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As a people we are the only ones on earth that when we commit mentally to a goal, to a vision of the future, we are unstoppable. When we all know why we’re on the same mission, we get it done. That’s uniquely American. And it’s time for a new national mission to all quickly accomplish. 300 Million As 1, REDEEM THE DREAM NOW, add your name at RTDNOW.COM to start the new era of 100% citizen activism to save America and enact the RTDNOW PLAN to restore everyone’s complete American dream overnight. This may be the easiest national mission we’ve ever been on. Use your cell phone daily to tell everyone to add your name at RTDNOW.COM and we’ll have this done virtually OVERNIGHT!

This is how "It will Be Done", how we all Save America and restore everyone’s American Dream overnight: Everybody lighting up their cell phone daily, while rocking to the RTDNOW Daily free song, and then telling everyone across social media to check out RTDNOW.COM.


Making of the Song "It Shall Be Done"

Jeramy Burchett  and Dean Baskerville

Partners, Producers, Friends: their talent turned tracks into ear candy.

Dean Baskerville sound-engineered my vision to life with a lifetime of music talent and did all the fabulous background vocals which also include his Gregorian chanting.

Speaking: Adrian's strong suit




When I started making studio music I always gave a shrug when the studio musicians would ask about one of my original songs (and music) “who does it sound like?” I’m thinking, well, Beethoven didn’t copy anyone, or Bach, as far as I know. And I was trying so hard to be TOTALLY original in every single song I put out to have ‘my sound’. Well, arrangers and musicians need a reference point, a vibe, to get a starting point from which to create something new because it was me, not them, who had the inspiration for the song and its emotion. This is the way studio musicians, even famous ones, communicate to each other to get on the same musical vibe for how a song will go before getting into crafting the music. On this song my ‘reference point’ was to Phil Collin’s it. Real slow, way cool and a keen beat like his famous song In The Air Tonight.




I still may put this song out as a single 10 minute song trilogy as the last part of three songs that all go together in this order: Dreamcatcher, Redeem the Dream Now, Its Shall Be Done. I broke them up to deliver my whole message faster in Album 1 then support the primary message in more depth with each album after.




It took me about two years to realize, “I was surrounded by VERY talented music people.” Tim Ellis was at the top of his game as a guitarist, producer and musical arranger. He’d brought in Dean Baskerville to do sound engineering on the band sessions. It wasn’t until after Tim passed away that Dean and I got to know each other. Dean was also a producer, musician and talented singer songwriter. Oh my, is right. And everybody was so humble. Nobody went around touting his or her own horn! That’s why it took me so long to understand how talented everyone was. My point is once I understood who Dean really is; I put him in on background vocals on album 1 songs like this. Dean also teaches sound engineering. Lucky me to have such a talented guy to work with so I casually say “let’s Pink Floyd this part.” Or in other words, let’s create some really cool engineered sounds like in this song and the verses of Belly of the Beast. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Dean is a drummer and plays piano. Thank you Dean!




When I’d wander into a one-on-one sound engineering and vocal session for a spoken song like this, where I’d grab parts and pieces from my other songs, that’s what Dean would say when I’d go rogue. When I was no longer making what commercial artists call, a song. To his credit he supported my vision. On a business trip to Hawaii, a rewards trip for being a top salesperson, I’m sure you guessed that by now, I had to spend a week with top management as a reward at a Hawaiian resort. There are worse things in life, but 3 days of that would have been enough. So on my second trip in two years I snuck off to visit music shops on Oahu and find a Hawaiian made Ukulele to buy. Somewhere in the middle of the island was a coffee shop in the back of a small retail center with Hawaiian artists doing a lot of spoken word to music, live. I was enthralled because speaking was my strong suit. I met a few artists and bought all their CD’s. But it was the live impression that stuck with me. Can’t say I’ve listened to all the CD’s I bought yet. But that’s the inspiration for this type of presentation as well as the famous Orson Wells, ‘War of the Worlds’ radio broadcast with talking to music and sound effects.

One person decided: IT SHALL BE DONE! And it was done.

