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I scour the news feeds regularly to see how far they bury real news, or if ANY is allowed to penetrate the corporate veil of "all is good don't worry" as pandemics take off, as they take all the factories overseas, as they defund clean drinking water, and the most prolific for 15 years was "we're winning the Vietnam War." This may seem a groan for people over 50, but most of us under 50 don't all realize that ALL news is FAKE. It is giving you a point of view to INFLUENCE and CONFUSE the population. Because without real facts and truth, we cannot make decisions, and have NO Democracy. Which is how 35 million elites control 300 million citizens: through DISINFORMATION.


That said, I try to find the lone voices buried on the back page, or that only get published once every 60 days, that are trying to get REAL information out. Since less than 1% read a BEST SELLER book, you can see why I chose music to reach all the people directly. My eBook is a 10,000 foot view of problems, and a five Foot view of the RTDNOW solutions, EYE LEVEL. What matters in your life. While I do dig into some fine details, like all the small corporate law changes to enable them to circumvent monopoly antitrust laws to bankrupt America, many times I don't. But these FINE ARTICLES BELOW do such scholarly work. Dig out the SMALL BUT CRUCIAL DETAILS of what happened to the American Dream. While they are a bit hard to read because they are written by hard intellectuals, they are essential to having a crisp understanding of what crap has been foisted on us all to Kill America and ALL our American Dreams. I applaud all these authors shown here. If this had been going on DAILY AND WEEKLY we may have never lost the American dream. My YARDSTICK on all books and articles is not is it left or right, screw failed politics, I want truth, I want details, and often its a slow boring read but essential!


Funny side note, I did 47 Podcasts (so far) of my eBook chapter materials with the same engineer recording them. He was 40 and I was 58 when I started and 61 when I finished. I would be going through history points of the American dream, like these articles, and later he reveals 'he looked it all up as I was giving the podcast'. He just couldn't believe such things as HEALTHCARE WAS NON PROFIT until 1971. And many other crimes against we the people. He's a very sharp guy on every level, but this goes to show ALL THE FACTS WERE TAKEN OUT OF OUR HISTORY to dumb us all down. Time to all wise up.

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