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Is it sane to have 44 million students mired in college loan debts with mostly minimum wage jobs when they graduate? Is it sane to keep doubling military spending every 8 years to bomb and invade countries like Grenada? Is it sane to have a global standing army when 100 million Americans live in poverty and 300 million have sketchy if any healthcare? Is it sane to keep spending $1 Billion every four years to elect leaders who report to corporate America and sell 300 Million citizens endless down a tyrannical river that drowns us all economically until the nation and all its citizen, when subtracting their home, are all almost bankrupt?
We’ve lived in an insane upside down economic world for so many decades, most think its normal. It’s not. We are living 2018 and reliving 1776 all at the same time. We are back where we began: social oppression of minorities and economic oppression of 300 million ordinary hard working citizens in a closed cradle to grave corporate plantation workforce system. And its time to be crazy like me, and sign the 2nd Declaration of Independence, RTDNOW (Redeem The Dream Now) 300 million as 1, to restore everyone’s American dream O-VER-NIGHT! Just like we did it the first time.

Making of the Song "BCRAZY LIKE ME"


11 Microphones to capture drums added 8/21/17 after the Great American Eclipse at Dead Aunt Thelma's STUDIO, Portland, OR.



All my songs start as a rough on a $99 nylon string guitar because it fits my 5’6’’ muscular body so I can get my arms around it. I’m an immediate type of guy that has great patience, but waiting six-months to coordinate schedules and get studio time seemed like forever to me. So we built about 20 songs piece by piece on the spot. Tim Ellis liked this song right away. He said “the first half can be pretty, but the second half is gonna get loud.” He laid in the rhythm acoustic electric guitar track. Then the electric bass guitar track, then put a first pass electric lead guitar on the back end. So this song sat for a year until it found its way into album 1 line up. Tim had tragically passed away and Dean Baskerville brought in Matt Salinas to do the blow you away Frampton or Shine on You Crazy Diamond guitar work on the back end. As Dean said, “If Tim were here, he would have done it that way.” Tim and Dean had worked together on many music projects over 20 years and knew each other well. In the final two-day band session we added an extra half-day for Mike Braun to put drums on a few “Build in pieces” songs like this one.



I’m saying this with all the respect in the world about two of my music idols, you can’t listen to more than about 12 of their songs before listening to someone else. Their voice and delivery is so consistent in low tones, and their preferred rhythm styles, like mine, keep repeating in one variation or another. I’m talking about the music legends Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. While I’m not saying I’m in their league at all, for years people all said in blind tests my home recordings sounded like Johnny Cash. I have a similar low deep tonality. And like the backhanded compliment Dean Baskerville once gave me, “Expert vocalists have trouble singing the same note a few times in a row, you don’t.” I think of myself as a folk singer, narrator and storyteller. I’m fine with that comment, I can own it. From the beginning I knew to keep your interest over an amazing “100” songs, I had to take every single song somewhere new and have great instrumentalist and vary that. And I had to keep introducing new background vocalists to make each song soar slightly differently to create a life and new flavor of its own. 




When you listen to Cash albums, he was so good as a storyteller, he seldom used background vocalists. Maybe on 5 out of 200 or more songs. Dylan, the two times I saw him live, used his band here and there. I’m not nearly as talented as them or in the same conversation (yet) so I brought in many angelic vocalists to sooth all our hearts and minds. I’ve won an award for being a team player. To me having a band and vocalists all execute together, about 11 people when all together at once, was like a football team running a play. Yep, I’m trying to win a super bowl on my first season. On this song you’ll hear the wonderfully talented Katie Burchett singing background vocals. She has fabulous spirit, tonality and control and I couldn’t be more appreciative that she sang on several Album 1 songs. She just got her degree in music therapy. By lucky accident, I find myself hanging out with very talented musicians. Please see Promised Land Band under Music, for bios on all the wonderful background singers. Most are lead vocalists in their own right. I’m appreciative of all them performing on this project. On later albums, more new voices will be added because this is a movement of all the people, where all our voices will be heard!


