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We all live and die for the cause of personal freedom, also known as the American dream. To live our lives as we see fit; which also means liberty. Since America’s birth, Patrick Henry’s famous iconic slogan “Give me Liberty or Give me death!” continues to ring in the ears of every generation of Americans. It does because it captures who we are as a people.


Personal freedom, liberty, by our founding as a nation, is our birthright as American citizens. It’s our founding social charter in our 1st Declaration of Independence. Its price to keep it every generation? Every generation must speak up loudly and often, when the wealth class establishment slowly or quickly tramples or ignores our birthrights of social, political and economic freedom and equality. And each generation of Americans has to speak out loudly and take bold action to protect and extend American freedoms for every single American, or they lose them! We call that lose ‘runaway government’.


So you see, as Americans we are supposed to speak up about the titanic planned social injustice and inequality that has become our new normal. We are the worlds chosen people to cry out loudly about a broken and inhumane ‘corporate’ justice systems. We are the voice of the ordinary hard working person around the world to call out and correct massive human suffering caused by wealth class driven criminal economic national policy. We are a patient people who eventually run out of patience: as we see 100 million poor in American (a whole Generation!) being left behind. We are the quiet people, so quiet for so long, 300 million citizens are now without a voice in government today crowded out by mega corporate donations we used to call “payoffs” which the Corporate elite wealth class made ‘legal’. It’s time to find our voice again: 300 million as 1 and Redeem The (American) Dream Now, get it all back, by adding your name at RTDNOW.COM


So why haven’t we raised our voices to all these oppression of our personal freedoms in America? We forgot who we were as images fooled us into thinking we were wealthy as we were all stolen from. We forgot our birthright of being Americans to be vigilant, aware and question our government. As we ALL forgot to speak up, we gradually let ourselves get bullied by Corporate America until everything that was America, was shipped overseas, or like citizenship, transferred to Corporations as their money ran over our political system like a Mack Truck. Over the last 50 years when we citizen activists speak out, we get quickly labeled by today’s corporate owned media and brain dead newscasters: “Protestors, Objectors, Progressives, Radicals, Fringe, Lunatics, Left Wing, Liberal, Right Wing Conservative, Conscientious Objectors, Revolutionaries, etc., etc.!”  We are all citizens. See the bonus material for my song (Until We) Reach the Promised Land to see who is a real American citizen in this real story of the birth and loss of the American dream, and who isn’t.


None of this is new. And neither is my answer to the twisted fake news corporate media establishment and their labels, which diminish our American birthright, and divide us to steal our power of unity to restore everyone’s American dream. My answer to the establishment is the same answer the 56 signers of our 1st Declaration gave. They said to oppressive Mother England that forgot to listen to their far off citizens in a distant land, that forgot to take care of its citizens in a new land of the people far from the seat of their power who developed their own spirit to ‘Do-Better’. That’s only label I want: “JUST CALL ME AMERICAN!”


Making of the Song "Call Me American"



My first two years in studio adding lead vocals was a train wreck. Tim Ellis my producer was a musical genius, not a vocal coach. On lead vocals he was like my old football coaches saying “Run it Again!” until it got right. Nobody told me how to develop a new vocal arrangement; I had to figure that out. The irony here is I started writing music that I could sing to. Then a producer changes that into a beautiful arrangement (as I asked) so the world will listen to it; and then I couldn’t sing to that arrangement! Feeling exhausted at trying to get it right after two years I said, “I’ll just speak it.” And voila, we hit my strength. After one more year of head banging I finally understood how to adjust a vocal arrangement to a whole new musical arrangement. So I decided to sing it again. I revisited both passes with Dean Baskerville who’d taken on post-production after Tim’s passing. It was another Reese’s moment. I liked both so I crammed them together to clearly speak to the American people and then elevate that message into song. And “OOOMMMmmm it was better.” That’s how the first part became spoken and the second half sung.



I was trying to reach every single American. The most profound voice that I may have ever heard, only once or twice, that epitomized this, was Martin Luther King delivering his famous, “I Have A Dream” speech on the Lincoln Memorial steps. Maybe one day I will deliver my speech, “300 Million as 1, Redeem The Dream Now”. And while I will never be MLK, maybe a little bit of his determination to extend freedom and justice equally, to extend the American dream to all citizens, will ring out again in my voice, to re-inspire every citizen in the two generations that came after him, (Boomers and Millennials, together about 150 million Americans) and cover this nation and ALL it’s people, with the love, and appreciation, they deserve, once more.