Now we find out who buried the real American dream of citizen equality, local self rule and economic freedom, why the American people are chosen to free the citizens of the world, and why every American citizen is so very special. But the key point in all this, what America will be, if you get a real American Dream, or any at all, is: You have to decide. Every single citizen. And then as we all do, together by adding our names at RTDNOW.COM, it shall be done. We will restore the real American Dream in a new 2020 Citizen First America. Decide to add your name 300 Million As 1 at RTDNOW.COM and IT SHALL BE DONE! It was that simple in 1776, 1789 to change the course of America, and in will be again, starting now.


The REAL First American Presidents/ serving one year terms who started America under the real American Dream:

John Hanson


John Hancock

1785 - 1786

Elias Boudinot


Nathaniel Gorham


Thomas Mifflin

1783 - 1784

Arthur St. Clair


Richard Henry Lee

1784 - 1785

Cyrus Griffin

1788 - 1789

The Real Story of the American Dream

In Context of Adrian's Song “It Shall Be Done"


They ripped the real American dream from the people, delivering control of America to the wealth class: 

George Washington 1785

Alexander Hamilton 1785

James Madison


John Jay



Many screamed, and one screaming now at the sellout of the real American Dream. Today we are restoring the original real American dream in the new era of 100% citizen activism at RTDNOW.COM:

Thomas Jefferson

1778 /objector

George Mason

1778 /objector

Patrick Henry

1778 /objector

The American People

2020 /redeemers 


2020 /redeemer 

After spending 10 years on this REDEEM THE DREAM NOW project, writing our 2nd Declaration of Independence from modern and ancient runaway government. Our 2nd from economic tyranny, that is called RTDNOW, Redeem The Dream Now. After writing and making 100 songs, writing 100 Song Bonus materials explaining, after 100 Time Traveler Moments that bring the motivations (to extend the real American dream or take it away) of our history makers to light and to life for all to see and understand. After inventing, writing and directing the RTDNOW Website and movement, I can tell you one thing for certain. It’s not an accident. It’s a lot of careful investigative thought over time which enables clarity to emerge after all the smoke is taken out of American history. Them the real complete American dream of equality (social, political, and economic) is rediscovered. It only lived from 1776-1787.


Our history books show George Washington as the reluctant politician, a retired General after the Revolutionary War. There was worry that early America without a common monetary system and no taxation system (that was disorganized economic freedom that needed a little organizing) that operated as a modern European Union with 13 sovereign (independent and free) States, would fall into paralyzing chaos and be vulnerable to attack by Britain again, Spain or its tentative ally, France, prior to its revolution. So ‘the Annapolis conference’ was held to modify, to discuss amending, the Articles of Confederation, our 1st Real Constitution, to address these concerns.


When nobody participates, same problem we have today, and what I’m trying to fix with a daily 100 song free rock opera to create 100% participation, as you add your name at RTDNOW.COM, the few take charge over the many and cast your, the people’s concerns for freedom, away. Alexander Hamilton showed up at the Annapolis Conference, which is 90% of any battle. But only about 30% of the States representatives did. Nothing happened at the Annapolis conference because nobody of note showed up and there was no critical mass. Maybe that’s because, like most accounts of 1786, most were busy and happy. Except Alexander Hamilton. Like the good lieutenant he was to Washington in the Revolutionary War, he reported to Washington: “nobody’s participating, the country is yours for the taking.”


Here’s where I start reading between the lines, my re-interpretation of what our white washed history books portray. This is based on having done almost as much rewriting of our formative documents (updating them to a 2020 world where we all can read, write, add, and have instant cell phone communicators) as Jefferson and Madison and Hamilton did. Jefferson wrote the 1st Declaration of Independence, I wrote our second, updating it, called, RTDNOW. Madison drafted the Constitution, I drafted the RTDNOW PLAN with amendments that restore the original complete American Dream. Hamilton wrote the Federalist Papers saying how the Constitution works (he wrote and published 85 essays, with John Jay doing a few), I wrote the RTDNOW Website which serves the same purpose explaining how the RTDNOW PLAN and a new government should work and why it’s a better idea for all the people in my 200 daily essays: Song Bonus Material, (aka The RTDNOW Book) and Time Traveler Moments which bring detailed historical context. So after all this reading, writing, living 61 years of life experiences, and reflective thought, I can tell you for certain. George Washington was not a disinterested, pushed along by others, reluctant participant, as history portrays him in 1785-1790. Not one bit. 