Bcrazy Like Me - drums 4, Vol 3



“Long enough to cover the essentials, short enough to keep attention.” That’s what Dean Baskerville said to me the first time he heard this song, which is 5:13 minutes long. He wanted to chop it down to 3:30. Producers do their best to help you make commercially successful music: played on radio, hit songs, etc. Dean was also quoting in a different way what Tim Ellis my first producer called ‘Memphis Rules’. To get played on radio a song had to be 3:30 minutes or less to get airtime because they tried to get a certain number of songs and advertisements in every 30 minutes. Memphis, Tennessee, as you know is the original hub of the American music industry. That’s where all the early greats recorded: Elvis, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams. Its still the hub today. The original city of Memphis by the way was in Egypt, I always found that interesting. But times have changed. I was not making music for radio play, but for Redeem The Dream RADIO: my radio station. My songs were for direct consumption by 300 million people without commercials so the song rather than the time mattered. My songs had to inform, stimulate, relax, and hopefully spur conversation and action. I have written many short songs and it always excited my producers when I strolled one in. But on this one I said to Dean, “let’s build out the back end, it should be cool.” And for all my lyrics driven songs, this was a place to let the music play. We put Matt Salinas’ electric and ambient guitars on the back end and the song soared. I love this song because it’s got it all: smooth groove, good hook, ambition, rage, release, and closure. So while I like the mini skirt theory, I like long dresses too.



Are you crazy enough to do something constructive with me to save America and restore 300 million dreams OVERNIGHT? Like signing a simple petition called RTDNOW: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW? I hope so. Because 300 million as 1 we have all been crazy enough over FIVE DECADES to believe hogwash spouted by all our politicians who really represent the United Corporations of American and have consistently forgotten the American citizen so much, we are all dying early and are all getting poorer by the decade, and living in pain as they let Pharmaceutical companies charge us 100 times more than they should for medications. Over $25 Trillion in debt as a nation with 100 million citizens below the poverty line, and the next 100 million getting ready to join them, with absolutely NO plan to reverse this: our leaders have failed us all. Titanically, over and over again.


So will you be crazy like me and act in a sane rational way for a change? Stop believing you are one party of another who both continually sell all us citizens down the river after they are in office. The same people who can only spend trillions (both parties) go into debt, print money and have NOTHING in new economic growth to show for it? These EPIC spending sprees are all CORPORATE GIVEAWAYS. TITANIC Corporate Give-Aways. Until you understand, our leaders in both parties, don’t care about America, the America of 300 million citizens, they don’t care about restarting 300 million American dreams or they would have done what I’m doing already, until you understand that nobody but you me and 300 million of our countrymen and women adding their names on a petition just like our original declaration of independence can save us, then you will remain really crazy in a false reality dream state of believing lie after lie and your country and American dream are dismantled bit by bit and taken away. Be sane for a change. Do something that benefits you and not corporate America. Bcrazy like me and try to save this blessed country. Add your name at tell everyone RTDNOW.COM




Let’s take a stroll down memory lane over the last 50 years and point out the real craziness we all see and wonder whaaat was that? Then we see it manifest into perverted policies that have nothing to do with what the American people really want. The people over 40 as they see what they let happen (including me) and under 40 who had no idea this all happened in America, should all gasp and put their fingers over their lips in horror. Here we go:




