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We are the "real" American people. We are "chosen" and we are "special".


When this country started in 1776, America’s new ‘democratic’ society was the hope and promise for every person on the planet to Live Free, in a newly freed world. The American people were the chosen people. Our Declaration of Independence freed the world from its historical Master And Slave System that ruled, ruined, corrupted, and enslaved men’s soul since time began. This was a turning point. The document Thomas Jefferson wrote changed the whole world.


That’s why American’s are special, because they believe every individual has rights nobody could take away. And Americans were the first ingenious and tough enough to figure out how to get them. That was the American Spirit “To Do Better” at work. And that’s how the American dream of social and economic freedom for every single person was born and lit up the whole world! But today that axis, our idea of universal citizen rights and personal freedom, revolved on, and moved forward on for 250 years, is broken. Today there is only worry in every house, on every street, in every country, across the whole world about the future. Because original American principles have been abandoned. It’s time to get them back!


“So I wrote us a 100 song rock opera so 300 Million Abandoned, Chosen and Special people, and the world, can come together online at RTDNOW.COM to make our world right again.  And I want us to use our American Spirit daily to make it happen OVERNIGHT.”   ADRIAN 2017


Making of the Song "Abandoned, Chosen and Special"




At some point in all our personal lives, we all get abandoned. Yet we know inside how special we are. And each person on this planet has been chosen to do something only they can do. It sums up human existence. Some think human existence is mundane: we live, we die, life goes on. Others like Steve Jobs who created Apple and the Smart Phone, the device this opera will succeed across, wanted to “Put a Dent in the Universe”. He wanted to change the path of history. So do I. I read the phrase, “abandoned, chosen, and special” in Steve Jobs biography. It knocked me off my chair. That was the phrase his adopted parents used when he was six. That’s what they said to him when he found out he was adopted and freaked out. To settle him down they told little Steve “You were abandoned. But we chose you, and you are so special”. And boy they were right.


It seemed a poetic and appropriate way to communicate to 300 million citizen that were abandoned by their own government, that they are chosen for a great purpose and that each person is so very special.  Steve Jobs who seemed to want to empower the individual with the benefits of technology to live their American dreams, died one of the wealthiest men in the world, by taking the other road. Not directly empowering corporations to enslave us with technology, but to empower the individual. To give every individual the power of a massive computer right in your hands at your personal control so you could live your American dream. He did dent the universe, he world changed. His invention shifted the power of self-rule, if we all use it, back to the individual, the citizen again. He’s a great American Spirit, even with his flaws, because we now all hold the power to change the world OVERNIGHT in our hands: your Smart Phone he led his business created.


Now its up to you to use it, to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM. Thanks to Steve Jobs, that’s all it takes.



Some songs like Everything Starts Somewhere on Album 2, or Declare Independence again took about a year to make “work”. To add this or that to get the musical balance of the song right. To get everything in ‘balance’ so it sounded so good I forgot it was my song when I heard it. This song was the opposite. The band nailed it in session. Tim Ellis balanced the arrangement so it feels cool, no instrument dominated. It also captures the feel of “going on with daily life” in the verses, and then dramatically brings to life our passions in the chorus as we all find out we’ve been abandoned.




As I wrote the songs and the opera started to take form I realized something was driving me. It wasn’t to be a rock star. It wasn’t to be real wealthy. It wasn’t to be famous. It wasn’t to get girls. It’s an energy I’ve had, we all have, to make things better than we found it. To be innovative and not quit until we have achieved our goal. I call that the American spirit. A birthright we’re all born with.

Some of our spirits shine more brightly because we don’t deny them. Others deny theirs for years and have what I sang about in a prior song, a mid life crisis, as they finally embrace their unique spirit and go for it. Today 2/3 of us have forgotten where our American spirit is. The spirit to challenge the world to do better. To spirit to challenge our government, to do better. The spirit to take that one extra step every day, that changes our world for the better.


So I started putting in some of my songs what I called Ghost Voices, spoken parts, spoken like your conscious is speaking or the American Spirit of Thomas Jefferson is speaking to us from time to all to remember how special we all are, why they fought a revolution, and that its time to live the American dream and stop killing it. To live it we have to participate. There hasn’t been a way and not one focused on everyone’s American dream until now. You’ll hear the ghost voice of all our great American spirits in many of the songs cheering you on to live your American dream and make it everything it was supposed to be. Enjoy the opera daily and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM to help everyone find their American spirit again.


  • 1910: The big ‘Duck Hunt’ on Jekyll Island.

  • 1913: It’s an ‘Oh’ Boy! The Ancient 16th Amendment is born.

  • 1953: The Future of Money is Invented.

  • 1987-2006: The Era of Easy Money Shoved America off its wobbly equality axis. 

Other Time Traveler Moments delve into the social and political (the other 2/3 of the real American dream of Equality) abandonment by runaway government. Today we’ll just discuss how all working Americans, 300 Million of us, were economically abandoned, made poor, and the whole nation bankrupted, by inept and paid off politicians catering to the global wealth class. They, because 300 Million citizens didn’t participate, progressively abandoned citizen’s ‘economic freedom’, the other 1/3 portion of the equality of the real and complete American Dream. 


