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Life is mostly waiting. What if you could grasp the power of “Today”, and get your American Dream instantly? That’s how America started. It’s how American Spirits dreamt up and built our modern world. We’re all born with the American spirit to ‘Do-Better’. It’s our heritage to dream up our world, and then go get it.


Now, in a 100 song daily free Rock Opera as each song helps you rediscover your American Spirit, you’ll be propelled into action with me. This is how we start. Dreaming of Us.



Many songs just pop out of your brain. Other bigger thoughts flow out in pieces. This song started as a four-line poem, basically a quatrain talking about the essence of America: Dreaming of Us. Its how we began, how we grew, how we invented the modern world and move it forward. So there’s this dude Nostradamus from the 16th century who wrote a book of quatrains foretelling the future. There’s history channel hour long programs examining how many came true.


My take on all that? He was just dreaming of us. And dreams do come true. But here’s the trick: you have to dream and you have to write it down. That’s how we got the Declaration of Independence and the rest is as they say, history. That’s Redeem The Dream, the Rock Opera to Save America. I dreamt it up, wrote it down, and now I’m just asking 300 million people to dream it with me together daily. That’s why they say “The power of the pen is mightier than the sword!” Because it is, and it lasts forever. The rhyming helps it stick to your brain and last a few centuries.



It seems like when you hit pay dirt, you know it. I roll into one of my three weekly sessions with my producer (I booked all of his ‘down’ time) and hit him with this song. “Hmmm. Nice.” He takes my simple finger-picking and creates a guitar masterpiece and puts up a vocal track. I sing. We listen. We look at each other. Tim Ellis says “It sounds like Johnny Cash on his back porch singing a Neil Young song”. I say “wow; maybe I’m getting somewhere.”


I’d been told for years I sound like Johnny Cash but didn’t really think so. Always loved Neil’s music but didn’t know I was coming close. The joke around the studio or at home is that for years all I’d do was listen to my own music…I was working on about 150 songs at a time. Seems like Neil has about five hit songs that are different from this but a similar vibe. It was a really good day in the studio for a dreaming amateur.


Adrian reviewing his lyrics

Brian Dunning rocking Kung Fu Studios, Portland, Oregon.

Adrian and Tim Ellis adding Brian Dunning’s amazing flute to Adrian’s song, Dreaming of Us.



So one day I said to Tim, how about we put flute on this one? He says it might be good and flies the digital music file track around the world in 2 seconds to Brian Dunning, former Portland resident, back in Dublin Ireland, to add flute. A week later I listen to the song with flute as I get it right before I’m drifting off to sleep and I’m just floored. I’m having a Dave Mathews Band moment, just spectacular instrumental, way beyond expectations.


The magic here is not only working with fantastic musicians, but also giving them a musical piece WITHOUT the lyrics and room so they can create around what you’ve given them without restrictions. I was so moved by his flute I spent the whole weekend dreaming about the world inspired by the American dream in action over 250 years. I did some research and wrote and fitted all the spoken word around his flute and Tim’s guitars. As the opera making progressed the power of this song’s message and the pied piper formerly of Portland, cemented this as a top opera song. Thanks Brian!




So I’m still adding vocal spoken ad-libs so everybody clearly gets the message this is about ALL Americans, restoring every single one’s American dream, I have an epiphany: I need angels. For a country to change the world so profoundly for so long, there must have been angels involved. So I wanted some. I wanted young voices free of cynicism and burdens of the world in the back of their minds. I wanted purity.


My son’s girlfriend is at 20 years old is an accomplished choir singer. She sings in about six choirs and was selected to sing at the Bach Festival in Oregon. I asked Natali to get two friends she harmonized well with, and voila, I got a band of angels. Check them out on the Promised Land Band info page. I just love when hard work pays off. So we get them into Kung Fu Studio’s one night and record them on three songs. Hard to tell if I’m gonna like it because its not mixed yet and when its after a long day of work an amateurs ear is a little tired. I get the mix. Wow, sounds like the kids of the Mama’s and the Papa’s singing California Dreaming without the word California. What a surprise. What joy. Thanks girls!!!




