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The American dream of freedom and upward mobility was purposely taken from all of us in a plan hatched by the global corporate elite, (THEY), in 1971, that you can find online, called the Powell Memo. They slowly shipped our economy, our American dream factory, overseas, and left all us citizens with a $25 Trillion dollar debt now. They gradually changed our laws, dismantling our Republic (a nation of laws of the people) to deconstruct our Democracy, to remove 300 million citizens voice in government, and with that the Will of The People.


The realization of all that, and the 40-year endless downward economic spiral it caused America, and pulled each and every one of us into, is the agonizing pain every American citizen feels in their gut everyday. It’s agony because we’re stuck without a way to fix it all. We are stuck in a never-ending series of economic collapses in debt with no way to repay it. We haven’t had a way to quickly restore America, and the American dream for ‘everyone’. Until now: today’s the day we all, 300 million as 1, have a way forward.


In the next moments, as you read on, you will experience the 2nd most important day of your life: knowing why you’re here. And as you do, you and 300 million ordinary hard working citizens who you alert to read this, will all be transformed into supermen and women, with the super human power to change the future of America, to RESTORE EVERYONE’S AMERICAN DREAM, OVERNIGHT!

Americans participate, they show up and vote to determine their future. It's in our blood. That's all I'm asking 300 million Americas to cast their vote online to restore everyone's American dream. This picture shows that in action when Oregon territory was a no mans land. Kind of like the American dream is today. Let's move forward, add your name at

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 7.13.09 PM.png



I’d written about 80 of the 100 songs, and became uneasy. I’ve learned moments of sudden profound discomfort mean a problem and solution are about to emerge. In a flash I knew I needed a way to communicate VERY simply to 300 million people they had the power, and could change the world: TODAY. Redeem the Dream Now wasn’t immediate or simple enough. That desire to succeed, in telling you, all American’s, something important, to empower every citizen daily, is where this song came from. I pulled my Tundra over and blasted out this song on my phone. I wrote the music a few days later.



Purportedly that’s what Bob Dylan once said when asked “How do you get your music to sound so good?”  That applies here. The overly talented Jean Pierre Garau hit a home run on keyboards, which makes this song so beautiful. Thanks JP! The musical arrangement supports the emotion of the song: they are in perfect harmony. That purity combined with my pure message of love to every American, that you have the ability to succeed, TODAY, make this song beautiful.




You never know if a song will be good until you make it in studio. There are so many elements to get right to make a great song. The arrangement, rhythm, tempo, timing, and instrumental performances all have to come together perfectly. And that’s assuming the melody and lyrics I wrote are ‘profound’ on a Paul McCartney “Yesterday” level. The transition between what Johnny Cash called Personal Files, homemade Garage Band demos, I usually do on my $99 nylon string guitar, and the final song is a big chasm to cross. But that’s what a good producer like Tim Ellis handles. He coordinates all the elements. I fine tune the final music product produced.


As the band knocks out the first pass in studio you start to have an inkling “this may be good.” Then when the band comes into the control room for a listen. I read their body language. All extremely accomplished musicians, they’re either bodily at ease, or not, as they discuss how to make their parts cleaner. This song put them bodily at ease. That was the moment I knew this song came together and this would be great in the opera. So good it became the title song of album 1, and became the secondary message of the whole opera: Today’s The Day to Redeem The Dream. And that all occurs before postproduction and mixing, which are the final touches to make the ‘sound’ of the song.


Making of the Song "Today's the Day"

The Real Story of the American Dream In Context

of Adrian's Song “Today's the Day"

JULY 4, 1776 and JULY 4, 2017


The Real FIRST President of the United States, John Hanson, and our 2nd Declaration of Independence from Runaway Government: RTDNOW. 

John Hanson

1st President of the United States

The RTDNOW 2nd

Declaration of Independence


The Declaration of Independence and its timeless crafting and safeguards written in established America and the American Dream. One of indivisible personal and states social and economic freedom in a new country where equality was the goal, versus Master and Slave wealth class elite societies, like England, and what America has become today. Our founders of 1776 replaced a centralized government  with one of local self rule because history showed us centralized far off governments taxed their people to death and bankrupted their country. 


