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I hear All 300 million ordinary hard working citizen’s screams. now It’s time to slay our beast and get out.
300 Million as 1, at RTDNOW.COM the whole world is about to hear us all scream as we slay our beast. Our Dragon Beast of runaway government has been breathing down our necks stealing all our gold for decades. Our economic policy controlled by a corporate wealth class for the last 50 years paying for officials to favor corporations over citizens. That has made 2/3 of all American’s poor and bankrupted our nation. Your sword is in your hand: your smart phone. Use it! Slay the dragon with me daily. It takes 300 million stabs to kill it. Add your name and keep telling everyone RTDNOW.COM

Making of the Song "In the Belly of the Beast"


In studio band sessions with the exception of a few songs, we didn’t have the time to work on interesting intro’s to the songs because we were usually tracking (four instruments: rhythm guitar, bass, keyboards and drums)14 songs in two days. Unheard of, unless you know Tim Ellis and Adrian. We were kind of like Belichick and Brady in our level of detail in pre game/pre studio preparation. That’s how we could run so many plays/songs fast with accurately. And the musicians were that that good. And that’s how you get to 100 songs, part time, low budget, in 36 months. To quote an old Bob Dylan quote went something like, “How do you get your music to sound so good?” “Always be the worst musician in the room.”



There’s an immense amount of freedom to act, when you don’t know the rules. And new to studio recording, my only rule in this project was to break every rule I could find. To Tim’s credit once he was satisfied with the musical track he gave me room to experiment lamenting, “Dean can figure that out in mixing.” And so here we are June 2017 doing the mixing on this song. Dean Baskerville has an especially hard job because on top of the vocals I want to mask in four different voice tracks. Each one telling a different story. In my mind, all of the four personalities of all 300 million of us trapped in the belly of the beast: runaway government. On top of this, I read Little Red Riding Hood, which was the fairy tale that was meant to teach us not to trust wolves! Or we’d all end up…in the belly of the beast. Like we all have.


I had envisioned this song performed in a big amphitheatre like Cirque du Soleil. With vocalists in each corner of the venue performing all separate voices at the same time. Like a separate performance street-show going on in each section. Grand plans all-righty. The reality is that while we can record 100 tracks for a song in Pro Tools, output is in two to four speakers, not 8-speaker surround sound. That will occur one day on a remix and re-master session in a studio set up for that. Every single one of us has an American Dream story. And for 2/3 of all Americans trapped in the belly of bad economic policy, below or just above the poverty line, where our dreams have been delayed or destroyed by tyrannical economic policies, I’m trying to give voice to all that silent agony and rage. But without 8 point output, Dean has a big job on his hands to make this all work. I’m sure we’ll have to edit each track to key phrases. He’s a grand master, he’ll figure it out. :)



Tim Ellis my producer, introduces me, a total unknown, to the studio musicians. He say’s something like “Adrian is an aspiring folk singer. An influence mix between Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan with what he hopes tops the E Street Band”. Eyebrows rose. Heads turned and started to look down. Smiles creep in after subtle head shakes. Ok, here we go. We start with two easy soft rock tunes. Surprised. Everyone is somewhat pleased. Nice tunes. Then we jump right into heavy metal tackling, “In the Belly of the Beast”. Oh my goodness, you should have seen the guys faces! What? What does this have to do with a folk singing vibe? What type of record are you making? Who’s your audience? I think they said this song made them think of Black Sabbath. You know, old Ozzey. I can’t tell you how many times I played Iron Man when I was in high school. But as you’ve heard, they lit up the song. As Tim told me when I asked the day before “How good are they?” He replied, “They can play anything.” He was right as usual. Check out all their bio’s on the Promised Land Band page. They’re all awesome musicians.




The greatest music artists make you feel the song from the very first note, or the first melody bars. With my business background the song intro was equivalent to the musical elevator pitch, but just in 1-4 notes instead of 1-2 sentences. This world moved much faster. It’s important. If you buy the intro, you usually buy the rest. Tim was a jump right into a song guy, like the Beatles did a lot. But in my product testing, since I wasn’t the Beatles, playing my rough tracks for people I saw I needed to do something to get people into the song immediately. So after two years of making songs, I started spending time on song intro’s. This one was fun. It laments the story of Jonah and the Whale. Read that fable again with new eyes. The whale is the friendly beast like RTDNOW.COM. You need a friendly beast to slay the wicked beast. We grabbed part of the music track and reversed it to give it that out of body feeling and I spoke the intro.



The Real Story of the American Dream

In Context of Adrian's Song “In the Belly of the Beast"


“About a HUGE American Dream Turning Point”







Newberg, Oregon 

President Hoover

The Non-Political “Beast-Warner” 


United States

Great Depression bread lines. 33% of all Americans were out of work and hungry. The last time the Beast swallowed us all!


Dearborn, Michigan

Henry Ford, industrialist and billionaire, getting his Nazi Cross from Adolph Hitler. The diabolical “Savage-Beasts".