300 million as 1, we all watched in horror after the code words to oppress minorities in America, “Law and Order” became a cold war on Minorities. This started with Richard Nixon in the late 1960’s as code words and to also crack down on college protestors. As Nixon famously said to Henry Kissinger his infamous Secretary of State known for endorsing use of force to blow the worlds people to smithereens, of 1968 protestors outside the White House, “Henry, how long do you think before they all come over the fence and take us out?” See this quote for what it was. He was crazy enough to go about killing people at home and abroad. Crazy people think we all think like them. 300 million of us don’t. Which is why NOBODY hopped the White House fence and came for them. Nixon must have felt like Louis the 15th of France waiting for the American Guillotine that never came. Nixon broke laws, pursued and harassed American citizens and activists like John Lennon trying to take away free speech. He deregulated healthcare as a favor to his billionaire donors creating the runaway healthcare mess we have to take control of again today. He opened the door to China: so our manufacturing base could go over there with all the jobs and avoid American taxation so the American citizen could bare that full burden. See it for what it has been: 50 years of Corporations shifting the burden of the country to the citizen while resetting our laws. Today 2/3 of American industry is overseas and avoids 2/3 or more of American taxation. He wasn’t called Tricky-Dicky for nothing. He acted like a King, he sold us out, and he resigned rather than face the disgrace of full impeachment and removal from office. He was the guy behind that little fiasco called Watergate for you youngsters. That’s why every big criminal event in our politics is called “Something-Gate”. As his crowning achievement, he started the re-launch of the race war in America that was perpetuated by every president after taking the number of people behind bars in America to record numbers: from 250,000 then to 2.5 million today. His tool to do this? He focused on criminalization of recreation drugs like pot. This was a turning point in the American dream for all of us and especially for minorities all over America who were now living in a police state that didn’t see white people, only people of color.




By 1980 President Reagan formalized Nixon’s Law and Order race war code words, into a real war on half the American people: minorities and activists. He called it, the War on Drugs. This formalized the Corporama’s militaristic control of the American population to perpetuate fear and rule with a minority of under 20%. This is when trust in police forces really started to ebb. Our proud citizens who mostly do a great job as law enforcement officers, twistedly enforcing laws written and enacted by corporations not citizens, in a very difficult job, every day for us. And today in 2018 we have a President who amplifies the Corporama’s racist policies of the past 50 years and says “arrest more people, be rougher. In the old days they would be taken out on stretchers”. Can it be any clearer? You, we, all 300 million ordinary citizens live in a Corporate controlled police state so blatant, so controlling of our political system, nothing ever changes. You want details? Start by watching a documentary called 13th. As in the 13th Amendment to our Constitution to free all people of color. LET’S STOP RIGHT HERE. Why on Gods earth did we need to spell this out? WHY wasn’t it in the original Constitution of 1787? Because we began as a racist country. I will keep going back to this date of 1787 because that’s when the Global Wealth Class Elite, now the Corporate Wealth Class Elite, began using corporate power to divide the American people so they could rule us, and took over the American Government for the first time with massive money in politics. The original constitution of 1787 TOOK AWAY all citizen rights of 1776-1786. They had to be put back in bit by bit. THAT’S WHAT OUR GLORIUS AMENDENT PROCESS DOES WHEN WE REBEL IN MASS. Why in the world was anything ratified that took away citizen rights what the first Revolution was fought for? And ever since, we the real American people, today 300 million of us, live under their master-slave economic system the constitution enabled again, the declaration of independence dismantled that relationship, and to this day and more than ever is perpetuated by money in politics. Unfortunately it all got much worse because the 13th Amendment had a loophole. If you were a felon you had no vote and no rights. Corporate America since the 13th Amendments’ inception exploited this to create a police state with thousand and millions of unnecessary arrests. When poor people have no money to defend themselves, they plea bargain to admit to a crime they didn’t commit to get out of a jail holding cell. Then they are marked for life, unable to get good jobs, without a vote. It’s a criminal, criminal system. Today corporate America uses FREE prison slave labor. The prisoner and we the people paying to house that prisoner pay for their free labor. Now that’s really crazy and really criminal.




