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America has become an apathetic whining fake news image of itself. And its getting worse. Everywhere we turn everyone shows an image of them doing something, but nothing. I want to see 300 million images of Americans actually helping someone in need in America.


And together, we will end our out of control drug addiction, homelessness and hunger, all across our troubled land, virtually OVERNIGHT. It’s easy. Just imagine they are you.


Now actually do something constructive: add your name at RTDNOW.COM, tell everyone daily, and yeah, WRITE IN ADRIAN 2020. He's the only dude with a plan FOR EVERYONE that will actually work and pays for itself! Lend a hand, the life you save may be your own!

Portland, Oregon under a bridge.

Has anyone noticed our growing homelessness population, we call it population because its become 'a people' OMG is right!

Anyone notice that each State has been blocking off public lands like Freeway underpasses with all sorts of Medieval torture like spiked cement rocks, boulders, and the like.


Has anyone spoke to homeless and many have been given bus tickets from one State to the next??? This is leadership???

WAKE UP. Please lend a hand and I promise I will fix this problem fast and it will SAVE us all money. 


Making of Adrian's Song "Lend a Hand"




As Album 1 was in final post production I looked it over endlessly. I was trying to do the impossible. Speak and be understood to 300 million American Spirits through a few songs and Podcasts. And spur them all to understand that they have the power in the palm of their hands to change America OVERNIGHT. That’s how this song got pulled out of my 300+ song personal archive of unmade songs. I needed to implore everyone to lend a hand. Use their cell phones to spread the RTDNOW.COM message and try to help an American in need. Because we are all going to start caring for each other again. And now its so easy all on your phone! Get your T-Shirt and spread the word. Lend a hand!

And if you want me to make sure it gets all done overnight, yeah, write in Adrian 2020. Trust me, my plan to save America is EASIER and much faster than writing and making 100 songs! Lend a Hand!!!



My fabulous music producer for the 100 songs was Tim Ellis who tragically passed away. Fortunately Tim had surrounded me with extremely talented people. Dean Baskerville who was the sound engineer on the studio sessions, I later learned, was also a top notch producer. That’s how after a six month break after Tim’s passing, I picked up this project again. Then I learned Dean had an overly talented Producer partner, Jeramy Burchett. Now Dean had the fun of me waltzing in and saying “We gotta add another song!” We are making this personal file song as a band song as I write this, waiting on the horns to be put in and the final mix. It's the last song added to Album 1 to drive the message home: Everyone needs to lend a hand!!! Special thanks to both theses fantastic musician producers. Doesn't matter that I had to pay them, like Tim Ellis, they lent a hand above and beyond!



So when I dropped this on Dean “we gotta make another song” he looked at me. He’s thinking band in studio. I’m thinking we gotta just make it happen. Probably like when McCartney makes a song all by himself. We cut the piano track. Send the file to a bass player to add the bass line. Bring in the lead guitarist. Add the drum track (in studio at Dead Aunt Thelma's) augmented by tambourine and bongo. Add vocals. Add background vocals. I’ve learned that ad-libbing with real talented musicians can come out really good. And that less prep the better sometimes because a magic arises as each musician adds their mojo. It’s no longer a simple Woody Guthrie finger pick, it’s a new Grateful Dead greatest hit. He called this madness “Frankensteining it.” I called making things happen this fast “exciting.” As long as you know the right direction, don’t fear the unknown: dive in.




That was the original title for this song. The Life You Save (May be your own!). But if I was trying to make change happen, and happen OVERNIGHT, I need 300 million people to spread the RTDNOW.COM word. Lend a Hand was a more direct plea for help to save your own life. Do you think people who can’t get health care and die early didn’t try? Wake up! Medical bankruptcy and lack of early care to catch cancer early and keep it at bay is a national epidemic. Yes, the life you save may be your own. So please Lend a Hand daily spreading the RTDNOW.COM word.




We all developed a warped sense of reality as the Facebook digital generation took hold of our minds. We went from being people of deeds, doing things, to a people who posted pictures that made us look like we were doing things. It was much easier to take a selfie that lasts forever (once you post your pictures you don’t really own them anymore) than actually make a plan to do something, think it through, gather some resources and fix a problem. We are so warped today that we think “being” is doing. And that if you look like you’re doing something, you are. Many politicians exemplify this.