Hot Springs, Maryland

President Roosevelt

The Very-Political “Beast-Trainer”




The Anti-Political “Beast-Tamer”

It’s seems, even for Presidents, timing is everything. Herbert Hoover started his Presidency March 4, 1929 just as the Great Depression started with a mini-market crash on March 25th 1929 as our illustrious Federal Reserve (even back then not under control and without a people’s plan) warns of over speculation. Herbert Hoover outlived his rivals to age 90 in1964, but not long enough to see himself and some of his controversial policies proved right in 2020! Hoover was ardently against FDR’s New Deal which centralized our economy (like Communism did) instead of decentralizing it, like the RTDNOW PLAN does to return prosperity to every single citizen. This means FDR was consolidating our national economy in the hands of the few, not all of us, the many. In good old President Reagan’s time of 1980, he called the continuation of this highly concentrated Beastly Economic policy (which dislocates and directly affects ALL social policy) that always bankrupts us all, in his time he called it “Trickle Down Economics”. As obvious a farce as the words imply, “Trickle”, “Down” mean nothing good for all the People of America but scraps, and we’ll always be thirsty. This idiocy was not revealed or routed by a nation of bought off journalists and economists. That “Coercion” by controlling our institutions that are supposed to protect us all (both dealt with in my songs Journalism is Dead, and The Fugue is Over) are the claws of the beast that ate, and continue to, eat us all!


But today as we’re all bankrupted from a centralized corporate class economy that started with FDR (Example: in 2018, now only 6 media companies own and control 90% of what information we all see, or if see any real information at all!)  as we all know today was a total falsehood for stealing all our national productive capacity and free speech. It’s not obvious because you can say what you want. But when the few (as noted above, 6 Billionaire owned companies) controlling what speech narrative is heard by the many, they have free speech to change public opinion or quiet it. Over the last 50 years the global elite wealth class who promoted centralizing productive capacity of the nation and wealth in a few hands, then proceeded to use that ultimate control we used to call monopolies, to ship, export, 2/3 of all that combined manufacturing overseas (factories) and left all of us citizens with the bill (called national debt) and now without all those jobs. Put it all together: the global elite wealth class (Billionaires) stole all our American dreams (jobs) with money in politics which changed economic policy which changed social policy. This was no accident. FDR called in his “corporate experts” (read about it in FDR books, he was infantile in his ability to manage even a business, he had no idea what to do economically for the country) to help get America out of the Great Depression. And plan and conspire did they: industry was consolidated, monopolized, and unemployment “INcreased!" This was a huge and terrible American Dream turning point. But oh, there’s more! They used one great disaster to cause the next we are all trying to live through. 


President Herbert Hoover spoke his mind after office and had much wisdom. But unlike today where I have endless room on digital pages in cyberspace to explain myself in depth, and discuss my ideas and policies to restore America, and you can do your own online research easily: Hoover in his day did not. He lived through our modern technology revolution to just before the internet. He installed the first phone in the White House. He was the first face broadcast on TV.  But while he has some right ideas to make America serve its people, they were not fully articulated. He didn’t spell it out like I’m endeavoring to do so you know not only what, but why, how it started, who started it, why they did it, how it affects every American, and possible solutions presented and explored. That’s in-depth. Hoover wasn’t a writer or good speaker. He was a geologist who made a few million when it meant something and a humanitarian. He led the First World War 1 global famine relief. The more I learn about Herbert Hoover, the more I like him. A key part of my plan to restore America is to end hunger and homeless all across our nation: and do it quickly. And both Herbert and I moved to and lived much of our adult lives in Oregon.


But the global wealth class military-political-media machine and think-tanks of FDR’s time (1933-1945) seeking to re-centralize power in America firmly in the hands of the wealth class (the endless battle between the people and the elite wealth class), smeared Hoover and his insightful People First policy positions. And that’s why and how Hoover was relegated to history (their history) as a mediocre President: the wealth class controlled the media narrative (newspapers) Hoover did not. That’s also why Teddy Roosevelt doesn’t get mentioned much. He BUSTED UP THE ELITE WEALTH CLASS’S MONOPOLIES the first time. And they never want everyone to know it can happen again. But that’s also why they took 3/4 of their factories offshore. So no real surprise, even back then, 1925-1945, everything the government driven main stream media was against, was actually good for Americans! Back then you had another Billionaire named William Randolph Hurst who owned many newspapers across the country and created public opinion to suit his needs. So media concentration is not new. It got concentrated, it got broken up. It got concentrated again and here we all are, all over again, eating a new Billionaires twisted and self centered view of the world world without real facts or truth. So Herbert Hoover was against the FDR New Deal also because it was ushering in a change in American global foreign policy direction: it created the wealth class driven new era of active American international interventionism. Please Read book Page attached for a bit of insight.


So it seems the change of course in the American Dream with FDR (part of the wealth class) had two components: centralize the economy to Billionaires once again which was a return to Pre Great Depression status, which landed us 30 years later in the Great Depression, and projecting that centralized corporate machine globally using American military threat as the stick, versus cooperation for mutual prosperity, what the world used to run on called international trade, which was the carrot strategy: we both prosper. So as a nation, while we were mired in the end of one disaster, the Great Depression, they used it to consolidate power and abruptly change foreign policy and created a new 75 year disaster we’ve all been living through (The erosion of the American dream, the death of American manufacturing, 100 million now poor in America, equal to 1/3 of all in 1930’s bread lines, that what Food Stamps and the equivalent today are, 1930’s era bread lines in 2018) to mask their return to the failed Billionaire wealth centralization 'trickle down’ King-like, Monarch and Sharecropper, historical policy, which seems to come back with a vengeance every 100 year in a cycle we seem to be unable to stay rid of. And each new unsuspecting generation gets swallowed again by smiling billionaire faces until we are all in the belly of the beast again, hungry, broke, and in debt we can’t repay.