I love Sci-Fi movies. I saw one movie about an alien machine that cloned humans and programmed them to wipe out all the real humans. The clone not realizing he was a clone has to put his beloved space girl into cryo sleep twice in the movie. Each time she drifts off, he passionately says through the glass, “Dream of Us!” On the tip of my brain, as I dreamt up this opera over a few years dreaming of all of us, so it clicked for me, and voila, I had my song title.


Basically clones are all living in Oblivion, the name of the movie. So as a people, Americans today are all living in oblivion. Numb and overrun by runaway government, with an itching in the back of their heads they can’t scratch. And now they have to find a way to remember who they were, to save their souls, their world and their future. This whole rock opera and bonus material are to awaken your American Spirit by taking you through our history, and our journey of being Americans. Enjoy!

RTDNOW Girls' Choir: Kylee Kamikawa, Rachel Bard and Natail Plotkin


Making of the Song "Dreaming of Us"



Socrates - Plato - Aristotle
The fathers of Western Civilization Theory

Socrates taught Plato, (Greece, about 330 B.C.), who founded the 1st University ever in Athens, and taught Aristotle. Plato wrote the definitive book: The Republic, it’s Theory copied in one variation or another, about what government should be, for the last 2,400 years. “Democracy comes about when the poor are victorious, killing some of their opponents and expelling others, and giving the rest an equal share in ruling under the constitution, and for the most part assigning people to positions of rule by lot."  (Rep., 557a-b). Conclusion: we all need to read his book, The Republic. Now you know where the word Constitution comes from. It was the start of dreaming of us.


John Locke - Montesquieu - Voltaire - Thomas Jefferson

These were the fathers of the Age of Enlightenment from 1650-1800 and it’s implementation. Also know as the Age of Reason. They advanced concepts of Democracy, Social and Individual rights, and Self Rule, building on the FIRST WAVE, and all came together implemented in the landmark American Declaration of Independence: of Universal Citizen Equality. Equality and human rights, were now inseparable, Supreme, non-negotiable, and the new mental axis the people of the world lives rotated on. And just like that, we all had the American Dream. It marked a clear split from the past. And the world’s transition from its historical Master-Slave oppression system, to a new Citizen-First, Citizen-Driven, governments and societies, through various democratic processes, seeking equality. Montesquie, for example, dreamt up three co-equal branches of government we adopted. Ideals and processes never reaching all the people because they were never perfected, and were abruptly derailed by the THIRD WAVE below. They were dreaming of us and acting on it.

More about the Age of Enlightenment >


Hobbs - Washington - Hamilton - Madison

Followers of Thomas Hobbs believed humans are selfish ‘creatures’ and could only be ruled by absolute monarchy. Hobbs landmark book is aptly named ‘Leviathan’, to communicate this, and was followed by our three secondary founders who overthrew the real American dream of Personal liberty and equality. They overthrew the actualization of Enlightenment Theory of the 1776 founding of America. They replaced it 10 years later with Hobbs old Master-Slave Theory. Creating a new American monarchy with a new name and face, Federalism, described in a document called The Constitution of 1789, and The Federalist Papers, which had implied powers which meant they could do ANYTHING to the people, which dismantled the bits of our citizen equality and our real American dream left, over the last 100 years as corporate money poured into politics and was legalized in 2010 as corporations were falsely granted citizen status. Basically corporate power just overthrew citizen power. They were dreaming of wealth and power, of corporate might, not of all of us.


Adrian & 300 Million American citizens 2020-2270: our next 50 and 250 years.

