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Why Redeem The Dream Now will happen, restoring 300 million American Dreams virtually OVER-NIGHT!


Because 300 million American spirits are now going through the same the Awakening Process:


"An unseen itch in the back of your mind

becomes Realization,

becomes Need,

becomes Inspiration,

becomes Head-Rush,

becomes Action."


And when you're writing an opera, the awakening process above we all go through, some faster, some slower, in my case, quickly becomes a new song, or a webpage, or a page in the RTDNOW plan to save America, or the 2nd Declaration of Independence RTDNOW, you may have just read.


That's why I'm writing all this for 300 million American spirits. Because in life once you know what you need, you just go get it.


Now times 300 million people. Simple. Use the Internet to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM Once we all awaken, we will all go get our American Dream and act to Redeem The Dream.


We're all human, it's what we do. It's how we survive. The only question is how long this awakening process will take.


With the Internet, and good music, it will probably take 36 months give or take 18. That's why I made this opera 100 songs long. To keep inspiring everyone until we all awaken and it happens.


D-Day in World War Two would have failed with half the ships and troops. Like everything in life, you have to have enough gas in the tank to get where you're going.


And unlike any other President we've ever had, I'm writing down and implementing my full plan and agenda right now and sharing it with my countrymen: years before I'd step into office.

Playing the game in detail before I ever get on the field.


Visualizing and hard work won Tom Brady 7 Super bowl trips and 5 wins. It works, but it takes a lot of work, and most people just don't work that hard and don't seem to be able to finish the last 10% of a task well. That's winning time, it's what winners live for. The 90% of hard toiling work that came before that moment, was all just warm up. That's my mindset as I do all this hard work. It's a winners mindset I want us all to adopt it for the long haul.


So It's kind of absurd we keep electing people (who don't have this) for President who just show up with rhetoric and a lot of BS. We all know what the first 12 months on the job feel like. There's no way they can put together anything meaningful when they're being President 24/7: if it wasn't all done before!


In small business lending I learnt at age 30 how the very successful people operate. You have all your meetings during the day. You grab dinner then you do your analysis and write ups for 3-5 hours. Wake up and do it again for four more days. It was a wake up call, but it's why some succeed more. More pursuit.


I'm already doing the job of leadership daily writing out the details of how to restore everyone's American Dream overnight. That's why I'm different, most Presidents just react to their time. That's why America has stagnated for 50 years: no real leadership. They didn't lead anywhere.


But like Thomas Jefferson, I want America to go forward so I wrote a declaration for us 'before' running for office to drive and remake our time and our fortunes. And I'm doing it in the full light of day with your full acknowledgement and am asking for your full moral support.  


So try something really different. Elect someone like me who always tells the truth, makes a detailed plan, shows up for the job early, works hard daily, and never ever quits until he gets the job done.


This job (of President) has always been to restore and expand the American Dream for each generation. But they keep forgetting that. You don't get elected to be President. You get elected to get the country from point A to point B. Today it's 300 million citizen need to go from national Agony to national Bonanza, overnight, and I will put in place the tools for all our voices to be heard and matter, and keep building every new generations American Dreams. Read my RTDNOW plan and the details of the Great Deal I'm offering every American, and the then bonus materials. You'll find out who I am and exactly what I'll do for you, and what I'm doing for you right now.


I have no idea what the bozos before (racking up $20 trillion in debt and losing our manufacturing base makes them all look that way in hindsight) have been doing for 50 years marching us into decline into chaos while telling us the state of the union is STRONG each year. Well I guess I do know. They've all been bus drivers on the same route. That's why it's kept taking us all to the same places.


I'm the new guy with a new bus called RTDNOW and a new direct route: restore everyone's American Dream overnight!

It's not complicated. The BS party lifestyle is over because your broke, as a nation. You just have to elect a real person that really works for you the citizen, and knows where to go and get us all there without crashing the bus again.


Stop being lost. Find yourself. Find America again. And find your American dream again. I'm your guy, and I'm humbly offering to be the new bus driver, for America, with a new direct route.


ADRIAN 2020, write in my name for President of the United States of America. Enjoy the opera. We're supposed to have fun as we do all this!


Thank you,



Created, and are what make, the American Dream work.

300 million as 1 we are now renewing and extending them, to reach every single American to restore everyone's American dream OVER-NIGHT, in the Redeem The Dream Now movement.

The Jeffersonian Principles below made America the greatest nation on earth. They made our people the greatest on earth. All because for the first time in 2,000 years, they empowered the individual.

And as we all reconnect to affirm them, they will propel America, and every-single-citizen, to a new era of national and universal prosperity. And so this little RTDNOW 'RE-Evolution' and new found prosperity through the RTDNOW Plan will quickly reach every single home in America OVER-NIGHT!

1. PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS: High quality education creates advancement, which leads to happiness. Key point: pursuit!  "Add your name! Redeem The Dream Now!" ADRIAN 2017

2. DECENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT: Overly centralized government becomes Monarchy which destroys freedom. "History is cyclical" ADRIAN 2017

3. FREEDOM OF BELIEFS: Separation of Church and State enables every individual to a free thinking mind, which keeps freedom alive and tyranny at bay. "Live Free!" ADRIAN 2017

4. ALL VOICES MATTER: Inclusion of minority opinions is to be encouraged. It's what makes us free. "Every voice will be heard!" ADRIAN 2017

5. CITIZEN'S RULE  The active individual citizen is the most important person in government to prevent cyclical party and government corruption. "300 million as 1, Add your name at RTDNOW.COM" ADRIAN 2017

6. A LITTLE REVOLUTION: is good now and then to wipe clean the cobwebs of discontent brought on by tyranny's tentacles. "OURevolution Has Begun!" ADRIAN 2020



Are We All Really Democrat-Republicans? A country of the people, and of laws? That's what Thomas Jefferson, who invented the American Dream was: Democratic Republican.


Read below as excerpted from Roger E. Greeley's book: Thomas Jefferson's Freethought Legacy

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