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Vol. 2 COVER ART: The Rock Opera To Save America 

FREE   Download the Music and Art. Make CD's and give them as stocking stuffer Gifts!  (it's a double Album so you'll need a double case)


 "Dreams come true if you make them"


22 inspirational tracks 

 Bonus Poster 

once upon a time this was common

adrian & the promised land band redeem t

Things Changed

300 Million As 1 Protest and Vote for a New American Dream with me. Add your name at RTDNOW.COM

I1. The Fugue is Over

2. No Sky Clear Tonight

3. Nothin's Changin'

4. Abandoned Chosen and Special

5.Home of the Brave

6. Climb Out of the Wishing Well

7. Dreaming of Us

8. Make Some Beautiful Noise

9. Your Personal Invitation

10. To the Greatest Show on Earth

11. We Conquered the World

12. Leave the City of the Damned

13. Corporama Big Bama

14. Jack the Ripper

15. Petty Theft and Grand Larceny

16. We Want More Love

17. End Economic Apartheid Today

18. Fight for Your Future

19. Protest and Vote 

20. Call Me American

21. Patriotism's Never a Fool's Errand

22. Meet Me in the Field

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