About This Site
Once upon a time, many had the American dream of good schools, good jobs with good pay, so we could all advance. The American dream of upward mobility for all got terribly lost: jobs went overseas as politics got polluted with money. Now online jobs are flowing overseas or being replaced by automation: 300 million Americans are awakening to find their American dreams missing in action wondering how they will pay bills and advance. Now, 250 years after our birth, its time to do what we do best once more, represent ourselves, banding together online, all adding our names to restore 300 million missing American dreams. 
Redeem The Dream tells our American story of citizen driven renewal in action. Adrian is using music (with podcasts and an eBook) to reach everyone so we can all accelerate the stalled 50 year delayed process of  updating the American dream of upward mobility for all, for our time. Just hear a song daily and share it to let all Americans know, "Now We Can". 300 million as 1 now we all can add our names to a plan for an updated American dream. Adding our names to a plan is simple, its how we began, and it happens to be the only way that works. Now its online fast for all. We all know its time to redeem the American dream, get it back, because we've all been living the endless nightmare of watching it slip away year after year, decade after decade. So let us begin...