Soon after, John Hanson was appointed as our real first President. And since 1787, the adoption of the constitution, through a massive payoff of all states debt, what today we know as a hostile takeover, using money, money in politics, all our history has been made up ever since. Let's take a moment to awaken to what really happened and relearn what was forgotten. Learn how the original American dream, the pure one of economic freedom, local self rule, and equality, was taken from all of us for the last 240 years. Before the U.S. Constitution was adopted 10 years after our founding in 1776, the Articles of Confederation was our 'Constitution' and called for a President, of which Hanson was the first with limited powers. Which prevented them from being King Like as we see again today from 1970 Nixon to 2020 Trump. Our first 10 presidents had 1-year terms. Starting Nov 5, 1781, Hanson removed foreign troops from American soil, introduced the Treasury Department, the Foreign Affairs Department and the first Secretary of War. He got a lot done in 1 year! He wasn't a poser putting us deeper in debt which will collapse America like all our presidents since Jimmy Carter starting with Ronald Reagan in 1980 who DOUBLED national debt from $1 Trillion to $2 Trillion. And everyone followed Reagan and today we are at $25 Trillion in national debt. So, if we stayed with a Presidential duties model closer to what we started with, we wouldn't be in $25 Trillion of debt, and like America was for the first 130 years, there were NO PERSONAL INCOME TAXES! Getting this?


Back to 1776-1787 before our wealth class constitution was forced down our throats. For 10 fruitful years everyone in America was busy living their American dream. By all historians' accounts, Everyone was happy. There was no taxation. There was no far off government spending trillions of dollars they didn't have. There was local self rule in each state. The American dream was alive, living and breathing until a few military men brought in international bankers to "Refinance America" what amounted to only about $30 Billion in war debt. 


This was the first theft of the American Dream by what later was called "Wall St."  And it's been a tyrannically system of greed ever since. So you see by this time traveler moment, economic tyranny and how it happens is not new. A small group of people hijacked the economic and social control of the real American Dream our revolution was fought for, and we all think we all have, but don't. Which is the neurosis of paralyzed patriotism we all suffer under today. We love our country, but it doesn't love us or care for us. That theft of the real American dream put us back on the path to economic tyranny like a money monarchy 11 short years after the revolutionary war. 


But we, 300 million ordinary hard working citizens, all know something's missing and something's terribly wrong. The richest nation on earth is not supposed to be a poor and bankrupt nation. Our economic freedom is totally missing. It was taken in the first great payoff of government officials in 1787: the newly invented 'federal' government's assumption of all states war debt. Enjoy the daily bonus material with each song in each album to find out more details. But this was the first theft of the American dream, called by historians the quiet 2nd American revolution. A revolution without we the people. And the world of governmental smoke and mirrors were born when the constitution was signed.

Today's the day, in the year 2020, 240 years later, that 300 million American Spirits will start to awaken from this fugue, this great forgetting, of the separation of we the people from control of our government and our economic rights. Loss of all control of our country and daily economics has bankrupted the nation $25 TRILLION in debt and 2/3 of all its people. For 200 million Americans if you subtract your home equity, which vanishes in a depression, we are all broke except the top 10%. It's not supposed to be this way. At all. And we all know it.


Our manufacturing base and well paying jobs weren't supposed to be exported overseas making America one giant strip mall coast to coast. Wages were not supposed to stagnate for 30 years while costs tripled making everyone 2/3 poorer and this nation an ever imploding debt making machine. Yet President Nixon brought that on in 1970 with King Like power to take us off the Gold Standard. When you print any money you need, it causes inflation. That means things cost twice as much every 10 years, and if your wages stay the same, you just were taxed 50% by a runaway government. This is their evil hidden taxation creating more and more poverty. Wages haven't increased much in the last 30 years. But prices tripled! How do we pay for our lives today? We all go into massive debt to make up this lost earning power. All because our politicians were bought off for the last 50 years, money in politics, which was legalized in 2010 by the Supreme Court! This, what I've explained is the tyranny we all suffer under in 2020 that is similar to 1776 when we had taxation without representation and had a little revolution.

We need a revolution again to gain control of our government once more. But I want to have an ECONOMIC REVOLUTION. This revolution will all be on your cell phone. No broken windows, no name calling, just 300 million as 1 add your name to what I call the 2nd Declaration of Independence from runaway government, RTDNOW. YEP, ITS THAT SIMPLE TODAY. And its free and pays for itself. Read The RTDNOW ALL CITIZENS PLAN I wrote for every single citizen. It's time for every single one is us to wake up our American spirit. It's time to all live the American dream we once fought for and is the birthright of every single American. The great awakening has now begun at RTDNOW.COM for every single America to reclaim the original American Dream of self government and economic independence in a real atmosphere of equality: all at the same time.


And it's easy this time. We have the Internet and smart phones. Use them! Just add your name at RTDNOW.COM and use your smart phone to tell everyone to check out the free daily redemption songs online. And in months not years, we will re-establish a true government of, by and for the people. ALL THE PEOPLE will participate in making their American dreams come true. Our mission: RESTORE EVERYONES AMERICAN DREAM OVERNIGHT! Get busy.