Remember that from the 60-70’s? They (a mega corporation) hosted TV shows that were family oriented and my minds eye remembers beautiful semi-classical America music playing that made you feel like God him (or her) self would shortly appear. To make you feel that level of personal calling, I added cello, harmonica and a little violin. The last touch was getting the harmonica out front. Harmonica is truly says “American”.

The Real Story of the American Dream In Context

of Adrian's Song “Call Me American"


Midnight, Christmas Eve, 1776


7 Determined ‘American’ commanders led by General Washington, defied all odds to create the Turning Point in the Delivery of the American Dream


“Victory or Death” was the password for the attack on Trenton





Nathanael Greene

William "Lord Stirling" Alexander

Lambert Cadwalader





From endless retreat over many months, to Buckingham Pennsylvania, the most pivotal battle of the revolutionary war was quickly planned and won. After his best and most popular General, Lee, fatigued and took time off at a tavern and was captured. After his Continental Army had been reduced from over 20,000 men to under 6,000. Many of whom had no shoes, we exhausted from hundreds of miles of marching in retreat and carrying their camp and cannon on their backs. After Congress fled the capital. After many Americans seeing defeat imminent, re-pledged loyalty to the British to avoid vile persecution. After General Washington had intercepted a letter from his commander Reed, begging for someone else to take over control of the army from Washington. After all this losing and defeat, Washington, with all almost lost, was about to become the leader all had hoped for. 

But who would he lead? At least 5,000 had lost faith in their ability to win and deserted or not Re-enlisted. But at least 6,000 exhausted men, including children as young as 15, bleeding feet and disease ridden, moved forward in the all-time most heroic move in the history of the world. They crossed the Delaware river at midnight for a surprise attack. For had they not, there would be no United States of America. 

The American force at December 25th, 1776 was a complete shambles and disaster as told in the book 1776, by David McCullough. 

With ice in the river, progress was extremely slow and they were proverbial sitting ducks.

As they crossed the Delaware in long solid boats designed to haul pig iron, it rained and hailed and snowed and the wind blew. In the middle of a bad snowstorm, in the middle of of an icy river, what would you do? For these brave Americans there was only one option: forward! The storm got so bad the ice chunks began to freeze and they had to walk the last 100 yards across the river on foot. This prevented them from unloading most cannon they’d brought on the boats. 

Washington crossing the Delaware

By Emanuel Leutze

This mayhem disrupted three coordinated attack arms to the point only one was proceeding! Under these extreme weather conditions all proceeded in deafening silence. The five mile march to the enemy encampment in a terrible snowstorm, proceeded very slowly, one foot at a time. As it turns out, while the storm delayed their nighttime attack to early the next day, it was perfect cover for an open crossing and surprise. Conditions were so cold two Americans froze to death on the march to the enemy encampment. American Covert military operations were born that Christmas Eve night 1776. You might say these brave Americans, determined to succeed no matter what, were our first Army Rangers, that today operate in ALL extreme conditions.


“Oh Adrian, could it be that bad weather?” Oh yeah, when told by his commanders that their guns were too soaked to fire, Washington told them to use their bayonets! There was no GPS back then and the troops had to find their way in a snowstorm, in the dark! So that was the scene as 2,400 rag tag frozen Americans approached the Hessian (Vicious German mercenary troops working for the British) encampment.


The slow crossing erased their advantage of darkness as they engaged the enemy’s perimeter guards just an hour after sunrise. Again the snowstorm assisted the Americans. It was blowing at their backs and into the faces of the guards who couldn’t determine who they were. Somehow Knox got a few cannon across and as the Hessian troops ran into the street, he opened fire. We literally caught the Germans with their pants down.


Now I understand after a careful reading of events of the night and day why paintings of such events seem so surreal: because they were! Snow blowing mixed with cannon smoke and gunpowder in the air. German Troops running in retreat being confronted with Sullivan’s men using bayonets. Surrounded in a field after a young James Monroe took control of one of their cannon and used it on them. Unable to flee, the German troops surrendered.


