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As a new nation, the United States Of America defied the greatest empire on earth, Great Britain, for it’s independence. And the whole world watched in awe. As the American people built the greatest industrial nation on the planet, the world watched in awe. As American industry defeated Germany and Japan in World War II, the world watched in awe. As America put man on the moon, the world watched in awe. As America introduced the personal computer, the Internet, the iPhone and search engines, the world now watched in awe on their mobile electronic devices. For 250 years, America, the building and rebuilding of the American dream has been the greatest show on earth!


And now, the whole world is watching to see if we last another 10 years or collapse. They’re wondering how we can all come together, defying all odds and reason, to restore, to redeem, to get back the American Dream! 300 million of them, ALL at once. IT’S A MAGIC FEAT BEYOND ALL COMPREHENSION!


IS IT POSSIBLE AT ALL??? Yes, when we use a little American magic! Let’s show them American spirit and the will of the American people once more. 300 Million as 1, add your name to Redeem The Dream Now at RTDNOW.COM. It’s time for ALL of us to rebuild the American dream. And once more, it will make building the American dream, the greatest show on earth, as we do it at Internet speed, OVERNIGHT!


Making of the Song "Greatest Show on Earth"

Dean Baskerville tests drum arrangement for the Greatest Show On Earth. Recorded at Dead Aunt Thelma's Studio, Portland, OR.

Adrian adds train and circus effects with the help of Dean Baskerville, Producer-Sound Engineer-Music Artist. Dean also teaches Sound Engineering at a local college.



Two notes, back and forth. That’s how this song concept started. A story song for a storyteller to tell. I’d been working with my producer Tim Ellis for about two years and had built a level of trust, even though he had 40 years music experience and I had a whopping 2. He trusted my instincts. From that very rough draft he sat and thought for a minute. He said, “Write some music, develop it, it could be cool.” He was right as usual. I organized it into the song you are listening to and then Tim put a fantastic musical arrangement to it playing all the guitars and mandolin.




Those two were my inspiration for the carnival barker at the start of the song. The showman of showmen, and the snake oil salesman with a heart of gold, who has to do the right thing, is the only one cagey enough to trick the wicked witch. I had Tim put up a track and said I wanted to do a ‘routine’. After two years in the studio working together he stopped asking me what I was going to say. As I blasted through the warm up take, which often turns out to be the best one like this, when you’re not trying, I could see him smile and nod approvingly through the glass in the control room. We had a lot of fun doing this opera and I loved surprising and entertaining Tim.




That’s what I’d tell Tim on many of these songs as they went from pre-scripting to production. He’d say “What for?” And I’d reply, “I’m gonna put something in there”. He’d smile and nod. We’d been at this for a couple years and he’d heard me give speeches and do big build outs. This one was both. A few months after he’d done the guitars I came in with the rest of the song, the background singer parts. That’s when he added the Mandolin to give the song ‘lift’ and create a minor ‘movement’ in the music. Not Beethoven’s 5th, but so much fun!



In the song I have a dream that they both come to talk to me and tell me to write the biggest rock opera to save all of America. Woody Guthrie I told you about in song #2 bonus materials. He was our first great American folk singer. Our second, who later went electric and is still touring America to this day, is Bob Dylan. The 1960’s was this nations first ‘Popular Music Rebellion’. I made up that title because this rock opera is staring the 2nd! Bob Dylan and his hit songs “The Times They are a Changing” and “Blowing in the Wind” classic to this day made him the informal leader of that movement for a while. Music, the artists, may not have started but came forth in song and deed to awaken the nation to the horrors of runaway government and rampant American militarism to cause runaway government to pause and back down. That was legendary.


But as everyone stopped screaming, without any plan to implement, the Corporama, the jaunta of politicians, Wall St. and the military, uncontrolled, unregulated by 300 million active citizens, went back to their old ways. It’s not the 60’s anymore Todo, so I wrote a rock opera to save America: 100 songs to create 100% citizen activism to save the American dream. And I’m calling out the whole music establishment to sing with me on a few songs or cover some of my songs in the last several albums of this opera. I know they all care about America. I know they care about the American dream being lost. It’s time to show it. It’s time to ALL show up. Hey everybody, its time to fix America again. Lend a hand at RTDNOW.COM. I’m no Bob Dylan of the 1960’s or Woody Guthrie of the 1930’s, but I am singing my heart out for the American people and you should too.