And without active 100% citizen participation our worst nightmare unfolded over 100 years. They ended up replacing citizen government with pure evil: greed. A runaway Government that today uses a 70% federal and wealth class taxation scheme driven by super elites is evil. And worse, that is not sustainable, which is why I’m writing this for every citizen to read and share. If we don’t all act 300 Million As 1 to change course, if we keep abandoning ourselves thinking government will fix it, it will lead to the full implosion of America itself economically, and the complete death of 300 Million American dreams over the next 20 years: 2020-2040. We can no longer abandon ourselves. I hope you’re awake now. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM.

The Real Story of the American Dream In Context

of Adrian's Song “Abandoned, Chosen and Special"


King James, 1620 England. Used ‘Old World’ Poll (per head) Taxation to keep all ‘subjects’ down in serfdom: economic slavery.

‘The Duck Hunter’ 1910: Senator Nelson Aldrich of Rhode Island. ‘Toured’ Europe, (right!), to figure out a better banking system. Which became Our Federal Reserve System. Which is half owned by whom? Unnamed to this day, the European Wealth Class.

Arthur C. Clark, 1953, England and Sri Lanka. Futurist and science fiction writer dreamt up modern digital satellite communications. Wrote the book Childhoods End and co wrote screenplay for the most famous sci-fi movie: 2001 A Space Odyssey: of a runaway computer.

Howard Taft, 27th President, proposed a 2% Personal Federal tax which led to the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution returning ‘Old World’ Poll Taxation which ironically dismantled 1/3 of the real American Dream of economic equality and set us on path to our modern money class tax battles of today.

Michael J. Fox, Actor, 1989, played Marty McFly, a time traveling ordinary guy in the futuristic second installment of the sci-fi comedy movie trilogy, Back to the Future.

Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve Chairman 1987-2006, led money policy during the era of hyper runaway government through lax monetary policy, preached the Corporate lie, ‘markets can regulate themselves’. Just like criminals! And oversaw the easy home equity loan era to replace decreasing citizen earnings by draining their life savings overnight. That was BAD Governmental and BAD monetary policy run amok! So much for an ‘Economist’ running anything!

Adrian, 2018 Oregon Territory, wrote the RTDNOW Citizen’s PLAN to restore 300 Million Complete American Dreams OVERNIGHT. Act 3 of the Plan includes Amending the 16th Amendment, to reduce and over 15 years, as national debt is paid down per the RTDNOW PLAN, end Federal Personal taxation of the Citizen. 

ALL American Citizens started getting abandoned economically in about 1910, and 1913 with the 16th Amendment. It reinstituted Old English Poll (per person) Taxation. That as with all empires, overtaxation of the Citizen, has also come to epitomize our Runaway Bankrupting Government. It led to policies over the last 50 years that aggressively created 50 Million new poor and widespread poverty. Here’s a snapshot of how we all, every single citizen, got economically abandoned:


OMFG! Secret wealth class meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia, starts PRIVATELY OWNED, Federal Reserve, to usurp control of OUR national and State monetary policy: making it a globalist policy. Abandoning direct control of our own economic policy to the super global wealth class elites, affects ALL household prosperity NEGATIVELY every day.

1/3 of your real American dream, ‘economic freedom’ is abandoned, taken away in 1913 with a flawed 16th Amendment: which 300 Million citizens will be amending in 2020 as we all add our names.

WTF?! New Personal taxes creep from a need basis, (example: pay for Civil War), from 3% to permanent 38% today! This abandoned the primary American founding principal: Independence. We became a debt dependent society on the verge of collapse. Where did $50 Trillion go?

OMFG! All now bear the hidden daily tax of 35% on every Citizen as runaway government printing of money makes everything cost much more. This abandoned 50% of all citizens (150 Million people!) at minimum wage jobs who can’t make more, without skills training!


The pace of money accelerated as the electronic wallet of the future arrived on planet earth 2005. And we all ironically abandoned the principle of time. Working toward something. The instant gratification world arrived. The faster we consume, the faster we are consumed. As Amazon and Walmart grow, small businesses all across America are consumed, good jobs are lost and the cave in of the American economy accelerates with every online purchase.

Over the last five decades an astounding $50 TRILLION vanishes, with no investigation. 


Kind of all sounds like a science fiction horror story! Aliens land and freeze everyone’s frontal lobe so we work but don’t think and all become economic slaves unwittingly. And Economically, if you didn’t know I was talking about American history above, you’d think we might be discussing Socialism: where we all pay 50% taxes so nobody is poor. Or maybe Communism: where the few quietly live like kings conspiring a centrally planned government to control the people by making a subsistence wage society that is always under surveillance and reports everything to the State central government under penalty of imprisonment! But we’re talking about 2018 America. Yes, that’s exactly where America is today. Capitalism has become a corporate communist planned economy (energy companies wrote energy policy, etc.) by the few for the few, that’s why 300 Million don’t have much of any of the American economy left for themselves. And Independence has become a Backhanded social state like 1935 of food stamps to keep the masses from outright revolt. American life, without 300 Million citizens active voices has become an economic horror story.