This was no small feat. A few month earlier the vicious German mercenaries climbed a near vertical rock hillside and then charged and took Fort Washington leading to the surrender of 2,700 American troops, depleting the Continental Army. These Americans we’re imprisoned in barns and ships in the harbor where over half died from disease. Aside from needing a victory badly, all these men knew what awaited most of them if they lost: Slow death. Washington’s nite before they launched to his commanders of victory or death was a reminder of all this, not a rallying cry.


These brave Americans, immediately knew something remarkable and special had just happened. A turning point, they made happen. They knew and wrote letters that a great moment in American history had just occurred. Brave men, ordinary men, under-manned, under-trained, many shoeless with rags on their bloody feet, rose to the task of overcoming all odds and not making any excuses. From that key turning point, America went on to rally new enlistments and win the Revolutionary war of our independence.


Never forget who we really are: AMERICAN! Backs to the wall is when we all shine brightest: we find a way to overcome all odds. That Christmas Eve miracle event, and so many throughout our history that followed by ordinary Americans just going out and doing the impossible, so we all have freedom and liberty, is why I wrote this song: CALL ME AMERICAN. So we can remember who we really are. So we can awaken 300 Million American Spirits at once.


Be proud to just be called, American. It’s who we really are. It’s what made the real American dream. And that’s all I want to be identified as, is AMERICAN.


When I was young “Protecting Freedom” seemed like political rhetoric used to cover massive miss-use of power like the war in Vietnam. But when you focus those words on the American citizens, the issues of personal freedom ordinary hard working citizens spoke up about, and became activists for, here and around the world, they embody our most brilliant examples of the American spirit in action.


In writing this rock opera I am flexing my American spirit to “Do-Better” and challenging the nation and all our citizens to do Much Better: together! And I am being a citizen activist to protect all our freedoms, which have been limited or stripped away over the last 50 years. We will talk about all the details of the Corporama’s (Global Elite Wealth Class) dismantling of our American Dream in small law change by small law change in other songs and podcasts. But in this podcast we are going to celebrate examples of ordinary citizens like you who had enough of their rights and pocketbook being ripped off by Corporate America and began speaking up and acting out. Just like being bold like Patrick Henry was, to protect the birth of the American Dream.  


And with political parties becoming the problem, 50 years paralyzed in visceral deadlock and destruction of our American dreams with things just getting worse and worse, its time for all of us to do what our founders did, Re-identify ourselves as just American. American spirits, seeking life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, guided by the universal American doctrine of equality. That’s pure American. It’s what made America. It what powered the American dream until the last 50 years as we forgot who we really are and began calling ourselves everything but American!


And because we are telling the real story of the American dream in the first 50 podcasts of the songs of the ROCK OPERA TO SAVE AMERICA (REDEEM THE DREAM NOW), called the EVOLVE SERIES (Evolve to 100% citizen activism at RTDNOW.COM), let’s take time today to celebrate our most brilliant ordinary hard working American citizens through our history who like Patrick Henry and George Mason, took a bold stand for our personal freedoms, that made all our lives better, that we Americans hold sacred, and that are only kept alive through ongoing citizen activism. That means you have to speak up. You have to have your voice heard. You have to participate.

Call Me American



I could easily list 250. One for every year this country has existed, and maybe that’s a separate book. Who should be in it? Who should we all celebrate and emulate? Those ordinary hard working citizen that said NO to people taking away our rights: social, political and economic. And in saying NO, instantly became extraordinary. Those of us who didn’t back down, that we all revere today as shinning example of American spirit in action! And we do because they made all our lives much better as we will shortly discuss.


In researching who should be on this list an amazingly sad and ironic fact in all these cases of prolific American spirits speaking and acting out to protect and expand personal freedoms, comes to light. They all spoke up about the injustices of the few, a ruling wealth class elite of their time, always called government, over the many.


Those ‘equal citizens’ that government chose to forget to represent. Many times it amounts to over half, if not almost all, their own citizens. Today that number of citizens is 300 million. Usually that’s when other countries have rebellions and revolutions. In America we were blessed with a peaceful mechanisms to address changing times and outright runaway paid off government: constitutional amendments, voting and protesting.