Herbert Hoover was for “non-coerciveness” as the mainstay of American foreign policy. The transition from President Herbert Hoover to Franklin Roosevelt was a big TERRIBLE American Dream turning point as you can now more clearly see. We turned from being a friend to the world, to coercing it via rampant militarism. OMG! Not only did FDR ramp up big runaway government at home (by repacking and accelerating many new policies and government service agencies Hoover established to help we the people, all in a slick marketing campaign house-of-cards name: The New Deal) covered in later Podcasts in more depth, but FDR was also the start of bad foreign policy ramping up our international covert and overt militarism. And what did that trigger? To protect themselves the world had to follow. That started endless global militarism. You will remember when WW1 started America really didn’t have any army or vehicles, we had horses. When World War 2 started 25 years later, as noted elsewhere, tiny Romania had a larger standing army than America 500 times its size! That move to permanent militarism is when America startled to lose its soul, and when we started turning from the shinny beacon of the free world, freed by our 1st Declaration of Independence, to a flashing yellow caution light on the end of a missile. The American people who wanted peace, (we were a pacifist nation most of our history, its our nature, until this turning point I’m describing after WW2), but we’re now all being coerced by false facts distributed by government to ‘justify’ this new militarism and the next military intervention around the world: overt and covert. We’ve been called the world’s policeman to justify this foreign policy of active militarism. But I question the falsehood of that marketing phrase: the world’s policeman. Another example: if we just traded goods with Korea and let it go communist around 1950, and let communism fall on its face all on its own like it did elsewhere, we wouldn’t be in a 65 YEAR military stand-off on the Korean Peninsula, half a world away! Further, if we didn’t intervene in Korea, The Korean War, present day North Korea would not have felt the need for nuclear weapons. Because we wouldn’t be at the DMZ with our Nukes pointed between their eyes. So North Korea pours its resources into weapons today instead of feeding its people. The cycle of tyranny has long arms.


Had we followed Herbert Hoover's foreign policy (FYI for you youngsters under 40, the Hoover Dam was named after President Hoover because he was interior Secretary prior, not after the other Hoover, head of the FBI and that crazy period harassing American citizens, J. Edgar Hoover) we may have avoided World War 2, and would NOT have been mired in Vietnam or the Cold War! FYI, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor after FDR stopped all oil shipments to them. That lack of American oil obviously did not stop them from waging war around the world for four years as Henry Ford stopping supplying Hitler with trucks and machinery didn’t stop Germany. Every action has a reaction: that’s the electricity powering history as we go through these Time Traveler Moments. In that respect, foreign policy is not the rocket science they make it out to be. Controlling the world by trying to dominate it, is a complicated foreign policy, which is the path FDR then Truman put us all on and we find ourselves today.


Let me go deeper and explain why we didn’t need a Vietnam War or even a Korean War. Communism as we know collapsed a slow 100 year progressive death after its birth in 1917 by its own heavy hand, lack of productivity (where we find ourselves as a nation today), and endless squashing of the human soul. But with FDR then Truman, a new course of hyper-active covert international interventionism began and became a 75 year rampage of American foreign policy. For Hoover’s non-coercive international stance the ruling few in America at that time quickly labeled him a ‘friend of Hitler’ to diminish his foreign policy opinions in public. In reality, the openly loyal friend of Adolf Hitler among us was our esteemed Billionaire Industrialist: the Henry Ford. Who while getting the Nazi cross pinned on himself in Germany from old Adolf, told his buddy Hitler, of his (Ford’s) failed “eugenics” dream in the U.S.  You see Hitler didn’t develop his inhuman ideas of what today we call “ethnic cleansing” by himself. The bad house painter, young Hitler, went crazy (bad schizophrenic DNA, just like Ford wanted to erase: the irony) after being denied admission to art school, has been given FAR too much credit. Hitler was given his ethnic cleansing idea by Ford (eugenics) along with a lot of money! This was the modern era start of the new GLOBAL elite wealth class nexus of billionaires, politics, and militarism, all conspiring, trying to control the world and its wealth. And you though this would be boring with no facts!


