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Adrian has boldly stepped into the unknown future, like our founders in 1776. Do we accept tyranny, endless debt, failure, taxes, and excuses for a bankrupt collapsing country looted by Wall St. for decades, or do we all choose to reinvent ourselves fast to save America, from total collapse?
Adrian examines and discusses how the American dream was lost, stolen in pieces over 250 years, and how his REDEEM THE DREAM NOW PLAN restores everyone's full American Dream, overnight. And how it works for your family right away giving you up to $1,000 in cash each month from 1% non profit fixed rate home loans, that pay for themselves, in his plan, for starters. This is Adrianomics, trickle UP economics, its our New 300 Million Citizens Economic Revolution. America only works if people have jobs and money to spend. And we just lost 30 million jobs to Covid, and the Autonomous Revolution is taking 50 million more away soon! America needs a new way forward so we all survive, and America itself doesn't fully implode. Adrian has put forth his RTDNOW Plan for all to review. And if they want it, the can have it as they all add their names to pass it, redeeming, getting back their full original American dream of social and economic equality.

Because they are detailed discussions why all 300 million citizens should support The RTDNOW MOVEMENT, they could also be called The RTDNOW Papers, like The Federalist Papers 240 years ago, which were written also by an independent citizen to show how today's Constitution, dismantled by Corporate law changes, could function, if ratified.
But so much was left unfinished by our founders to make sure we all got our full American dream, and so far we have failed. 10 short years after The Declaration of Independence created America and the American Dream, another movement took away most of the American dream by placing a GIANT FILTER, called Federalism, between the citizens, and their original American Dream Jefferson penned so perfectly, which kept 40 cents of every dollar revolving back to the top 10%. This placed the American dream in limbo every since. The RTDNOW Plan finally addresses this reforming Federalism, and giving voice to all citizens in a new full equality 'working' framework of new RTDNOW policies.

Adrian's plan you will read about, is the missing piece the founders left for us to do. It is the American Dream implementation plan, to ensure the American dream, the full one of Social, Political and Economic Equality, reaches every citizen. That has been missing for 250 years. In his Rock Opera the Songs act like short Spark Notes, the chapters, also in Podcast form, discuss American dream turning points and how Adrian's plan works for every citizen in depth. And when you're assembling all citizens to fix the problems only all of us can fix together, Adrian's plan goes further. It also fixes the tyranny of widespread corruption that crept into all our politics and with law changes behind closed doors, dismantled our Constitution itself. These unapproved changes railroaded through a paid off congress are what have caused and keep increasing nationwide poverty, and inequality, bringing us all 300 million as 1, to the tipping point of total collapse, in our household budgets that only stay afloat with debt, and bankruptcy as a nation at over $25 TRILLION in debt.
Yes, Adrian's plan also restarts the 'American Dream Engine' in every citizen to create 40 million new businesses, a new middle class, with 80 million good (2x minimum wage) jobs to replace the 80 million we are losing to the Autonomous Technology Revolution. It's not only a reformation Adrian is attempting to engineer: The RTDNOW PLAN was written to save America from full collapse it is headed for in 10 years.
Adrian wrote and performed a 100 song rock opera, 100 podcasts, and a Book with more detail, to inform every citizen so they will reflect on the gravity of our perilous situation with the background to understand it, and to consider all our other options (none), and effortlessly band together all adding their names to his all citizens plan, which puts it in motion. Adrian wants us all to be momentary independents. Like when the American dream was started. To QUICKLY solve all our big problems in one fell swoop. Like we used to do.


Adrian has a degree in Finance and a Masters in Business Administration, and a minor in Dance Production. He spent four years in a music studio, and a total of 10 years of evenings and weekends making this opera. His business career spanned 38 years in all levels of commercial business banking. From high tech in Silicon Valley to major industrial lending centers, to becoming a leading expert in Small Business Lending in urban and rural locations. He also turned around the second most unprofitable bank in the nation in 1992 as acting CFO: and he did it overnight by adjusting policy.
It is from this lifetime of experience, four decades, working with thousands of entrepreneurs, through the boom and bust cycle, in all types of industries, that Adrian gained the experience to craft The RTDNOW Plan for everyone, to restore all our American dreams, do it overnight by changing policy, and save America from total collapse. And, to end poverty and homelessness permanently in the process. Read The RTDNOW Plan. Enjoy reading all the song bonus materials that are chapters in Adrian's book, and you will realize this is a once in a generation chance to save ourselves from decline and collapse and transform America overnight.
We all know it's time to all have the world we were promised and keep getting denied for 240 years now. There's one thing you have to do to get it, now it's in your hands.
300 Million as 1, Add Your NameREDEEM THE DREAM NOW

If You Love Adrian's Plan, the only one that can work 
because its for everyone and pays for itself: WRITE IN ADRIAN 2024
Written by Adrian in 2017 - 2018, and updated, 2020.

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