Dean Baskerville finding the perfect circus effects

Tim Ellis adds guitar

Paul Mazzio on Trumpet


Thomas Edison

The Real Story of the American Dream In Context of Adrian's Song “Greatest Show on Earth"

1787 and 1942-1945 The Greatest Show on Earth Expands! To Cover the Earth!

General George Washington

America, 1789

Oversaw New U.S. Constitution 

Julia Childs

China, Europe and America, 1960's

TV Cooking show hostess and former

CIA agent

General Douglas MacArthur

Japan, 1947

Oversaw Japan’s New Constitution


America, 2018

Proposing Amending the U.S. Constitution in The RTDNOW PLAN to make it Citizen First

To understand how far from perfect our 240 year old constitution is, so we can all fix it overnight by just adding our names at RTDNOW.COM, today we are examining the focus of two U.S. forms of Government, written in Constitutions, to two more recent ones we helped create 75 years ago. These documents of government showing how government will function include: The Articles of Confederation (March 1, 1781), our 2nd Constitution (March 4, 1789), the Japanese Constitution (May 3, 1947) and the German Constitution (May 8, 1949).


Measuring their success in representing and taking care of their people, is judged by today’s poverty levels (inequality level) , national debt per person (future prosperity indicator) and citizen rights and quality of daily life by citizen participation in voting, to see which serves its people best today and why.


So today we are time traveling back to revisit the end of World War 2 and the birth of America to take brief look at how we helped rebuild Japan and Germany in our Constitutional image. We also compare their 1947 era PEACE Focused Constitutions to our older 1789 2nd ‘new’ WAR Focused CONSTITUTION, to see whose people are better off today. And to see if we missed an evolutionary step in our constitution (actually it regressed when it replaced the Articles of Confederation) and never evolve back to a PEACE Focused CONSTITUTION to meet all our citizens needs of peace and prosperity. That explains why 300 Million Americans feel stuck with bad government: because we are!


The whole RTDNOW Movement and PLAN (read it at RTDNOW.COM/Movement) is to rally every citizen to in-stick it quickly by updating our outdated ancient U.S. WAR and wealth class Focused CONSTITUTION, which almost creates martial law, effectively as a military surveillance police State, we all live in and ‘under’ today like an occupied country.


The “new” U.S. Constitution proposed in 1787 was actually proposed 3 years after the Revolutionary War (and obviously planned for a few years before that, by a few individuals who rejected our people’s established government) fearing we would be at war with Britain or France or Spain or all three soon again. In my estimation in reading many books on events of that time (American Creation, by Ellis, is just one example) was both a ‘survival’ and ‘Wealth Class’ historical War Focused Constitution.


Because the primary thing this “new” 1789 “old-world-style” format of governing did was to create a perpetual presidential monarch who could tax us all and take us all to war endlessly. Old-world values and old-world money sprung back into action to reject American independence (in how it functions) and left the facade of a citizen’s Democracy of Equality, while changing the machinery of our government. Changing how our democracy and equality factory worked, so it worked for the wealth class. That’s the confusion and agony we all feel as citizens today, as to who we really are. How free we really are. How democratic we really are. Why most Americans are now poor.


That explains why the new 1787 U.S. Constitution was NOT a citizen’s Peace Focused Constitution, like the one it replaced: The Articles of Confederation that new America was founded on and was the only one that demonstrated the true American principles I speak of and until today. Until RTDNOW, have been lost.


This is why America finds itself on the verge of total collapse as we hit $40 TRILLION in national debt only 10 short years away on the course we’re on. And it’s exactly why we have such titanic UNSUSTAINABLE inequality in America where less than 5% control 95% of total national wealth. It’s also WHY we the real people need massive movements of ALL the people, like RTDNOW, every 60 years: because ‘our’ wealth class government (of 1787) wasn’t DESIGNED to really represent the real ordinary hard working people. WE THE PEOPLE, in the wealth class document we call the U.S. Constitution, really meant ‘we the wealth class’. You see, James Madison wrote most of the constitution: alone. Remember, the world’s people thought, had been brain washed for centuries, as they have become again today over 24 decades in the recent era of wealth class control top down tyranny from corporate media crowing greed to replace all other values, saying to us visually that all ordinary workers are stupid, can’t add, can only toil, and only the wealth class (Monarchies and today Corporate King’s) had any brains and only they, the few privileged wealthy elite, knew how, and could rule.