Read the RTDNOW PLAN to restore everyone’s American dream overnight. It’s basically (at least two) pre packaged, drafted, constitutional amendments. And yes, I hope to add my name to the list below of shinning American spirits that spoke out and acted out to protect and expand everyone’s personal freedoms, which when complete, make up your full American dream.


When the American dream is in dire straights for our people, our purest American spirit comes out and acts up. In the Internet age all I’m asking 300 million citizens to do is read the RTDNOW petition and plan, and then add their names. That’s the simplicity of how we all act purely American and get all our American dreams restored OVERNIGHT! And because I put it all on your cell phone, you don’t have to get off the couch or spend more than a couple of minutes a day.



Here’s the list of my top 10 Pure American Spirits:


  1. THOMAS JEFFERSON: primary author of the 1st Declaration of Independence. Defined the American dream of equality and what that means: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. That worlds most famous phrase gets dissected and defined in album 2! TJ also said that if the slavery issue was not rectified, it would break apart our country. What was TJ’s greatest quality? To envision our true best future. That’s a pure American quality.

  2. GEORGE MASON: demanded a Bill of Rights to the newly proposed “Constitution” which had NONE. The Federalists had stripped ALL citizen rights out, what the revolution was fought for, and then begrudgingly gave some rights back as a ‘concession’ to get the states to ‘go along’ with the second American Revolution, (the Federalist one), in 10 years. What was George’s greatest quality? He objected forcefully! That’s a pure American quality.

  3. PATRICK HENRY: Governor of Virginia and citizen activist whose famous phrase “Give me liberty of give me death!” still rings in our ears 250 years later as he and his countrymen debated whether or not to separate from England. He later spoke loudly about the Federalist sellout of the American dream. That is covered in detail later in the opera in Album 2: The Sellout. What was Patrick’s greatest quality? He didn’t back down. That’s a pure American quality.

  4. HARRIET TUBMAN: abolitionist leader also known as ‘General Tubman’ for guiding over 300 runaway slaves in the Underground Railroad to freedom in the North. She not only said no to slavery and ran away, but she came back for everyone else being oppressed. That’s pure American spirit! What was her greatest quality? Leave no one behind. That’s a pure American quality.

  5. ABRAHAM LINCOLN: 16th U.S. President, signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing all slaves. His famous Gettysburg Address talks about all the sacrifice that had come before so that this country and its ideals shall not perish from the face of this earth! What was Abe’s greatest quality? To put the country before himself. That’s a pure American quality.

  6. SUSAN B. ANTHONY: led the Suffrage Movement for women’s rights. Today its hard to imagine a world where women can’t vote, didn’t have equal property rights. Think of where we would be today if she didn’t persevere over decades. Where would the world be? What was Anthony’s greatest quality? Determination. That’s a pure American quality.

  7. EUGENE DEBS: he was a citizen activist that galvanized the workers rights movement across America, which eventually led to improvements like no child labor, a 40-hour workweek, safe worker conditions. He organized strikes, organized labor unions to get better wages and worker conditions. His and others efforts and toil, and some paid with their lives, were so successful, that by 1970 Corporate America formed a planned revolt to undo all the accomplishments we all benefitted from. What was Eugene’s great quality? Standing up for what he believed in. That’s a pure American quality.

  8. PROMISED LAND: I’m using a grouping here because if I list them all it would take an hour. Watch the Promised Land TV two-part mini series. They name the American Spirits who built America. For example, the American spirit that brought the Wheat seed and was the first to plant it in America, in Kansas. This insightful series notes the key American spirits, ordinary hard working citizens, that developed this great land into what it was to become. What was their greatest quality? Fearlessness. That’s a pure American quality.

  9. THOMAS EDISON: probably our most prolific inventor who we talk more about in my song The Greatest Show on Earth. 1,500 patents including: the light bulb, that phonograph, the picture, etc. Imagine a world without light bulbs, dark at night. His greatest quality? Persistence. That’s a pure American quality. It took him about 1,500 swings to make a light bulb that worked.