If you want to know why they wiped out and erased the history of the American Dream for 240 years, watch this video. It's kind of bizarre and somewhat unbelievable, but it is. Like our government doesn't represent the citizen AT ALL anymore, not for at least the last 50 years.

You see, America’s been a family business since 1789 after the 2nd quiet American Revolution, which was the 1st wealth class American revolution. And all the citizens? Since then, we’re just all temporary workers and renters. 


At some point you’ll be ready to own your own country and future again as it was meant to be when this country was first founded. Tell everyone it’s 1776 again and Redeem the Dream Now easily, simply, online at RTDNOW.COM!







As this message travels across the country, to every citizen, online,

300 million as 1, it will become known as Our 2nd Independence Day


"Today's The Day we all become super heroes" ...and gain super human power to all slay the beast of runaway government. Adrian pictured above, fighting the mythical beast that has come back in modern day!




That’s’ why we’re all here. Not to be endlessly denied the building blocks of our American dreams (quality education, affordable healthcare, adequate food and shelter, access to capital) by the corruption of a runaway-government high-jacked with dark money throughout our politics (endless offshore shell companies hiding corruption. See the Netflix Movie The Laundromat for an artsy explanation of the shell game corruption invisible payoff system that bankrupts us all) twisting the will of our politicians towards corporations interests and away from the citizens.




As we all affirm the knowing of why we’re all here, by adding our names to our 2nd Declaration of Independence, RTDNOW (Redeem The Dream Now at RTDNOW.COM) we will all become Super Heroes. That’s how 300 million ordinary citizens become effortlessly connected in the same purpose, to Redeem The American Dream. And as we all do, we all become super human. And we become UNSTOPPABLE! Just tell EVERYONE, today’s the day to Redeem Your American Dream, get it back right now, just add your name at RTDNOW.COM.

Today's the Day



We gradually forgot who we really were as a people as the details of what the American dream is were taken out of text books and corporate owned media we all digest. So we all forgot exactly what the American Dream is, what its components, what make it run, work, are. A generation was raised without real details in education. I learned most of what I’m talking about, the details, in the last 10 years on my own research from countless sources. What the American dream really was, what the ORIGINAL values driving it and what our Revolutionary war was fought for, were muted and forgotten over 5 decades. That’s why most feel confused and can’t really discuss and debate such things today. It was corporate America giving a generation an ‘American Dream tranquilizer’ so they could slowly take it away bit by bit and nobody would argue. Waves of ‘Deregulation’ were pushed through by Corporate America. Regulation is what kept corporate America from stealing everyone’s American dream and collapsing the economy and running up $25 Trillion in debt we can’t repay. OOPS! Corporate media had us all too busy arguing about BS, distracting us all endlessly, while corporate America slowly stole the American dream and wheeled it out the back door.




I wrote us all a 100 song rock opera to remind us all of what the ORIGINAL American Dream was: and how we all get it back OVERNIGHT. That dream changed the whole world. It set every person and every country on this earth free at once. The essence of the original American dream was: Local Self-Rule and Economic Freedom in a setting of equality for all. Which really means equal access. It was the belief that every individual had “Rights” that NOBODY could take away. We forgot all that and all our rights social and economic have been stripped away and in doing so the American dream was gutted. I talk in more detail about the definition of the American Dream, and Thomas Jefferson’s crafting of the worlds most famous phrase “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” in album 2. The essence of that phrase was advancement, is enabled through education, which creates happiness. So no access to quality education means, no advancement, which means no American Dream. It’s all connected. It’s not just about working harder or trying harder: everyone needs high quality affordable and accessible education to live his or her American dream. And when corporate America siphons all our money quadrupling the defense budget to guard against “Libya” and “Grenada” and “Panama”, and for endless tax cuts for billionaires, or to bail out Wall St. again and again and the rest of the billionaires of corporate America, we the real people, are not getting funding for our quality educations through our taxes, our American dreams have been high jacked.


Most of the founding people had the ORIGINAL AMERICAN DREAM, social and economic freedom (no taxation!) from 1776-1787 before most of it was taken away in our 2nd (quiet) Revolution. And we citizens have all been trying for 240 years to get back what was taken. And our founders taught us how we do that: we all sign a petition to affirm what we stand for, and what we won’t stand for. So I updated the original Declaration of Independence to reflect modern day to redeem, get back, everyone’s American dream. Our 2nd Declaration of Independence from modern runaway government is called RTDNOW (Redeem The Dream Now). Please read and sign it, add your name.

