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Government is Overrun with Money in Politics And No Longer Represents the People

The first time this occurred, over 240 years ago, our first  Declaration of Independence was written and signed giving voice to we the people, and addressed a long list of citizen grievances.  Today, in 2017, we all find ourselves there again.  Having to address systematic  abuse of power that silences our true form of representative government, to secure our futures, happiness, and well being.  And like our founders, our list of grievances, is long and profound as well.

You see, obscene concentration of national wealth by an elite money class accomplished by controlling government officials and policy, is not new.  It happened in 1776,  1901, and now again in 2017, creating widespread national suffering, poverty, and inequality.

And so here we all are, again. But now there are 300 million Americans seeking a way forward. Just as our founders did, in their time, with only 1 million people.


Today as a nation, 300 million citizens are fed up with endless political lip service that maintains a wasteful corrupt government pretending to count

our votes in a closed rigged election process that 1/2 our people opt out of as a result.  Like our founders, as Americans, it's time for all to add our names to our 2nd Declaration of Independence, from modern runaway government. Its called REDEEM THE DREAM NOW (RTDNOW), and it ensures that every single voice in America will finally be heard, by setting in motion a simple plan for all of us to reestablish a true government: of, by, and for, we the people. 

Our first declaration, signed by only 56 Americans, unlocked the greatest period of prosperity in all human history. Now just imagine 300 million American spirits using the Internet, to add their names to a new declaration, to unlock our 2nd biggest period of personal prosperity the world has ever seen.  Just by once again empowering the ordinary citizen: with voice in government, and leveling the economic playing field, so we all can thrive again.  

That's why 300 million are being rallied as 1, because now it's our turn, for we the people to take this most American step. To secure our future by adding our names to end systemic government corruption and the corporate revolt that bankrupted the ordinary citizen, mortgaged our treasury, exported our jobs, and placed our entire country at risk of collapse.  

Add your name to RTDNOW and as you do 300 million American spirits will awaken in our new national mission, REDEEM THE DREAM NOW, restoring everyone's American Dream, overnight, in a simple RTDNOW plan, over four short years.  

Read and sign our 2nd Declaration of Independence RTDNOW.


Our 2nd Declaration

of Independence

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