By 1994 the Democrats saw that the Republicans scaring everybody to think the minorities were coming to rape and kill them worked so well, they started doing it. When just the opposite was true. The FBI and covert agents were penetrating every civil rights group. Identifying community leaders, and murdering them in ‘raids’. Do your own homework. They were all systematically killed putting an end to the Civil Rights Movement. That movement was only half completed. We got halfway there by becoming all conscious of it. But government covert policies, “war on drugs” “Law and Order” are all code words for an ongoing effort to dismantle it and the American dream for millions of minorities in America. For people of color in most of America today, its as bad and 1940’s America where they feared arrests, beatings, incarceration, and worse, for no real reason. American minorities were rounded up putting that fear into both the minority communities and also predominately white communities. White people for the most part thought “they must be doing something wrong to get hauled in.” In probably half the cases this was false. So old Bill Clinton and Hillary went along with all this and put real teeth in this fable of minorities are coming to get us. Using falsehoods like Super-Predators to scare everyone and for law enforcement to become the predators. They militarized police forces, endorsed a twisting of the rehabilitation system prisons were supposed to be into a 1500’s era throw them in jail and throw away the key system. And you have to ask why? Two reasons. , the Republicans showed it worked on white folk. Scare them into voting for you by blaming minorities. See, Willie Horton ads by Bush 1. See our current President in 2018 who wanted the Death Penalty for the Central Park 5. Five black kids arrested for the beating and rape of a white woman jogger. They were later proved innocent by DNA testing. For five decades all our politicians do is scare us with fake facts and control us. , the money in politics problem twisted and screwed up our whole race/social balance in society. The military and sports and other places showed countless times we all work together well when treated somewhat equally. But Corporate supported “Think Tanks” and “Lobbying Groups” like ALEC wrote laws and spoon fed to all legislators who want their election donations who couldn’t write their own laws and turned America into a police incarceration state. Generations, generations, generations of American minority families were affected leaving kids without fathers. Our government amplified a small gang problem into a large one all across America to perpetuate the need for a police state. Thank you Presidents of the United States for F-ing up our society so corporations in the prison system got rich and gave you endless donations. And thank you for creating our current state of subliminal fear across our country. And all this produced an in-home arms race. And that’s where semi-automatics weapons that kill school children became common in America. Bad, bad, bad, crazy, leadership for five decades going on six.




If you’re tired of living under falsehoods perpetuated by our leaders of all parties again and again. If you’re tired of slowly being bankrupted by crazy economic leadership that rewards corporations and politicians for taking jobs overseas. If you’re tired of worrying about the future everyday. Then be brave enough to be crazy like me and dare to save this great country.


You see, it’s not your country if you don’t act like it. If you don’t demand the American dream be restored for every single American overnight. Do you know what President Lyndon Johnson said to Martin Luther King as MLK wanted Civil Rights legislation passed? He said, “Martin, I want to do it, but you have to make me do it. You have to march in the streets and make America hear you.” Great advice, and nothing has changed there except we are in the information age. WE ALL HAVE CELL PHONES. We will march online 300 million as 1 at RTDNOW.COM by all adding our names. And we will as you all subscribe for $1.00 per month to what I call THE GREAT DEAL, where this symbolic dollar gets it all for you: the 100 songs, propels the movement and music/town hall show across America, and supports RTDNOW initiatives to extend the American dream to every single American and end hunger and homelessness. This can all be done with a plan for the people of America, not the corporations, called REDEEM THE DREAM NOW. Read it, its online at RTDNOW.COM


If I can be crazy enough to write, direct, produce and perform the world’s first 100 song mega rock opera to reach every American. Then, crank out 100 podcasts telling our story of the real American dream and how we all easily redeem it. I think you may be starting to get the picture that not only will the RTDNOW plan work if you support the movement and tell everyone, but it can by 2020, and happen overnight as we are all signed up. You may also be starting to see, if a music novice like me can make 200 performances in a coherent story happen, I can also rewrite the business plans and mandates of 100 Federal agencies OVERNIGHT to cut out corruption that costs us about $1 Trillion per year and stop our agencies from oppressing the American people socially and economically, and direct our Federal agencies to work in harmony to assist in implementing the REDEEM THE DREAM NOW PLAN to restore every single citizen’s American Dream.


Call me crazy if you want, but I have a vision for America where every citizen is instantly empowered with real equality under the law again. Where every citizen has a direct voice in government through the RTDNOW 300 Million Citizens Online Continental Congress. Where government and taxation stays out of our everyday lives and puts in place a system that reconstructs all the steps in the American dream ladder that they have systematically dismantled to enslave us. When we cut out titanic corruption in government, college education will become free. When we cut out titanic corruption on Wall St., training and capital will be available all across America to start your small business: with jobs that stay here! To actually live your American dream and not just dream about it.


