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Adrian's Letter To You
2020 was a really rough year for all of us. Everywhere we turn there's a reckoning, all long overdue. We need a deep breath, a vacation, and oh yeah, the American dream needs to be fully restored for all very quickly. Because 100 million are in poverty now, and technology will take away 100 million jobs, which will collapse America. And growing poverty makes social divisions we need to heal worse. We need to 'get to the land we were all promised' faster.
We're all so tired of decades of windbags blabbering and making proclamations but never substantially improving the lives of 250 million citizens in the middle of 80 million political zealots, 40 million on each side, that both can't ever get anything done but put us in more debt, and ask for more money.
50 years of this downward spiral in the standard of living for most Americans is what we are all so tired of. What caused it? Money in politics. Our duly elected officials have to meet their wishes in policy or they don't get more money to get re-elected. Or their party doesn't stay in power. This is the trap 250 million Americans in the middle who want a real American dream find themselves in as all the wealth keeps getting channeled, through bad policy, to the same top 10% forever.
We are all so tired of this it finally boiled over into what always happens when you make a whole country poor and hungry: the dead-end road of fascism. America was formed as an 'aspirational' Democracy. The ideals were laid out clearly in our declaration of independence: Equality with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. 
That declaration changed the whole world from 'master-slave' to all free men without a class system, aspirationaly. The problem for 240 years as this was taken off track every 10 years by a new wealth class, was that there was never an American Dream implementation plan. A simple 1 page plan with new policies to extend that dream of equality, almost overnight, to all citizens, and achieve America's earth changing aspirations.
So I spent 10 years reading American history, saw all the turning points where it went off track (that's all in the eBook you can read and Podcasts) and then set to writing a smart 1 page 'American Dream Implementation Plan' to deliver the full American dream of: social, political and economic equality to every citizen. It's called REDEEM THE DREAM NOW. I call it The New Dream.
Music is my hobby I finally took seriously 10 years ago at age 52 and rolled into a music studio and started this project to save the American dream. My simple plan was to tell you your American dream story in song and podcast and chapter so we can see how $50 trillion was taken from the American people, and tell you in detail how by all adding our names to the RTDNOW Plan we can restore the American dream quickly for every single citizen.
This is no joke and no small undertaking. I've spent almost 40 years consulting and funding the growth of thousands of small businesses, creating millions of jobs and funding over $1 Billion to help them grow through my direct efforts. That experience went into writing the RTDNOW PLAN. So its not a mystery how I give every American, actually you give it to yourself as we all add our names, up to $1,000 more in your pocket per month for life, to make America work for every single citizen right now, I'd like to explain it.
Interest rates have been about zero for some time. The greed mark up is 300% to 500%. For what? For lending us back our own money we have at zero percent in checking and savings accounts? How about we do what we are supposed to as a nation and regulate the out of control banking industry that we have to keep bailing out every 10 years? How about we make 1% home loans for all, 50 years, give renters zero down loans. Just by all signing the RTDNOW petition 300 million as 1. Actually 100 million names (there's about 100 million households in America) will do it.
That will lower your monthly housing cost by 50%, yes overnight, assuming you have a loan up to $400,000. Monthly and Forever. Americans refinance or sell their home at least every 10 years. During this time at rates 300-500% what they should be, most end up paying mostly interest, we never really buy, we endlessly rent and the concept of home ownership becomes a scam of national biblical proportions.
Over a lifetime, that excess greed cost you pay over 1% add up to about $500,000 or more. So if we all vote ourselves 1% dwelling loans what happens? We all, I mean everyone on minimum wage, becomes a millionaire in their lifetime. All Poverty ends. Homelessness ends.
My friends, this is just one smart policy change I'm proposing in my plan for a new American dream. Please read the RTDNOW PLAN for a New Dream. This is how we transform American OVERNIGHT and we don't have to pay for it, let that sink in, it doesn't cost us all anything. We just have to all act together add our names to the RTDNOW PLAN to end the endless corruption. 
So while you may chuckle at this whole effort, you shouldn't. America is about to lose up to 100 million jobs (out of 160 million total jobs) over the next 10 years. America and the lives of 250 million ordinary citizens like you, not in the elite wealth class, will implode without an RTDNOW PLAN.
If you liked my 1% fixed rate non profit home loans for all, you will LOVE the rest of the RTDNOW PLAN for A New American dream. I'm an independent because I believe two political parties controlled with billionaire and global corporate money have not represented the American citizen for almost 50 years.
That's why all the factories left. That's why there's no economic plan like RTDNOW for the citizens. That's why America is $25 Trillion in debt with no way to make national income to pay it down. And that's why I went all this effort when I should be retiring. 
It was not acceptable to me to leave a broken country for our children. There's no reason at all to do that. I turned the 2nd most unprofitable bank in the nation around, yes overnight, just by policy changes I made the second day on the job. That was when I was 32 years old and the bank was failed for two years and nobody said they could save it. I am much better at business and home economics than music, but I do hope you enjoy all the music.
So while you don't know me yet, I invite you to get to know me through 100 songs full of passion for a new American Dream for all. Through the podcasts and eBook I take you on the journey I went on rediscovering the real American dream. How it works for all, and how it doesn't. And into the bright future right in front of us all with smart new policies that benefit every citizen if we all do one simple action: all add our names at RTDNOW.COM 
If you're about my age, 62 now, you've been waiting all your life for this plan, I know I have. If you're much younger, this site will tell you in depth what went wrong, why life is so very hard and confusing now, and how we fix it fast, to make life much better for all and save our whole country from permanent economic collapse. The Covid economic melt down was just a small taste of what is coming if we don't all get on a new road. 
Together, as independent citizens taking smart democratic action here, we can achieve anything. I want us all to make a new American Dream for our time, online, and almost overnight. Now its simple, free and easy. Add your name and share this site daily. And please get a t-shirt and wear it.
Thank you!
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