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AHEM... IT’S 300 Million U.S. CITIZENS


We all fall for the same Bull-Crap every four years while all our paid off politicians wheel our economy, our jobs, out the back door, and they are doing it AGAIN with no solutions to replace 40 MILLION jobs we are losing to technology. We need to all STOP being that sucker.

If you produced such bad results, you’d been fired long ago. So, 300 million as 1, stop walking into their bar, rigged elections with no solutions, and stop being Corporate America's sucker, and take action with me: Redeem The Dream Now!



So I write a cool song and come into the studio to discuss the arrangement. I say ‘Roger Miller 1950’s King of the Road vibe’. Tim says “Yeah”. There are four American music icons I admire that I’d love to go back in time and sing with: Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie. Hopefully, I captured a little of them all in this song. Cash like vocals, Miller-vibe, Williams-structure, and Guthrie-Americana. Look those boys up; they’re fantastic!




As the opera progressed my producer told me I had enough lofty songs (Will of the People, etc.) and needed more ‘song’ songs. Normal ‘song’ songs are about daily life: love, money, booze-drugs. Or as put in a genre: “I lost my job, I lost my girl, etc”. Tim Ellis was not only an extraordinary guitarist, maybe one of the best ever, but he was an everyday man’s intellect. We’d have countless conversations about America. One day he was going through his junk mail for 10 minutes as I arrived at Kung Fu Studios. Holding each letter up high as if showing it to the crowd like Johnny Carson doing his famous Carnac swami impression of what might be in the envelope, as to create drama before he would rip it in two and talk about said company as their letter hit the trash heap. He was so passionate, as usual, he was right. That night I wrote this song.




Tim and I would go through every song and decide on timing well before we got into a production session. I had a tendency (after writing slow ballads for two decades) to go too fast. Tim, a renowned musician, could make going slow like watching Picasso Paint: art. So we’re in the studio and he slows this one down to what we’d ‘decided’ in prep work, about half the speed of what the song is now. The band starts playing and I just couldn’t get a lift from the music, which fuels my mojo to spit out the vocals. “Stop the music!” I put it to a vote. The vote was fast. And it was the right choice. This was the only in-session ‘vote’.




Roy Clark and Buck Owens. Two overly talented country musicians and comedy performers put together the longest running music variety show ever. It was called Hee-Haw and it was an hour show that was on TV for an AMAZING 25 years! It was pure Americana. It came out in 1969 when I was 11 years old. It wasn’t something we watched in the house because I didn’t grow up and learn to love country music until I was about 50. But I faintly remembered the show. As we finished this song I came in one day and told Tim “I need to say something about America people will understand, I’m going to do a spoken part toward the end”. He had no idea what I was going to say. As usual, I had two long paragraphs prepared but as the music played I just said what I had to say. Tim had a glow when I finished. He said this sounds like a wrap-up song on a Hee-Haw show. Then, the music historian he was, he told me what great guitar players the hosts were. Again, I had no idea. But after I looked up Hee-Haw and watched a few old shows, I felt it was quite the compliment. I can only hope it rises to their level of musicianship, storytelling and comedy rolled into one. Check out Hee-Haw.




So one of my music hero’s is Van Morrison. He gets great instrumentalists on his songs that make you smile. David Lipkind a virtuoso Harmonica player lights this song up. Amazingly he didn’t even want to hear it once before he jammed along. Every song of mine I put him on I was thinking “Oh my God, this guy is great!” And like on every song in the opera, Tim Ellis nails the correct emotion of the song in his guitar playing. He was a master at it. Troy Welstad brings us all back to the 1950’s with a great piano. As Tim once told me “Troy can play anything!”




What makes that zzziiiiiiiiiiippppppwwwhhheeeee sound? An hour later Dean Baskerville my sound engineer, after reaching out to ‘a buddy’ like in Pawn Stars, determined it was a siren whistle. I thought it would bring out the comic/vaudeville side of this song. Toilet flush, more comedy; that was obvious going with the lyrics. The teakettle boiling over was a last minute thing. As I thought about where we are at as a nation, about to boil over demanding solutions, all of a sudden, it too seemed obvious.




