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We All Restore the American Dream at RTDNOW.COM

Walk into the light of a brand new day where the active citizen becomes the most powerful person in government. Listen to the album, get inspired, and let dawn break as you add your name to end corporate rule at RTDNOW.COM. 

Today’s The Day, Album 1, introduces Adrian’s Rock Opera to Save America: Redeem The Dream. It’s the world’s first 100 song rock opera telling our epic story of the American Dream. It also reveals his free RTDNOW Plan to restore everyone’s America dream by advancing America out of a fifty year period of corruption and economic stagnation. It is time to enable prosperity for every American citizen, not just the elite. It is time for all our voices to be heard, not just the few.

Delve into the song backstory, photos, videos, lyrics and discussion questions

"The idea is that we all become 'larger than life' by acting together. Everybody takes one little act, adding their name at RTDNOW.COM, and we get a big immediate result... restoring everyone's American Dream: Over-Night."  


- ADRIAN, 2017

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