Equality of citizen rights is the bedrock of a true merit based society. We don’t pay officials, we actually earn it. In practice it means we all (every single citizen) have equal opportunity (social, political and economic) from cradle to grave, starting and ending with the same ‘baseline’ full equality rights and tools to achieve whatever level our personal effort, level of pursuit, and ingenuity, may deliver to us. This is laid out in THE RTDNOW (REDEEM THE DREAM NOW) PLAN. It restores the original real American dream of equality and its three parts so every single citizen will once again have a complete American Dream, as we all add our names at RTDNOW.COM to implement the RTDNOW plan. We will renew and perfect our democratic process OVERNIGHT and build the online platform (the RTDNOW Citizen’s CONTINENTAL CONGRESS) thereby giving all citizens equal voice once more. And have the means to have an ongoing, almost effortless, 100% Participation society, an active true democracy representing all the people, not the just the few, the eternal elite wealth class that takes over politics with their money. And quickly, with 2020 cell Phone Internet technology, we will achieve the world of equality and citizen participation envisioned in the First and Second Waves. It’s time to stop moving America backward into economic and social slavery, as it has for the last 75 years. It’s time to move forward to equality and citizen prosperity. 300 Million As 1, Add your name’s at RTDNOW.COM. That’s how we all wave goodbye to the Third Wave of endless runaway government! And that’s how we all effortlessly restore the real American Dream of Equality and prosperity, for every single citizen.



The pictographs above, lay out 2,400 years of the big picture of governmental theory. And shows how we got from warring hordes to modern imperfect civilization in Three Waves. And how the Third Wave led to endless warring nations, and two global warring classes of people today in America and the world: The Citizens Vs. Wealth Elites.

In America today 2018, the Citizen Class is 300 Million strong and $3 Trillion weak. And the Wealth Class is 30 Million weak and $30 Trillion strong. As these numbers show, WE LIVE IN AN AGE OF TITANIC INEQUALITY AND INJUSTICE. These two opposing forces, the many and the few, fighting through corporate money in politics, the original evil of 1789 the constitution saddled us with, which we are all fixing, has resulted in our endless runaway government. The government runs away from its people to serve the wealth class, who bankrupt the country and its citizens.

And just like the last American Dream tipping point, before our last TOTAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE from 1929-1948, they have manipulated our democratic process to channel 90% of the wealth in America to the few: 10% of citizens. And over the next 10-20 years, if we don’t alter our course as a nation now, we will experience the greatest Complete Economic Collapse in the history of the world and the death of the American Dream of equality and upward mobility.

“Oh Adrian! You’re exaggerating!” No, I don’t think so. In 1929, major factories, the last American Dream Engine, were still all HERE. We just needed a world war to RESTART them all. And as the rest of the world’s factories were destroyed, we had an economic boom for 50 years. And we’ve been in rapid decline for the last 20 years which partially explains why $16 Trillion in national debt was added to HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT our 2nd ‘Greater’ Depression. Over the last 35-75 years nobody in government has been dreaming of us: the citizens. Nobody has any real plan to restore both citizen equality and prosperity: EVERYONES American Dream. We seem to be falling further into an abyss of debt and inflation, the two hands of the economic devil that are strangling us all. It’s the only solutions they have because it’s how they channel wealth to the wealth class. All led and powered by titanic corporate money in politics.

Unlike 1929, today 75% of all major factories are GONE, overseas. It’s not just a matter of how to put them all back to work like 1929. And All the Money those 75% of all those factories represented is lost, its OFFSHORE NOW. The capital and the factories (and all the jobs) are all GONE NOW. Let’s now factor in the affect of technology where 20-30 Million MORE JOBS WILL BE LOST over the next 20 years: 2020-2040.

When you connect all those dots (as I do for us in detail, hear the Podcast: Ghost Towns) you can clearly see our government is clearly in the pocket of the elite wealth class, the few, for the last 100 years and HAS DONE NOTHING FOR US CITIZENS except leave us bankrupt without a way forward. That’s where we are today. Our ‘elected’ leaders all become wealth class elites and only dream of them and act for them. That should be obvious by now. The evidence: 100 Million Americans live below the poverty line and 100 Million hover just above one recession and job loss away. That’s 2/3 of all Americans today! Far worse than the Great Depression of 1929-1945.

It’s time for 300 Million American Spirits to start dreaming of us: daily. That’s what the daily free access song is all about. To learn the details of the real American Dream and to digest the simple RTDNOW Citizen’s PLAN that restores everyone’s Complete American Dream OVERNIGHT, as we all add our names at RTDNOW.COM.