Making of the Song "Everybody's for Sale"


This song is like the great song Imagine by John Lennon because it sugarcoats something terrible, so we can all face it: corruption THROUGHOUT government. I put POUNDS of sugar on it so hopefully, we can all talk about it openly and demand solutions like ones in THE RTDNOW PLAN. So where’s all the corruption? I can write a book on that. It’s mostly hidden, but right there if you look hard. Let’s see $20 trillion in debt. Lifetime government official's pensions for ‘failing’. Money in all levels of our politics now made ‘legal’ which cause them to make every decision favor the corporation and billionaire, who fund their re-election and income after politics, over the American citizen. And the one corruption you feel pinch you daily, and is most unfair and biased toward the billionaire and corporation and against you and me the ordinary citizen, drum roll, wait for it…Taxation. It’s a theft and persecution tool of the wealthy over the citizen. IF YOU WANT TO REALLY SEE THE HIDDEN TRICKS OF HIDING PAYOFFS IN GOVERNMENT SEE THE MOVIE THE LAUNDROMAT on Netflix.

It’s a modern Monarchy and it's so obvious. It's how our 1787 2nd quiet Revolution was pulled off that stole the original American dream! Since then Billionaires pay to have their taxes avoided with loopholes and make us 300 Million ordinary citizens pay 10 times over. Like the middle of my song says, we pay and pay and pay. While they pay no taxes for 20 years and then they have the balls to tell us they are using ‘their own money’ when they run for president. What idiots they think we all are because we accept it all. That we can’t organize and fix this crime against we the people is living in a Greek Tragedy! But, now we can. 300 million as 1 add your name at RTDNOW.COM

Here’s one example of paying for everything twice, well four times. Five if you count inheritance taxes. You make money and you get taxed on it. Then the State you live in taxes it. Then you buy a car, and that same money gets taxed again, then you use that money to buy a house and you get taxed on the ‘what you spent’ and ‘what you borrowed’ in property taxes EVERY single year!  


So here's THE GREAT DEAL you’ve waited for all your life: RTDNOW. If 300 million of you ADD YOUR NAME we will implement The RTDNOW PLAN to fix these problems overnight. Want me to oversee it and make sure it all happens fast? Write in my name ADRIAN 2020 for president I'll end that madness we call the tax code, by cutting out the 50% of the cost of services that is lost to paid off or inept politicians paying back their friends who put them in office. All our taxes are artificially double to pay for theft and corruption.


Everybody (in government leadership positions) is for sale, corruption throughout our government is killing us, and it's time to end it. Notice the new trend? They don’t leave Washington after their time in office is done. They stay for the lobbyist payoffs promised. The old trend? They slam a fake war down our throats every 12 years and give the contracts to their bosses to make another Trillion dollars: the defense industry.


If you haven’t figured it out, they NEVER plan on taking their boot off your neck while they pull every penny out of your pockets. That’s why it's time for one and all to wake up and DECLARE Independence Again from runaway government corruption! 300 million as 1 its time to restore everyone’s American Dream OVER-NIGHT! Redeem The Dream Now with me at and tell Everyone!



So now I'm ready to answer the question my producer posed to me wondering about tidal waves of physical junk mail, how in the world that could be profitable to do. Which then sparked me to go home and write this song. The corporations can afford to send billions of dollars of daily repetitive physical junk mail we don't ask for to us because they get "bulk" rate and we the people pay for their delivery system: the Postal service. This is just another example of how the system is rigged for Corporate America to defer their true costs to 300 Million of us. It's why we're all Bankrupt. The richest most powerful nation on earth, bankrupt. Hard to believe. Start seeing clearly with me please.