This is the timeless myth retold and reaches epic society proportions immediately before society collapses. The greed value endlessly promoted brainwashed and brainwashes us all into the worst evil: self destruction through non participation. RTDNOW is fixing that overnight: 300 Million As 1: Add Your Name at RTDNOW.COM


Let’s examine just one of these myths today, of Robin Hood. He didn’t steal from the rich and give to the poor. The rich stole everything (like today) with their armies and martial law and he objected so the people wouldn’t starve to death. And we all replay that false myth (stole from the rich) where the rich who stole the money were getting robbed (as in robbing Hood) and why they must ‘bring order’ with big armies and stay in power. Why is this myth repeated by the wealth class in media? Even go see Paddington 2. The immigrant, Paddington, suffers tyranny and oppression being put in prison falsely. His freedom and liberties taken away. Just like our government did to half the people in our prisons. Cute Paddington a stuffed bear that came to life (our life) is accused of stealing when it was who really? See the movie. It’s cute and funny if you ignore the social message. So it still gets used knowingly and unknowingly, still brainwashing KIDS today to keep us entertained as they steal all your money and give you debt: that’s modern medieval sharecropping. You lose your house/land and still have the bill and then get threatened. And what’s all that to you the citizen? DOUBLE stealing. ENDLESS stealing from the citizen as you keep repaying your house three Times over and for most, never pay it off. That’s why the RTDNOW PLAN calls for 1% home loans to end this wealth endless cycle of financial tyranny. All the wealth class ever gave the People is FALSE PROMISES without the means to accomplish any promises. In their mythical people’s constitution, the myth that UNDER THEIR LAWMAKING, under their wealth class rule, is “we can all live like Kings”. FALSE. Not until 300 Million add their names at RTDNOW.COM to support the implementation of things like 1% home loans to actually make it happen!


To enforce their false reality they profess their wealth class myth boldly in media over decades to brainwash all (remember the program ‘lifestyles of the rich and famous’? More current, how about ‘The Kardashians’?) as they tax us to death, take our homes every Recession so only they live as perpetual Kings. NOTHING’S CHANGED in 240 years since 1787! When old George Washington UN-DID the masterpiece Thomas Jefferson had accomplished in our Declaration of Independence, THE PEOPLE’S Independence as well as the nation’s saying “all men are created equal.” With the 1787 U.S. Constitutional convention Washington threw that all away and declared Wealth Class rule in America and we the people lost the real American Dream and suffered ever since. His real motivations? Probably to concentrate power to be ready for war: he was a General and had fought a 7 year arduous war undermanned and underfunded and knew, that might not work twice. Always fearful of attack from our harrowing birth we create war perpetually by acting like 1787, like someone is always coming to get us.


In conclusion, our traumatic birth as a nation created a 2nd constitution perpetrated by the few. not of the people, and a munitions industry that fully blossomed to dominance in World War 2, that plows money into politics and hits our ‘fear nerve’ in the American historical psyche like a vending machine button, that nations are plotting against us and we must act immediately! Always before thinking, or planning, or hearing from the people.


This is why we are always perpetually going to war against countries that don’t threaten us: so we don’t lose and like the old board game called RISK, we keep tilting the whole board (countries of the world) in our favor bit by bit with coercion since World War 2 and President Truman. Instead of moving to a new Peace Focused foreign policy of Mutual Sustainability: which is the only thing that will work in a nuclearized world.


After finding out with the release of her personnel file in 2008 that the famous TV Cook Julia Childs, was a CIA agent, I’ll have have to see if the makers of the board game RISK were CIA. Julia’s first dish she cooked before being introduced to French cuisine as a CIA agent in Europe? She cooked up Shark repellent for the CIA to protect under-water mines. The truth is wilder than you could ever imagine.


Now let’s examine the overthrow of the real American Dream in 1787 a bit more. And how taking away States rights and Citizen rights at “Independence Hall” was yet another greatest TV show of its time on earth. And as a misdirection the media professes P.T. Barnum of Circus fame, was America’s Greatest Showman. See the new musical movie: The Greatest Showman. Wrong. It was George Washington who is on every dollar bill around the world today. That’s the greatest showman on earth ever and for the last 250 years. 


General Washington manufactured a new constitution assisted and by 3 conspirators (Hamilton, Madison, and Jay, history books call them conspirators) and had only 42 others able to even comment on it as they thought they were attending a conference to fix Articles of Confederation deficiencies: central currency and treasury, Means of any taxation to pay for national government. The people’s representatives were hoodwinked: manipulated. Just like Congress today. And Washington appointed himself President. Gee that was easy.