That is the how, what’s always been missing, “the how we gonna Fix runaway government”, and how we replace it with a Citizen First Equality Plan, which restores the complete American Dream for every single citizen OVERNIGHT, of social, political and economic Equality.


I’ve been doing A LOT of dreaming of us to develop the RTDNOW Movement. Now it’s time for 300 Million citizens that want their real American dream back right now to start participating.

And this brings us all the way back to the connection between Aristotle and Thomas Jefferson. Aristotle said meaningful activity, results in advancement and happiness. Jefferson told us education was the key to advancement and your Pursuit is what gets results and produces your happiness. It seems to me, the essence of human existence is we need to engage in meaningful activity. We have not as a nation for at least 40 years. That created the abyss the real American Dream is stuck in. It’s time to act with meaning, clarity and intention. It time to do that 300 Million As 1.

It’s time to create the 2020 Citizen First America we were supposed to have. It’s for all of us to act. Dream of us each day with the next new free Daily redemption song. Dream of what you want: either more of a paralyzed declining wealth class elite controlled America of titanic inequality and injustice, or a new America of CitizensFirst Equality and Prosperity.

We already know 30 Million vote for the wealth class state of injustice that left 300 Million Behind and killed all of our American Dreams.

300 Million As 1, it’s time for all of us Left Behind by the elites to Vote to Redeem The Dream Now. Take action: Add Your Name, subscribe, and tell EVERYONE to RTDNOW.COM

The RTDNOW Movement is for every single American. It’s fast, convenient, informative, hopefully entertaining, and always free access to all. Because I designed it that way. You see, we the people can have the country we want. Just Dream Daily, then act: tell everyone add your name at RTDNOW.COM

The Real Story of the American Dream In Context of Adrian's Song “Dreaming of Us"

To Restore Everyone’s Real and Complete American Dream overnight, we all have to better understand the origins of the real American dream. There were FOUR WAVES of development, founders of modern civilization, Dreaming of us, we review them today:





Poverty? Inequality? Bankrupt 25 Trillion in debt? Institutionalized racism? 300 million American spirits being economically oppressed daily trapped in a governmental system that’s been completely corrupted by money in politics? We were not meant to live this way and we all know it. This is the best we can all do? Really? I mean REALLY??  I don’t think so. We can do much better and if we all get involved we can make it happen OVERNIGHT!


I want to live in the world we we’re supposed to be living in before it was hijacked by money in politics, way back when. Hijacking of everyone’s American dream has always been a closed-door session of the less than 1% of the population. Let’s go back in time, time travel with me for a moment and I’ll explain.





56 American spirits invented the American dream. They got together and dreamed up, and then drafted the Declaration of Independence. They founded America based on individual economic freedom, no taxation, and LOCAL self-rule. We fought a revolution to get just that, we celebrate that achievement every Fourth of July. That’s what we’re celebrating, not the economic oppression it’s become. Our revolution and the decade that followed started the great American adventure into unlocking the human spirit to do-better, to aspire.


But 11 years after that revolution less than 100 people got together and reversed all those freedoms without the American People’s consent. And we’ve had runaway government every since. In secret they wrote a new document changing everything of the revolution: centralizing power, creating taxation, and establishing a monarchy we simply call ‘President’ so it won’t be confused with what it actually is. It’s like Coke and Pepsi, tastes different but put in a clear glass, taste about the same. Everything OVERNIGHT became opposite of what our revolution was fought for. Yeah, wow. History is more interesting than you thought! You just have to read it carefully.




Beyond this they created the first massive federal debt, brining in ‘international financiers’ to refinance it all, who still own about half of our Federal Reserve as a reward, or in modern language, as an eternal payoff. It was the first sellout of the American dream to the international wealth class who still indirectly control our national policy. Why else would we back dictators all around the world militarily and say we are for human rights?