In America today, like 1932, we have a hunger and homelessness problem of about 25 Million daily. With 100 Million living UNDER the poverty line. That’s almost HALF our people struggling to get by! Far WORSE than the Great Depression of 1933! And we still pay 50% taxes and more with nothing but debt to show for it. Actually we are taxed at 70% including inflation. So where did about $50 TRILLION, the difference between what we paid for in the last 50 years of personal taxes and what we got for it, where did it all go??? Have we rebuilt the electrical grid for $5 Trillion? No. Have we fixed our roads and bridges for $5 Trillion? Have we made healthcare affordable for $10 Trillion? Have we made world class education for our kids for $10 Trillion? No it dropped from 1st to 26th in the world. 


OUR AMERICAN RUNAWAY GOVERNMENT HASN’T DONE ANYTHING FOR THE CITIZEN! If we were a Real Socialist State like, Norway for example, the poor would be only 4% not 35-50%! North Korea for God sakes has 50% in Poverty!!! I think you know where all the money went. Corporate America pays off our politicians, a long standing covert crime they legalized in 2010, who give BILLION Dollar corporate giveaways like an endless defense budget for no enemies, and made up wars and then support ‘Career Politicians’ to smile and sell out the American people endlessly, and never even TRY to solve any of our most pressing issues. They only give the wealth class tax cuts and go into more debt. What a real life science fiction type horror story we are all living. Abandoned forever by our government representatives who mindlessly go along reporting to a global wealth class that holds the BIG lever of controlling us all, the Federal Reserve, over all our heads. Warfare was a bayonet and bullets thing until the 1600’s when a few Europeans learned if you cut off, or reduce the money supply to a country, to its people, government, Army and economy, all crumble. MUCH EASIER! In short, when we as a people do not own and control the Federal Reserve, we are all hostages to the global wealth class elite who owns most of it. Look it up. We are not allowed to know who owns the Federal Reserve. And when did that start? 1910. Where? And here comes the horror story again: Jekyll Island, in Georgia. Another secret meeting held under the ruse of


a ‘Duck Hunting’ gathering. You just can’t make this stuff up. And organized by whom? A Billionaire globalist named Rockefeller, who also started the secret Tri-Lateral Commission, which every U.S. President has been a member of since the 1970’s. Now you know where all the economic policy and puppeteering came from to destroy the economic 1/3 of 300 Million American citizen’s real American dream: economic freedom. And you now know why it never gets fixed! Charting of Our economic policy was taken away from us all, We The People, forcefully in 1910, under old President Taft, and led ALL us citizens and America to poverty and ruin today 100 years later! My people, it’s never a good idea to over centralize power. That’s why we had the 1st American Revolution in 1776! 


So for conversation what is an alternative to a Federal Reserve Bank? How about one where 300 Million put their checking and savings accounts in, 300 Million own 1 share of stock equally in it, and it makes home loans, small business loans, auto loans and student loans, all at just 1%. Almost free, totally default safe because they’re not over priced. Think about that future. You and every minimum wage worker in America just got a 50-100% net pay increase EVERY week because your cost of living just went down by 50%. That’s just a taste of how OUR banking industry can be transformed OVERNIGHT (even without nationalization which would be a mistake) to work for the average citizen, instead of our history I’m describing where it’s been made to work against us. What else happens if we all add our names at RTDNOW.COM to have this new RTDNOW economic world where the citizen is put First? We end poverty in America OVERNIGHT. Really? Yes, REALLY. Imagine 150 Million Americans struggling each week below the poverty line getting their cost of living cut in half. Presto, most jump right out of poverty! Overnight! What happens to the 30 Million not working, the hunger and shelter insecure? We now have the ability to put into affect a short term 10 year ‘End Poverty’ tax on Wall St. (I want my $700 Billion bailout Back!) to retrain 20 Million to rejoin the new digital economy. Maybe about 10 Million (about 4% like Norway) are persistent poor because of a mental or physical disability. We will set up community assistance centers across America for the persistent poor. In the RTDNOW 2020 America there are NO homeless and NO hungry in our country. Every study I’ve read says it costs less to end poverty than to let it grow. Well what I’ve described does what those studies suggest: but for pennies. Not Trillions of new debt! 

Want a new economic life? Want your real American dream back of economic equality? Want your net pay doubled? RTDNOW is it. But It takes 100 Million to 300 Million people today in 2020 to participate to get it. Add your name and tell everyone daily, as you hear the next free-access redemption song, “goto RTDNOW.COM”



It’s almost like we’re living the second movie installment of Back to the Future where you wake up 100 years later (after the private Federal Reserve started) and everything that was working is now upside down and you have to save the world and set it right again. If you read science fiction, America today is a lot like a real life version of the plot line of the book CHILDHOOD’S END. Read that, by futurist Arthur C. Clark. Same principle. Our hidden overlords have been watching us until a point we mature to be able to ‘understand’ we are ants, and they start marshal law on earth. In our case it’s ‘monetary’ and ‘debt’ driven marshal law policy. Old Arthur dreamed up, envisioned, the space satellite, and men built them. And today in 2018 we’ve achieved his vision of the modern future. And then some! Satellites today handle global cellular communications. And most monetary transactions, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc., all flow across this literally ‘space based’ global network. And what happens in our future past of today (we live the Vision from a past time) when EVERYONE no longer uses physical, tangible, hold in your hand/wallet money? You don’t really have any. You have nothing but a number on a black mirror called a computer screen. And when you don’t have to go to the safe, bank, or the mattress to pull some out, you spend it faster! And what happened in this whole process? This transformation of how money flows accelerates much faster than everyone can make it. And what does that mean for 300 citizens trying to live their American dream of upward mobility? It gets pulled out from under them, duped by easy access, they fall further behind. People who can’t afford $1,000 cell phones by them for part of their work week wages. They don’t work, the phone gets turned off. That’s life for 100 Million Americans. And What was lost? 300 Million American dreams of progressive upward mobility, go downward.


