Rehab begins in prison and continues after to solve societal problems affecting us all. And guess what happens when 50% of crime goes away? You only need 50% of police.

3. Adrian's Proposal to End ALL Homelessness and Poverty

Please read the RTDNOW Plan. Interest rates have been near zero for 8 years and will be for several more. As we reset Interest rates on 100 million home loans, the cost of living goes down by 50% overnight. Renters will be given zero down home loans. This will take about 12 months to implement. As we do 75 million Americans, out of 100 million in poverty now, will leap out of poverty overnight because their net monthly cash flow just doubled. 15 million of chronic homeless due to drug addiction, as noted above will get full rehabilitation services. 10 million homeless due to job loss and lack of current skills will get training and assistance. Please note, in July 2020 we have 40 million unemployed due to Covid and half of those jobs may never come back. Over the next five years we will lose ANOTHER 40 million jobs to technology. That is why THE RTDNOW JOBS PROGRAM was designed to create 80 million jobs. And this is why WE ALL NEED THE RTDNOW PLAN, because it not only takes us out of the Covid Depression, but AVOIDS the next one coming soon! But what's VERY NEW HERE, versus 1930's 'filling pot holes' thinking government uses today that makes us all poorer (except the company owners) is part of 'rigging' how all the wealth and power stays in the top 10% hands forever, is that the RTDNOW PLAN has a MASSIVE RTDNOW JOBS PROGRAM, creating 80 million jobs by...creating 40 million new small businesses, for 40 million citizens, here in America. This creates A NEW MIDDLE CLASS of 40 million, 25% of all workers. This is how real capitalism distributes wealth so we all thrive. Together with doubling the minimum wage, poverty will be ended for all. Read THE PLAN AND THE OP-ED and see how it will work swiftly for all!

4. Adrian's Plan to Reduce Healthcare Costs 75% in Steps

The full discussion is in the podcast called, Lend a Hand. The short version is Healthcare was non-profit and affordable before 1971. Money in politics 'deregulated' it. So it went from 12% of national cost to today about 33%. To reduce it by 75% is simple. It goes back to non-profit. Now we are down to 12% again, that's a 66% decrease. We will have cradle to grave wellness plans for everyone so most of avoidable expenses are avoided through active care. This takes us down to 9% of national cost. We will regulate the Drug Pushing 'crazy opiate' Companies instead of them regulating us. We MANAGE everything in our lives BUT our health, and our healthcare industry. We can and we will transform America to work for everyone OVERNIGHT. About 300 million citizens need this plan right now. It has become obvious we have a totally dysfunctional medical system that can't take care of us that is three times as expensive as it should be. This is also why I'm a write in candidate for President. I can make this happen overnight with at least 100 million write in votes. No one else is offering you a future. Or a plan. Consider it. For those of you who 'think' you have healthcare now, remember its the number 1 cause of personal bankruptcy. What you have is capped, and it won't be there when you need it. That should be obvious after Covid.

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