Like we the people pay for the roads, electricity and the Internet. It's also like when billionaires made the cities pay for their corporate police the Pinkerton's and shifted the cost of protecting their factories to the citizen "We the people" 100 years ago. We only need physical mail 1-2 days per week these days: we can cut the postal budget by 50% overnight. The only nice thing about physical snail mail? It's not read by the government and put into a global data center to be used against you in the future. The Postal service 5 day a week delivery is kept as a money losing venture for 'the corporations' (not we the people)...until they (OMG) control the Internet. 


Switching gears to new instant mail, email, where junk mail has gone to a new level! Every day new legislation is being presented to take away control of the Internet and put it more firmly in the hands of the corporations. If we don't act, if we don't redeem the dream 300 million as 1 they will monetize, make you pay for your emails. Yep, that's a big Wow! You heard it here first and it's not hard to predict.


Like a $0.05 cent stamp, they'll say it's "$32 cents cheaper than hand carried mail!" They will sell it the same way they sold the last generation sugar which kills you and causes diabetes and was one of the 8 tentacles that helped fuel the healthcare crisis, as a diet food: "only 32 calories per teaspoon!"  And the same old insult to all of us, Corporations will get 'Bulk Rates' of $0.01 per email attacking our inboxes. It's coming, and you may say 5 cents an email for citizens is nothing. 5 cents will limit how much you email. How much you communicate. It limits citizen FREE SPEECH. It will limit broadcasting of swarm emails to the big Corporations and super wealthy. It will limit be one more dismantling of the Bill of Rights, citizen rights, like what's happened over the last 50 years. It will limit how we communicate in groups, how we organize. IT WILL TAKE AWAY OUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSION: FREEDOM. If we don't all stop it, it will be one more tool for the wealth class elite to bankrupt our country. It's their playbook from our very first presidential election where you needed 40 Pounds (dollars) to vote. Therefore only 5% of the people elected George Washington. He was appointed, like Bush II in 2000. 


They (The Corporama) limit our rights through cost EVERYWHERE. Every single day. They don't outlaw much...they raise the price. It's more profitable. Healthcare anyone? That's what Oppression is: they use whatever means, usually cost, to limit your (300 million citizen's) rights. They benefit, you pay, and pay, and suffer. Healthcare was affordable and NON Profit until the wealth class tool President Nixon 'De Regulated' it.


And like bulk junk mail postage in your physical mail box, corporations, not you and me, will get bulk rates! And it will put another trillion into the government and corporates hands, of our money. You think I'm wrong? Look at every single thing in your life. They monetize EVERYTHING. It's illegal to collect rain water, parking tickets at $30-$50? And the "corporate citizens united" ruling in 2010 by the Supreme Court put a price tag on buying every politician. 


Ongoing Internet "Re-Regulation" by big corporations to monetize it, is a 1 mph bulldozer headed for all 300 million of us ordinary hard working citizens. And nobody's moving...we're all just standing still and watching. Now I hope you see it: it will crush us all. Our freedom or what's left of it. If you just stand there your freedom of speech rights and your wallet will end up as flat as Flat Stanley. And to use another children's analogy "the corporate wheels on the bus just go round and round". It never ends. They control the population monetarily. It's called Economic Oppression through money in politics. When all 300 million of us can do is survive and pay our bills, or go into debt to pay them, that's Oppression we're all living in. Everybody is for sale. Every citizen and every politician. Until we end it. End our economic oppression of every citizen in America with me. Fix the American dream OVERNIGHT by adding your name to RTDNOW.


Get busy! 300 million as 1: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!

  • What does ‘For-Sale’ mean? (See the books This Town and Dark Money for starters)

  • What does ‘Everybody’ mean? (See articles on Supreme Court ruling Citizen’s United)

  • What famous American music icon does Adrian sound like most in this song?