You see in drafting the RTDNOW PLAN to update our constitution, it is freely and openly being presented to ALL THE PEOPLE for review and comment at RTDNOW.COM a few years before actual implementation. If enough people subscribe at RTDNOW.COM to fund the movement for just $1.00 per month, I can go around the country and have town hall meetings to get everyone’s input. So all our voices will actively be heard the RTDNOW PLAN calls for an online forum to be built. So no, I can’t imagine Madison writing the whole thing and saying to Washington, “just sign it!” Washington is portrayed in many history books as going along with it all and “lending his name and reputation.” I’m not buying that. You can’t go “that far” overthrowing the people’s form of government (our Articles of Confederation of 1779) casually. This shove it down everyone’s throats negotiating policy was equivalent to the 2009 bullying of Congress with a $700 BILLION Wall St. Bailout that we the people’s representatives REJECTED! And they still got it approved a week later. The people’s voice is still ignored 230 years later, the wealth class still takes all our money that is on top of all the money they stole directly from the citizens to create the need for a bailout, about $3 TRILLION in all. So it’s about time 300 Million of us added our names at RTDNOW.COM to stop the wealth classes shoving it down or throats taking ALL our money and threatening the financial security of our whole nation. As our 2nd constitution says, we are all sworn to protect America from threats both foreign and domestic. We’ve over performed on the foreign and forgot the domestic. Money in politics is the BIGGEST threat to our individual and collective prosperity and even survival. Add your name at RTDNOW.COM to fix that problem fast.


Like old G. Washington I was motivated to do all this work, to draft updates of our founding documents, a new modern Declaration of Independence and significant Amendments to our War Focused Constitution to transform it into a Peace Focused Citizen’s Constitution. I was motivated because we will not survive 20 more years if we don’t act. Aside from the amount of Americans living in poverty growing from 100 MILLION today from 2018 to 200 MILLION by 2040, America as a nation will economically implode, and social chaos will ensue, if we all don’t take action now by adding our names at RTDNOW.COM and quickly course correct.


Back to the ‘new’ War Focused Constitution passage. It was so totalitarian, armed guards held all 46 attendees in secret for four long months: it was a military operation. And when they emerged, surprise, like all military leaders do, NO citizen rights were included! That is so over the top totalitarian! See it for what it really was. All the Revolutionary War was fought for 7 bloody years for: it was the complete opposite. It was fought for the real American dream principals of LOCAL SELF-RULE and ECONOMIC FREEDOM, and EQUALITY. Washington trashed all true American principles totally all at once! Now that’s nerve. This is why Washington is not in my Hall Great American Spirits’ where I go over the best of the best among us who defended our freedom and liberty. Not those who took it away!


‘We the people’, which Madison used to start their wealth class document, (oh the irony, it should have accurately said we the 4 people), we the REAL people only got any Bill of (citizen) Rights because the few, like George Mason, REFUSED to sign the new constitution at all! This coup, a forceful takeover of the people’s government (the Articles of Confederation) led by two military men with in their day with the equivalent of what today may be $42 TRILLION in foreign bank money, bankrolling them (the global wealth class elite of their day) used global money to payoff all the states war debts as the payoff to get the new War Focused Constitution ratified after the convention. This was the first show of really big and really global money in politics stealing the real American Dream from all us citizens by taking away control of our government away from us, we the real people.


That’s why our current constitution, without significant citizen rule Focused Amendments as recommended and proposed in the RTDNOW PLAN, still, to this day in 2018 as I write this TTM, our constitution of 1789 we live under now does NOT represent WE THE PEOPLE. 


It was and still is, a “Wealth Class Ruling WAR Focused Constitution.” And that’s the primary reason we are ALWAYS at war with the world and BANKRUPT as a nation and a people monetarily and values-wise! As-is, our Ancient 240 year old Constitution has outlived its usefulness as a “War Time” Constitution! Yes, that’s what we live under and why military budgets double every 8 years bankrupting us and dismantling the citizens economy. And why we have massive and almost TOTAL inequality in wealth and as a nation in $26 TRILLION of debt (2018) we are on the verge of total economic collapse. As citizens, we also have $18 TRILLION in Consumer debt the highest amount in history...of the WORLD!