Let me explain a bit. What happened was we All forgot how to save money because we can spend it too fast now. This was the first step in making everyone poor and dependent upon over centralized government, and a rogue banking system, who doesn’t really represent, or is regulated by, the citizens anymore. As a result, a new generation (44 Million in Easy student debt they now can’t pay) all lost our sense of reality. You used to save up to buy things you REALLY wanted, and needed. Or at least pay as you go. That was called Lay-Away. They held your purchase and you paid each month and then picked it up when you had PAID for it. So you weren’t TRAPPED in debt. You ‘worked’ for it. And because you worked for it you VALUED Every Dollar you spent. This all got separated. Now electronically you can see your checkbook balance any minute and live hovering above zero balance day by day. And if you have some earning power and have equity in a home, staring about 1990 you could now EASILY go into debt and live on NEGATIVE income drawing equity out, your retirement nest egg of home equity, until there’s none left. And as a senior you’re now more dependent than ever upon the government: the super state now owns you! That’s because out of work, out of money, you’re now fully dependent on the Federal Government. There are 100 Million Baby Boomers retiring now. 50 Million are not prepared financially and 50 Million will lose half their savings in the next Great Depression of 2030. That’s what the fabled Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan basically foisted on America’s Future with ‘lax’ money policy. It separated Americans from their equity, life savings, and economic independence. All to enrich the corporate wealth class to pay for newly overpriced things that rose 1,000% in cost like Healthcare (deregulated by Nixon’s in the 1970’s) and College (basically privatized). Instead of focusing on skills training to increase citizen earning power through GOOD governance and policy, the Federal Reserve, really an arm of Wall St., they did the opposite. They put us ALL on the road to economic ruin with endless debt and bad deregulation. This was the second step in BAD government, BAD policies, making everyone in America poor and dependent on the Federal government with no Personal savings by slowly draining home equity.




Some Good intentions, get twisted 


So old President Taft proposed a new (there wasn’t ANY until then) Federal Personal income tax. Why? Well, like today 2/3 of Americans were poor, barely getting by. The political parties were worried that too much power and wealth was being amassed by the few wealthy super elites. Unlike today where two political parties create and enhance elite wealth concentration to get their ‘Donations’. So the people in 1900 pressed government to tax the elites. The basic idea was that the poor were not to be taxed. And ‘the middle class’ had not really emerged yet because we hadn’t all ridden a post World War 2 (50 year) Economic boom as the remaining manufacturing super power that started after 1946. So Personal Federal Taxation comes into being for maybe the right reasons, but then no good ADJUSTMENTS are made to reflect the next generation and conditions at that time. So now we have Personal Federal Taxation ever expanded by paid off officials (donations) taxing the new 1950-2000 middle class to death, holding them back, when it was always really meant just to tax the super elites, to keep some notion of equality in America. And more importantly to leave some of America for ALL its citizens to own! You think that’s an exaggeration? Hardly. Before Taft proposed a Federal tax what had happened? Andrew Carnegie controlled almost all steel in America, Rockefeller oil, and JP Morgan banking. Like Volkswagen (largest car company in the world today, started by our old buddy Hitler) got exposed for Blatant FRAUD rigging ALL diesel (die-sel, the in your face irony) emissions tests to gas 10,000 people more to death each year. These big global corporations are so big they don’t play by the rules, THEY MAKE THEM! And the German government in Volkswagen’s case was complicit. And in our American economic horror story, so was and is the American Government with Wall St. You see once you become a super elite, the banks with all our money, and officials of government, give them whatever they want to buy and consolidate all competition (put you and your job out of business, like Amazon today) and do THE OPPOSITE of what the elite morons and their paid off economists yelled all my life: FREE ENTERPRISE! How about Free enterprise for all the citizens, the many not the few, only comes from good regulation that DOES NOT enable TOO BIG TO FAIL banks and industries to occur. Examples today outside of banking: Google, Apple, Amazon, Walmart, etc.