  • How are 300 million ordinary hard working Americans going to fix this crime of all our politicians being for sale and selling us all out for 40 years putting the corporate agenda ahead of the citizen’s? (Hint: Add your name at RTDNOW.COM and tell everyone)


Words and Music by ADRIAN

Had my fill of being taken, like a virgin on a table

Never knew anything better, than being had for dinner

Everywhere I turn they want, every penny I earn

Like magicians, they always want to pull my rabbits out of their hats

Water bills, toll roads, and junk mail

Freedoms are slowly going in the toilet pail

Water bills, toll roads, and junk mail

Seems like everything and everybody’s up for sale

I guess they'll never learn, we like to keep what we earn


Some scientist will invent a cure, for this evil scourge of

Taking more than you give, killing me to help me to live

It will be a magic pill, to make the greed libido chill

Where we do good things, just because


Take me to the river,

Hold me in the water

When I can't breathe any longer,

Bring me back to a new life

Where I don't always have to pay twice


The first money in politics is when Alexander Hamilton assumed all the state's war debts in 1787. It's was the first big bold Sellout. First by the northern States with the most debt that Hamilton was from and represented, exchanged their citizen rights won in the war, for money. They sold out Jefferson the idealistic leader of the revolutionary war while he was away in Paris negotiating. Then the southern States not ready for another war in 12 years "settled" and followed suit ratified a new document. Their payoff was the capital moving south to D.C. The Federalists titled the document that did all this "We The People" when the people were never involved: opposite of what it was. Just two Generals leading and less than 100 men in secrecy came up with that. 


Now Time travel 230 years forward from 1787 to modern day 2010. A new mislabeled document also done without We The People, using the Federalist playbook this time called it: Citizens United. It "legalized" buying politicians. It made corporate money in politics "legal" and murdered what was left of our republic form of government (a nation of laws) and our democratic way of life (your vote doesn't count at all now).  Citizens United also dismantled the Bill of Rights which the original Federalists, Hamilton and Washington, didn't even include in the new "Constitution" by killing free speech as the citizens voice can now barely be heard over billions of dollars of newly legalized money in politics.  More aptly called "Corporate" Citizens United it made Corporations Citizens, and every citizen 2/5 of a person because as individuals we can't compete with groups controlling 90% of all the money in America. THAT'S SLAVERY FOR US ALL MY FRIENDS. It made us all economic slaves to corporations whose millions and billions of dollars flowing to payoff politicians before and after Office. Because it includes Global Money again today, I call the global money and Global Corporations, The Corporama: they overthrew our citizen government.


Unless we band together 300 million as one the citizens of America will not have a voice, or healthcare or any semblance of a true government of the people and the federal and military budgets will grow until America collapses and 300 million American Dreams are all dead. This was the historical dark evil Hamilton set afoot with money in politics and centralized power which is so vast, no group and no faction and no party can dent it or stop it from sucking all the money and life out of the whole country and the world.


Sound dramatic? It is. Sound like a clash of civilizations? It isn't. Monarchy and a government corrupted by money is as old as time. The only thing new is that you are the star of this show. Like 1776, but online. It's not the collapse of Ancient Rome. It's not the collapse of the English Empire from corruption throughout government. Its 2020 and the start of the collapse of the U.S.A.


Now here's the fun part. Only you the average ordinary citizen can save it, save your American Dream, save your future, by making America everything it was supposed to be for everybody in an overnight plan. A true government of, by, and for, 300 million participating people, we the people. The corporations acted, over the last 50 years. Now Its Our Turn to act OVERNIGHT! 


Add your name to the 2nd Declaration of Independence from runaway government at RTDNOW.COM and tell everyone we're all going to save America. And if everyone gets busy on their smart phones daily as they hear the next free redemption song at RTDNOW.Com, it can happen virtually overnight. It's time for 300 Million As 1 to end the sellout of the America dream: Redeem The Dream Now!




The Real Story of the American Dream In Context of Adrian's Song “Everybody's for Sale"


Tying 1787 and 2010 Together

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