After seeing my kids pictures and everyone else’s, I proudly bought an 8 X 10 wall hanging that just said BEST DAY EVER and put it in the kitchen. That’s what all the pictures I see of living in the moment say to me. Everyone is trying to outdo each other. The most prolific account of this was two ladies in their 30’s in front of Heidi and I at a John Mellencamp concert. After the first 10 selfies I started to count. I got up to 25 before the people around them asked them to leave. Sorry John, they weren’t watching your good show. You see today, you are not anywhere, if you don’t have a picture of it. You are not anyone, unless you have a picture with someone. For me, the best day ever will be when 300 million American spirits awaken and become real people again and stop being posers. I don’t have a facebook page yet because I’m too busy with this, and won’t until I’m done with half the opera. Then we will see who's not a taker and wants to restore everyone’s American dream with me.




Uniforms are instantaneous recognition of authority or service. In government all we have is photo op’s. Images have become the biggest liars in our lives. You see it and its already recorded in your brain. But was that image real? Were those people real? Mostly today, they are not. When you write 100 songs to redeem the American dream, you are not a poser. You are delivering everyday with one goal. We all want to be liked. We all want to be admired. Great. So how about we start earning all that? How about we stop saying “not my problem” and lending a hand. Doing SOMETHING other than worrying about yourself. The poser epidemic across America has been so bad for so long people only copy what they see. They don’t use their minds. They don’t make things. The poser epidemic has made us into a society of useless, hapless, freeloaders. It’s time to change all that. And do it in every single American spirit in this country OVERNIGHT.




This whole 100 song and Podcast Rock Opera to Save America, and the Redeem The Dream Now Movement is based on a simple premise: you want your American dream back. If you don’t want good free education. If you don’t want quality affordable healthcare. If you don’t want a bubble up economy so you have a place to live your American Dream. If you don’t want an RTDNOW Citizens Economic Bill of Rights. Then keep on taking selfie’s and doing whatever it is you do.


But if you want your American dream back overnight. If you want a country that wipes away its national debt with American ingenuity. If you want to hand a country to your kids and grandkids you are proud of. It’s time to lend a hand at RTDNOW.COM. It’s time for 300 million people, that’s 600 million hands to rebuild the American dream with me. It’s time to put RTDNOW.COM at the end of every email and text. It’s time to tell the world you are a proud American by adding your name at RTDNOW.COM. It is time to be American again. Americans built the modern world. Our task is to take that forward into this next century. And there’s a plan to do it online to restore every single American Dream Overnight called The RTDNOW Plan.


If you want an economic future, (because this country is economically imploding for the last 30 years, wages stayed the same, prices tripled, manufacturing went offshore and then the digital revolution took skilled jobs done over the internet offshore) its time to wake up 300 million as 1 and LEND A HAND DAILY AT RTDNOW.COM

  • Why do we have hunger and homelessness in America at all? (HINT: government was highjacked starting in 1971, make it that way, and is kept hostage by money in politics)

  • Why is poverty spreading across the nation at alarming rates and may DOUBLE? (HINT: because 300 million citizens aren't involved. Lend a hand at RTDNOW.COM and write in ADRIAN 2020 and change your world to prosperous for all overnight)

  • Listen to Adrian’s podcasts and discuss how bad our economy really is and where it will be in 5-15 years if we do nothing. (HINT: America will totally collapse and be in a Greatest Depression for 30 years, which will lead to world war, which we are kinda in now)

  • How does every single American lend a hand? (HINT: its the only real solution)

  • Why does Adrian keep saying its sooo easy? (HINT: his plan adjusts policies to save Trillions which go to the people to restore everyone's American dream overnight)

  • Whose responsibility is it to fix America? (HINT: all of ours. Lend a hand daily!)


Words and Music by ADRIAN

Please help me I’ve lost my way, I was OK but now I’m so tired

Dante’s inferno is here on earth, drive me anywhere but please drive fast

The sidewalk's 'Hot', and I may not last


Saw you on the Vegas Boulevard, dressed like Angels begging for money

Times must be really hard, God's Goddesses need more milk and honey

Depression's creeping everywhere, its in the air!


Brothers lend a hand. Sisters lend a hand.

Throw yourself a bone. The live you save may be your own!


Our wired world's gone crazy lazy. Complaining and settling for the same lame things

White collar crooks sailing away on yachts they make us all pay for

There's never a policeman there, when you need justice EVERYWHERE! 


Today there's over 100 million in poverty, homelessness is spreading across the nation

100 million more may end up in poverty, as technology take 40 million more jobs away

That's why we all need to lend a hand and there's an easy way to get results for every

woman and man, 300 million as 1, add your name at RTDNOW.COM and tell 

everyone we're restoring everyone's American dream, we're going to end poverty 

and homelessness, starting with such things as 1% fixed rate home loans

The interest rate right now is next to zero. The only reason we don't have them now is greed.

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