  10. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR: known as MLK for short, he led the Civil Rights Movement that led to groundbreaking Civil Rights Legislation and integration of races across our nation. His greatest quality? Doing what is right. That’s a pure American quality.

  11. PETER, PAUL AND MARY: here’s your bonus 11th. This singing trio of the 1960’s were the premier music activists ever speaking out in song for better worker rights, against apartheid, and a range of social issues. Mary Travers recently passed away. That prompted me to write a tribute song celebrating this trio called, Hello Mary, Goodbye you’ll hear later in the opera. They’re greatest quality? Speaking up is pure American quality.

  12. ROSA PARKS: ok, let’s make it an even dozen today. Because the real ordinary average citizen REALLY MATTERS. Rosa Parks proved that as she said NO to segregation when told to ride in the back of the bus. Rosa’s greatest quality? Firmness, that’s a pure American quality.


All the REDEEM THE DREAM NOW movement is asking 300 million ordinary hard working citizens to do, is to simply do what Rosa did. Be American again. Just say to oppression of 300 MILLION American dreams, much simpler today, by adding your name at RTDNOW.COM


What I am trying to show with the interesting examination of how our brightest American spirits shine above, is that we may not all be Thomas Jefferson or Martin Luther King, but we are all Rosa Parks.


And point out that a whole nation awoken and sang along with Peter, Paul and Mary as the runaway government of the 1970’s was challenged by many of our citizens. And runaway government backed down! Protests erupted all across America demanding an end to the Vietnam War. Demanding Civil Rights for all citizens. When the ordinary citizen decides to participate, decides to act, we change America for US and for the Better.


In fact, that is the ONLY way America every changes for the better. When we the ordinary 300 million hard working citizens don’t show up and use our voices, we get runaway government. But its not enough to protest. Our history that I am waltzing us through show us we make gains for citizen rights and freedom and after a few years or decades, the global wealth class elite over runs government with money and reverses our gains. And here we are again like 1775, like 1900 with mega corporations controlling government and policy and how much American dream, if any, we 300 million ordinary hard working citizens who make this country run, actually get. Not to mention the $30 trillion dollar bill they gave us counting the Federal and States deficits.


We need to have an ongoing simple system in place for every citizen to tune into and have their voice heard on the most important issues which affect your life, your income, your American dream, your future. That’s why I acted American and created the ROCK OPERA TO SAVE AMERICA to get everyone’s attention and the REDEEM THE DREAM NOW movement which with your participation, hopefully you subscribe for $1.00 per month to get all 100 songs and fund the RTDNOW movement so I can build this online RTDNOW Citizens’ Continental Congress so we have a system to keep our gains and permanently end runaway government.





The beauty of the RTDNOW (REDEEM THE DREAM NOW) MOVEMENT is that 300 million as 1 we all get to be Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks as we add our names at RTDNOW.COM. RTDNOW embodies our shiniest American spirits and brings them to life overnight in every single American!


By involving 300 million citizens online at wherever you may be at any time, by involving all the workers in America, I am asking you to be Thomas Jefferson with me.


I’m asking you to be American and to affirm the 2nd Declaration of Independence I drafted for us to End Modern Runaway government. I am asking you to all be 2020 founders of the new America with national policy focused on extending the American dream to every single American OVERNIGHT! The Internet and the RTDNOW PLAN, and adding your name make that possible, please read it. The RTDNOW PLAN restores everyone’s American dream at once.


By involving 300 million citizens, all the mothers and fathers, all the children and all the grandparents in America, I am asking you to be Martin Luther King with me.


MLK dedicated his life to achieve social equality for all citizens. Gains were made but that vision was never completed. Read the RTDNOW PLAN. Act 1 forms an RTDNOW Citizen’s Constitutional Congress of 300 million of us, to have all our voices and needs heard and live the equality we were ALL promised over 25 decades ago. Also under MOVEMENT at the Website, read Adrian 2020, Executive Orders, and end our oppression. These tell you what we are still fighting for and how we fix social inequality in America almost overnight.


By involving 300 million citizens, all the men, all the women, and all of our citizens that define their gender differently, I am asking you to all be Rosa Parks with me.