So, do you have any idea what that famous meeting that started runaway government that doesn’t respond to the people was called? Any idea what the document they created was called? The meeting that passed a document to run our country that DIDN’T HAVE A BILL OF RIGHTS?! ZERO CITIZEN RIGHTS?! What the revolution was fought for. Took all our rights away OVERNIGHT! Come on, you know. It’s praised in all our history books, the meeting that hijacked the American Dream. The Philadelphia Constitutional Convention of 1776.


Four months of secret meetings produced The Constitution of the United States of America, that replaced a functioning Articles of Confederation. “Adrian please stop! You’re blowing my mind! I love America!” Well so do I. I just want America to be everything it was supposed to be for every single American. And as we all get involved at RTDNOW.COM we can all make that happen OVERNIGHT!




In 1786 there were NO political parties. Then a few military guys and their friends dreamed up the Federalist party. They wrote the constitution (basically our articles of incorporation) and the bylaws, The Federalist Papers, which the Supreme Court still references as ‘basis’ to this day. Those ‘Papers’ were written by 3 people and had NO input from states legislatures or We The People at all! So you see, we the people can also re-write our futures now.


Today we call that out-maneuvering an ‘end-run’ in sports talk, or ‘hostile-takeover’ in business talk. It’s when you payoff everybody (The constitution had the Federal government assume ALL the states debts, they controlled the money and they controlled the states forever on) by financing the company (America in this case) with massive debt to payoff the existing shareholders (the States). That’s exactly what happened. The father of our modern wealth class banking system mortgaged America to payoff all the states debts, and they’ve been using that playbook ever since. And it wasn’t new then, just new to us. American’s were mostly illiterate farmers at the time. But times have changed. We can all read now and we have Smart phones.




Us of 1776-1786. So it seems like when ever there’s a great invention, like America, the people with all the money see how its gonna go, then roll in, buy it out, put money throughout politics, and corporatize it, and run/rig, the whole system. Runaway government didn’t run away, it was taken away, bought, and it still is today with money in politics ‘legalized’ by our own Supreme Court. That’s how all the money stays in the hands of the few.


This is also why most wars and interventions we fight around the globe make little sense. Chasing weapons of mass destruction that aren’t there. Bombing people to oblivion for what? For control of resources: all wars are resource driven. And that’s what happened to American government, why its not a government of we the people anymore, and how our American dream was lost, in brief.


But even with that first hijacking of the American dream and the start of runaway government that is about to crush us all over the next 20 years, every household in America to death, with $25 Trillion of national debt that can’t be repaid, we as a people flourished. The American spirit to do-better was unleashed in 1776 and has been alive and well for 250 years.


America is called the greatest country on earth: because American citizens invented MOST OF it. VIRTUALLY OVERNIGHT!


22 inventions by American spirits created our modern world.

Let me explain:

  1. In 1776 only one other country was considering Democracy. Today 2/3 of all nations ON EARTH use some form of it. It was truly a ‘life on earth’ changing event when 56 American spirits invented the American dream, defining it in our Declaration of Independence. One document changed our whole world OVERNIGHT! 

  2. A whole country of American spirits became American citizens OVERNIGHT! It changed how people all around the world think OVERNIGHT! Freeing every single person economically was the most profound event in all-human history, bar none.

  3. And it happened when people added their names to a document like I’m asking 300 million American spirits to do at RTDNOW.COM. To digitally sign REDEEM THE DREAM at, our 2nd Declaration of Independence from our current runaway government to affirm and renew the values of our 1st.

  4. Benjamin Franklin re-invented electricity as he showed the world how to control it with the lightning rod still used today. It stopped cities from burning to the ground OVERNIGHT!

  5. Samuel Morse was the first digital communications guru of the world inventing Morse Code to communicate over wires. It changed what was possible for every human on the planet OVERNIGHT!

  6. Alexander Graham Bell really invented the smart phone, the original telephone. This accelerated the world OVERNIGHT!

  7. The Wright Brothers re-invented and achieve flight. This led to people around the world being physically connected OVERNIGHT!