Now old President Taft, somewhat good intentioned, ironically shifted even more power to the Federal Government with the 16th Amendment that got abused over time. What could old Taft have done differently if he REALLY had any economic brains for the citizen and country? Well, let’s think. The worry was the super rich were usurping 95% of all wealth like today: Walmart, Amazon, etc. So he puts in motion something that ends up over taxing ALL the people it was supposed to protect, as the wealth class pass ‘loopholes’ so they pay almost nothing! See G.E. paid no taxes for two years on $9 Billion profits, and got a $3.2 Billion credit??? That’s the horror story old Taft’s new Personal Tax became. ALL the Citizens now got to bear the WHOLE burden for the WHOLE country. Let’s keep going. Now what else could old Taft have done? How about regulate the size of corporations? Those regulations had been under attack by the wealth class every generation since 1850, so they could become really big, too big to fail, and then go on to bankrupt the treasury as they do all fail. And that causes a national DEPRESSION which ends up in what usually? A global war. He could have regulated corporate size following Roosevelt’s Trust Busting. What else could he have done to protect 1/3 of every citizen’s real American dream of economic freedom = no Personal Federal Taxation. He could have created a graduated excise tax, if really needed. Prior Federal citizen tax was for limited projects, like paying Civil War debts, they weren’t supposed to be perpetual: FOREVER! So he could have made an excise tax (on movement of goods) that started halfway between a small business and a mega global corporation. So that the GROWING SMALL BUSINESSES could thrive with no excise tax at all. And those very large on a national scale would pay a graduated excise tax so they didn’t become too big to fail by paying off politicians, and price fix and put everyone out of business and grow so big as they cause the next Great Depression and massive government bailout which WE THE CITIZEN’S are then made to pay for. Or, better yet, again you can’t make this stuff up, 100 years later just move their factories offshore and abandon us all! Avoid ALL taxes and leave the citizens with not just the whole bill for America, but the ENTIRE bill. Which is all the debt cities went into to build infrastructure for these companies and the roads they deliver their goods on, and the internet that payments go over, and our military that protects their now 75% ‘Foreign Overseas Holdings and Interests.’ You see nobody like old Arthur Clark, foresaw or planned for, a hyper globalized economy, way Back in 1913 when they set all this in motion. That’s also why, today, 100 years later, the 16th Amendment is flawed and badly needs updating to put the ordinary citizen first with low to no taxes.


And we are all at this very close next ‘Tipping’ point again, 10 short years after bailing out Wall St. That cost us all $700 Billion of another Corporate giveaway. It was actually $3 Trillion because they kept all their false profits sucking the life out of American citizens homes that were foreclosed, leading up to the bailout. And today we are facing the loss of 20-30 Million MORE jobs (2020-2040) to globalized technology which will implode the banking system once again leaving all us 300 Million normal citizens with a new $10 Trillion bill in about 2030 in the GREATEST DEPRESSION in our history! That is if we don’t all act now. We start by all adding our names and telling everyone RTDNOW.COM. It’s that simple.


SO ARE WE ALL FINANCIAL HOSTAGES FOREVER? Only if you want to remain one!

It seems the irony of tyranny is that citizen initiatives such as of all things, Personal Federal Taxation, which resulted in the 16th Amendment enabling it, are WORTHLESS, unless there is a process to ADJUST TO MODERN TIMES. And there is! We just don’t use it. It’s called the Amendment process to our constitution which the RTDNOW PLAN is utilizing. The problem with Amendments is that it was, until the Internet cell Phone Age, far too slow, costly, and unorganized so that only the super wealthy could use it to back a nationwide movement. But Now, with modern communications technology we all can: time and cost barriers have evaporated by 2018.


STOP ABANDONING YOURSELF: Act with me. Add your name at RTDNOW.COM

If you want your economic freedom back add your name 300 Million As 1 at RTDNOW.


The RTDNOW PLAN streamlines citizen taxation and monetary policy to double 90% of all American citizens net income overnight. Using the Internet this can all happen Quickly and for almost NO cost: please subscribe for $1.00 per month to support the RTDNOW Movement. Every single citizen has the power in their hands daily, their cell phone, right now to update ancient government policy that got twisted and restore everyone’s Complete American Dream. 





American happened because prior governments oppressed and abandoned groups of their people. The Mayflower group came here for religious freedom. The rest of us came for that and the newest thing on the planet: social and economic freedom. The American Revolution was the biggest event in human history since the 10 commandments, creating our modern civilization. The world saw this future of individual rights and self rule, all from one people’s actions, Americans. And from one lone country practicing democracy in 1776, America, the whole world gradually followed. Today 2/3 of all nations today practice some form of democracy. That’s who WE were. But it went seriously off track.

All we were to the world is all in jeopardy now, as the old evil re-emerged. The evil Master-Slave System policies of the past came back quietly that abandoned the needs and rights of the citizen: regardless of race, creed, color or orientation. The ancient Wealth Class Master Slave Economic System masked itself today’s world of images, in pretty pictures and endless lies. It came back at the end of World War II when the Atomic Bomb was created: the ultimate weapon of submission.

Abandoned, Chosen and Special

If this is starting to sound like Lord of the Rings, it’s because, it is. That was a story of the enslavement of society and the ordinary person, the citizen’s re-emergence and awakening to restore civilization. Tolkien’s masterful story fictionally reflected real historical events. My epic is the modern day banding together of 300 million ordinary American citizens.


We, 300 million ordinary American citizens are all the Hobbits. WE are tasked to re-make our world, make it right for everyone once more. They, the timeless global wealth class that controls America are evil Sauron where all you see is their eyes watching you, never their true form. As their money is used to corrupt and enslave all to fight an endless underground war against made up enemies to rule the world’s people and resources. And you thought this Redeem The Dream 100 song rock opera about the birth, loss and redemption of the American dram might be boring.