Small business creates 2 out of every three new jobs. The RTDNOW PLAN on this website in overview, and the details of which will be sent to everyone who adds their names as albums 6-7-8 are rolled out where we will all EVOLVE to 100% ongoing citizen participation in directing our government, which means dictating our futures, meaning all our voices are all heard. Then we will 300 million as 1, REDEEM ourselves and our democracy passing sweeping legislation to get money in all forms out of government so all our votes count equally once more and we the real American people control our future. And we will 300 million as 1, RISE to economic freedom OVERNIGHT as the RTDNOW Citizens Economic Bill of Rights doubling the average American’s take home pay is passed.


I may be crazy for doing all this work with no promise of success. But I believe in every single citizen. I believe you all want your American dream back of social and economic freedom: and you want it NOW. And I believe that as you get to know me through 100 songs and 100 podcasts, then on tour as I raise enough money to fund that, you will believe this can all be done. Actually, it’s much easier to transform America overnight to restore everyone’s American dream when America is in total social and economic collapse. Like when I turned around a failing bankrupt corrupt bank. I did that OVERNIGHT, by just changing policy. And a bankrupt bank became profitable. It became solvent. Now think of all of our bankrupt policies in America shortchanging the citizen and rewarding the mega global corporations for robbing us endlessly so they keep paying off our politicians.


If 100 million to 300 million people add their names at RTDNOW.COM we are going to restore everyone’s American dream overnight. I’ve already rewritten the policies to make it happen. To make restoring 300 million American dream OVERNIGHT, a reality. And everyone in America will see the RTDNOW policies as albums 6-7-8 to have their voices heard and see exactly what will happen. Maybe I don’t seem that crazy now that I’ve done most of the work on this project. I’m sure I did when I started just espousing a new “citizens-first” vision for America without a way to make it happen. But I have a way to make it happen. And so do you. It’s your 300 million as 1 movement called RTDNOW: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW. I’m not asking you for more than adding your name and subscribing for just $1.00 per month to restore your American dream and your future. Is that so hard? It’s never been easier. So get on the Rtdnow bus where the citizen drives again and Bcrazy like me and dare to save this country we call America. I’m asking everyone in America to participate: add your name, hear the daily song, keep telling everyone RTDNOW.COM until we are 300 million strong.



See the whacky Labor Day 2017 (everybody kind of forgot to celebrate labor laws today because we've lost so many jobs for so long and labor unions are gone) TV news headline below as North Korea provokes us to take action: I think. If all the reporting is accurate. But let's stop right here. Why are reporters asking the President if he will declare war? Are all the news reporters idiots? I mean really. After Pearl Harbor President Roosevelt presented a declaration of war for CONGRESS to approve before he could proceed. This is why America is growing to despise the news media. They have a job to do and they're not doing it just fomenting hysteria and chaos and creating events! That's not their job!!! News media, save your souls while you can and do your jobs. Ask real questions. Present both sides of the issue. Present alternatives. Show detailed historical perspectives that cast insight onto today's issue. You all act like school kids yelling "he hit me" and the kid says "what? Who me?". New media has devolved to be part of the problem in America. They try to make public opinion. They are out of control.


But the Real BIG issue here? CONGRESS is supposed to debate such issues as WAR and a real responses. Not cower and go on recess. That's why I removed the people's heads from the picture shown here: they shouldn't matter: Congress should. But our system of government is SO broken, and this is a prime example. Presidents should not be committing us to war at a whim, like a Roman Emperor, as I've predicted, to mask our ongoing economic collapse (over 30+ years) and continue outrageous defense spending. Bush 1 would have solved this already like he did in Kuwait: with a coalition of many allies. 


But because our current leader has offended every foreign leader except Russia's, nobody's leaning in to help him or us. But this is what it's come to. Congress doesn't do it's job and our Presidents, like King Louis the 15th of France, can change all our lives all by himself. And the media supports that idiocy and crimes of not doing their jobs. The media foments a national state of fear in America to control us all. Gee let's see, shut up and save ourselves from total media incited false armageddon, or calm down and tell them to screw off and sign a petition with me to end all this madness.  We would all be fired long ago for not doing our jobs. There's a hint. What have the last four administrations done to bring this under a managed focus instead of hysteria daily on the TV? Not much.