  8. Thomas Edison lit up the world inventing the light bulb OVERNIGHT!

  9. Thomas Edison brought music to the world OVERNIGHT with the invention of the phonograph.

  10. Nicola Tesla invented alternating current, safer electricity that brought the modern age of electricity into being OVERNIGHT! And later was credited for inventing RADIO prior to Marconi.

  11. Henry Ford re-invented mass production and used it to bring automobiles to world virtually OVERNIGHT!

  12. Susan B. Anthony dreamt up the Suffragette movement and gave   the world Woman’s Rights, extending the American dream to all women OVERNIGHT!

  13. Martin Luther King dreamt of a world of racial equality, and gave the world Civil Rights, making sure the American dream would be gradually extended to every American OVERNIGHT!

  14. Bardain, Brittain and Shockley invented modern electronics, which makes what I’m doing possible, and changed the world OVERNIGHT!

  15.  Elvis, Hank Williams, and Louie Armstrong brought Rock’n’Roll, Grand Ol’ Oprey and Jazz to the world!

  16.  Philo T. Farnsworth invented television. And brought the transmission of images to the world OVERNIGHT!

  17.  Albert Einstein invented the physics that unlocked the future of science and changed the world OVERNIGHT!

  18.  Eastman and Walker invented motion pictures that brought movies to the world OVERNIGHT!

  19.  Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. This changed the perception of every person on the plant OVERNIGHT as to what was possible if we really tried.

  20.  Terman created Silicon Valley, which created our modern digital communications and changed how people live OVERNIGHT!

  21.  Hewlet and Packard gave us components helping the computer revolution that accelerated computing OVERNIGHT!

  22. Gates and Allen invented common use software, which drove the personal computer revolution, bringing computing power to the individual, accelerating every American Dream on the planet OVERNIGHT!

  23.  Page and Brin invented the best search engine called Google, changed the speed, scope and accuracy of information gathering changing how every person on the planet acted virtually OVERNIGHT!

  24.  Jobs and Wozniak invented more useful personal computers and later iTunes, and then the Smartphone, which all brought the old paper and vinyl world of a generation into the digital era and the palm of everyone’s hand and changed how everyone on the planet communicates OVERNIGHT!


This whole opera was written 80% on an iPhone and 20% on an iMac. Being able to have your whole world with you and being able to work on it anytime anywhere changed the pace and scope of how everyone on the planet could pursue their American Dream. I doubt a 100 song rock opera with podcast and website materials could have been created by one person in 5 years without the Apple devices. Thanks guys!


And that’s just a taste, I could go on to a hundred. But that would be another book. So you see, Americans have a special power to change the whole world. And do it virtually OVERNIGHT! It’s what we do, and we’re good at it. Better than any country on earth. We have a special power to envision what we want our world to be, and go get it! This is the American spirit at work, and its in every single American, you were born with it. It’s your heritage, it’s your citizenship.




Each generation must create its own magic door to its best future, or it fades and dies. Look at every great empire: they are no more. In 2019 it’s our time to be our best selves as citizens, to be fearless American spirits and to use our special unique power. The ability to dream up our best future and go get it: The power of dreaming of us. Because once we’ve dreamt it thoroughly, the rest is just follow through. At that point we’ve already left the old world we were stuck in.


Now you know why this song is titled DREAMING OF US, and it’s so important in the opera's message. Now you know why it’s a 100 song Rock Opera to Save America called Redeem The Dream that I wrote for every single American citizen. To awaken every single citizen’s sleeping American spirit to do-better, so we can all thoroughly imagine, and then reinvent the country of our dreams virtually OVERNIGHT!


I’ve explained how the American dream for 300 million ordinary hard working citizen who make this country run every single day got hijacked. I’ve explained how the American spirit dreamed up and created our modern world. And my friends, our governments been paralyzed for at least 50 years based on a Federalist system that Thomas Jefferson rebelled against as the leader of the American Revolution because they always get corrupted and implode with excessive debt and wars.