It seems like the only thing in the world that’s changed in a few thousand years is technology. Leaders always seem to get cornered by the elite wealth class, bribed and threatened, corrupted, until they abandon their ideals, abandon their promises to all of us, selling us all down the wealth-class money river again and again. Paying off officials to change policy and use the military to  keep channeling 90% of America’s money to 1% of our people. Technology and its use in weaponry over the last 60 years made this global and unstoppable: unless we ALL come together now. Until today 300 million citizens that are now economically and socially enslaved in economic tyranny, that have had no way or reason to come together, wake up at once and do. Now that we’re all equally economically enslaved, we all have the same problem, and we have the same reasons to care: our future. It’s a unique moment in history we are all approaching in 2020. The information age makes everyone universally aware at the same time. And now we all have RTDNOW.COM, a place for all to come together effortlessly, for free, to restore everyone’s American dream in a new movement.


Classic economic tyranny and the lies that propel it, have worked SO well, they just keep doing it. As the ruling wealth class reads this they are probably thinking, “Wow, what an effort that one guy Adrian put out. Wish he were on our team. Let him go ahead and quack away, he can’t change anything. People just will forget and move on, they always do.” But they’re wrong. And the information age is upon us all: nothing will be a secret soon. They can’t hide like ghosts, like Sauron anymore. When all 300 million of us are hungry without healthcare and education, and they keep taking each generations children and all our money to fund an endless war, losing our loved ones one way or another through their tyrannical policies, we can’t forget anymore. They laugh at me, and all of us, only because we frighten easily: we’ve proven we can’t organize all citizens. OR CAN WE? We can, that’s why I made the Rock Opera To Save America. We now have the personal technology to do it.


I wrote this opera and this song to change our world OVERNIGHT. To make all our daily lives, every single one MUCH BETTER every single day with new economic policy. See the RTDNOW Plan and The RTDNOW Citizens Economic Bill of Rights. To finally give we the people control over leaders who abandon us to restore everyone’s American dream overnight. To get rid of our ‘Money Monarchy’ that changes a Presidents face every four years, so we can have a chief executive that responds to the people. That’s how we started, and what worked. Not the other way around, what we have today for 70 years, where a President and his wealth-class-cronies just keep selling 300 million ordinary citizens out. The first government of America was written with a weak chief executive, specifically to keep the wealth class cronies away so the President, the office, wouldn’t be corrupted, and have the chief executive report to the people. And significant actions, by the government, would only be taken by We, All The People. A WE ALL THE PEOPLE driven society: self rule. That’s why the American revolution was fought, its what we had in 1776-1787 and we’ve been trying to get it back ever since.





The biggest problem we face is money in politics. That caused the true American PEOPLE’S form of government to be overthrown. And today its what government runs on! Step 2 of the RTDNOW plan will outlaw money in politics to return the country to all it’s people, and send the wealth class, our virus in our system empowered by corrupting money now legalized in politics, home to what are their modern equivalent of plantations. Our first American government that really represented all the people and had economic freedom, no taxation, failed as a few of our first military men paid off all the 13 states at the time, assuming all State debt, and changed our government of the people to what we have now. A government of the wealth class.


And one guy, like me Adrian making 100 songs, back in 1786 wrote 85 “Essays” that got into all 50 newspapers of 1787 to talk an unwitting public exhausted from one revolutionary war into betraying all the American ideals (self rule/no taxation= the American Dream of freedom) OVERNIGHT. But it doesn’t have to be this way. All of us living a lie and confused because real American ideals were betrayed and a corrupt money in government system bankrupts us all daily. If just use your smart phone to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM we the real people, 300 million as 1, can build the country of our dreams. And with our smart phones, we can do it OVERNIGHT.




It enslaves everyone until it collapses: what sad irony. They, the wealth class, know they can’t prevail because tyranny always collapses in debt and corruption, in some form of a peoples uprising. In the case of RTDNOW the ‘rising’ will be a mental shift, an overnight universal awakening that all citizens are really in the same economic boat, and an online action of adding your name 300 million as 1 at RTDNOW.COM will usher in the world of social and personal economic freedom that was always our purpose to create and live!


But when they, the global wealth class, control the whole WORLD, and they can’t just exit gracefully anymore, like collapsing tyrannical empires once did. I think that’s what space colonization is all about. Heck, they even call it Space COLONIZATION. We all really need to wake up and see what’s right before our eyes. We shouldn’t be spending a penny in Outer space: its not for us, the people, its just for the wealth class. There are minerals and resources on all the planets even the dead ones. It’s just about the wealth class, not 300 million citizens’ daily lives. See it for what it is. That’s why NASA went dark and space has become privatized: so the global wealth class could OWN IT. That’s their exiting. It’s just not going fast enough for me.




The wealth class make up false national emergencies every five years or so and push them through their paid off government officials who’d be out of office without their financial and media support. Every new generation is “new” and doesn’t see it, or are too busy making half the wages their parents did, to just live and survive. Then the paid off government officials take action to remove our citizen rights, like with The Patriot Act, and fill the media with false statements over and over again. That’s the thing about good books like 1984 by George Orwell. He saw this tyrannical future. But in writing a great novel he also wrote the play book for the bad guys. THEY, the ruling wealth class got their next playbook from Ayn Rand, in book Atlas Shrugged. We will examine that false corporate ruling wealth class mythology foisted on us in Album 2 in the song Petty Theft and Grand Larceny. They systematically and progressively take away, paste over, or ignore, all of our social and economic rights our forefathers and mothers fought for. Things like free speech, the right to assemble, and pushing a financial tyranny on every person in the WORLD. The Wall St. Military wealth class entwines every single person and every single country in a world wide web of debt that ties everyone and everything down, and to them, FOVEREVER. Many young men have always enlisted in the military because they were poor and needed a job, a career, a pension, a way out of poverty. The perverted economic system they created and we all live under makes it that way. It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s another way. Read the Redeem The Dream plan under Movement on this website. It’s free, its for every single American, and its simple enough to work.