That’s where a WAR Focused Constitution got us: DOA to the new generation of Americans opening their eyes and trying to even find remnants of the real American dream of upward mobility. It’s unsustainable and will collapse on us all equally. We can all watch it burn, or not, or the fake news, or guess as to exactly when it will all collapse. But we can’t wait until then. It’s time to fix it. Let’s do it OVERNIGHT just like old George did. We live in the Internet age, and now it’s easy: 300 Million As 1 Add Your Name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM


But let’s go a bit deeper and understand the differences between what a WAR Focused and a PEACE Focused Constitution is and Means. War Focused means a monarch like chief Executive that can rewrite (violate the law with impunity) the law of the land anytime he wants. War Focused Constitution means the executive branch controls the supposedly independent Judiciary branch by being able to appoint, put his people on the Supreme Court. In layman’s language we call that ‘rigging’. And that’s why the Supreme Court no longer represents the people: it’s rigged. See Adrian 2020/Executive Orders At RTDNOW.COM/Movement, where I propose establishing a RTDNOW appellate Supreme Court, and do it overnight, to manage a politicized rogue Supreme Court that made the greatest evil, corporate money in politics, legal in 2010. That ended both Democracy in America and our Republican (nation of laws serving the people not the corporations) way of life and made America a Corporate Money Class Dictatorship. Yes, they dictate the laws to our representatives. That’s how the people’s will is overthrown today as it was with the $700 BILLION Wall St. Bailout on a work around using dark money in politics after the people clearly rejected it. So a War Focused Constitution not only focuses our whole economy on War, slowly strangling national income and putting the nation in titanic debt: we store or fire weapons, don’t sell most of them, equals all cost and NO income. It also pits the wealth class against all the citizens with this extreme centralization of power at the top. There are plenty of alternatives. I am proposing the simplicity of the RTDNOW PLAN to rebalance our broken system. Read it, then tell everyone: add your name at RTDNOW.COM


But for a learning exercise, as to other constitutional options, take a moment to read and compare our United States WAR Focused CONSTITUTION (complete centralized power) to Japan’s and Germany’s PEACE Focused CONSTITUTION’S, and our original ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION (distributed power). For an example of how far we’ve fallen from our origins and world leadership, today America is ranked a low 21 in the top nations practicing Democracy. Norway is on top: 250 years ago we started at NUMBER 1. The point? Our democracy, what drives equality, has been systematically dismantled by money in politics. It’s a simple equation. More money in policy means less democracy (fast $700 Billion thefts happen overnight shoved down our throats) and more money is transferred, overnight to the wealth class as in the epic Wall St. bailout, and its reinfected into control our politics over the next generation. It’s madness and it must end. It will collapse on us all or we must act to change it.


So see the bold end result differences (loss of freedom and prosperity) when comparing how General Washington handled ‘our’ Constitutional convention to General Douglass MacArthur’s. His rebuilding of Japan and Germany ‘manufacturing’ (Like General Washington did in 1787) of their Constitutions in 1947, a mere 160 years later. 


Two different outcomes. America got War Focused Constitutions and Japan and Germany got Peace Focused Constitutions. And in doing so we will all see how America, because of our 1789 coup, and because of the wealth class’s 24 decade grip on our government still with global money throughout our political system, has been forcefully kept from evolving to a PEACE Focused Constitution serving the real people. 300 Million of us. Which is the only function of a real government of the people.


Today we live in a wealth class dictatorship where money in politics sets the laws (actually drafts them for our representatives) that oppress (when all you are is in debt, that’s oppression).  It should be obvious by now, 300 Million As 1, they spread their tyranny (use surveillance and legal threat and corporate buy-out of all media, (only 6 companies control 90% of the media/news we all see or don’t see) to quiet and IGNORE the voices and needs of all the people.


So back to our starting premise, which form of constitution is better for its people. Centralized power or shared decentralized power. Let’s compare today’s poverty levels (inequality level) , national debt per person (the future) and citizen rights (quality of daily life) to see which serves its people best today and exactly why.



Norway the leader today in Democracy

Peace Focused (Original Monarchial)

In 2014 Norwegians UPDATED their 200 year old Constitution. That’s exactly what  RTDNOW is asking 300 Million citizens to add their names to do here in America:

Peace Focused (2014 Updated)

United States, now number 21 in Democracy



Japan, now number 20 in Democracy 



Germany, now number 13! Wow.