This my people is where we are at. We do not have a functioning democracy in any way, shape, or form. This is short sighted incoherent government foreign and military policy. 


Now you know why I'm rallying 300 million people as 1, to stop runaway absentee, media driven government. To make all government officials represent the citizen first all the time, and not the mega corporations who benefit from a 70 year war economy we are in. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

BCrazy Like Me
  • What is Adrian crazy about? (HINT: restoring everyone’s American dream overnight with a simple 300 million citizens plan called RTDNOW)

  • What crazy policies have American politicians continually pursued that divided us all?

  • Who funds these crazy false realities that politicians keep selling us?

  • What does Adrian want us to do to be crazy like him? (HINT: dare to try to save this great country by adding your names 300 million as 1, to restore everyone’s American dream overnight and save all our futures.)


Words and Music by ADRIAN

Do the right thing, don't do anything

That's what they want, and that's what we got

Once you start to think, it's like a potent drink

Lets you get on your jive, makes your world come alive


It’s so easy, to be crazy like me

Easy, just you wait and see

It’s so easy, to be crazy like me. Sooo eee-z


So is it a revolution? To obey the constitution

Is it a crime? To want equality all the time?

If this is the land of the free, why’s there institutionalized poverty?

If this is the home of the brave, gotta stand up we got a country to save


It’s so easy, to be crazy like me

Easy, just you wait and see

It’s so easy, to be crazy like me. Sooo eee-z


Break the laws you didn't write, obey needs every night

Freedom is the most basic right, tuck it in and hold it tight


It’s so easy to be crazy like me: be proud to be American

Fly your flag high


Be crazy like me: save our American Dream

Be crazy like me: make every citizen matter

Once that in your brain, then you’ll feel sane


Music’s the elixir; gets you there quicker it's sooooo easy 


Restore our democracy, revive our economy

Create prosperity, for every American family

Redeem the dream now!


Keep telling everyone “redeem the dream now”

It’s that e-z, to be, crazy like me

And they use the mighty US Military to protect their offshore factories around the world. Brilliant, just brilliant, the US citizen is exploited on every front by mega corporations. My guess is at $40 Trillion, maybe 10 short years the economy will fully implode as bankrupt nations seek to all control natural resources, like in World War 2. Why do you think we have a massive global military police force? They know that day may come. It's time for every two car home in America to have one Electric car. The cost of empire outweighs the cost of being an energy independent nation and it's bankrupting us all. I'm not going full Green on you, but we need to take major steps in that direction while we can: right now. CONCLUSION: 300 million as 1, we need to add our names to RTDNOW, a simple citizens' plan to rebuild our citizen led economy in every person, every home, and in every city and town across America while we still can and before a government without any solutions but debt plunges us all into endless World War (against no-nuke countries) to hide the fact we are in default on our debt to the world. When you have no way to repay debt, you're in default my friends. Only a big gun, like the military, sends the collection man home. Bcrazy like me and dare to Save this great country. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

The Real Story of the American Dream In Context of Adrian's Song

“BCrazy Like Me"



My name's Adrian and here's what I see. We had little to no debt for 100 years and flourished until runaway government really took hold. Like the debt spike starting in the Great Depression before World War 2, we are right there again, gripped in a 30 year Greatest Depression: recession after recession collapse propped up by massive new debt. If we do not act 300 million as 1,  our government will plunge us into world war again. When you have an economy that's 90% controlled by the 1% like in 1900, without massive citizen led intervention, it cannot recover. In 1932 the Elite Wealth Class let President Franklin Roosevelt offer The New Deal to keep American citizens from staging a hot revolution and taking all their factories. Today, the Elite Wealth Class has moved 2/3 of their factories offshore insulating them from US Labor Unions, taxation, regulation, and real revolution or nationalization.

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