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My name is Adrian, and I am rallying 300 million Americans at to make the economy work for them with simple new economic rules that restore everyone's American Dream over-night.  As everyone starts signing up I will build and introduce new tools that reclaim AMERICA, returning it to the ordinary citizen, 'Transforming the American 

economy over-night' to work for them instead of against them, just by everyone adding their name and contributing $1.00 per month. Almost free and almost effortless: that is aGreat Deal! This is a once in a lifetime kind of deal, so every American should participate and sign up now.

The last time America had 30 million under employed and 2/3 of America living paycheck to paycheck, or social security check to social security check, and healthcare was too expensive to pay for, was 1933: The Great Depression.


Then, fearing revolution and the end of his era's corporate capitalism, Franklin Roosevelt, was forced into offering the American people a "New Deal" to put their daily economics right side up quickly and create jobs. Today in 2017, 10%, about 30 million Americans float above the Great Recession while 300 million are struggling daily just to get by, that they barely have energy to think about living their American dreams.


Adrian is doing the same thing President Roosevelt did, but in our time, in a movement of the people, by rallying every citizen at RTDNOW.COM to offer a much better deal, The 'GREAT DEAL' for every single American citizen. It's spelled out in The RTDNOW Plan, which includes how we double the money in the pocket of every American making under $300,000 per year (that's 90% of us) through RTDNOW monetary policy reforms. And with 100-300 million people signed up we can make it happen OVER-NIGHT!


The GREAT DEAL, the RTDNOW Movement will change America over-night for the ordinary citizen putting their economics first and keep us all from returning to a nation of renters and a few landlords, like medieval England. Minimum wage raises are great but they will only keep you from falling farther behind as prices rise. I want to transform America over-night for every American citizen by creating an economic environment that pays for education and supports your small business so you can live your American Dream. So sign up for $1/month now and  become part of an over-night movement to save America for the ordinary citizen.


Then tell everyone: RTDNOW.COM.

In certainty and trust,

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