So this is an actual look it up online example of what I call the “Global Elite Wealth Class”. While much of it is hidden behind shell companies it’s not all that hidden. Much is right before our eyes. Vice President Dick Cheney under President Bush 2 was head of Halliburton who is a large international and defense company. So one of their think tanks plans a war on Iraq for 20 years. They need a reason to attack Iraq. 911 happens, with mostly Saudi assailants, with box cutters to pull off the biggest attack every since Peal Harbor and with only 13 people and no guns, tanks or nuclear missiles. The Bush 2 administration sways public opinion with falsehoods about weapons of mass destruction that were never there, then attacks the wrong country. Not Saudi Arabia, for example, but Iraq. But who gets the Billion dollar blank check because we had to ‘rush to war’ after it was planned for 20 years? The sitting Vice President company he was head of, Halliburton. All this is why I’d cringe when I’d hear the 2000’s era Ford Motor Company’s slogan, old Henry Ford’s company, “Ford has a better idea!” Well I certainly hope so 55 years later! His early ideas sucked! Disclaimer: I did buy new a Ford station wagon in 2008. The engine blew up at 29,000 miles and almost everything else broke. I lost half my hard earned investment in that car in two fast years and had to dump the car at a steep discount. I tried to buy American to keep jobs here. But now after doing all this history research, it wasn’t really American at all. Just another Billionaire globalist. Seems like the American people never get timely real information and as a result, easily get sold again and again. Billionaire globalist control of media perpetuates this farce and crime and that's why media, where we get information, can’t be concentrated in 6 companies as it is today in 2018.


Back to the Beast! So in this little tale the 'Beast-Warner' was former President, Herbert Hoover. Who for his firm opposition to a bad course for America was continually tarnished in the political press who was run by money in politics then. The 'Beast-Trainer' was FDR, and his money class hand picked successor, was VP Truman . “But Adrian, how was FDR the Beast-Trainer? I need more.” Ok, well, the first non-coercive internationalist that was FDR's Vice President for two terms, Henry Wallace, was literally Shut Down. Really. Meaning the lights turned off, boom, darkness, the police came into the Democratic convention hall, as he was being nominated as the Vice Presidential running mate for FDR’s 3rd term. OMFG! Really?!? Yes really. Look it up. Over that long night political giveaways ensued and an unknown senator named Truman was pulled out of a hole in the ground and shoehorned in as the new Vice President. And because of the giveaways, another show of money and favor (dark money) in politics, that got him there, Truman became the king of international intervention and militarism as FDR soon passed away in Office. Read some books on Truman. After showing the world he was a big man (he’d been bullied as being small and pushed around) by dropping two Nukes on Japan as they were trying to surrender quickly because as Russia’s 1 Million man army began to invade from Mongolia they the Russians were brutal (after Stalingrad) and would have killed EVERYONE and destroyed their God-like emperor’s palace and religious cities. This was also the same time as we were regularly fire bombing Japanese cities to the ground which burned quickly made of flammable bamboo. That’s why it took a few days for Japan to really get it, to understand what a nuclear bomb was. All their cities were all getting burned to the ground, at first glance it was just two more cities. They had no video footage showing this could be ACCELERATED by using only just ONE nuclear bomb and ONE airplane. Before nuclear guided missiles. We don’t need the planes anymore. And while we’re on it, when everything is droned and automated, we won’t need 400,000 of our 1,000,000 soldiers. Think about that. So back then it took the Japanese Emperor a few days to digest what had just happened. The world changed.


It seems President Truman and later President Nixon regularly threatened, behind the scenes, to use more of our nuclear bombs “if we have to!” They actually called it, ’the madman theory’. So how do you think the arms race continued to keep ramping up? That’s how. We scared the you know what out of everyone else. And a global arms race benefitted whom? The military weapons manufacturers for the next 75 years while bankrupting us all starving the flow of money to national productivity that wasn’t weapons related. This is also why most of us don’t want to read a lot of history: it’s twisted and scary. And what did the military, also called ‘space/aviation technology’ industry, Boeing etc, do to make it in the American citizen’s best interest to keep them in business? They put their factories all over America. They produced 50,000 parts for one plane or tank for example, all over America. So their thinking was, shut down or decrease defense, 30 million American citizens, the workers and their families dependent on those jobs, would cry foul and stop it. Ok, fine, nice strategy. But read the RTDNOW PLAN please. I’m not pulling the rug out from any American citizen’s feet. I’m building the new American dream engine to replace the dead one and the remnants of the one I’m describing, the military one, that can’t be sustained. The RTDNOW PLAN, your American dream, how you make money for your family, will restart the new American dream engine in all 100 million American households before I would redirect a portion of military and weapons spending to solar panels and making every home in the world energy independent, to continue to lower the cost of living for every American by 50% or more! The defense industry will make money forever because they militarized the world, but let’s all make money, every citizen and let’s make a better future we can all thrive and prosper in, in the process.


Now let’s discuss how all this FDR wealth centralization and Truman militarism forever comes together as the formula to get Americans not to participate in their own lives, destroy our democracy, by separating citizens, from their government, and in doing so, from making the rules that ‘govern’ us all. All our lives, the bedrock of what our American dreams live on. So when we don’t have a real governing process by the people, only the few (read the attached page from the Hoover book if you haven’t already) we don’t even have ‘government’ anymore. We have an oligarchy of Corporations funding our politicians to endorse policies that channel our wealth to them. Because of this, starting with Truman, as I pointed out he wasn’t the choice of we the people, America has become a corporate dictatorship veiled in new faces every 4-6 years. This is the belly of the beast that keeps chewing on the bones of 300 Million American dreams they have eaten alive over the last 75 years. This is what President Herbert Hoover, from my home State, warned about and why he was dissed by them.