The moral of this story? Like old adorable Julia Childs we need to cook up new shark repellent to keep the predators out of our government. That’s a layman’s way of saying what The RTDNOW PLAN I’m asking 300 Million people to add their names to. So after growing up with her on TV, I feel a little kinship to her. We just cooked up two different types of Shark repellent.




You can talk about the Great Wall of China, bricks. You can talk about Great Britain, faded. You can talk about Great Inventions, and most of them come from America. As I noted 22 in the first song, Dreaming of Us, invented the modern world. That’s why America has been the Greatest Show on Earth for 250 years!




Any country could have done what we did, but they didn’t. Any country could have written the American Declaration of Independence, but they didn’t. All this happened here, in America. Why? And how? How did all this energy and brains and determination all come into one place and stay for 250 years? 


American values of economic freedom and self-rule brought the smartest and most daring people in the world here to America to build the world of their dreams. Those two elements unlock human potential because they do NOT control it. America was abundant in everything: natural resources, usable land, brains, ideas, and manpower. Most importantly for the first 100 years government stayed out of business and let people invent. This was mostly because the country was quadrupling in size from a strip of land on the Eastern seaboard, to extend across the whole continent. Yet again, the greatest show on earth and the world watched in awe.




Proportionally, Americans have more risk taking genes in their DNA than any country on earth. The American spirit to do better and try harder is literally in our blood! America was not a homogeneous people like you’d find in Scandinavia. We had the broadest diversity of peoples here, and the world watched them work together to build a country. Think back before America, which country had such a diversity of ethnic origins? I’m waiting. I can’t think of one either. Egyptians were mostly in Egypt. French were in France. Germans were in Germany, etc. But now we had all the DNA of the world in a Darwinist soup: only the strongest survived. Only the strongest in Jonestown in 1607 survived harsh conditions. Only the strongest survived the western lands, both white and natives. Only the strongest African Americans survived slave ships and slavery. American through its sink or swim early conditions produced the toughest people on earth.


DUTCH DNA. Thomas Edison perhaps America’s greatest inventor. He invented the light bulb, phonograph, the X-ray, the electric chair, moving pictures along with over 1,000 patents to his name. His film company made the 1st Frankenstein movie and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We may take PDF’s and iTunes for granted today, but it all started somewhere: America. Edison’s grandfather was a Loyalist that fled to Canada and his father Samuel was born and later immigrated back to the US. Thomas Edison was born in Milan, Ohio. He was homeschooled and read a lot!


SERBIAN DNA. Nikola Tesla, born and raised in the Austrian empire Croatian frontier, he invented and built such things as the first wireless control boat. And look where wireless has gone: EVERYWHERE. He worked for Edison for a while but was not a good a businessman. Edison invented Direct Current, DC power, which was problematic with bursts. Tesla invented Alternating Current, AC power that powers the world today, and is much safer. Tesla built the first cell tower out of wood in 1900 envisioning watches like modern day cell phones.


GERMAN DNA. Albert Einstein, perhaps the world’s most famous scientist, was born in Vienna, Germany and became an American citizen to help America defeat the Nazi’s in World War II. He won a Nobel Prize (when it meant something) for the Theory of Relativity, which I talk about in my song Everything Starts Somewhere, in bonus materials, in Album 2. Let’s just say his theories replaced some of Newton’s and unlocked the physics of modern science enabling the modern age. His intellectual achievements have made his name synonymous with “Genius”.


HUNGARIAN DNA. Harry Houdini was born in Budapest, Austria-Hungary. He is the most famous escape performer, magician, and stunt performer ever. He sensationalized and captured the attention of the world. America’s been the home of great escapes ever since. That’s what RTDNOW is, a magical escape from the total collapse of the American dream! He was buried alive and clawed his way to the surface! He was chained and put in a box and thrown in the river, and freed himself! He was one of the first to showcase what would become America’s foremost talent: promoting a brand name. He is also credited with debunking mystics and spiritualists, you know, the false séance thing at the turn of the century. Read his book, escaping is easy if you know how. Maybe I have some Houdini in me, maybe we all do now with RTDNOW.


ENGLISH DNA: P.T. Barnum, was many things but is mostly known as one of the greatest American showman ever. In his time he was one of the most known Americans, and still is today through this song! He ran for Congress in 1867: this was the first sighting of great performers trying to get into American politics! Now they’re all there! He sold his circus to Ringling Brothers in 1907.