George Washington who delivered Thomas Jefferson’s Perfect Real American dream of EQUALITY, by separating America from Britain as the Continental Army’s commander, drove the whole new ‘Federalist’ ‘Constitution’ process of separating the real American dream of 1776 from the American people and replacing it with an imperial presidency in 1789. It was a military operation. It seems Washington excelled at separating things, taking things away. He was also a man from Plato’s ‘Warrior Class’. He fights to win. That's American spirit!


Washington, Madison and Hamilton’s new ‘not better’ ‘not new’ and ‘not revolutionary’ idea of overly centralized government, called Federalism, was a movement started five years before it became the first political party that took away State and citizen freedom. Note: This is also why RTDNOW is a movement. It’s an idea of decentralized government bringing local control and prosperity to all the people, which recreates equality. Our original American Dream. RTDNOW is a new movement making the case to every single American, that there’s a MUCH better way forward for all.


The problem in 1787 was that Washington used his clout as former leader of the Continental Army (sounds like the storyline from the movie Gladiator) to hold the Continental Convention of 1787 at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Once 46 delegates were there, armed guards were at the doors and all attendees were sealed in for four long hot months and sworn under penalty of death (that’s what guns meant) to silence. As they were slowly bent to the pre drafted positions Washington directed, and Hamilton and Madison put it on paper. Already acting as President, Washington had his people carry out his plan. The history books say Madison wrote most of the Constitution. But I can assure you, you can’t write the Federalist Papers if you didn’t directly participate in writing the Constitution: you can’t accurately describe something you don’t understand or believe. And if Washington hadn’t specified exactly what he would put his reputation behind (overthrow of the existing government of the people) and his name to, he wouldn’t do any of this! At its core, what these four did was treasonous. They did not amend the current government in a people’s process as I seek, they just overthrew it. It was what history books call our ‘quiet second revolution’.


So the truth finally be told, old George Washington, the deliverer of American Independence as leader of the Continental Army, took away the real American dream for the last 240 years. He decided, it shall be done, and then just did it. That's why he apologizes in his farewell speech. He knew exactly what he did: destroyed equality. I’m just asking 300 Million citizens to decide to restore the original American Dream: and it shall be done.


The ‘New’ constitution was written and delivered with NO bill of rights!

None. Stop right there. This was a military authoritarian takeover. What we hypocritically object to when it happens elsewhere in the world. The Bill of Rights was only added AFTER because a few citizen activist leaders like GEORGE MASON  and THOMAS JEFFERSON objected in a HUGE way. He wouldn’t sign the coup de tat, the Constitution, overthrowing the first government of we the people, at Independence Hall of all places (the marketing of it!) without citizen rights. And they made such a stink that the States, State representatives, needed a lot of honey, as in a lot of money honey, like a Trillion dollars back in that day, to payoff all State war debts.


So to pull off this whole heist of the American dream of freedom and equality, to sell out all of us citizens, the elitist Alexander Hamilton went to global bankers to get a lot of the money. There were really no banks in America then. Then Hamilton writes about ‘corruption being necessary in government’ and established the 1st Bank of the United States to funnel money to members of Congress so they went along with the executive branch. The father of money in politics and the connection at the hip of our executive branch to Wall St. is our esteemed Alexander Hamilton.


The biggest problem bankrupting America then and now, money in politics was delivered by Alexander Hamilton. Anyone can refi a debt and never pay it off. Anyone can print more money making everything the Citizen has to pay for cost 30-60% more because with inflation your money is worth less: as in worthless! This was not ‘genius’. Hamilton gets far too much credit in American history. But oh he did keep busy! Until Thomas Jefferson’s VP (opposed to Federalism) shot him dead in a duel that started by Hamilton being a loud foul mouth like some current politicians. But the real reason for killing Hamilton white washed in our history? He was the busiest beaver in selling us all out. He trashed the American Ideals thousands died for.