This brings us full circle to today, 2020 where some of Hoover’s better and insightful global policies as “non-coerciveness” are being dusted off and examined. This also brings us to 2030 when in 10 short years, if we all don’t change course now, we will soon reach the tipping point of the whole American way of life when we reach $40 TRILLION in national debt, Lose 20 Million more Jobs. This time to technology (not to wealth class taking their factories overseas) and enter a nation killing Super Depression that we won’t get out of. We only got out of the Great Depression by not seeing hundreds of Japanese planes on rader (wonder how that happened?) and going to war in World War 2. Where what happened? All the factories that were shut down were opened and put on military production. And who owned those factories? You know the answer.


The Super Depression on our doorsteps, if we let it come in, will be worse than the 1930’s ‘Dust Bowl’. We’ll be stuck in a 2030’s ‘Digital Bowl’. Where the world is finally controlled by Billionaires (once again, the battle with the beast spans generations) and their corporations with soon almost fully automated factories, automated tanker ships, automated national truck transport, and a global digital supermarket of human brain power digitally for pennies on the dollar of what they pay you: Americans. You will both lose your job again, lose your earning power, and America may slip into social chaos and full economic collapse. But the corporate elite prepared for this by taking 75% of their holdings offshore out of America! “REALLY ADRIAN! Enough! We can’t lose all those jobs that fast!” Oh yes we can. Tanker ships used to need 60 people, now they need 8. 747 Airplanes have a flight crew of 4. Blockbuster Video, remember them? They had 60,000 employees, now have none! Netflix does their job digitally (and globally) with just 3,500 employees. See the trend? What you used to think took 100 employees they will do with 5. A 95% reduction in jobs. Not a believer yet? Sears/Kmart had 3,800 big stores nationwide 10 years ago. Retail is going 50% online, 50% of all retail stores will be gone in 20 years or less! Today Sears/Kmart has less than 1,500 stores nationwide: 1,700 were shut and all jobs lost. You may love Amazon, but you may not be able to buy anything there when you don’t have a job. Shall I keep going? Or do you believe me yet? I’ll keep going. Automated trucking, big long haul trucks that go all across our country, will be automated and we will lose 1.7 million to 3.0 million truck driver jobs. See my song Ghost Towns, Previewing Album 3, and LISTEN TO THAT PODCAST! And you will believe me that our whole nation and american way of life is in jeopardy right now. And you will know why I titled it, IT’S OUR TURN to Save America. You should lose some sleep over this. Why do you think I’ve gone to the trouble to make 100 songs, 100 podcasts, and all this bonus material? Forget the money I put in, it’s thousands of hours of work. I hope you can now more clearly see I did all this work because America is at risk and 300 million American dreams are about to be crushed flat as a pancake if we don’t all act. And I want a real America for my kids to grow up in.


So yes, it’s really time to wake up. For us ALL to leave fantasy land of ‘it doesn’t affect me’ or ‘what can I do?’ and be wide awake. 300 Million As 1 we have to find what’s left of our backbone of America spirit and get out of the belly of the beast. All of us, at once: OVERNIGHT! And now 300 million as 1, we have a way to do it. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM  And please read the RTDNOW PLAN. It’s designed to work virtually overnight to restore 300 Million American dreams, and Save America from total collapse I think I’ve started to describe above. Unfortunately there’s more information in each song and its bonus material and Time Traveler moments like this. That’s why this is a daily rock opera. So you can get and digest the full story, the real story of the American dream, how it was stolen and how we will all get it back by participating at RTDNOW.COM.


In conclusion, Henry Ford wanted to purge America of what were termed ‘weak minded’ people by the eugenics movement that wanted to sterilize these weak minded people so they wouldn’t reproduce. Ford wanted to make a society he wanted. So did Hitler. But they all really wanted to steal wealth. For them its about total control. What you see, news you get, if you can reproduce: see China today! That’s a mental deranged disease, needing it all and wanting to control everything. It’s the opposite of what American is. It’s way past time for all the people of America to make the society we want, to all participate to build the country of our dreams, before the mad men living in our system like a 75 year tapeworm and infecting our whole political system have made all citizens irrelevant and dirt poor as they leap toward a new ‘Digital Globalization’. You should understand by now, they don’t care about you or your family. You see today, these madmen are just smarter modern psychopaths: they don’t have to physically kill you anymore because then you couldn’t pay taxes that they don't, they just make everyone dependent upon them, put everyone and every country in endless debt without a way to repay, collecting interest endlessly from you, and using new smart technology to progressively over time make most human beings unnecessary in their brave new “modern” world of corporate dominance. All you’ll own in their world? Debt. And in debt, they control you. That’s there plan. That should also start becoming obvious as you look at your life. That’s why the RTDNOW makes home loans 1%. Read the RTDNOW PLAN, it restores your economic freedom and complete American dream of social, political and economic freedom overnight as we get 100 million to add their names at RTDNOW.COM. You don’t have to convince anyone of anything. Just direct them to RTDNOW.COM. I think everyone will understand this affects us all equally. That’s why we’ll all participate.