My generation grew up after World War II so we knew only abundance. Even if it was meager, we had food, shelter, healthcare, education, we were moving forward. Its far worse today and everyone is starting to see it. Even in the 1960’s all the news we digested was manufactured by Wall St., the not so hidden wealth class, so we couldn’t see what they were doing, economically enslaving us as they militarily and financially raped the world.


We were somewhat blinded to recognize the signs of tyranny. The exception was the 1960’s: I was 10 years old in 1968 riding a bike around the neighborhood. That’s when a new youth generation rose up across the whole country on college campuses SCREAMIMG about the same thing that is pulling us all under today! Their screaming ended the Vietnam war eventually, but as they all stopped screaming and went home, stopped participating, THEY, the ruling wealth class, Corporate America, hatched a new plan which they would implement over the next 50 years. Their new plan would bringing us all to where we are today, universal economic tyranny and corrupt runaway government, and would fix the college activism problem nationally.


Their plan to rule America was famously put in a memo distributed to all of corporate America. It was called the Louis Powell memo. For his tyrannical genius, our first deranged President Nixon later appointed him to our Supreme Court. Now you can just start to see how money in politics infects every level of our government, slowly chipping away slowly over time to change all our policies and laws, to make America what it is today: a Corporate State. America is NOT a country of we 300 million ordinary citizens. That’s why we’re all confused in America today. We think we have a country. While They view all us citizen as ‘renters’. Yep, you the American citizen, we, all 300 million, have been abandoned big time. Bit by bit. By law changes, by paid off officials. It’s frightening because they went all the way, and used any means necessary. Now you know why our military never seems to do anything but attack small countries every eight years. It’s not our military. Now I truly understand why every American wants guns and ammo. Your house is the only domain you have some control over.


Louis Powell’s diabolical plan was for Corporate America to systematically control, or overthrow, college curriculum, and all levels of government was implemented. Basically THEY instituted a silent corporate police state primarily driven by money in politics, and threats inside America. Shootings and assassinations were only to be carried out on Americans at home (See JFK, See Bobby Kennedy, See Martin Luther King) when the people were getting organized to scare everyone back to their caves. Wow, what a country we live in. All this was going on in full gear across the nation when I was joyfully riding my bike at age 10.




Growing up it was that thing in the history book when they talked about Kings, and our revolutionary war. It was very distant. How can we ALL be living under a tyrannical money class régime and not even know it? Well, because our foreign policy backed by a military that dropped three nuclear bombs on Japan after they were trying to surrender to show the world “we don’t care, SUBMIT OR ELSE!” Even when we were destined to lose the Vietnam War, American leaders intensified bombing all civilian cities and villages burning the whole country to the ground. Did Vietnam attack us ever? Things for us to learn from the Vietnamese people: they don’t scare and they don’t give up.


All this to keep the global corporate monopoly channeling 50% of the worlds resources to less than 1% on the people on the planet: they, the ruling wealth class. THEY have been on earth forever, they just decided to high jack the most prosperous nation on earth, America. THEY turned our military into their global full time corporate interest police force by constantly funneling money throughout politics and media to keep us all in a suspended state of animation.


To keep us all believing we’re “American” while not understanding how cruel and stupid we act around the world for greed. Or how such a smart people can bankrupt themselves and all their people. Today America is $25 trillion in debt with no way to repay it and 2/3 of all citizens are financially insecure. 1/3 or 100 million are below the poverty level. Another 1/3 hover just above it one job loss away from poverty. And the last 1/3 or 100 million are constantly worried about the next financial collapse. Our empire is collapsing.


The endless financial bubble economy we find ourselves in is the financial fall of Rome. New schemes inflate a sagging economy so doubling military spending can be justified again, then it collapses, the government prints money to bail it out, we go through eight years of pain, and we do it all over again unless we all bring the cycle 300 million as 1.




Maybe, unless we all act together. Unless you take the little step to act with me by adding your name at RTDNOW.COM and telling everyone. 300 million ordinary citizens need a new way forward for America. At $40 trillion in debt, 10 short years from now, the whole American economy will collapse. Everything you own, what little most American owns will be worth half as much. Then it’s Mad Max Fury road times. The world will go to another currency instead of the dollar. And the Great Depression where everyone was starving to death in America or committing suicide so they didn’t have to live on the street, will look like child’s play.