Let’s Summarize 

George Washington griped ‘Congress is Paralyzed!’ in 1785, paralyzed for only 3 years, and takes matters into his own hands and invents runaway government with Hamilton. He then Overthrows the people’s government. Wow! Modern government and congress have been paralyzed for 40 years!!! So why do you think both Washington inaugural speeches ended with humility saying “Forgive me for mistakes I’ve made and make.” He knew what he did. Sold out all the people and put in soft authoritarian wealth class rule in America killing the real American Dream by institutionalizing a money in politics system to pull it off. He created the next English empire not the new America where everyone got a full American Dream. He destroyed that. He knew, and we know, because patriots like Patrick Henry and George Mason were screaming in 1788 that he sold out all the principals of the revolution that ALL the people fought and died for. That’s what Washington was apologizing for!


Here’s an interesting side note. I came to all this, after reading 200+ history books and my own analysis of history, about five years after I visited George Washington’s house and saw where he slept at Mount Vernon on the Potomac. While I don’t like or agree with what George Washington the politician did, we do share some personality traits. When we make up our minds to do something, we get it done. We can concentrate on one goal for years, decades: and never quit. I could have quit so many times on my 10 year journey to rediscover Shakespeare’s Undiscovered Country of the Real American Dream of Freedom and Liberty, for us all. To rediscover the Real American dream of Equality delivered by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 so we can ALL live it again. The real America Washington took away in 1789. And just like Jefferson, I saw his library, he read and thought for years also. And like Jefferson I’ve pondered the plight of the members of our society by casually taking interest and inquiring.  It took me years to understand the real issues clearly to craft the RTDNOW amendments to our current government to once again deliver the real COMPLETE American Dream of equality, local self rule and social, political and economic freedom, to every single American. And I want us all to transform America as quickly as old George and his boys did, almost overnight. In months all just by using the Internet Daily as you here the free access redemption song to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM. If you, 300 Million ordinary citizens decide to restore the real American Dream, just like that, it shall be done. Add your name at RTDNOW.COM, that’s how you decide.


So the above just covered who threw away the real American Dream, how they did it, and why. It also points out that we all need bring the real American Dream back to life again, this time the many, 300 Million As 1, at RTDNOW.COM, to rule over the few, as our Declaration of Independence directs us.


Now let’s touch on the CHOSEN part

which was covered in depth in my song Bonus Material for the Greatest Show on Earth. Briefly, any country on earth could have written the Declaration of Independence from human social, political and economic slavery and oppression. Oppression is when you don’t have physical chains as in slavery, you have mental and economic harnesses like everywhere in America today. So after millennia it was the new Americans who proclaimed that the few, the wealth class, had no rights anymore to rule over the many. Socially or economically. We chose self rule. With the Declaration that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL we changed the world from Master-Slave to a classless society of self determination. There were no political parties because they represent the few the wealth class. So yes, we Americans, through our better minds and best selves, were chosen to change the world. And we are all so very SPECIAL, because while all the people of the world wanted freedom and advancement, we were the only ones smart enough to figure it out, bold enough to demand it, and brave enough to fight to the death for it. That’s what makes all Americans so very special.


During the Revolutionary War 1/3 of all Americans were die hard Revolutionaries. 1/3 just wanted things to settle down either way; American or British rule. And 1/3 were loyalists for British rule. Loyalists were forced to leave by bullying like riding the horse. They’d tie loyalists that didn’t move (to Canada or England), to a wooden fence, straddled, and beat them. So to forge America it took 1 out of 3 people. This is why I keep saying we need 100 Million to 300 Million to sign RTDNOW.COM to end our 240 abandonment, to choose the real American dream, and by being as bold, and much more simply today, just adding your name online and telling everyone RTDNOW.COM 


That’s how we renew America overnight. That’s how we all matter again: every single citizens. And that’s how we all become so very special again, as we all restore the real American dream to every single American.