If you happen to be reading this late at night, about the same time I’m writing it, the hair on the back of your neck should be starting to stand up. Because as you start look carefully at your world tomorrow, your life, you’ll see I’m right. Everything has been monetized. Everywhere you turn theres a fee. Water used to be free. Collecting rain water in many states is ‘illegal’. And when everything is monetized and over priced 2-10 times what it should be (cost of production went down not up) you don’t have any money left at the end of the month. Most of America lives paycheck to paycheck and that’s not right. I’m 100% right that it’s time for every single American to get out of the belly of the beast eating 99% of our American dreams alive and has bankrupted our country.


Let’s get to the best part of this. Exactly whose coming to save us? Nobody. Our politicians are paid off for decades, I’ve explained that turning point, and that's why they’re not doing what I’m doing and have been frozen in time, paralyzed, for decades. They make the problems worse! That’s not to say there aren’t very good people in government. Most are! They’re working in a broken system, controlled by the few, who changed our laws to keep it that way (explained and noted in other bonus material) that no longer responds to the people.


So after 75 years of false and bad economic and foreign policy that is about to crush america and ALL us citizens, the only people coming to save you, your future, your kid’s future, to save America itself, is YOU. 300 Million ordinary citizens who finally see why our political system is perpetually paralyzed on purpose, not working for the people for 75 years now, taking us all on an endless Downward spiral in the standard of living and American production, the most prosperous nation in earth is now mired in endless ‘manufactured’ debt that will destroy us all if we don’t act. 300 million as 1 we are all in the belly of the beast of runaway government. It’s time to get out:


This is your time to redeem yourself and be pure American and do what our founders did: sign a petition called RTDNOW (REDEEM THE DREAM NOW) to end this runaway government. 300 Million As 1, Add Your Name and keep telling everyone RTDNOW.COM


That’s how we all get out of the belly of the beast fast! My name’s Adrian. And in this story I am the “Beast-Tamer”.  But I can’t succeed alone. I need 100 Million to 300 Million fellow Citizen to be beast tamers with me. It’s easy. Hear a daily free redemption song, add your name, subscribe to the RTDNOW Movement for $1.00 per month, we will all be equal stakeholders treated equally in the new America.


Please read the RTDNOW PLAN, it’s simple, it will work and you’ll love it. I wrote it for every single American.

Click pic to read four page excerpt




Nobody hears you scream because the beast owns the media. Elected representatives don’t hear you anymore because you don’t pay them, corporate money in politics does. That’s why nobody hears you scream when your family is hungry. When you can’t pay rent. When your job goes overseas. When your city becomes an economic ghost town. When loved ones suffer and die because healthcare was made “for profit” by “the beast” when it was once affordable and “non-profit until 1970”. Of 10 million homeless everyday across our land. Nobody hears the agony of our people anymore. My name is Adrian. And I do.





300 million as 1 we didn’t pursue our American Dreams by getting involved in our government of We The People. We didn’t because corporate media was used to turn us against each other. To blame the poor. We didn’t participate in our government. We basically forfeited. And corporate America carried out their grand plan to overthrow the government. Change the laws to make corporations, with billions of dollars, citizens with free speech rights were passed in 2010. They are terms ‘Artificial Citizens’ in legal terms. They have all the money. You the ordinary citizen, me the ordinary citizen, don’t count anymore…until we all add our names 300 million as 1, to slay this wicked beast.




Yes. Whenever I’m in a crowed place I look at all the people like Sherlock Holmes would. I do because I care about my countrymen and women. I had a class in this once, but for businesses. I can see how well they are doing economically, if they’re even close to living their American dream by their dental care, hair, shoes, their skin care or lack thereof. When you read the poverty statistics I shared on the last song, Left Behind, and under Adrian 2020 “End Our Oppression” on this website, and realize 100 million people in America TODAY live BELOW the poverty line, 1 in 3 people you see, and 100 million hover just above a recession away from slipping into it. That’s 2 of 3 people you see. And the last 100 million of us live each day scared to death about being wiped out financially in the next recession. Or our healthcare we pay for or social security will even be there for us at all. When 300 million people are worried about making ends meet, about everything every day. Or every month, and every year we are all planning for the next economic collapse, my friends, we are all in the belly of the beast of economic oppression, 300 million as 1.




One minute I’m touring a hotel on business thinking about how much wealth the owner has amasses through hard work, long hours and smarts. And the owner of the bank financing it 100,000 times wealthier. All as I walk past minimum wage employees and homeless people to get into the building. How did our system of government, of economic policy, get soooooo lopsided? So out of whack, out of reality that we can justify printing TRILLIONS of dollars we don’t have for fake wars, but want to cut Head Start breakfasts for hungry kids. So their brains can’t develop correctly. So they can’t learn and advance. So we can have a growing society of people held back from the start, twisting our whole society. Their American dreams have been made into a bad joke. This whole mis-management of our economic policy is beyond inept and shameful. It’s plain evil.


Beyond that, its criminal mis-management. Nobody gets prosecuted because they pay to have people elected to change the rules. Example: Clinton in his second term deregulates the financial industry dismantling rules put in place in the 1930’s to keep the economy from collapsing. Hedge Funds for example, can all of a sudden leverage, borrower to buy, 30 times more than before. The whole economy goes on a joy ride for 5-8 years then promptly collapses. We (300 million ordinary citizens) have to print TRILLIONS of dollars to bail that out. Clinton has a pension. The Wall St. guys who collapsed the economy and caused a global financial crisis get, wait for it, a bonus. They get a bonus to stay on and ‘unravel’ their mess instead of going to prison.