The registered trademark phrase for circus performance, “the greatest show on earth” came about later in 1970 when Barnum and Bailey and Ringling Brother circus’s merged. That truly was the greatest ‘circus’ show on earth.


The American dream has been dying for 50 years and is only kept alive on debt: life support. This type of article comes out on a FRIDAY when NOBODY is paying attention. They put the alarming graph back on page 4 to hide it. The Wall Street Journal has about 3 million readers nationwide. I had to pay $4.00 for this paper to read this. This means 99% of Us over 330 million did not see it. Click to enlarge and read. Now you have a better idea why I wrote 100 songs to get 300 million to act with me to restore everyone's American dream. Without the RTDNOW plan the American dream will die across this country in 10 short years if we don't all act. Our "leaders" bankrupt us all. Act with me, add your name 300 million as 1: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!

Nikola Tesla

Albert Einstein

Harry Houdini

P.T. Barnum

Greatest Show on Earth

But the greatest show on earth for 6 Billion people on the planet the last 250 years was the building, and rebuilding, of the American dream. That kept happening occurring over one revolution and three World Wars, one Industrial revolution, one Agricultural revolution, and one Digital revolution. And hopefully with 300 million participating at RTDNOW.COM a Music revolution. And of course the greatest performance show on earth today is our American politicians who promise with a smile, get elected, and get run out of town 4-8 years later for lying most of the time.


The circus ‘Greatest Show On Earth’ had a great run of over 100 years (that 100 thing again!) but folded their tent and went out of business for good in May 2017! So all fun aside, I’m not kidding. The greatest show on earth we all call the American dream is running out of steam: unless we ALL rebuild it now!


Redeem the dream now, 300 million as 1, at RTDNOW.COM.

Add you name and tell everyone!


I should go on to the top 100 (I like 100’s) but for now let’s stop there at 5 different DNA origins with 95 to go and say great brains from all over the world and all nationalities and races came here to America: because it was the greatest show on earth! And the greatest place on earth to showcase their talents.


Fast forward to 1964: the Beatles, the most famous band of musicians for 60 years came to America to be famous and became? The greatest show on earth! The Rolling Stones came to America the same year and became the second greatest known rock band. It was a good year for English musicians. They called it the British invasion. But they came here to America to rock the world.




It’s been on re-runs for over 50 years. We have been held in a time warp, stagnating and deteriorating by not reinvesting in our people and innovation. And as a citizenry not participating! As a result, we forgot we have to make things here, to sell abroad. We forgot how to make national income and went $25 TRILLION in national debt.


Let me ask you a question. So how does the GREATEST and SMARTEST country on earth, the most prosperous country on EARTH, ever, do that? How did we get SO STUPID, SO FAST?


How did we as a nation that started our history being built on foreign trade, and had a second quiet revolution to tax the movement of goods too make money via excise tax (movement of goods between states) and tariffs (imports taxed) to pay for a new ‘Federal’ government of 1787, get SO STUPID? It’s the heart of the swindle.


So stupid it put us $25 TRILLION IN DEBT with NO way to repay it! I mean I’m just an ordinary guy who learned to add in school at PS 151 in New York City and later went to College on a student loan. And NONE of this for the last 50 years adds up. You see you can’t get that stupid for that long…unless you’re paid to do it.


As corporate America shifted their factories and brains overseas to avoid taxes, union wages and environmental regulations, so they could pollute freely elsewhere, American politicians kept quiet, and America slowly lost its ability to generate income. That’s why taxes on 300 million citizens and ‘fees’ another word for taxes, on everything keep going up! And taxes on corporation don’t.


Now we import everything mostly. So as America’s need to spend increased to keep our ‘lifestyle’, as military spending was uncontrolled to un-Godly levels 10 times what they should be, and our ability to have income from trade declined, we got a titanic imbalance called national debt.




If you look back on the major industries of the 20th century, they were global. Nitrates for armaments were mined in the deserts of Peru. Oil was brought in from the middle East as the automobile became the peoples engine of success. The companies that invented much of the modern world, General Electric (founded by Thomas Edison) and General Motors (Cars) became second rate. General Electric Appliance Division, clothes washers and dryers, etc., was just sold to a Chinese company, Haier.