Most of us spend most our lives wandering through a confusing and changing maze of economic survival that gets tougher each year, with survival and family as our daily goals. That keeps most of us at the base of Maslow’s pyramid of Needs for Life Stages. We are all, 200 million of us, 2/3 of all Americans, are being kept at the base level of trying to secure food and shelter. Look at the pyramid below, level two is health, employment and social stability, which is like paying all your bills and not racking up debt to survive. Level three, love and belonging get disrupted as families break up and job losses cause dislocation and unintended movement. All that erodes your personal confidence and you just try to fit in as a result. That is where 2/3 of all Americans, 200 million are. The Billionaires, and the people they pay to keep them on top of the pyramid are about 30 million people. That leaves about 100 million teetering, into one recession and hopefully out of it, as the middle class in America. That’s also the American Dream pyramid! But it’s upside down because corporate America stole all the money and changed the laws and economic policy to keep everyone not in their club at the bottom! And keep it that way.


Most American’s (including me) spend 1/3 to 2/3 of their lives wandering though the American Dream pyramid waiting to get to the top. That’s a LOT of wandering. What if you could, if EVERYONE could capture the magic of today. To empower your American Dream today, instead of waiting forever. What if we can turn this American Dream pyramid, upside down? We can. Read the RTDNOW plan that puts the CITIZEN back on top by restructuring economic policy and restoring our democracy to get corporate America out of the drivers seat of your American dream. They drove 300 million into the ditch!



If you had a magic wand to help mankind, or 300 million Americans get back their American dream OVERNIGHT, what would you do? The magic wand is in your hand right now. It’s your Smart Phone. TODAY’S THE DAY to use it. I want 300 million American spirits to start by adding their names at RTDNOW.COM, coming back DAILY for a free redemption song, and using your magic wand, your smart phone, everyday to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM.




I was born almost 61 years ago. It took me 53 of those years to find out why: to live my American dream, not just struggle through economic survival each year. As we all go on a similar journey to survive in America today we feel alone in our daily struggles. And now 200 million to 300 million American spirits feel that way. And suddenly, like that, we are not alone anymore. We are all together in a sinking economic ship. That we have the power to rebuild the ship we all sail in called America, OVERNIGHT, as we add our names at RTDNOW.COM. Read the RTDNOW Plan.




It is being reborn in a 300 million as 1 movement of the people to restore our citizen’s economic rights: to restore everyone’s American dream OVERNIGHT. I got tired of seeing such profound suffering and inequality across America with no end in sight and no solutions in sight. And knowing I had the raw talents to rally the nation to become it’s best self, I slowly understood my purpose. Everybody who has the polished talent to do what I’m doing and is really wealthy is scared to try to save America and the American dream. I’m not scared, obviously.


When we are all hungry without quality affordable healthcare, soon we all won’t be scared to speak up with me: we’ll all just be mad. So my American dream, why I was born, was to write this rock opera, Redeem The Dream, to involve 300 million citizens as 1 in a movement to restore everyone’s American dream OVERNIGHT. Once I realized it, I got to it. Writing 100 songs, 100 bonus materials, 100 podcasts, the RTDNOW.COM website, while time consuming, became a labor of love. See the song Labor of Love Kinda Boy on Album 4, Drive. Now I’m living my American dream. And I want everyone in America to live theirs.


I may not be perfect, I may get a few details muffed as I do the work of 10 people with almost no research staff, but I’m exactly 100% right on the big picture and our solution. And as you help this website go viral, RTDNOW.COM, then I won’t be alone, and you won’t be alone. We will all be together in spirit redeeming everyone’s American dream. So Today’s The Day, give me a hand, Subscribe for $1.00 per month and get 100 songs and support the movement to restore your American Dream. That’s almost free and almost effortless. I made it that way to include EVERY American so we could restore every citizen’s American Spirit as they participate in the new era of 100% citizen activism, and that restores their American Dream. You were born to live your American dream, not wait a lifetime to get it.


Please help me restore your American dream, and everyone’s, OVERNIGHT,

by actively participating. It’s simple:

1.Add your name at RTDNOW.COM

2.Listen to a daily redemption song

3.Tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

Thank you, ADRIAN.

Today's the Day
  • What is this song saying?  (HINT: we all have the power to change our world in our hands)

  • How do we all become Superman? (HINT: we add our names at RTDNOW.COM to restore the American dream and tell everyone)

  • How can something so simple work? (HINT: it just takes everyone, we have the Internet now)

  • Today’s the day to do what? (HINT: restore everyone’s American dream in the RTDNOW Plan by all adding our names 300 million as 1)

Today's the Day

Words and Music by ADRIAN


What would you do? If I gave the world to you

Would you smile and just say thanks

Or settle for more of the same?

Question of the day, shine or fade away?

You can save the day

You wouldn’t have it any other way


Today’s the day, make your blues go away

Today’s the day, make life go our way

Hug the one you love, and tell them what you did

You see we call become Superman

Once We believe, We can


Today’s the day, today’s the day

Make everyday that way

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