Like old George Back in 1785-1789. We all just decide to restore EVERYONES complete real American Dream, and today, by just adding our names at RTDNOW.COM, it shall be done.





I made this song to remind EVERYONE in America that when we decide, that’s the key part, and it’s just a flip of your mental switch, and why I wrote 100 songs and podcasts and the website, when we all DECIDE, to REDEEM THE DREAM NOW, (RTDNOW), we will. It’s a done deal. Or as the song title says: It Shall Be Done. And 100 million to 300 million adding their names at RTDNOW.COM, online, from their smart phones and home computers, is the simple quick way it shall be done.


Let me take a song and a minute to remind every single American, national projects and missions that were SO MUCH HARDER than RTDNOW, got done. So much harder than asking 300 million people to tell 300 million people to add their names at RTDNOW.COM to save America from total economic collapse, end runaway government, and endorse an RTDNOW Equality PLAN that restores everyone’s, all 300 million ordinary hard working citizen’s, American dream, OVERNIGHT!

It Shall be Done




Americans, undermanned, under funded, late to the game, with a lead General that had strategy rocks for brains (lost most his battles due to strategy) against all odds and obstacles, quickly banded together quickly and effortlessly to make them happen to make it an American world today.




This national mission took total sacrifice and hardship and lasted 8 years.  What did we get done? Created the first Democratic Republic since ancient Rome and put the whole world on a course of democracy and citizen rights. We created citizen freedom. What were the odds? 4:1, 8 million British against 2 million American colonists. The Continental army had a total of 48,000 men and the British army had 87,000 counting loyalists and German mercenaries. 6,100 Americans died, 17,000 died later to disease, so about 24,000. Why did we fight, aside from our Freedom? Britain had amassed titanic national debt for armies and wars (sound familiar to today?) and then placed larger amounts of the tax burden on Americans to pay for it.  In the RTDNOW movement nobody will die, nobody will raise a fist. Today, ousting policies of runaway government is much easier. Just your voice: add your name at RTDNOW.COM and tell everyone!




While economic policy, bad policies, driven by greed, again were to blame for a global war that took 80 million lives worldwide, 50 million were CIVILIANS, we won this war of all wars fast; in under 5 years. 80,000 US servicemen alone died in the Battle of the Bulge. Germany had 4,429,875 men lost in WW2, 80% lost to Russia. For every aircraft lost in battle, one was lost to an accident. Henry Ford backed Hitler giving him millions and getting a Nazi cross in 1938 from that devil. Our beloved Henry Ford was a collaborator, before Pearl Harbor when he had to pick a side. There were 60,000 American women in the nurse corps by the end of the war. In 1941 before Pearl Harbor and the start of the war, the US military was smaller than the Romanian military. We had an army of 500,000 and they had 700,000. France had more tanks, guns and men than Germany in 1940. The US military fed 20 million people during the war: 11 million American service personnel, 6 million soviets, and several million more in World War 2. That is why SPAM is still a beloved dish in many parts of the world. There were 323,090 sailings of merchant marine vessels to accomplish that and the war effort. During 1941-1945 it was illegal to sell a new car in the US. All manufacturing effort went to the war effort. 5-cent nickels were stripped of their nickel content and pennies of their copper content during this time also to be used in the war effort. American submarines accounted for 2% of total tonnage of all ships but accounted for 50% of enemy ships destroyed. 236 submarines were used by the US with only 52 destroyed, or 22%. The highest casualty rate of any military branch in the US army. Interestingly the start of the war was a false flag operation. Germans dressed as Poles (Polish) invaded a German radio station to ‘legitimize’ the German invasion of Poland to start the mostly costly world war in history.


You can go on for hours about fun facts about WW2, but here are the most important takeaways. America and American citizens were ALL IN on the war effort. We started WAY behind and came out WAY on top. We find a way to get it done!