When we the people, that’s you and me my friend, don’t participate, meaning all of us don’t use our voices actively to tell our government what we DEMAND, they do whatever they want. Not only have we the people been abandoned, but America has committed what World War II tribunals deemed ‘War Crimes’ time and time again since 1960: we lost our soul. We the people lost control of our country. And here’s the hard part, all because we the people didn’t participate. Because WE are scared to participate. Because we have been taught to argue with each other instead of the people stealing everyone’s American dream on the planet. This daily free rock opera reaching out to 300 million ordinary hard working citizens, and it’s our chance to change all that. And with the Internet in everyone’s hand today in their Smart Phone, change it all OVERNIGHT.




Redeem The Dream is the great story of the birth, loss, and hopefully the redemption of the American dream. There were many points in history we kept losing bits of the dream. Mainly as we became an uneducated, by corporate design, and therefore a silent people. The free person, and free country vision of our first America progressed until the U.S. developed the nuclear bomb. At the end of the Second World War American leaders called for a “Permanent War Economy”. Ouch! That’s the biggest nail in our economic and citizen rights coffin, or American dream crucifixion. We changed OVERNIGHT from a pacifist non-interventionist nation. We abandoned what America was prior to the war, and what we were supposed to be, a beacon of world peace and freedom, to become the total opposite: the military scourge of the free world.


America’s CIA (Capitalist Imperial Army as the world calls it) created covert wars overthrowing governments around the world, (too many to note here, watch The Untold History of The United States on Netflix) to expand the American and global wealth class’s Corporate interests. THEY, our ruling wealth class, were stealing the world’s wealth. Killing any country (I mean all the citizens) if they didn’t agree: more bombs were dropped in Vietnam, one tiny country, then in World War II worldwide! We lost the war but made a point. Don’t F with US or else. THEY, the corporate wealth class brought us to the brink of total nuclear war repeatedly threatening any country with use of our nuclear weapons, to control their resources. And tragically, the raping of the world and its resources was used to keep funding all that cruelty. THEY the ruling corporate class called that “American”. And anyone who objected was persecuted in their corporate media as, un-American. They even changed the ‘equal time’ media law. Now you had the emergence of ultra conservative talk shows like “Rush” and the like. They literally through funding presidential elections removed the democracy from our democracy. And that’s why we don’t have any democracy in America today. They forcefully abandoned it and all of us.


This is how in modern times the American Dream at home and around the world was lost again. A small group of ruling wealth elite transformed America, with money in politics. The hope of a peaceful free and prosperous world was abandoned and became a militaristic machine running wild for the last 60 years across the globe in covert and overt wars. This BEAST, (see my song In the Belly of the Beast) bankrupted America and all its citizen in the process. Their actions dismantled what the original American ideals of freedom the world emulated: they just abandoned them in the 1960’s. Real Americanism of 1776, good Americanism, was once the light of the world. But because 300 million of us ordinary hard working citizens let their ULTRA biased media turn us against one another, they made America’s light that was a beacon shinning to the world, into a Roman torch that keeps burning it down.




America went way beyond being the modern Monarchy of England, and has become Ancient Rome: but with technology and nukes. The people, us, all of us, and the people of the world were abandoned in a blind rage of American militarism for the last 70 years. That rage channeled 50% of the worlds wealth to less than ¼ of 1% of the global population, the wealth class and bankrupted the world. You don’t learn this in school, because as I noted, they changed the curriculum. We the American people have been abandoned. The world’s people have been abandoned. Americans were the chosen people on this earth to end tyranny. Yes we are that special, it’s our task. And its time to do it again. That’s why we are ending runaway government, blind tyranny, and rampant militarism that cannot be sustained, one more time. We are ending it with something simple and easy: 100% citizen activism at RTDNOW.COM  Add your name, subscribe, then tell everyone!

Abandoned, Chosen and Special
  • Who’s been abandoned?

  • Who abandoned us?

  • Why does Adrian call them THEY? (HINT: they don’t represent us)

  • Why are our original American ideals special?

  • How did WE change the world once?

  • How are WE, 300 million ordinary citizens, going to find their American spirits and do it again? For free, almost effortlessly daily? (HINT: add your name to the RTDNOW movement and use your smart phone to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM)

Abandoned, Chosen and Special

Words and Music by ADRIAN


Never know how lucky you are, sitting under a sky full of stars

Heavens fill up your heart, they make you feel special even though

You’ve been left for dead, been read your last rites

Buzzards start circling overhead, it’s then the awakening comes


You’ve been abandoned, chosen and special

Abandoned, chosen and special

Abandoned, chosen and special

It can turn your heart to metal


You can tell me I’m no good, go ahead tell me I will fail

You see I need your disapproval, just to know I’m getting somewhere

Cause it’s human nature to try to throw away, what we just don’t understand

What we haven’t factored into our plans yet, what we really didn’t intend


There’s so many misgivings, that just cover up the obvious

Of what’s hiding inside us, that we are God-like riders

I can see the American shine in everyone one of us

Every day and every single night


At a point you find peace, in your coffee and with each breath

You come to grips with why, you have to try so hard

And why you can never relax, and why your always alert

For that next small change, in your universe


You’ve been abandoned, chosen and special

When you’re abandoned, chosen and special

You been abandoned, chosen and special

It can turn your heart to metal


Abandoned, chosen and special: oh it’s been way too long!

Abandoned, chosen and special: you survive cause you’re strong!

Abandoned, chosen and special: it’s time to be back where we belong!


We may have been abandoned by our government

But we cannot abandon ourselves or each other

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