Today we all live in an Orwellian existence. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Greed is good and good is greed. All this has turned good economic policy upside down. And its getting worse! Read his book now: 1984. The Duckspeak and information anarchy of fake news spewed by a corporate elite of less than 10 million people assisted by 20 million well paid henchmen, that’s 30 million, plus the 300 million of all of us hard working ordinary citizens, equals 330 million people in America today. It’s time to turn our upside down economic policy penalizing the citizen everywhere they turn, right side up. Let’s all get out of the belly of the beast right now.




I’m asking 300 million American spirits to wake up from our prolonged national economic nightmare OVERNIGHT. For everyone to use the Internet to tell everyone: RTDNOW.COM. That’s it. Let each American go through their journey of awakening like I did. Let them all through this 100 song rock opera and begin to understand that the richest nation on earth is not supposed to be a bankrupt nation $25 trillion in debt. That all of our personal and economic freedoms are being stripped away by a ruling corporate class that enslaves everyone, and the world, economically, with debt and fees and taxes. They are Al Capone with dollars of debt. Nobody argues much when they are hungry. Nobody argues much when they are working overtime to pay bills. It’s not supposed to be this expensive to live your daily life. That’s the Corporama’s plan you’re living. Other people around the world don’t live that way.


So tune in daily for the next free redemption song at RTDNOW.COM. And as we all awaken over 18-36 months, 300 million as 1, we will add our names at RTDNOW.COM and a new citizen focused economic agenda will be implemented that will restore 300 million citizens American Dream OVERNIGHT!



Check out this Wall Street Journal newspaper front page Economic chart: 7/29/17. The next page article basically says "Slow and Steady is good." So you look at all this and think, "We're OK." We're not. This is what I'm talking about in the bonus material for my song The Fugue is Over when I talk about taking the facts out of the news and the numbers out of economic reports. It's all FAKE NEWS. 


Here's why. The last two administrations (Bush 2 and Obama) over 16 years DOUBLED our national debt from about $12 TRILLION to $25 TRILLION! Debt spending is what powered the last 9 years of recovery: nothing else. This is deep in the belly of the beast of runaway government. So where did all the money go? Explore this link for starters ( and learn all types of facts about government spending and debt. Spending $12 TRILLION dollars should have resulted in a growth rate of 20% not 2.1%. This means the net decline going on right now is about 17%, being propped up by debt.


So why didn't it? Corporate Payoffs. Bailing out Wall St. for example who funds politicians elections. Wall St. didn't give their profits back to the American people did they? So what's this all mean to you the average ordinary citizen and your American Dream you are trying to live? Several things. 1: your portion of the national debt just doubled from $33,000 to $66,000. 2: there is no money left for social programs and education which are the building blocks of 300 million American dreams. 3: at a point I guesstimate at $40 Trillion about 10 years out at this pace of adding debt and deficit spending (which is new national debt), our whole economic system will collapse. 

BEWARE! THE BEAST IS ABOUT TO EAT THE REST OF YOUR PAYCHECK ALL ACROSS AMERICA! But that may not matter when you lose your job, if all you do is watch it all happen.

(Photo from New York Times 7/29/17)


The Beast of Runaway Government powered by money in politics pushed through five decades of disastrous "deregulation" which dismantled economic safeguards protecting the American citizen's economic rights: by preventing, regulating, what corporations could do/charge, and not them corner a market, like ENERGY, and charge ungodly amounts to YOU monthly. 


Deregulation got us all, our nation, bankrupt $25 Trillion in debt, with bailout after. Bailout that followed 7-10 years after major deregulation. Outsourcing to corporate America, who then takes the jobs overseas, has been a very, very, very, bad deal for all of the 300 million American people that make America run every day. 


Half the energy in America comes from these hydroelectric dams like on the Columbia River that straddles Washington and Oregon. And now THEY, the wealth class elite, through the current administration, wants to privatize parts of OUR dams and hydroelectric system? So THEY can hold us all hostage and keep doubling and tripling rates like when Healthcare was deregulated in the 1970's? We all know that was a titanic F-up. Are they F-ing crazy? 


No, THEY are greedy heartless Corporatists, the elite wealth class that operated in the dark for 250 years, formerly known as Federalists, trying to control every single aspect of your daily life to bankrupt every single American, and therefor control you. THEY stole your American dream and are back for the last juicy parts. Don't listen to their words which are always lies: that's how the beast gets what he wants. See the bad Deregulation pattern over decades that killed YOUR American Dream and put America itself on constant life support from daily total economic collapse.


Fight back! Get out of the belly of the beast now! 300 million as 1, add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM


The lyrics wrap up the song saying “They’re cutting homeless shelters, just as their ranks swelter.” But that lyric was written in 2012, after a report I saw about Washington State. Six years later, here’s the same thing in Portland, Oregon. The real questions are, “How many homeless shelters are closing all around the country over the last 10 years? And “Where will the growing homeless population go? Homelessness is a figure any given day in America between 5-10% of the population: 15 - 30 million. If we don’t all act 300 Million As 1 to get out of the belly of the beast by adding our names at RTDNOW.COM, that number of American citizens who are homeless will double in 5-15 years.