Ok, it seems like once again America fell asleep and almost missed the door to the future of the world. But we catch up REALLY FAST. We seem to be best at that, and that’s why I have so much confidence every single American will embrace RTDNOW once they read the RTDNOW Citizen’s plan and understand it can double their effective income OVERNIGHT. So in the Space Race, which unlocked a lot of new technology that made its way into every part of our lives over 50 years, Velcro is one small example, was being won by our illustrious friends the Russians. They launched Sputnik the unmanned satellite first envisioned by England’s author and futurist Arthur C. Clark. Then the Russians launched the first human into space. OMFG said the United States military to President Kennedy. Our space program was lumbering along not having any great accomplishments even though we had famed Nazi scientist who invented the German V2 Death Rockets, Werner Von Braun, LEADING our Space Program. Yeah, really. So what do Americans do when you can’t just convert the whole country to space science like they did to most of all US to war manufacturing OVERNIGHT in World War 2? They found a space program that was working, and quietly bought it. It was declassified a few years ago; we bought the Hungarian space program for a few billion dollars. It was then our space program, and ‘our’ space program then took off. Wow! We Americans just find a way to get there, anywhere, Overnight! EVEN THE MOON! Maybe that's what Jackie Gleason lead actor of the Honeymooners 1950's TV sitcom would exclaim, "To the Moon Alice!" The METOO movement wasn't around then. Gleason it turns out was buddies with the drunk president Nixon who I'm sure informed him of the space program.





  1. Getting world-changing things done is in our American DNA, it’s what we do.

  2. When Americans mentally buy into a national mission, we make it happen pronto.

  3. When we fulfill the national mission, it starts a sustained new era of prosperity for all.

  4. It only happens when we all get involved, or support the national mission.










  1. It’s 95% online, add your name and tell everyone. It just takes 100 million-300 million you’s.

  2. It’s free access, but Adrian is asking everyone to subscribe for $1.00 per month to fund it.

  3. The RTDNOW PLAN is just policy changes pre approved by the American people.

  4. If everyone gets busy, we can have 100 million Americans signed up quick to launch the plan.

  5. And if you want Adrian to implement the whole RTDNOW CITIZEN’S EQUALITY PLAN THAT RESTORES YOUR WHOLE AMERICAN DREAM OVERNIGHT, throughout government to also end runaway government, then write in his name for President: Adrian 2020. He’s the first candidate EVER to have a CITIZEN FOCUSED PLAN that doubles your income and restores EVERYONE’S complete American dream instantly, and saves America from total collapse, and be an ordinary hard working guy who figured out how to pay for all this (rock opera, website and movement launch) himself. No donors, no corporations, no lobbyists, no special interests, no think tanks. Kinda like old Thomas Jefferson did his thing.



WORLD CHANGING EVENTS THAT MAKE AMERICANS LIVES 10 TIMES BETTER ONLY HAPPEN WHEN WE ALL PARTICIPATE!!! RTDNOW is a 300 million as 1, real human, (not-artificial) citizen’s movement. So have fun listening to the opera then add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM and please subscribe for THE GREAT DEAL for $1.00/month to propel RTDNOW nationwide.

It Shall Be Done
  • What Shall Be Done? (HINT: Restoring everyone’s complete American dream of equality (social, political, and economic) and saving America)

  • What will it be done? (HINT: 100 million to 300 million American citizens need to add their names at RTDNOW.COM and subscribe for just $1.00 per month to fund the movement)

  • Who is the RTDNOW movement for? (HINT: every single American)

  • What political party is this? (HINT: none. The political parties got us in $42 Trillion of debt and lost our American dream. This is a movement of all citizens.)

  • What does it cost? (Free: It’s free daily access at RTDNOW.COM. But Adrian is offering every citizen THE GREAT DEAL of $1.00/month for all the music downloaded and to fund the movement and national town halls and music performances)

It Shall Be Done

Words and Music by ADRIAN

It shall be, it shall be, it shall be done.

It shall be, it shall be, it shall be done.


Like a stone thrown across the pond

Or a leaf carried across the sky

You don’t end up where you want

If you don’t try


I’ve said my piece

I’ve cast the stone

To break the money wall

Holding us all down


300 million as 1

It shall be done

One and all

Answer my call


Add your name


And tell everyone

Redeem the dream now


It shall be, it shall be, it shall be done.

It shall be, it shall be, it shall be done.

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