Haier is the worlds leading appliance manufacturer but only had 1.1% of the US market. So we (GE) just gave them the US market. Thanks a lot GE. Now all we make is debt. GE paid no taxes in 2010 on $14 Billion of income. Jeramy my Podcast engineer always asks for specific examples. This is one. 2010 was the 2nd year IN A ROW, GE paid no taxes. They use our infrastructure, built their business here, but then they exported it overseas. Of the $14 Billion in profits $9 Billion was overseas. In fact GE got a $3.2 tax benefit. The crime here?


Our politicians sold us out because they are all paid off with money and favor and lobbying jobs after leaving office from these mega corporations. They sold us out letting the tax code, which shouldn’t exist in the first place, tax the ordinary hard working citizen to death and let corporations who have fled America use America to become great, then leave. Since 2007, 202 military contracts have been awarded to GE totaling over $28 Billion. So as I keep talking about the American dream being dismantled by starving ALL 300 million ordinary hard working citizen’s for good education and good healthcare, all the money went somewhere: The Defense Industry and Wall St. The two mega-growth industries of the last 50 years took all our money and American dreams.


The call by Military Generals after World War II for America “to go to a full time War Economy” was finally achieved at the expense of 300 million ordinary hard working citizens. Appliances, well they go to China to be made. This has all left the American economy on the road to a complete collapse as our national debt reaches $40 Trillion in 10 short years. See my song Ghost Towns in Album 2 for more details about the collapse of the retail economy nationwide that’s coming. But our politicians are not THAT stupid. This was planned and executed, the heist of the American economy and 300 million American dreams.














Greatest Show on Earth
  • Why does Adrian call building of the American Dream The Greatest Show on Earth?

  • What happened to the greatest show on earth?

  • Who sold it out?

  • How did our politicians let American industry go overseas over 50 years?

  • Why didn’t they say anything or fix the problem 35 years ago?

  • Where does all our money go?

  • What two industries that have little regulation that was paid for by them to be removed, mostly put us all $25 trillion in debt that threatens to collapse America permanently?

  • How does the RTDNOW solve this insoluble problem and restart the greatest show on earth OVERNIGHT?

Greatest Show on Earth

Words and Music by ADRIAN


“Gather round, gather round, gather round! One and all, gather round

Tonight we have a magical feat in a class all its own

300 million people will escape tyranny right before your very eyes!

Houdini couldn’t have imagined it! Einstein couldn’t have figured it out!

P.T. Barnum couldn’t have made it any bigger. Defies the imagination!

Makes the impossible possible! Placing control of your universe

At your very fingertips! Yes my friends, right before your very eyes!

Tonight, Adrian and the Promised Land Band will transform the ground

You stand on, into pure Democratic soil that sprouts bubble up economics

And after the show, you’ll be able to take it all home with you

To share it with your family and friends

It’s the biggest slight of hand to beat the biggest shell game

Ever played on you, your whole life

So we can all redeem the American dream, right now”


I had a dream Woody Guthrie called, to talk about real Democracy

And then Bob Dylan called because he was concerned

We had a conversation and they told me to write

The biggest rock opera to save all of America

Then they called all their friends, Springsteen and the Eagles

And we all did a 50 state tour


It was the greatest show, the greatest show,

The greatest show on earth: to rally us all to save America

And they told me: keep on dreaming!


So the next night I dreamt I had a radio show

And 300 million people tuned in every night

To see which new musician was joining the fight


Even the dead ghosts came to talk to me

Elvis, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee

Millions of fans called in every night

Asking to be released from the belly of the beast


It was the greatest show, the greatest show,

The greatest show on earth: 300 million people can do anything!

Redeem the dream!


The last dream I had it was 2025

We defeated the Corporama walking hand in hand

300 million people wrote in my name

And I was in the White House

Signing anti-lobbying legislation and balancing the budget!


It was the greatest show, the greatest show,

The greatest show on earth: cause it was streamed to your handhelds



Then there was prosperity for everyone

Nobody was homeless and nobody was hungry

We all understood that the new era had begun

Of 100% citizen activism


It was the greatest show, the greatest show,

The greatest show on earth: I had a dream!

It was the greatest show, the greatest show,

The greatest show on earth: We all have a dream!

It was the greatest show, the greatest show,

The greatest show on earth: The American dream

It was the greatest show, the greatest show,

The greatest show on earth

I had a dream, we have a dream

I had a dream, we have a dream

I had a dream, we have a dream

And I’m telling you, I’m telling you

It’s the same dream, same dream

We all have the same dream

Life, love, the pursuit of happiness


Building and rebuilding the American Dream

Will always be the greatest show on earth!

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