Fake News

In the Belly of the Beast

Meaning government will be unable to borrow $6 billion a day. We will print money that nobody (foreign countries that own about 1/2 our national debt) will want. So foreign countries will collect their debt as fast as they can as the value of the US Dollar plummets. That means the cost of imports will triple. Financial markets will shut down: interest rates will go back to 18%. 


None of this is new. Remember the Paul Volker days? I was in college in 1980 studying business-finance-dance when that was going down. Add 20% unemployment in a few short years, caused by pulling the plug of national debt by foreign countries, and we will be in our THIRD Great DEPRESSION. 


The FIRST was the 1930's and the only thing that stopped that free fall into total economic collapse across our whole nation was world war 2. Now, we are in the middle of our SECOND Great Depression. Three recessions over 20 years bailed out by DOUBLING our national debt is a Great Depression, with pull outs. It's 1939 again. 


It's like FDR the president then spending OODLES of money and unemployment got worse. We've outspent FDR in the last 20 years 40-1. If we didn't spend all this money we would have been in total collapse already all across America. When people can't afford to buy things, businesses layoff workers then close locations. 


So why hasn't this next mega economic collapse of the US economy happened already? I mean aside from printing money/debt to keep us afloat? The world needs the world's policeman, the United States. But with North Korea and Iran getting nuclear weapons, that's slowly changing. We won't attack them with weapons or economics like we didn't attack Russia. And as we move to electric cars over the next 20 years, gradually we won't need Persian Gulf Oil. 


Then we won't need to continue to fight a 50 year Cold Oil War. We've been on a permanent war economy since World War 2. Which is why there's no money for American Dream engine building and it's how mega global corporations have risen to dominate the world and being leaches and tapeworms on government budgets by manipulating them by using tidal waves of money in politics. 


So that's what the war on terror really is: world war 3 to keep our economy going. And what happens to countries with mega military and no economy at a certain point when the gigs up? They become police/Marshall law states. See Germany between two world wars and Russia. That's where we are heading, the end of the American dream: if we don't act now.


It's time to renew our American "Do-Better" American spirit. It's time to restructure our whole economy around what made it the greatest on earth: small business. That's what started all our mega industries of today and always create 2 out of three new jobs and is the only AMERICAN DREAM ENGINE THAT WORKS! Read the RTDNOW Plan to save America. 


Step 3 has two magic tricks to save the US economy and your American dream. First it lowers your cost of living by 50% OVERNIGHT (effectively doubling your take home pay) by restructuring economic policy. This let's you brace for, and ride out, the coming collapse: America can't run on debt indefinitely. Second, it starts a coordinated Small Business and Entrepreneur Education "revolution" in every person, in every city in every small town across America: all at the same time. 


We will build a new American century of entrepreneurship that stays in America and fuels the next generation of American dreams. Get out of the Belly of the Beast of runaway government with me right now while there's still time. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM. And if you love the RTDNOW plan write in Adrian 2020 for President. 


Leading is easy when you know where you want to go. I do and I have a plan to do it you are participating in that right now. I want to RESTORE EVERYONES AMERICAN DREAM OVERNIGHT! Make it so!

In the Belly of the Beast
  • Why doesn’t the government listen and respond to citizens anymore?

  • How did we all end up in the belly of the beast of runaway government?

  • Why does Adrian say 300 million are all in the belly of the beast?

  • Why is economic IN-equality at epic proportions as never before?

  • How do we all, every single American spirit, get out of the belly of the beast OVERNIGHT?

(Hint: use smart phones to tell everyone in America RTDNOW.COM everyday as they hear the next free redemption song at RTDNOW.COM)

In the Belly of the Beast

Words and Music by ADRIAN


Walk down the boulevard, you can feel it everywhere

People standing rigid, a frigid chill in the air

Greed finally broke the camels back, put 25 million out of work

Job makers took their money, and left us holding the bag


In the belly of the Beast, it’s an endless angry feast

In the belly of the Beast, there’s no release

In the belly of the Beast, they only do what they know

In the belly of the Beast, we are the endless feast Ohhh


Mothers daughters fathers sons, they didn't spare anyone

Their cyclone’s not complete, too many left with nothing to eat

TV says things are improving, but I'm not sure for whom

They're at it feeding again, while our dying carcass is still breathing


Pitchforks and torches to hand, monsters don’t understand

All must band together, before they break through every door!


Bogeymen and demons of the night, came with smiling faces on TV sets

Promising the world for nothing, if you just sign one more thing

It's as if God couldn't take anymore, instead of frogs he rained pink slips

Now were on a frozen ice lake, and the ice is beginning to crackle and break


They’re cutting homeless shelters, just as their ranks swelter

Food banks are being tapped out, as corn’s put into fuels

In the belly of the Beast, we’re the endless angry feast  Ohh


Mega Corporations, never cease. Get out of the belly of the beast

This is your redemption, it’s a good deal, take it, it lasts forever



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