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Thomas Jefferson penned a perfect American dream of a classless society where all thrived based upon a hard days work. He put 'abolish slavery' in the Declaration of Independence, then John Adams took it out because he didn't want to upset his English Bankers. This was the 1st ORIGINAL SIN in America and is the first direct link between systemic racism kept in place for money, that divides and bankrupts our nation to this day, and makes our democracy a sham. This was also the first event of America's 2nd ORIGINAL SIN: Corporate/Banking Industry rule of our country through money in politics. Both ORIGINALS SINS stand unresolved 245 years after America's birth and are tearing America apart to the point it may perish from this earth if we don't all unite to rid ourselves of these ORIGINAL SINS to save it.


As a result of these unresolved sins the promise of an American Dream, for all, is now so fully gone its awakened America to its 2 major deep seated problems causing inequality and injustice without end. Adrian writes the real story of living your American dream, how it was defunded bit by bit for the last five decades, (20% of American's don't have clean water) and our American redemption story, how the RTDNOW plan fixes both these evils as we all support it adding our names. Nearing its 250th year, we can all let America perish, or we can all reinvent ourselves RTD-NOW. Jefferson tried to get it right at the start but couldn't get it done. It's up to all of us to finish the job and redeem the dream now. Who would have guessed Adrian and Jefferson bear resemblance, but here we all are 250 years later doing it all over again. Only this time its so much easier online.

Adrian's eBook Introduction

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