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The Great Deal Mobilizes the Nation, Bringing the Rock Opera and Movement to Everyone in America


That's your $1/month ($12/year) Great Deal. Getting your country and your future back almost effortlessly while singing and dancing to a daily redemption song. All I ask is that you use social media daily to help me get 300 million people to add their names and subscribe. Since I already paid for the production of all the music, 100% of subscription funds go directly to these efforts.  

  • 100 Redemption Songs

    • 10 albums, emailed as they are released​

  • The RTDNOW Plan eBook

    • 10 ​ebook chapters, emailed as they are released

  • ​10 Album Songbooks

    • Digital file with Lyrics, American life stories and music sheets, released with each album

  • ​Adrian Fan Club

    • Monthly priority alerts for tickets, events and opportunities

  • ​50 State American Spirit Revival Tour & Town Hall Events

    • Help fund the tour to promote THE RTDNOW 'GREAT DEAL' which includes passage of the RTDNOW Constitutional Amendment and RTDNOW Economic Bill of rights that restores everyone's American Dream Overnight.


Being ripped off cradle-to-grave, with an economy revolving around the mega corporation, instead of the citizen, is over.  RTDNOW makes DC work for you, the ordinary citizen, instead of for large corporations, billionaires, and banks. In the new era of 100% citizen activism, it's up to all of us to participate in the RTDNOW Plan to Save America, end runaway government and restore everyone's American Dream virtually overnight!

The Great Deal Funds the Movement that will Restore Everyone's American Dream


In a viral online world, your subscription and effort can drive the 3 Revolutionary RTDNOW ACTS of We The People to quick fulfillment, to restore our democracy and economy for every single American, OVER-NIGHT!



To 100% Activism


This gives the ordinary citizen real voice in government to rebuild the America of our dreams.


Our Sacred Democracy



"We the People" become the new establishment, making every vote count equally, giving the people control of our futures.


To Economic Freedom




This doubles money in your pocket by reforming policies, so everyone can actively reach their dreams. 

As Momentum Builds, New RTDNOW Tools to Restore Everyone's American Dream Will Come Online to Make Government Work for You


​Your subscription will also fund RTDNOW social media and community outreach programs that will roll out nationwide. RTDNOW regional Cafes will become center points for the RTDNOW initiative to end hunger and homelessness in America. Together, we will all live the dream daily, and restore everyone's American Dream virtually OVER-NIGHT!  

1. Redeem the Dream Radio

Podcasts and live broadcasts featuring un-biased news and information important to all US Citizens.

2. RTDNOW  Internet Citizens' Continental Congress

iCCC is an online forum that makes government accessible and responsive, demanding that government start working for the citizen not for huge corporations and billionaires, so every single voice will be heard, free, immediately, effortlessly. iCCC will enable anyone to run for  political office without taking donations, and will also be the vehicle to explain, get all Americans  comments, to improve, ratify and pass as legislation, the RTDNOW Constitutional Amendment and the RTDNOW Economic Bill of Rights, which together, restore 300 million American dreams overnight.

The iCCC framework that enables every single voice to be heard will become the basis for a new every votes count system to elect our president and serve to transition us from an unfair electoral college system, to one where every American participates effortlessly-OVERNIGHT.

3. RTDNOW Marketplace, a 50% off club

Membership in the club reduces your cost of living by half, effectively doubling the money in your pocket.


A weekly Saturday night variety show of top musicians and a daily Edward R. Murrow news and information station that provides unbiased, citizen focused, in depth, fact driven news, real information and timely alerts so we can all have an active debate-driven functional democracy.

5. RTDNOW Dream Portal

The Portal provides access to career paths and apprenticeships to learn your trade fast or to plan, fund and start your own business. The Portal will offer online and regional access for advisory boards and low cost funding, so everyone who wants to work for their American Dream has a starting point and a direct path to get after it and live it!

6. RTDNOW Cafe & Eateries 

There will be one RTDNOW 'mega cafe and eatery' with live music in every town in America with free coffee always. All across America, they will be locally co-owned and operated as non-profits, creating new well-paying jobs in your town and channeling profits into a basket of local community outreach services in an RTDNOW coordinated plan to end hunger and homelessness in the region of their locations. The cafe and Eateries will use local services and local non gmo foods, and will act as community centers, showcasing live music and providing computer access to The RTDNOW Dream Portal, so patrons can map and live their American Dream. These public gathering spaces will provide high quality goods at about 60% of what you’re used to paying, because they will be run as a non-profit for “We the Real People”. In certainty and trust we will all gather online and in our communities to restore everyone's American Dream. 


Branching out from these 'mega' central RTDNOW cafe hubs, to reach every neighborhood all across each city, RTDNOW ($1.00 per month per venue license) Licensed independent Cafes will pop up all over town. Independent coffee and tea houses, eateries and bars can now hang the RTDNOW logo proudly in their window and make new revenue streams by selling RTDNOW coffee, tea, or wine, (just one flavor of each) and re-selling RTDNOW merchandise which will include the Rock Opera CD's, T shirts, hats, etc. 


The RTDNOW profit on RTDNOW merchandise will just be 10% above true cost (versus the normal 100% mark up on cost of all the product you now buy at retail locations) so that the independent cafe re-seller makes the lions share of the profit, thereby encouraging them to promote RTDNOW Movement actively in their store. 


The whole purpose of the RTDNOW movement is to empower every citizen with new free access tools ($1.00/month is a maintenance fee to be able to deliver the service) and policies to live their American dream right now, and grow the small businesses they start or operate, with good jobs and new profits, that stay local. 


Together, we will all prosper, every person in every neighborhood, all across America, and we will all reclaim our country for 300 million ordinary hard working citizens. It's as easy as RTDNOW.COM

7. Ending Hunger and Homelessness in America OVERNIGHT


Our government has made this problem worse and will not fix it. It's up to all of us. As 300 million Americans have a "TODAY'S THE DAY" app on their smartphones, they will know how to quickly assist 10-20 million of our American Spirits. And we will end hunger and homelessness in America OVERNIGHT! About half our homeless are chronically homeless and half hit a rough patch and need a hand to get back on track. This new "TODAY'S THE DAY" app will coordinate existing providers of out reach services in every community across the nation OVERNIGHT as it's distributed. Every study I've read says it's far less costly to end homelessness in America than to let it fester. Part of your RTDNOW Great Deal subscription fees will be used to build the software to power this program on 300 million cell phones and also for direct donations to enhance these local community service providers that are already helping homeless, seniors, families, veterans, teens, battered women, by the zip code of you the subscriber. So you end homelessness in your community-across the nation! 


One and all, sign up for the RTDNOW Great Deal ($1/Month) and we will end homelessness and hunger in America. Our neediest will not be forgotten and left to live a miserable life and death in America. RTDNOW cafes will be the physical meeting place for non profits to meet and coordinate and expand consciousness of their services in their communities. Together, we will Restore EVERYONES American Dream.

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