I am asking you to just say NO to oppression like Rosa did by adding your name at RTDNOW.COM. She changed our world with her sole defiant act. It wasn’t the first, but it was the first to stand out. Just imagine 300 million citizens saying NO to runaway government and YES to a citizen focused plan that reforms governmental and economic policy to increase everyone’s wages by 75% overnight. Stop Imagining and read the RTDNOW PLAN. A quick example of how government ‘runaway’ from 300 million ordinary hard working citizens over 5 decades starting in 1970. Healthcare was non-profit before the 1970’s and affordable for all until billionaires paid off a crooked president to ‘deregulate’ it. Deregulate means give it to corporate America and bankrupt the treasury, all small businesses, and all citizens to pay for its doubling in cost every 8 years and have 20% of our citizen die early because we can’t get good healthcare.













Call Me American
  1. What does it mean to be an American? (HINT: to live and die for a reason. To expand personal freedoms for us; for all our citizens, equally.)

  2. How does an ordinary citizen become a shinning American spirit? (HINT: we speak up and speak out loudly for social and economic justice and equality. Its easy, tell everyone add your name at RTDNOW.COM)

  3. Adrian refers to our birthrights as Americans. What are those? (HINT: to live in a land of equality: social, political, and economic. And the only way to have and keep that is for all citizens to participate using their voices loudly and often.)

  4. What is this RTDNOW Movement? (HINT: a 300 million as 1 equality movement to restore your complete American dream and rebuild the next American dream engine overnight in every home in America at once, overnight, by implementing a plan that reforms government and adjusts economic policy to favor the citizen not the global corporation that bankrupted the nation.)

  5. Why do I have to ‘act American’? (HINT: because its what we as Americans, 300 million as 1 today, were put on this earth for, its our purpose, to lead the world to personal freedom and prosperity by ending the master/slave relationship that existed between workers and owners for centuries until our ground breaking 1st Declaration of Independence which changed the world by obliterating that ‘Old Order’ with one sentence, “All men are created equal.” Corporate America over ran out government with money in politics that changed our laws to recreate the master/slave relationship, which bankrupted the nation, the citizens, and the world as we exported this formula. This is why I had to write our 2nd Declaration of Independence from runaway government to reinvent and rebuild the American dream for every single American, and every American spirit on the plant. And with the Internet, I want you to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM so we can make it happen virtually overnight! Oh, and one more reason, see my economic trends in podcasts like Ghost Towns and many places in album 1: America won’t exist in 20 years if we don’t act American now. It will implode under $50 trillion of debt and bring in the next dark ages. Not much pressure at all. Please add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

  6. What does it mean to ‘Act American’? (HINT: there are at least 12 purely American qualities:

  • To envision our true best future

  • To forcefully object to abuse, tyranny and oppression

  • To not back down

  • To not leave anyone behind

  • To put country before self

  • To exhibit unwavering determination

  • To stand up for what you believe in

  • To exhibit fearlessness in pursuing your dreams

  • To practice unwavering persistence

  •  To do what’s right no matter the cost

  •  To speak up loudly and frequently

  •  To exhibit firmness in your convictions)

Call Me American

Words and Music by ADRIAN

My friends, I believe in free speech

And I believe in all our equal rights, every single one

More than that, I believe in speaking up

When things aren’t right, (can’t hold my tongue no more)


That’s why I want you to call me American

Just call me American (we should all do it)

Call me American, because that’s what I am

(It’s time)


I believe in every single one of my countrymen

And I believe we will win, (you know it)

I believe nothing can stop us (nothing)

Once I get you all to join in, (300 million as 1)


So call me American, just call me American

Call me American, because that’s what I am


Every generation has a calling

For everyone to be counted (everyone!)

When it’s time to stand tall

Americans always answer the call


From sea to shinning sea it’s time

For all to achieve our destiny

No matter who you are

Every star in every bar

It’s time, let the world know

Who you are: American!

Add you name, now

The revolution to restore

Everyone’s American dream

Has begun!


Call me American, call me American

I’m proud to live in the land of the free

And that’s all I want you to call me

Just call me American, call me American

Because that’s what I am

Call me American, (and you are too)

Time to start acting that way (right now)

Call me American, (every single one of us)

Because that’s what I am

(Add you name now


And tell everyone)

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