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As I worked on 100 songs over a decade telling your real American dream story to rally everyone to save America by adding their names to a fast overnight plan to do it, like 1776 but online, people said I was crazy. Me? 


We're all crazy to put up with failure, inequality, and collapses for 50 years hidden by fake news. It's all debt driven and can't last, we all have to change to save ourselves. Then I told them how I turned around a bankrupt bank overnight (music's my hobby) just changing policy so everyone won: all the customers and the bank. It's not socialism, capitalism or communism, it's common sense like RTDNOW. Then they said, 'Tell me more'.

I said the whole repressive economic system of America created 80% have nots, and 20% haves. It only lives on debt and was caving in for 80% of all Americans, and would be total armageddon for all as we lost 50 million jobs to technology soon and half of all retail stores would close. Then I wrote songs like Ghost Towns to make my point. They laughed, 'economy's great'. Then I wrote, We're All Gonna Save America, people chuckled, 'good luck'. I made songs like It's Judgement Day, and No Skies Clear Tonight, about the poverty in 80% of all citizens lives, put there by racism, the 245 year fear tool, of bad economics. Silence.


It's June 2020 and nobody's laughing: music can open minds, change hearts and present solutions. Please hear the opera. We're all awake now feeling urgency to restore everyone's American dream before America totally explodes socially, and implodes economically, at the same time. Total collapse.


But the BIGGEST QUESTION for 260 million of us with no savings, in or on the edge of poverty and a very uncertain future knowing the whole system of social and economic (IN) equality is fixed, is HOW CAN WE FIX IT?  It takes about 100 million of us. Please read the RTDNOW all citizens plan I wrote to restore the American dream equality fast, and save everyone's monthly budget, and America from collapse. Then add your name, share. 


Remember, this is still America, 260 million of us in the middle that want jobs, good wages, healthcare, and a good standard of living with affordable housing, that are not crazy with any politics that fail us all repeatedly, can do what we all decide to. If you're ready for a new America for all THAT DELIVERS, add your names to a plan to restore everyone's American dream. It's time to ALL live the dream. Yes, I'm crazy enough to think we can all transform, reinvent, a much better America OVERNIGHT. But now we all have a plan, cell phones, and a movement to do it. Enjoy my song Bcrazy Like Me (Try to Save America). 


300 million as 1, It's DOING Time. Please share this. 


Thank you, Adrian

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