Now I’m asking you to join me daily at RTDNOW.COM for a free daily redemption song telling our story of the birth, the loss and the redemption of the American Dream. There are 100 songs to motivate you to talk to everyone and help me create the new ear of 100% citizen activism. We’ve only had two others: 1776 and 1942. Both wars, and now we’re doing it again to save our future once more.


Free and almost effortless, all that’s missing to restore 300 million American dreams OVERNIGHT, is 300 million Americans. So use your Smartphone actively and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM. Sign your texts and emails RTDNOW.COM. And soon 300 million American spirits will know once more the power of us, all of us, dreaming of us, it can change our world OVERNIGHT. It’s what we American’s do, dreaming of us.

After 100 years, Edison's phonograph still exists and still works!

Dreaming of Us
Dreaming of Us
  • What is America’s special power to change the world?

  • Why does Adrian keep saying we do it OVERNIGHT!

  • How are we going to re-create America to be the country of our dreams OVERNIGHT? (Hint: Dreaming of us daily as we hear the next redemption song at RTDNOW.COM and telling everyone about it.)

Dreaming of Us

Words and Music by ADRIAN

(SOUND EFFECTS: Stream, healing waters flowing signify passage of time, peace, and a cleansing for rebirth to a brighter day)


"I like dreaming about the future, rather than the past, Thomas Jefferson 1773.

Yeah, Me too, Adrian 2016"




"The American Revolution started over 240 years ago and never stopped. Our amazing story of revolutionizing the lives of 9 billion people continues daily in a rock opera by ADRIAN.




56 Americans, dreaming of us, reinvented democracy, Declaring Independence, to live their American dreams free of tyranny. They manifested their destiny. This one act of American spirit changed our world forever, revolutionizing how people think. Today, everyone on earth has an American Dream




I wrote Redeem The Dream to complete the perfect vision of the founding Fathers- making sure the American Dream reaches every American spirit, by creating the new era of 100% citizen activism help me tell everyone-there's no limit to what we can achieve when we dream.. together, it's staggering:


I was just dreaming


Dreaming of us-FRANKLIN-reinvented electricity


Dreaming of us


Dreaming of us BELL -invented the telephone


I was just dreaming


Dreaming of us THE WRIGHT BROTHERS-re-invented flight


Dreaming of us


Dreaming of us EDISON-lit up the world and Tesla powered it


Of all the things


Dreaming of us FORD gave us cars  


The things we could do together


Dreaming of us ANTHONY-gave women rights


Dreaming of us


Dreaming of us-BARDEEN BRITTIAN AND SHOCKLEY -invented electronics


I was just dreaming of us, all 300 million of us


Dreaming of us-ELVIS-HANK WILLIAMS-and LOUIS ARMSTRONG- brought Rock’n’Roll, Grand Ol' Oprey, and Jazz, to the world


Dreaming of us Philo T. FARNSWORTH invented television


EINSTEIN -gave us the future


EASTMAN -WALKER -motion pictures-


MLK-gave us all civil rights




TERMAN --Silicon Valley




GATES - ALLEN-software


PAGE-BRIN - Google




Dreaming of us is how THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Won three world wars And keep revolutionizing our world...


I was just dreaming


My name's ADRIAN, dreaming of us, I invented the mega rock opera (dreaming of us)---so every American Spirit in this country and on the planet, can dream of us, like the founders, (I was just dreaming) signing a new declaration, to renew our sacred values, (dreaming of us) and unlock our next great period of prosperity together. The past is gone. This is OUR time, (of all the things) right now to manifest OUR destiny, to live OUR American Dreams (we will do together) free of tyranny.


Our peaceful 'keystroke' American Revolution "2020" has begun, online, without guns, just a nation, once again, with everyone, under a shining sun, using our special power dreaming of us, as one, it’s how we rock the world, and it's how we keep it rolling" end: Dreaming Of Us"




The bright light of truth eventually reaches all.  And once you find the world's not what you thought it was, then you'll be just like me, dreaming of us, endlessly"


So help me tell everyone "The revolution to restore the American Dream has begun, and it's time for everyone, to redeem the Dream, and it will happen. Just dream, dreaming of us”.

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